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*Airport personnel voice*

Hello and thank you for choosing Singapore as your destination!

Please be ensured that we have prepared everything so that you would have a good time here so please enjoy yourself while you stay forever

If you have any questions or inquiries, please ask Ms Singapore and she will do her best to help you get an answer.

We hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay here.

Thank you and have a nice day!

(( the 2ps have come! Welcome! feel free to drop and ask or interact with her! She’ll be happy to have someone to talk to! Also if you have any questions about Singapore herself, please do so as well, I’ll love to answer them!

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       “Well of course. If you are blessed by the heavens with such beauty then surely you must appreciate them, no?” Patting down her corset, removing any excess dust.

    “Surely you must think the same way Bella?~”

    “if we are discussing about appreciating beautiful things , then i have no objections. however, i fear that there is always a LIMIT to such an act. ” 

    “ … but you are not from here, i presume? ”

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Tamaki peered up from the newest guest he was greeting to see another man slip into his host room.  Tamaki blinked a few times, a tad confused why someone his age would be visiting the High School’s host club. But even so, he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to greet the man. 

“Welcome to the Ouran Host Club.” He said with a bright grin upon his face, extending his hand toward the man. “It isn’t everyday we get a prince visiting our Host Club.”

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