((queue tee))

[ soyeonnie ] …

[ soyeonnie ] earth to soyeon

[ soyeonnie ] sooooyeeeeooon

[ soyeonnie ] did you like fall off the face of the earth or smthing

[ soyeonnie ] you’ve been mia for like 3423523 years do i need to call up a search party



be like steel. be unbreakable & cold so that you can endure the heated flames as it mold you into something invincible. be tough. be still. be like steel so you won’t break by his hands.

hold his hand. kiss his lips. hold him tight. fall for him – unsteady & passionate. he consumes you wholly…and as you watch him sleep, you cannot help but chant: i am steel. i am steel.

you sank. you sank like the titanic. you sank like an anchor. you sank. you sank – in the end you are not like steel. and you have fallen.

it is okay.

Kyle! I love you babe! You can run all you want, try to pretend you like girls, but dammit, when we kiss, there’s MAGIC! Don’t let it go, Kyle! I want to hold you every morning and love you every night, Kyle! I promise you nothing but love and happiness!

I swear
by the moon and the stars in the sky
I’ll be there, Kyle
I swear, like a shadow that’s by your side
Kyle, swear to God I’ll be there.
For better or worse

Better or worse, till death do us part, death do us part
I’ll love you with every gay beat of my heart! @#%$^&%*)(*#$@

Episode so long time ago but too epic must redraw so here it is.

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Screen caps from Living in the Material World, the “True Love”, “Crackerbox Palace” and “When We Was Fab” promo videos.

“I think I’ve had an image, people have had a concept of me being really straight, because I was the serious one. But actually, I’m the biggest lunatic around, or one of them anyway.

I’m completely comical. I like craziness. I had to, in order to be in The Beatles.” - George Harrison, A Personal Music Dialogue With George Harrison At 33 1/3, 1976 [x]

P.S. If you’re feeling a bit down, you can watch some of these videos on YouTube:

That woman loves you so much she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness to protect you, to help you hoodwink heaven and earth. Good Lord, people spend their whole lives wishing to find that kind of love. You have it at your fingertips, and you’re pissing it away because you’re too scared of what others might think to reach out and grab it.
—  Gunner, “The Gravity Between Us”

Silly FitzSimmons headcanon:
Once Fitz’s mum found out about Fitz’s new best friend, every time Fitz comes to visit she asks, “Have you asked Simmons to marry you yet?” And Fitz looks at her like she’s crazy because no and why would she even say that? Crazy mum. And years later when Fitz is finally visiting again, for the first time in a few years, she asks “Have you asked Simmons to marry you yet?” and Fitz is like in the middle of unpacking so she thinks he didn’t hear but then he says “I’m working on it mum.” 
And she just smiles. 

prince-everhard  asked:

i feel like i am always asking you questions about farris lmao but i saw the underswap au (the one where like sans and papyrus swap roles, asgore and toriel swap roles, undyne and alphys swap roles, etc) and i was wondering both how their relationship with frisk would differ - if it would at all - and how their relationships with the skelebros would change.



i have 15+ questions for farris alone in my inbox, at least a third of which are going to need those Expanded Answers

you’re fine

but anyway! i don’t think farris and frisk’s roles would change–that would be an ageswitch AU, with adult frisk–but if this isn’t the greatest excuse for an outfit swap i don’t know what is

(farris you look like an eerie cross between chara and mabel dipper, knock that shit off)


let’s face it, smol skell or not, it’s sans’ personality that fits so well for farris. without it, they’re not happening.

therein lies the only circumstances in which i could feasibly picture farris+papyrus and i probably feel as weird about typing that as you do about seeing it

frisk and sans would get along BETTER THAN EVER, the little hooligans. tiny energetic tornadoes, tbh

and frisk and papyrus would be, UH, just as fraught as frisk and sans usually are. only even scarier because jfc, papyrus is like ten times bigger than frisk, dude. IMAGINE THE THREAT AT THE MTT RESORT. AAAAGH.