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Daddy's Home

request// “oh my god all of your writing is AWESOME (but i really love Princess, I’m a slut for Daddy kinks) so I was wondering if I could have an Andy Hurley one? I don’t really have a plot in mind, although could the smut be rough, maybe with a little daddy kink thrown in, pet names like “good girl” and “babygirl” and stuff like that? tysm!!“

(a/n) OMG GUYS IM SO SORRY IM NOT DEAD I AM ALIVE I PROMISE. SCHOOL IS JUST A BITCH!!! & theatre season is back up and omfg ive been so busy omg im so sorry. and aw, anon. that means a lot to me thank you so much. i hope you enjoy this!!

My thumb starts to cramp up from flipping through endless, uninteresting channels. Giving up and landing on the news channel, I glance to the digit clock right above the TV: 2:34. Drenched in boredom, I throw my head back and allow my body to sink in the plush cushions of the couch. I soon slip into a light dream.


My eyes flutter open as I support myself onto my arms. The darkness of the room forces my blurry vision to adjust. I search around for any indication of where I am, feeling plush sheets under me. I sigh in relief. I’m in my bedroom. But how did I get here?

Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed my head starts to clear from my dream. It was about Andy again. God I missed him. But he won’t be home until tomorrow.

I leaned over to my nightstand to see my phone; I check my notifications whilst making my way to the hallway. I breathe in a small scent of melting cheese as my bare feet transfer from the warm carpet of the bedroom to the cold wood floor of the hallway.

I slowly walk toward the kitchen, suspicious as to who the fuck was in my house. My eyes set upon a built man – painted in brightly colored ink – his back facing me. I confusingly tangle my fingers in my hair and lean against the wall. The man turns to notice me.

“Hey, baby girl.” He radiates a smile, warming my heart in an instant.

“Andy?” My body pulls to his as if we were magnets. “I thought you weren’t coming home until tomorrow.” He kisses my forehead.

“We got off the tour early,” the drummer replies, flipping over two pieces of toasted bread that were glued together by melted cheese. My favorite: grilled cheese. And it looked like he had prepared himself a salad.

“When I came home you were slouched over the couch asleep,” he motions over the counter to the couch. “I tried to wake you up but you were out; so I carried into the bedroom.”

The drummer’s words melt my heart. I indistinctly wrap my arms around his figure and watch him grill the meal for a little before taking my place at the counter. Placing myself in the high stools Andy places the warm plate on the empty space in front of me. I attack the plate, leaving only crumbs when I finish consuming the sandwich.

Andy and I continue to discuss our days and he explains all these crazy stories about their tour and the places they visited. He tells me of a story about how the boys ran on stage with Panic! At The Disco and pranked the boys of Twenty One Pilots. I couldn’t help but laugh as he spat a bit of lettuce back onto his plate.

After cleaning up, we take our places on the couch and decide to watch Netflix. Our bodies share warmth as our fingers intertwine with one another. His strong arm wraps around my shoulder and mine snakes across his torso.

After a while, a steamy scene starts to begin on the TV. A growing sensation builds in my core. I try to shake it off but with Andy gone so long I couldn’t help but crave his touch. I want him so badly. My finger engrave small circles in his side, trying to distract myself from the burning thought.

Andy’s face shifts to look down at me. I look back up at him and his marble blue eyes connect with mine. Our faces inch closer and closer until our lips connect. His arm tightens bringing me closer until I’m practically in his lap. My legs wrap around his legs and I rest my bottom on his thighs.

We break away and Andy pulls a piece of hair from my face. “You’re so pretty baby girl.” His words form roses on my cheeks and my eyes drop to my hands. Andy pulls my chin back up to meet him. “C'mon. Daddy got you something.” He helps me off his lap and leads me into the bedroom– the mess from when I woke up still there. “Stay here.” He plants a kiss on my forehead before disappearing into the bathroom.

I wonder to my left to check myself in the mirror. The first thing I notice is the tiny bit of fat that hangs from my belly. I turn to the side and notice it looks worse. I make an effort to look skinnier by sucking in my stomach. Suddenly, a very confused and quite upset Andy appears in the mirror. I make eye contact with his reflection and a wave of guilt washes over me. Andy has told me time and time again that I have the perfect body but I always end up hating it.

He approaches me slowly, placing a hand around my hip. “Y/N,” he slowly speaks to my reflection, “Can we please not start this today? You know I’m absolutely crazy about your body.”

I quickly turn around to dig my face into his chest before he can notice the tears forming in my eyes. “I know.” I choke quietly. He moves his hand from my hip to the back of my head and presses my forehead against his lips.

After a few moments of standing in comfortable silence I notice a pink bag that dangles from Andy’s other hand. My curiosity pushes my insecurity to the side and I reach for the bag. “W-what’s this?”

“Oh!” Andy slightly chokes as his hand drops to open the bag open. “I bought this in France when we were there on tour.” He holds it up to his chest so I can peak into the bag. I slowly pull out a maroon laced bra. “When I saw it, it just screamed ‘Y/N!’”

A smile floods my face as I look up at Andy. He beams a wide smile back and wipes a tear away from my eye with his thumb. “There’s more!” He gestures to the bag. I look in again and take out a matching thong. A giggle escapes my mouth.

My body jolts in excitement. Andy knows I love getting new underwear. “Can I go try it on?” I squeal. The thought of any of my insecurities are completely obliterated.

“Please d-” I practically sprint to the bathroom before Andy could finish.

I chuck off my oversized shirt and clip my new bra over my round breasts. Then I throw off an old pair of Andy’s boxers and slip on the panties.

Before I walk out of the bathroom I check myself on last time in the mirror. I notice the fat once more… I quickly shake the thought from my brain knowing Andy wouldn’t have bought me the lingerie if he didn’t love my body. A burst of confidence moves my feet out the bathroom door and I strut to Andy – who was now sitting on the edge of the bed. His eyes light up like Christmas lights.

“Wow, baby girl. You look stunning.” He stands up to meet my body and twirls me around, his eyes softly taking in all of my figure. I can’t help but giggle as I spin.

“Now, what do you say?” Andy questions as he faces me back towards him.

“Thank you, Daddy.” I giggle innocently.

Andy’s teeth become visible behind his wide smile. “Now kitten isn’t going to hate her body anymore now is she?” He says gently stroking my hair.

“No.” I whine guiltily.

“And why is that?” His finger tangle into the strands.

“Because it’s against Daddy’s rules.” I stare at the ground.

He places his finger under my chin and pulls my gaze to meet him. “And what happens when kitten breaks a rule?”

My body tenses up and I nervously gulp. “Kitten gets punished…” I reply cautiously.

Andy takes my hand and quickly spins me around. He stops to press his chest against my body and hugs me tight with the arm that’s draped around my body. “That’s right.” He whispers in my ear. His hand travels up to grasp my bare throat. My breath hitches. With his free hand, Andy slowly trails his fingers in between my core and the thin fabric that was being used as coverage. I indistinctly grab each of his wrists with my hands. Andy’s grip on my throat tightens and forces my head back to crane against his shoulder. Andy’s fingers curl inside me and a faint moan escapes my mouth. “Fuck baby girl. You’re so wet.” He begins to slowly pull and push his finger in and out of me as he kisses down on my exposed shoulder.

“D-D-Daddy.” I stutter. My breathing breaks as Andy picks up speed. My nails drag up his arm as I close my eyes.

Suddenly we’re spun around and facing the bed with Andy’s body still pressed against my back. “What does Kitten get punished with?”

“Daddy’s belt.” I reply already turning around to face Andy.

“Why don’t you prepare Daddy’s belt for him then, princess?” He lovingly pets my hair.

“Yes, sir.” I nod and slowly lower my body to my knees so my face is level with Andy’s crotch. My hands unbuckle and pull the belt from his hips. The drummer holds a hand out and I take it to help myself off the floor. When I’m back on my feet I quickly replace my hand with his belt.

“Such a good girl.” He purrs. “On your hands and knees.” Andy growls back into my ear. I obey and slowly crawl onto the bed. I keep my bottom facing toward Andy as I keep my position. I can feel his warm hand graze the skin on my bum. I can feel Andy place his knee on the bed next to my leg. “Daddy’s forgotten: How many spanks does kitten receive for ridiculing her own body?” He asks.

I squeeze my eyes tight and purse my lips. “Ten.”

“I’m sorry.” The drummer’s rough hand swiftly comes down on my bum, creating a lingering stinging sensation. “Ten what?”

“Ten, sir.” I yelp, grasping the sheets in between my fingers.

“Good. Now be the perfect little princess you are and count for Daddy, ok?” Andy prepares his belt and my body tightens. He strikes down.

“One.” I whimper.

Andy amusingly sighs. He strikes down again. “Two.” My body jolts from the force.

Eventually, I endure eight more strikes with Andy encouraging me all the way.

“Very good, kitten. You may relax.” Andy’s words soothe me. I crash onto my back as Andy places his belt into his drawer. My lungs try their best to catch the lost breathe. “I didn’t say we were finished.”

My hips are suddenly tightly gripped by Andy’s large hands and he yanks my body closer to the edge of the bed. My legs are thrown over his shoulder as the drummer crouches down to meet my entrance. My face begs him not to tease any longer but I know he’ll never listen. His thumb spins circles around my core through the maroon fabric and I can’t help but squirm under his touch.

Andy wraps his arms around my legs to keep me still. His fingers hook the thin fabric and wiggles it off my body. The drummer buries his face to my inner thigh- sucking and biting at the delicate skin. The kisses slowly crawl closer to my entrance before Andy hovers his mouth above my lips; I can feel his warm breath send shiver up my spine. I circle my hips begging Andy to relieve me of this tension.

“What do you say, kitten?” He pouts.

“Please Daddy.” I whine back.

Andy purrs back as his mouth slowly disappears into my core. His tongue slowly draws hearts around my clit as my hands sink deeper and deeper into the sheet. Tiny bursts of groans escape my mouth which only seem to fuel Andy. He quickly starts to pick up speed. As the drummer’s tongue circles my clit, his finger slips into me and slowly starts curling– hitting my g-spot.

A familiar warm, fuzzy feeling starts to pool from my core, stretching to the tips of my fingers. My body freezes then twitches. “D-Daddy,” I moan- my voice breaking.

“Cum for me princess.” Andy growls.

My vision goes blurry and the fuzzy feeling crashes inside my body. My back arches, my toes curls, and my hands grip tighter at the pear white sheets.

I can’t help but lay there trying to catch my breath. I hear Andy shuffle at my feet but I can’t pull enough energy to sit up.

A hand comes into my vision and I place mine with it. Andy helps me sit up and my head meets his chest.

“You ok, princess?” He laughs.

“Ya!” I reassure him. He laughs again.

Andy starts to pet my hair. “You know what I really miss?” He asks. I look up at him. “If you want to of course.”

He didn’t have to say another word before I was unhooking the button of his jeans. My fingers slowly run under his shirt and over his abs, feeling the crevices of his muscles. I run my hands back down to meet the hem of his jeans, pulling them off his body. His member is perfectly outlined in his boxers and I can’t help growing more excited. My lips begin to kiss the drummer’s abs and slowly venture down to his crotch.

I suddenly stand up to push Andy onto the edge of his bed- taking my place on my knees. My nails graze up Andy’s thighs to grasp his boxers and pull them down. His hard cock springs to freedom as a groan escapes Andy’s mouth. I smile as my hand wraps around his member and begins to pump up and down.

“C'mon, kitten. Stop teasing.” He breathes.

I smile, licking the from the bottom of his shaft to the tip of his penis. I slowly wrap my mouth around his cock. Andy moans loudly as my mouth slowly slips farther down his shaft. The drummer grasps strands of my hair and starts to bob my head faster. As my head follows I can feel his cock pulse between my lips; I look up at him and his eyes softly look back.

“Holy shit, princes. I’ve missed this so much.” His head falls back as his hips buck into my face causing me to choke. Bu Andy keeps going and so do I.

“Fuck, baby girl. I’m g-going to cum.” Andy stutters. He pulls my hair to remove my head from his crotch. Confused I look up at him. He helps me to my feet and whispers, “I don’t want to finish just yet, princess.” He pulls my naked body onto his lap and hovers my hips above his hard cock. I hold onto the male’s shoulders as his lips attack my neck and throat. He slowly settles my hip down and I can feel his cock fill me.

“Fuuuuck.” Andy groans into my neck- biting the sensitive skin. He guides my hips up and down and I begin to playfully bounce on him. Andy hungrily looks up at me as the warm feeling grows bigger deep in my core. I try my best to think about something else so I don’t cum so fast but it creeps up a lot faster than I thought it would.

My nails dig deep into the drummer’s skin as my nerves are thrown over the edge. My back arches and my head is thrown back- but that doesn’t stop Andy from speeding up and thrusting upwards. The soft sounds of our moans and skin slapping fills the room.

“Holy shit, baby girl. I’ve missed this so much.” His kisses sloppily trail down to my collar bone and his thrusts become slower. “I’m gonna-” I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. I slam myself down one last time before I feel Andy fill me up. He roars out before collapsing on his back. I stay in his lap for a quick moment before falling into the bed next to him.

My eyes close as I try to catch my breath and Andy’s arm snuggly wraps around my waist. He tucks his head into my neck and I can’t help but fall asleep in his arms.