((putting into rp form because i can))

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Ohhh, okay. You don't interact with other blogs, you know. Like everyone else in a clique does. :/

//No, I’m SELECTIVE for my own SANITY.

I am not mentally healthy and I get easily overwhelmed

I have 970 followers, do you think its physically possible for me to interact with ALL of them??!?

Some blogs I just can’t see interaction happening with

Some blogs I do not find the character appealing

Some blogs the Muns OOC posts put me off and I wish not to associate with them

Some blogs I don’t know the character at all and feel really uncomfortable trying to form a verse around when I have never heard of the source material


I do not owe you interaction simply because you’ll be participating in my open, public RP event

I do not owe you any of my time if you choose to disrespect me and not read my rules

My Verse and group of friends are not the only people I RP with, ask anyone else I RP with and they will tell you the same- My verse consists of 12 other users and I interact with FAR More then that.

I am SELECTIVE to make sure my blog is FUN for me. It is my HOBBY, My ESCAPE, not my JOB.

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@aggravatedanarchy said that aelin is your character. what's she like?

Yup Aelin’s my brainchild! Er as for what she’s like um. Complicated… For a (more) in-depth character file check out the forum here.

Ah so Aelin is pretty much a character for me to abuse because I have a sadistic sense of humour that involves me giving my character nice things then ripping them away. That or just putting them through horrible experiences. As such she’s got an unlimited form of self-regeneration so I can keep being a terrible person with no repercussions. She’s what I rp as at the moment, eventually I’ll be playing other characters as well but that’s in the faaaaar distant future.

Although she doesn’t know it Aelin feels a deep form of affection for Jay, probably the closest she’ll ever get to love. This is due to the fact that for many years she did not have the ability to feel affection, kindness, empathy, pity etc. She’s friends with Jay, Samirah and Lapis. Aelin also has a familiar named Lethe who was originally a normal cat but she performed a few rituals on him and now he’s got spethial powers!!1!

Because of her near unlimited regenerative capabilities Aelin cannot currently die. Similarly she cannot go insane for long as I class that as damage to her brain ergo it will heal. Eventually…

Aelin adores science, Bio and Chem specifically, and has a penchant for experimenting in class. She’s scared the teachers into letting her do whatever she likes and they no longer bother her when she’s experimenting. Aelin causes quite a lot of problems at school (setting herself on fire, attempting to refine metals in the middle of history, melting desks etc.) but as she’s filthy rich and keeps paying for all the damage she causes the admin staff don’t really care.

Aelin is a hybrid creature. Half human half a lot of other things. If you want to know more go to the forum because I cannot be bothered typing it all out.

Aelin has no other family in Wolfsbane’s Plummet. Yet.

I’m just gonna leave this here. You want more? To the forum then!