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Beautiful Cruelty

PAIRING: Chase Collins x Reader

WARNINGS: Smut (there’s like, no fluff involved either), swearing


This is for @ryverpenrad. Here is your Chase fic! I don’t really remember if there was anyone else besides @goody2shoessmut who said they wanted to be tagged in everything (sorry, I’m really, really tired), but also *nervously pokes @angryschnauzer…* You might like this, I hope I’m not bothering you? Just a note, this is rewritten from what I had last night at 5 something in the morning, and I’ve noticed that the more exhausted and/or half asleep I am, the weirder my smut is—like it’s more subtle… but really kind of ugly… and I don’t exactly mind? Anyway, here you go!

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You were intrigued by the man as soon as you saw him.

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Does this make sense? | 04 (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi
genre/warnings: some type of fluff I guess, smut, drama, angst
words: 10,257
summary: you meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

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Carrie Underwood Starters

“That lipstick on your collar, well, it ain’t my shade of pink, and I can tell by the smell of that perfume, it’s like forty dollars too cheap”

“All those midnights sneaking in. I’m late again, oh, I’m so sorry”

“I’ll tell ‘em every little detail, how you drug me through the mud”

“I’m gonna string up your old button-down and slide it on the porch”

“All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry”

“Broke as hell, but blessed with beauty”

“Fold your hands and close your eyes”

“Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats”

“Right now, she’s probably saying “I’m drunk” And he’s a-thinking that he’s gonna get lucky”

“I might have saved a little trouble for the next girl”

“You better take it from me, that boy is like a disease”

“And you’re wondering why you can’t get free”

“You better run for your life”

“I see that look on your face”

“You ain’t hearing what I say”

“And I know how it ends”

“He’ll tell you nothing but lies”

“Don’t let him mess with your mind”

“He’ll tell you anything you want to hear”

“Cause I can’t do this on my own”

“So give me one more chance”

“There’s some things that I regret”

“I’m thankful, for every break in my heart”

“There’s mistakes that I have made”

“The past can’t be rewritten”

“And you just gotta move on”

“If I were you, I’d place my bet”

“No, I don’t mind being with everyone else”

“I want you to myself”

“Why, why you gotta be so blind?”

“Won’t you open up your eyes?”

“You better get to getting on your goodbye shoes and go”

“just a fool to believe you can change the world"

“For a dime a day, you could save a life”

“The world’s so big, it can break your heart”

“Tell me have you lost your mind?”

“I got served a little bit too much of that poison”

“Last night, I did things I’m not proud of”

“And I don’t even know his last name”

“My momma would be so ashamed”

“I had no clue what I was getting into”

“I’m not sure how I got here”

“There’s just one little problem”

Character Personality Analysis (1 / ?)

Everyone gets annoyed when their favorite character isn’t portrayed as they think it should be, because not everyone pays attention as well to certain characters as they do to others. This is just a little series I might be starting based around how I believe characters were meant to be portrayed and keeping as close to canon as possible. Starting with two of my personal favorites [ and a lot of people’s favorites as well, I’m sure ], Tsukishima Kei and Oikawa Tooru. I found these characters to be the most complex and difficult to portray, and lord knows I love characters like them. This is also meant to be reference to me for when I am writing these characters.

Kei Tsukishima; The thing about dear french fry-san is that he’s easily misinterpreted if you don’t look closely enough. I reblogged a post I think pretty recently regarding him and giving better evidence than I think I might be able to now. How I’ve always thought of his personality is extremely teasing towards people he is close to. Here’s the thing though, Tsukishima is also extremely respectful of others. Have you ever seen him be a complete ass towards Yachi or Yamaguchi? Maybe Noya or Tanaka, or even Kuroo? No, because though he tends to be sassy, blunt and very apathetic at times, he still knows when to make sure that he doesn’t go to far. I feel that he just has a very dry sense of humor, also you can see him picking on Hinata and Kageyama because the traits that they had reminded him of his brother, whom as of right now he has a rocky relationship with. Even the nicest of people can become mean towards someone who annoys them at times. In spite of all of this, here is what sometimes annoys me about fanon interpretations of Tsukishima. He is portrayed to never smile. So, Tsukishima’s grin is usually rather condescending or ‘snake-like’, because he is just like that, I’m not sure what else to say about it. Sometimes he doesn’t want to do things and he’s a little scared to give his full 110% out of fear that he’ll end up disappointed in the end. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a normal teenage boy, I vividly remember an episode in the second season where Nishinoya is messing with him, trying to grab at his glasses or something and he’s laughing. People act like he’s this cold machine all the time, which rather bothers me I suppose, though maybe it’s because he is difficult to portray. He’s just a big nerd who likes music and dinosaurs, please love him. As one last thing, lets not forget that this boy is so smart. Through is character development he has shown to not only be observant and a quick thinker, but he makes such good plays and when he’s communicating he can absolutely help lead his team to success.

Tooru Oikawa; I almost think that Oikawa’s character is a little easier to show compared to Tsukishima, but only what is shown up front. A lot of times people forget the deeper aspect of his personality that is absolutely canon, or they go a little overboard with it. As is what happens with a multitude of different characters from different series. Oikawa acts outwardly cheerful and charming, and I think this is the result of his fangirls, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have these traits. In fact, I’m sure that he is the type of person to be rather obnoxiously sunny, to an extent. Let’s not forget that he is a teasing person and likes to get on peoples nerves, towards ‘Iwa-chan’ you can see this most clearly, with remarks like ‘you’ll get hurt if you think too hard without a brain iwa-chan’ or ‘You don’t have to show off, you’re trying a little too hard.’ Let us be reminded that usually after his cheerful remarks he says something serious and if you aren’t used to it, actually a little unnerving. It has been shown that Oikawa is extremely observant and intelligent (he is in class 6, which i’m not sure is average or not for third years, but it is above class 4, which is college prep). Also, people often forget how hardworking he is, Oikawa is not the type to slack off, especially when it comes to volleyball (whether it is for childish reasons or not, I’m not quite sure), and he has injured himself multiple times, putting off a knee surgery that he needs to keep playing. Lastly, I think the traits that make him relatable are usually overlooked in his fandom. He is childish and envious, having a ‘nasty’ personality behind his cheery exterior. These things make him an important character for me, because the drive his character and make him interesting. So hopefully this has shed some light on this sort of thing.

[If i’ve gone this far I might as well have just rewritten the wiki’s :’D In all seriousness though if you read this go ahead and add some things or use it to your advantage I guess, thanks for taking the time to do so.

+side note, when it comes to humor sometimes i’m not bothered by some of the mentioned interpretations] 

The Long Way Through Time {Chapter One} PREVIEW

The world blurred around you, spinning and warping worse than you’d ever experienced. For a split second, the ground beneath you was gone, and you were floating aimlessly through time and space. The air was icy and sharp as it was forcefully expelled from your lungs, leaving you gagging and gasping for oxygen.

The moment you felt solid earth beneath you, you fell to your knees.

You kept your eyes mashed shut as you fought to get control over your breathing, still in shock from everything you’d just been through.

Jumping through time typically left you a little dazed, sometimes even nauseous, but never to this extent; probably because you’d just traveled back decades using the most experimental parts of your abilities.

Several minutes of deep breathing and trying not to vomit went by, before you were finally calm enough to focus on your surroundings.

The din of the city was quieter than you remembered, and for a moment you wondered if you were even in New York. You were undoubtedly in an alleyway, the pavement slightly oily and the putrid smell of trash wafting around. But lots of cities had dingy alleys.

Opening your eyes, you glanced around. Murky puddles…dirty windows…rusty fire escapes…the brick buildings towered over you on either side, barely an arms length apart…a handful of silver trash cans hung around behind you, one of them on its side and spilling its contents…

Yep, you were definitely in an alley.

Slowly, you rose to your feet and dusted yourself off. Despite how weary you felt, you were relatively unscathed. Your dress was a little rumpled and you were still out of breath, but other than that, all was well. Your bags were at your side, your limbs were all attached to you…yes, you were fine.

Now you had to get to work.

Your first order of business was to find a place to stay. With the amount of money you had in your suitcase, you’d probably be able to afford a few months rent for a tiny apartment. The hard part was actually finding the apartment. How did you rent things in the 40’s? It wasn’t like you could just google search the listings.

With a sigh, you collected your bags and marched out of the alley, icy fingers of anxiety beginning to creep through your chest. What kind of mess did you just get yourself into?


some mina redesign notes, redesigning characters and stuff is so fun :D

Spark (M)

A/n: Finally it has come out! I bet ya’ll were waiting for this fic! This is also just a rewritten fic. I hope you guys will like it! >.

Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Summary: Romance blooms between an introverted artist and a young girl going through a lot of emotional things they both have never dealt with before.

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Word count: 4946

He could feel the warmth of the summer winds they had given off. Each hour they were getting cooler as the night began to creep up. He liked the way the sky had looked, the sun halfway down with the pink and orange pigments surrounding it. He smooths out his canvas as he began to focus on the sunset, then using light quick strokes with his paintbrush as he paints the scenery in front of him.

He stopped midway through the painting and blankly stares at the details, his fingers stroking the picture in an up and down motion while the paint stains them. Looking up to the sunset that was once his muse, he throws the canvas and his papers towards the trashcan. He sighs in frustration, this was probably his thirtieth time today trying to find inspiration, something he couldn’t find that would spark the genius artist inside of him.

The thought of not being able to etch his creativity made him panic a bit. There was going to be a grand opening at this museum and he was one of the first artists to be featured. He quickly gets up out of his seat, carrying his stuff in his arms, but as he turns around he bumps into a stranger. The both of them falling onto the ground, papers flying while his art tools were placed everywhere.

“I’m so sorry,” he blurts, trying to apologize to the stranger by bowing at a ninety degree angle.

“It’s fine, I should be the one to say sorry,” you replied, getting down on your knees as you began to pick up his things while he just stood there, mesmerized by your presence, your aura. He was struck by your complexion, your movements. You were the epitome of purity, grace and beauty. The way your skin would glow with no effort, the warm winds blowing through your shiny, silky hair. You were ethereal and he needed to paint you.

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CRYPTID SPOTTED! @sugaryuniverse

I was buying gags and i turn around and see you and Cinna Bun!. I proceeded to take a screenshot just in case and ran away shocked, shy, and embarrassed.

BTW if anyone wants to know I play as Dash The Hedge, currently lvl 57 or my alt Mint Chocolate. Or Splinter.

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     Ryū’s brow furrows, confused. Whoever this is…he doesn’t seem like a threat, falling like that. But something still tells her to be careful - after all…he might know more than he should, given his question about Itachi.

     Watching him warily, the name doesn’t catch her as familiar. “…Tobi…?” A pause. “…how…do you know Itachi, Tobi…?” For now she’ll try to skirt the subject, and see if she can place his loyalties. Surely someone like this wouldn’t be working with someone like Danzō…would he?


Yep, we’re doing this after all. I’m going to translate Shadow the Hedgehog’s Japanese dialogue for all pathways and Last Story. There’s a ton of script differences this time around. Some parts are translated accurately in English, the others are completely rewritten which probably just stems from bad translation. Either way, I hope you enjoy. Other stories will come later.

946,707,779 Seconds

Here is my promised fluff piece before I post angst. I hope it’s ok. I know this could probably be better edited, but I can’t continue to edit it, or it will end up being rewritten for a 6th time in 24 hours. I just can’t. If you notice something is glaringly wrong, please let me know. 

I have played with some details, just so you’re aware.
The song mentioned is Dinah Shore’s “I’ll walk alone” released in 1944.

Claire had been planning this for months, she wanted everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, a lot of her plans would rely on luck and trusting that she knew Jamie well enough to predict his movements throughout the day. She knew that at any given time he could be pulled by a tenant or the needs and unpredictability of life on the ridge. Marsali, the Bugs, and Brianna had all agreed to help her plant the items and verify where he would be throughout the day as unobtrusively as possible.

They had finished setting the items up later than they had hoped. Returning home, she was surprised to be welcomed without so much as a raised eyebrow as to the late hour; but Claire knew Jamie knew the approaching date, and knew he wouldn’t question it. It was their 30th wedding anniversary and Jamie would spend the day finding small gifts and notes representing the years of their marriage.

In the morning Jamie woke to two things: a snoring wife and a note on the bedside table that caught his eye as he moved out of bed. When he opened the note, he smiled “Je t'aime”. He turned to kiss Claire’s temple, taking a moment to just breath her in. He kissed her again and began to ready himself for the day.

Finishing breakfast, he made his way candle in hand to the study to check some notes he had and verify what he had to do for the day. Opening the door, he was met with a blast of cool air. June it may be, but this early in the morning a fire was still needed. He walked towards the fireplace, stopping when he smelt it, peat. On the top of a small pile of bricks was a torn piece of cloth with a heart drawn on it. Astonished, he just stood there smelling it, smelling home, smelling Scotland. Placing the brick down, he checked what he needed and left smiling.

By careful design today would not be a busy day, Jamie was sure he’d be able to get most of what needed to be done long before supper. Passing Mr. Bug with a warm greeting, he entered the stable and began to ready his horse. Reaching for his saddle, another note caught his eye as it fluttered to the floor. Inside he read,

“I’ll walk alone because to tell you the truth I’ll be lonely
I don’t mind being lonely
When my heart tells me you are lonely too
I’ll walk alone, they’ll ask me why and I’ll tell them I’d rather
There are dreams I must gather
Dreams we fashioned the night you held me tight
I’ll always be near you wherever you are each night in every prayer
Just whisper I’ll hear you, no matter how far
So close your eyes and I’ll be there
Please walk alone but send your love and your kisses to guide me
Till you’re walking beside me, I’ll walk alone
Darling all by myself I’ll walk alone”

Frowning in confusion he read the note again, it read like lyrics. To no song he had ever heard though; the words were beautiful and sad. He smiled slightly as something tugged at his heart, sudden worry for her rushed through He wished to go to Claire and wrap her up in his arms, but couldn’t bring himself to go. Everything was fine, he knew that. Jamie knew that she was still up at the house, just starting her day; safe, everything was fine.

Jamie continued about his day and with each stop he made, a note awaited him. the next was a story he had never been told before. He read and reread the story of Two-year-old Brianna deciding that the “doggie”, a very patient Labrador named Rex needed powders and lip paint as well as Claire’s jewelry so he could “be pretty too!” with a mix of tears and laughter.

Well accustomed by this time to the pang of loss he felt when hearing of the things he had missed during Brianna’s life, he was always eager to hear more, wanted to know everything, pain be damned. A good thing he thought as the day progressed, as he found three more notes throughout the day, all were stories of Brianna.

Brianna, coming home from school in tears after being made fun of for her red hair. Claire soothing her, telling her she had the most beautiful hair; and relaying the fairytales she had been told of a queen with fair skin and hair like hers, named Ellen.

Claire, catching twelve-year-old Brianna kissing 13-year-old Kevin Fletcher behind the kitchen door. Kevin’s sputtering explanations after he noticed he clearing her throat. The stifled laughter that was the result of Kevin running towards the door so quickly he slipped and fell, needing Claire to stitch up a gash on his elbow while he blushed furiously.

Brianna, being so excited when she received her acceptance letter to the university. She screamed loud enough to send the dog into hiding, picked her mother up, spun her around, and then promptly fainted.

Jamie hadn’t cried so much in years. He sat down by the water trying to compose himself before going home. Every emotion passed through him, love for his wife and the small meddling toddler, parental protection against young Kevin, and astonishing pride for her going to university. After splashing water on his face he made his way to the house eager to be with Claire, to just hold her and talk, asking the many questions he had.

The house was empty. He decided to take the plate of food that had been left for him to the office and update the ledgers and finish a few correspondences before Claire got home; smiling again as he passed the peat bricks on way to his desk.

The ledger was already opened, he Looked more closely, noticing a small strawberry sitting on the first page. The names he saw were theirs: his, Claire’s, Ian’s. He smiled again, nothing was easy all the time, they had lived through some very worrying times in the last few years and he knew more would come. But, in this moment, on this day, things were calm. Finally, they had here what they never had before, a stable life, a stable home.

Jamie smiled through the rest of his work only noticing how late it had gotten when the candle burned out. He hadn’t heard anyone, didn’t hear Claire rustling about; thinking that she might have slipped in while he wrote he searched the house again. The ground level coming up empty and he made his way upstairs.

Opening their bedroom door, he was welcomed by the smell of peat smoke, the soft light of many candles, and Claire. She looked just as she did on their wedding night. Closing the door, he walked towards her and took in every detail he could.

Her hair was loose about her shoulders, she wore nothing but her shift and his mother’s pearls. At the sight of the pearls he froze.

Every word he knew, in every language he knew were lost him. His heart raced, and he just looked at her trying to save the image before him forever.

Holding her arms out to him, she said “I have loved you for 360 months, 1,565 weeks, 10,957 days, 262,974 hours, 15,778,463 minutes. Happy anniversary my love.”

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I love your blog! How about a scenario with Midorima, Kise and Akashi - their first date with so, please write something cute and fluffy :)


Midorima was unnecessarily worried about how your first date was going to turn out and he had every single thing planned out down to the minute. However, his plans were ruined when it started to rain on the very day.

“Cancer has the worst…” Oha-asa droned on and Midorima looked at the radio in despondence.

Is he supposed to cancel the date then? Will it cause a bad impression?

Before he could agonise over such details, his doorbell rang. He quickly opened the door and to his surprise, you were in front of his house wearing a poncho.

“I knew you were the type to cancel a date if it does not go according to your plans so the first date will be planned by me,” you grinned cheekily, holding out a similar poncho for him.

“What? But…”

“Save your perfect plan for our second date. Today, I am the planner!”

You forced the poncho onto him and dragged him out of the house. He just barely grabbed his wallet and lucky item before he got dragged to the park.

“Why are we here? It’s wet and nobody else is here,” he raised a brow.

“That’s perfect, isn’t it?” you whispered, pulling him down for a brief kiss.

“Besides, I have always wanted a kiss in the rain.”

You quickly danced away, leaving the flushing green haired miracle behind to catch up with you.


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This is my first fic ever! I hope you like it. I’m sorry that it is a bit short.
Word Count: 445
Warnings: Swearing, knifes

I’ve rewritten this fic! See it here!

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Just five minutes ago you were sitting on a bench when you felt something slamming against your head. Everything went black. And now you are tied up, with something covering your head.

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My Heart Will Never Go On - Andy Biersack

Can you do one were andy and Y/N have been dating for a long time but you to broke up and after she starts a rock band like sws and right song about him and they see each other at warped tour and that get back together and ends with smut

Requested By: jtpunk

Warnings: eh, some sad heart feelings

A/N: sorry, i ended up going a different way with this than i had intended. and i apologize deeply for being late on request, we’ve had housing and internet issues and also not being one of my best works - but, i hope you like it nonetheless. just let me know if you would like it rewritten with a different ending and i will do so. i also have a couple more requests in the works that should be up throughout the week.

“Y/N, quit drooling over that guy and let’s go. We have a meet and greet in less than fifteen.”

You snapped back into it as your drummer patted you on the shoulder, gaining your attention. The guy she was referring to was you ex-boyfriend, Andy Biersack, and you had been trying to sneak peeks at him all day without actually having to go up and talk to him.

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  • TTR players: We really want Doodles! They're useful, especially for TU-less players! And they're cute!
  • TTR: Okay what do you guys want updated and added to the game? Tell us, we're all ears!
  • TTR players: Doodles!
  • TTR: Hmm... What about all these things that aren't Doodles? Also, let's find BBHQ!
  • TTR players: Hm. Well, yeah, we did say we wanted that. But that'll take ages to make! Plus, don't we already know where it is? Y'know... Acorn Acres?
  • TTR: Here's a new group of Toon characters that will be hunting for BBHQ! I bet you can't wait to see where they'll look for the HQ next!
  • TTR players: But-
  • TTR: Yep, who knows where BBHQ could be? Not us.
  • TTR players: ...
  • TTR: We're so good at this.

❀ ; - Madoka was worried. Sayaka hadn’t been to school in multiple days, and neither did she return any messages and calls the rosette left her. She had spoken about it with Hitomi, whom was equally as worried, and she convinced Madoka to go see their blue haired friend. 
It felt just like yesterday the pinkette was standing here with Sayaka, asking to accompany her on the blunette’s first witch hunt. How could a single wish change so much?  What could have occurred that Sayaka, Madoka’s very best friend, would avoid her? 
Madoka’s fist knocked upon the wooden door three times before she dropped her fist. Please, Sayaka, please let me in.. 

Kamilah felt a little tired as she walked though the streets, mentally tired of course over anything as dealing with kine was a rather exhausting thing she had come to learn. Somewhere along the way she had led herself to believe that things would be different to them now that she was kindred, but alas, the remarks they made towards her were all the same. Mostly all having to do with where she came from, the color of her skin or the hijab she wore. If she were any less of a pacifist or any more blood thirsty she might have just led one or two down an alley to snap necks.

This all honestly felt like a test, just to see if she could still be the same person she used to be now that she could be considered a monster. Still, it was rather annoying to have to deal with people, trying to learn to hunt by going into bars to see who she might be able to lure away or talk into letting her have a little bite, and hell, she didn’t even really know how to start a conversation for the last bit.

It honestly just drained her emotionally and mentally, enough so that she had purposely tried to find herself a place where no one else was so she could relax. Looking for buildings that were condemned or abandon seemed to be the real plan for tonight, so when she did come across an old looking broken down building that might have been a store one time with maybe someone living above it she felt relief.

It would be dusty and gross of course as she was sure no one had lived in such a place for years, maybe even dangerous as she wasn’t sure how sturdy it all was, but it was worth a try to get in, and now she started to walk around it, trying to find a back door she could break into since she certainly wasn’t slick enough to pick locks.