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Smut Week Ficlet Series: Surprises (Reader x Namjoon)

Summary: It’s not often that Namjoon allows you to shamelessly use him but tonight you’re feeling brave and you’re ready to take exactly what you need from him.

Rated: M

Word Count: 1213

Note: Hello lovelies! We’re back at it again with the dirty junk your mom told you to stay far away from. In celebration of our triumphant return we’ve created Smut Week, a solid week of the nasty stuff. Expect one story a day and literally the only common theme between the stories will be smut lol. We have absolutely no chill this week – hope you’re ready!

Smut Week Ficlet Series Masterpost

*Our Masterlist*

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You lay with your back on the couch, your legs dangling over the side. On the other half of the couch Namjoon lays in the same position with the top of his head touching yours.

If he strained to listen, he could just about make out the faint strains of what you were listening to. Occasionally you had let out a soft chuckle and his interest had been piqued, but he had kept his curiosity at bay and had forced his attention back to his book.

Surprise him!

The podcast you’re listening to repeats for what feels like the hundredth time that episode.

Be adventurous!

Don’t be afraid to take what you need!

You purse your lips and fiddle one of your earphones.

Nothing about any of that sounded unappealing. In fact, lying on the couch next to Namjoon had definitely put you in the mood to take what you need.

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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (3/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Sexual content and swearing

A/N: Hey I’m sorry there’s not much happening in this chapter but it’s a sizeable chunk now so I thought I’d post it out to you! I hope it’s not too boring for you?

Also, I know I need a masterlist for this - hopefully it’s done for the next chapter…


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You marched toward your old bedroom – it was high time you cleared this up because how could Bucky be so casual about all this, yet you found it so antagonising? Why did it seem like a punishment to you, but he was casually strolling around the kitchen, smirking and flirting and being his usual ass-self? This was not fair, and you were on a mission to set things straight.

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Nipple Play

Summary: Dean spends a little more attention to Y/N’s nipples, and she really, really likes it. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Dirty talk, smutty situations, nipple play

Word Count: 872

A/N: This is my first post for Smut Apocalypse! I tried a few new things I’ve never written before,Nipple play is definitely new to me, but I did my best! A big thank you to @attractiverandomness for beta-ing all of these for me!  Let the day of smut commence!

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Your Desk is a Mess Part 5

Summary: In which Y/N gradually (and awkwardly) spends a lot more time with her office mate than she bargained for (Office AU).

Chapter List


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Part Five

“So,” Natasha said, taking a sip of her nth drink of the evening and leaning onto the table in front of her. “Y/N.”

“Yes, Natasha,” you replied, smirking at Wanda, who was sitting beside Natasha. 

Wanda had had to help Natasha into the bathroom while you were off for another round of drinks, and the subtle stench of vomit reeked from her shoes. Wanda looked done for the evening.

“Over there,” Natasha slurred, pointing in the direction of the bar, “is a fine young gentleman who already asked you for your number.”

“Yes, I remember. I was there,” you responded taking a sip of your drink.

“So…?” Natasha asked, raising her eyebrows expectantly.

“So…?” you replied.

“For God’s sake, Y/N, why didn’t you give him your number?!”

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Aqours Group Chat: Yuri Doujins
  • Yoshiko: Guys! Lily has a huge stash of Yuri doujins in her closet!!
  • Mari: yeah? we know
  • Dia: I didn't! I didn't think Riko was so shameless!
  • Chika: yeah i've seen them
  • Chika: she has some fan made muse ones
  • Dia: Muse yuri doujins!?
  • Mari: oooo are you interested? come on all of us read some yuri im sure
  • Dia: I do not!
  • Yoshiko: No way!
  • You: They help when the real thing comes.
  • Chika: you'd know bb
  • You: ;)
  • Yoshiko: is that how Lily knew what to do…
  • Mari: ooooo riko knows what she's doing!
  • Ruby: What are we talking about?
  • Riko: Why is this happening. I left my phone for 10 minutes.
  • Riko: Yocchan you looked in my closet last night???
  • Ruby: I wanna know tho
  • Chika: We're talking about sex
  • You: We're talking about sex
  • Ruby: Oh that's what I thought
  • Yoshiko: I only peeked Lily
  • Dia: Noooooo my pure little sister is being corrupted.
  • Hanamaru: ruby when are you comming
  • Ruby: PM me Hana-chan
  • Dia: Ruby DO NOT apply anything you learn from this sin chat with Hanamaru
  • Hanamaru: wats PM
  • Ruby: Just reply to the message I sent you in our chat sweetie.
  • Ruby: I think they're right sis. It's better if I know what I'm doing rather than going in blind.
  • Yoshiko: I didn't know what to do with what I found Lily :c
  • Riko: my life is over
  • Kanan: wow chat’s been active
  • Yoshiko: it seems to be normal Lily! It even helps You says! Please don't leave me!
  • Kanan: lovers quarrel?
  • Mari: Nah Yoshi just found Riko’s dirty doujins.
  • Kanan: ahh well if we’re talking about our gfs kinks
  • Kanan: Mari has a whip
  • Mari: It’s Joke!
  • Mari: hahaha very funny babe
  • You: I'm not surprised
  • Chika: Neither am I
  • Mari: god damn it
  • You: Speaking of all this, am I good to come over tonight Chika?
  • Chika: ye bb
  • You: Sweet.
  • Dia: ...you’re all full of sin…
  • Riko: Yocchan just showed up at my house with flowers to apologize <3
  • Riko: My gf is so sweet. I wasn’t even that mad.
  • Chika: Get it Yoshiko!
  • Kanan: Don’t stay up too late girls
  • You: I guess I’ll see you in the morning Yoshiko
  • Yoshiko: ;)
College!AU Seungkwan
  • major: journalism 
  • minor: vocal performance 
  • sports: was on the table tennis team until their funding was cut 
  • clubs: campus journal - he critics music albums and reports on student activities (sports, musicians, events)
  • seungkwan is pretty well known on campus because he’s interviewed just about e v e r y o n e
  • anyone who heads a team or a club or organized a fundraiser/bake sale whatever like seungkwan has emailed them to talk about their activities 
  • and like his enthusiasm isn’t matched by anyone else in the major, like seungkwan will do the most to get a story and he’s never shy of approaching people or getting them to share what they know and like he’s a complete PERFECTIONIST when it comes to reporting because not a single thing can be a lie, he has to report exactly what he knows
  • and sometimes this can get on people’s nerves and people always whisper behind his back about his over-the-top nature but seungkwan could literally care less
  • sometimes seungcheol or hoshi will hear someone say something and they’ll be like “cheer up seungkwan, they’re just being assholes!” and seungkwan, whose eating with one hand and taking notes from one of his interviews with the other is just like “hmm? they said something? i didn’t even have time to hear them.”
  • and like his true passion is writing musical critique because aside from being a journalist, he’s also a practiced singer and even minors in vocal performance 
  • and every time the journal comes out the music section is the longest because seungkwan is passionate and yes he totally reviewed vernon’s secret mixtape and that one cover song jeonghan put up on his soundcloud and when both people found out their names were in the journal they were like sEUNGKWA N and he was just like 
  • “listen i gave you pretty decent scores, you should have seen how i tore about this other album-” and they’re like oh my god
  • and seungkwan has sent in a couple formal pieces to local magazines and things like that and he’s really hoping for an internship soon because just writing for the campus journal isn’t too big of a deal
  • especially considering the fact that almost every time someone joins the journal - they like drop it a semester in because the work that you actually have to put in is a L O T
  • the editor in chief also is like seungkwan maybe you shouldn’t,,,,be so hard on the newcomers you kinda scare them away
  • and seungkwan is like “just because i told ken his fiction piece about flying squirrels wasn’t that good doesn’t mean im being hard on people. it was a story about flying squirrels you guys.”
  • and the thing is seungkwan really does love his major and he really loves the act of reporting, of hearing people talk about things they love or things they hate, and being able to share that small snippet with the rest of the campus through his words - like that impact is the reason he’s so obsessed with putting out only perfect work
  • and so when the campus directors send the journal a letter about how if it doesn’t find new members it’s sure to lose its funding, seungkwan is beyond devastated 
  • and everyone’s like “seungkwan that’s not gonna even wo-” and seungkwan’s already opening up photoshop and being like “comic sans would be a good font, but let’s be real helvetica is more classy.”
  • and that is actually how you meet intense journalist seungkwan, through some flyers and im not saying he hands you a flyer and politely introduces you to the student journal
  • im talking you’re running down the hall to the printing room and seungkwan is holding a wobbly pile of 100 flyers that all say PLEASE SAVE OUR SCHOOL JOURNAL on them
  • and once you two collide all those flyers come down like rain around you
  • and you’re hfowskdf oh my god im SORRY and seungkwan doesn’t even answer you he’s like “the flyers, pick up the flyers, the flyers, we’re ruined, the flyers, flyers, flyers, fLYeRS” and you’re like 
  • watching him try to gather everything with panicky hands
  • and you know you were running because you had to print something super fast because you were in class but you can’t leave him like this so you start helping him pick up the flyers and he doesn’t even notice
  • until you two are both out of breath, sweaty, each holding a crooked pile of papers and you’re like “here!!! sorry again, i hope none are ruined!!”
  • and he’s like “oh-” because he didn’t notice you were helping him he got too caught up
  • and then,,,like you two thought it was over riGHt but all at once it’s the end of classes and before you know it there’s a stampede of like students coming from this way and that and you and seungkwan are caught in the middle and their are elbows being pushed into you and peoples backpacks swinging at you
  • and seungkwan wobbles and once again….the papers going flying
  • except this time you guys cant hurry to pick them up, instead they’re stepped on and tore apart by people trying to get the hell out of the building
  • and when you look up at seungkwan you can see the Utter Defeat in his eyes and like you feel so bad that that just happened and you’re like
  • “,,,,,,,,im so sorry.” and he just sighs and as the crowd disperses he walks over to the wall and slides down against it and is like “it’s fine, it was a stupid idea anyway. who on campus even looks at flyers anymore?” and you’re like ): because like you’re not friends with seungkwan, but you know who he is and you’re like 
  • “i assume the flyers are about the journal?? is it closing??” and seungkwan explains that they’re gonna lose their funding if they don’t get more members and you’re like oh,,,,,im sorry
  • and he just shrugs and he’s like “it’s not like anyone reads that journal anyway.” and you’re like “i read it!! i especially like the music page, all your stuff is so in-depth and not half assed.” and seungkwan suddenly gets a hint of happiness on his face
  • and he’s like “really??” and you’re like “yeah!!! i even checked out that cover your friend did…..jeonghan? you wrote about it and when i listened to it, it was so relaxing!!”
  • and suddenly seungkwan perks up and he’s like “if you think jeonghan hyung sings well, you should listen to-”
  • and long story short you don’t ever print your thing and instead you end up talking for some time with seungkwan until once again he’s like “i really don’t know what to do about the journal.” and you’re like “i could try to join??;” and seungkwan thanks you for the sentiment but one new member probably won’t appease the school
  • and so you’re both standing there with frowns on your faces and seungkwan is like 
  • “it’s funny but i used to wish that someone in the journal would finally ask to write an article about me,,,,don’t you think that’s kind of selfish?” and he’s trying to laugh it off but you see that he’s faking and you’re like
  • “wait? are you also a musician?” and seungkwan bites back his lip and shakes his head
  • and he’s like “my sister and i both sang a lot when we were younger so i took up vocal performance as my minor because i like it a lot. i wouldn’t say im a musician, but ……it’d be nice to have someone acknowledge it once in awhile.”
  • and he like starts to get up and you’re like “wait.” and he’s like ??
  • and you  scramble to your feet as well and you’re like “let me do it. let me write something on you as a singer, at least for this last issue.”
  • seungkwan kind of looks at you flabbergasted and he’s like ????? do?????do you know what you’re signing up for???
  • and you’re like “hEY look midterms are over for the most part and aside from stuff i have to do for myself, i could devote some time to this. especially if it means a lot to you.”
  • and seungkwan for a second stares at you as if he still can’t believe you’re offering to do this
  • but then he takes your hand in his and is like “well, finally we’ll have another persons opinion in the music section!”
  • and you’re like giggling but you’re also like “just tell me a time when you’re free so i can hear you sing.” and seungkwan’s like here give me your number so i can contact you
  • it’s cute seungkwan’s background is the famous singer junsu and you’re like “oh” and seungkwan’s like LISTEN he’s my idol,,,,,,,, and his eyes get all sparkly it’s adorable
  • but yeah you give him your number and you’re like “ill look forward to it and ill do my best!!”
  • and then you figure out holy shit your class is over, you never printed your  thing time to run and see if the teacher still hung around for office hours
  • and like as you make your way down the hall, seungkwan holds his phone and he can’t help but finally feel a little better about everything 
  • and as he watches you disappear around the corner he reminds himself that he owes you a thank you when this is all over
  • and so a week passes and seungkwan texts you finally to meet him in the performance center on campus and he’s like “i booked one of the recording rooms!!” and you’re like cool let’s go
  • and like to be honest you’re sitting on the other side of the glass with your notebook out to maybe take notes like ??? really you don’t know what you’re doing here you’ve never written a review but you’re not like worried
  • but then, seungkwan who seems so shy putting on the headphones and adjusting the mic
  • like when he starts to sing the pen you’re holding literally drops from your hand because his voice???????
  • it’s the voice of a real Angel 
  • and from the moment he starts to the last second of the lyrics, you can’t help but just be completely wrapped up in his voice
  • and when he asks you what you thought of it you can only try to snap yourself out of it and ask him
  • “did you play a recording into the microphone? was that really you?”
  • and seungkwan puts a hand over his mouth to laugh and he’s like WHAT is up with your facial expression you look so confused
  • and you’re like “seungkwan, seriously why aren’t you a singer? why are you in college? why aren’t you selling albums with your face on the cover holy hell you sing better than anyone ive ever heard before???”
  • and seungkwan shrugs and he’s like “nahh, it’s just a hobby.” and you’re like if i had a hobby that i was THAT good at. i wouldn’t be here. i’d be trying to get jyp or sm to notice me hoyl HELL
  • and seungkwan comes out and he asks if you took any notes or have any criticisms and you’re like
  • “criticisms? this review im going to write is literally going to be like : BOO SEUNGKWAN OF THE JOURNALIST MAJORS HAS THE VOICE OF GOD”
  • and again seungkwan is just laughing because wow you’re so silly he’s not that good but like a sense of pride swells in him because no one’s really ever praised him so much like this before
  • and like he asks if you’d like to listen to him some more and you’re like yes please!!!
  • and it’s amazing he has such a good range and he even says he’s written his own original lyrics
  • and you two spend a good 6 hours in their together until one of the professors needs the recording room to teach and as you’re walking back onto campus you’re like
  • “seungkwan, what if……..you busk?” and he’s like “on campus?” and you’re like “sure, or even better like in the city? like whats a day you don’t have classes or club we could go out and set up in a park or somewhere and you could sing and maybe if we do it a couple of times we could scrap up some many for the journal???”
  • and seungkwan brightens up instantly and he’s like !!! that’d be so cool and you’re like right??
  • and you two start basically jumping up and down in excitement just talking about it and seungkwans like “maybe i could ask my friend joshua to come out and play guitar too??” and you’re clapping your hands like yes!!!! that’d be amazing
  • and seungkwan is like “you’re a genius, we should have thought of this SOONER” and you’re like ok ok text joshua and see when he’s free and then tell me so we can plan more
  • and it’s like really adorable because you and seungkwan, who met literally a week ago are talking like you’ve been friends for ages
  • and you get so happy at the thought of being able to help him and he gets so excited being able to share what he loves with you
  • and maybe neither of you know it yet but listen, this is the beginning of CRUSHES
  • and when seungkwan asks if you’re free tomorrow after 4 because joshua can come out then you’re like yes!!
  • the next day you’re leaving your dorm and your roommates like woAH you look so cute - going on a date? and you’re like huh??? no?? why does it look like i put in effort? and your roommates just like (—–: yes it does. is it for a bo-
  • and you’re like BYE GOING NOW
  • and you meetup with seungkwan and joshua near the subway station off campus and joshua introduces himself and when he turns to seungkwan he’s like 
  • “your significant other is really sweet, why didn’t you introduce them to me before?”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh they’re not - we’re not -”
  • and you’re like YEAH we’re nOT 
  • and joshua is like oh?????? really???? it’s just the way seungkwan was talking about you made it seem-
  • and seungkwan like jumps up to cover joshua’s mouth like HAHAAH so funny hyung let’s get on the subway
  • and you don’t notice it but joshua nudges you closer to seungkwan while you guys are squished on the seats on your way to the city
  • and seungkwan holds you steady when you get up to get off and the train jerks
  • and the whole time joshua’s looking off to the side like he’s on the office with the mOST SMUG EXPRESSION 
  • because you two are all cute and innocent, just like a young couple in love and you don’t even KNOW IT
  • and like once you get to the park you help joshua and seungkwan set up and you guys use joshua’s guitar case as a way to collect money and you’re basically in charge of attracting peoples attention so you run around asking people to gather around seungkwan because !!! hey hEY the best vocalist is about to perform
  • and like you give seungkwan a thumbs up after you manage to get like 15-20 people to come around
  • and when he starts to sing along with joshua’s guitar you can see the shock on the faces of the audience
  • and people even start getting their phones out to record
  • and sooner or later that crowd of 20 turns to a crowd of even more
  • and seungkwan is such a natural people person like in between songs he asks the people if they’re resting well after work and if they’ve eaten
  • and it’s like watching a soloists performance, he’s so professional and good
  • and people even ask if he has albums or a site where they could listen to him sing like a youtube or something
  • and seungkwan is like !! im not that great- but seriously everyone is complimenting him
  • and seeing him light up with happiness and bow in thankfulness it makes your heart beat with joy,,,but also
  • the smile on seungkwan’s face,,,,,,,it gets you so,,,,,,,soft
  • like you want to protect that smile forever
  • on your way back you count all the loose change and bills and you’re like it’s over a hundred dollars and seungkwan is like WHAT NO WAY and joshua’s like “im not surprised, you sounded really good seungkwan”
  • and you’re like “i told you!!! you’re so talented and lovely - people are bound to like you!!”
  • and seungkwan looks at you and he’s like,,,,, “lovely?”
  • and you kind of turn pink and stutter and you’re like “yEAH you know like idols,,,,,,,,,,very lovely your look,,,,,,you look approachable and nice and,,,,,”
  • and seungkwan is like “oh! you just mean im nice!” and you’re like mHMM!!! and joshua is like PFFT UHUH OK 
  • and so you accompany seungkwan a couple of more times when he goes out to busk
  • and by the end of the semester you’re sure you’ve raised enough for the journal to fund itself just a bit longer without having to get new members
  • and seungkwan is like “it’s time for our next issue to come out!!” and you’re like “can you wait to see what i wrote on you?” and he’s like HONESTLY NO
  • and so when the copies get made, seungkwan rushes to see and he’s like 
  • “why isn’t your piece in the review section, it’s just my review of vernon’s mixtape - where is -”
  • and you’re like “silly, look at the cover!!”
  • and seungkwan flips it back over and he sees that on the cover it’s a photo of him singing in the park, a photo you took and he’s like “wh-”
  • and he sees that the main story that was printed is about how his performances helped save the journal
  • and it’s written by you (with help from the journals members who all love seungkwan too) and it’s literally just you praising his hardwork and humbleness 
  • and ask seungkwan reads it you see him stop at the last line 
  • “….and somehow, this all made me fall in love with him.”
  • and he looks up at you and he’s like 
  • “is it true?”
  • and you can only looks to the side sheepishly like,,,,,,, “reporters shouldn’t lie? right?”
  • and seungkwan literally just puts the journal down and takes you by the waist and kisses you and you’re like oH!!
  • but it doesn’t stop there he’s just kissing you on your temple and your cheeks and your nose
  • and you’re like seungkwAN THE other MEMBERs of the JOURNAl Are WATHCING 
  • and he’s like OOPS but it’s cute they’re like “we’ll leave you two to it ^^”
  • and seungkwan is just like,,,,,, “i don’t know how or why i got lucky enough to meet someone like you who wanted to help me right from the get go, but god im so so so thankful”
  • and you’re like “im thankful too, to have meet someone so talented and passionate. you have the capacity to do anything seungkwan. really.”
  • and you two are looking into each others eyes and he leans in and he’s like
  • “right now, i want to use all that capacity to kiss you again.”
  • AND LIKE you two are the cutest thing ever seungkwan is so proud of dating you and he shows it off all the time
  • like literally a minute after he sends his mom an excited message about how he thinks he’s found the person of his dreams
  • he also mails her a copy of the journal as always and he’s like “here, do you wanna talk to my mom when i call her???” and you’re like isNT IT TOO early to talk to her like this,,, and seungkwan is like “no no she’ll love you i know it because i love you.”
  • and the journal is up and running ok and tbh seungkwan’s busking on campus has kind of made it pretty popular like more people are coming to meetings and submitting writing or songs 
  • and you even join but not really as a reporter but more as like an editor every now and then
  • and you’re the only person seungkwan trusts to show drafts too 
  • and like you’re his number one hype squad like you’re always like seungkwan your writing is so good, your singing is so good, your face is SO GOOD
  • and seungkwan’s like ‘i know my face is good because you keep kissing it’ and you’re like YOU’RE RIGHT
  • that background photo of junsu on his phone is replaced with a photo of you when you fell asleep on his shoulder after you two were coming in from the city after he busked
  • and one day he actually writes a song for you 
  • and performs it for the first time outside on the campus quad
  • and when he sings your name you literally fall to your knees with your face in your hands and like seungcheol and joshua and vernon and jeonghan are all elbowing you like AYEEE and it’s cute 
  • seungkwan serenades you when you’re a little pouty with him and you’re like STOP we’re in the cafeteria and he’s just in his sing-song voice like “i don’t care~~~ i love you~~~~”
  • sarcastically told jun off that one time he tried to ask you to get coffee with him since seungkwan was busy writing for the journal and literally it was like this;
  • seungkwan: if i had to do a review on your hair jun, i’d give it a bacon sticker because it’s so greasy.”
  • it hurt jun and he held a grudge for quite a while
  • as he is with reporting and singing, seungkwan is a perfectionist in dating 
  • and sometimes it’s a bit too much because if he takes you on a date and something goes wrong he blames himself and you’re like “baby, we don’t have to go see that movie. we can just go to the arcade.” and seungkwan’s like bUT i know you wanted to see that movie and you just pinch his cheeks and tell him that yes, but you also wanna kick his butt at dance dance revolution and that gets him fired up
  • you didn’t believe he was good at table tennis until you guys finally had a match and he won even though you guys played like 12 matches and you’re like seungkwan is their anything you’re not good at
  • seungkwan; hmmm im not good at resisting you?
  • depending on if you like to sing or not you and seungkwan do a duet during his busking one time and an elderly couple is just like “you two should hurry up and get married!!”
  • and you’re like blushing but seungkwan is like “my ideal wedding would be getting married on the beach at jeju, are you cool with that?”
  • you: seUNGKWAN we’re IN COLLEGE PL E A S e

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

Easy lies and simple truth.

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Sequel to In between the lines 

In My Veins by Andrew Belle

Dean x Reader     More ANGST with dollops of fluff

Word Count: 6106

A/N: Lines borrowed from Season 11 episodes “Don’t you forget about me.”, “Red Meat.”, and “The Chitters.” are in Bold.

“The lies we tell others are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves.” - Derek Landy

Dean ran down the hall and careened into her room. “Y/n?” He stared at the perfectly made bed. He took another step forward picturing her that morning, the sheets twisted around her and her head shoved in the pillow. Why didn’t he say more? Why didn’t he urge her to come?

He scanned the room and his gaze froze on the notepad sitting on the desk. His heart dropped into his stomach. He walked over and picked it up then looked in the trash can. Two water bottles and some scraps of paper but then he dropped the notepad and grabbed two balled up pieces of paper.

He placed them on the desk and flattened the first one out. Her writing was sloppy, slanted, and she had scribbled over it but it was still legible. He remembered that night before. The things he said echoing in his head like a pickaxe as he read her scrawl.

Pros and cons of loving Dean Winchester, of staying in the shadows with Dean Winchester, standing in his shadow.

I want more.

Not with this thing with Amara.

Not tonight.

Feminine outbursts.

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anonymous asked:

Biadore coming across biadore smut fiction with B becoming so turned on that true feelings are finally revealed ❤️️ And if you would write smut between the two of them I would love you forever 😘

Thank you darling! Ironic that this is about queens reading fanfiction…good timing I think 😂 This one is dedicated to all the haters, I love writing and you won’t stop me ✌🏻

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Bianca slid her hand up Adore’s thigh, climbing higher and higher. The younger girl bit her lip and looked at Bianca shyly.
‘Bianca,’ she paused briefly. ‘Is this a good idea?’
'I don’t know, you tell me.’ Bianca smirked at her and then her hand was outside Adore’s panties. She could feel the younger queen was hard even though she was tucked. Bianca smiled wildly at her and then her lips attacked Adore’s with-”

'Oh god please stop.’ Roy rolled his eyes cutting Danny off. Danny looked up from the computer screen.
'It’s funny!’ Danny laughed. 'I can’t believe people write this stuff, it’s amazing.’ He turned back to the laptop screen and his eyes scanned the words of the fan fiction he’d found on Tumblr. 'Oh it gets better!’ He chuckled.
Adore’s hands groped frantically at the older queens naked body, needing to feel as much skin on skin as possible. She found Bianca’s erection and Bianca gasped in her mouth as she started stroking her length…”
Roy was getting hard, embarrassing so. He put his hands in his lap to try and conceal it. If Danny was to notice he would be mortified.
She returned the favour and wrapped her hand around Adore’s throbbing dick. They pumped in each other in perfect rhythm, but queens needed more-”
'Danny for the love of god please stop this.’ Roy grunted. 'It’s cringy.’
'I’m enjoying it.’ Danny chuckled. 'Do you not want to know what happens next?’ He looked at Roy and smiled at him. Roy felt his face was flushed. He saw Danny’s facial expression change and then he saw his eyes trail down to his lap where his hands were quite obviously trying to hide something. He looked back up and his eyes met Roy’s once more.
'Oh my god.’ Danny gasped a little. 'This is turning you on.’ He had a slight smirk on his face.
'Don’t be stupid.’ Roy scoffed. 'As if.’
'What are you trying to hide down there Roy?’ His voice was suddenly low and breathy and Roy swore he got harder somehow.
'No-nothing.’ Roy stuttered a little. Danny was smirking sexily at him.
'Ok so I don’t suppose you’ll mind if I carry on then.’ He turned back to the laptop screen.
“’I need you.’ Adore panted into Bianca’s mouth.
'I need you more.’ Bianca replied pulling the younger queen on top of her. 'Ride me.’ She said, her eyes dark with lust. 'I need you to-’”

'Fine ok.’ Roy cut him off again. Danny looked at him and he was redder than before. 'You’re right this…it is…’
'It is what?’ Danny smirked again.
'You know what.’ Roy grumbled.
'Yeah,’ Danny licked his bottom lip. 'But I want to hear you say it.’ He leant close to Roy, whispering in his ear. Roy felt his dick twitch again.
'Don’t be cruel.’ Roy swallowed.
'Do you want me or not? It’s a simple question.’ Danny smirked and Roy couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed Danny’s face and kissed him hard, the laptop falling to the floor as Roy pushed him back against the couch. He was immedialty pulling Danny’s t-shirt over his head and got rid of his own before fixing their lips together again. Soon trousers were gone too, Danny was too light headed to figure out how that had happened. They were completely naked before he knew it and Roy was grinding his hips into him desperately.
'I need you.’ Roy panted staring down at Danny.
'Need you too.’ Danny sounded just as out of breath. Roy gave him another kiss before he tore himself away from Danny and got up from the couch. He left the room but he returned soon after with a bottle of lube and a condom. He crawled back on top of Danny and kissed him whilst coating his fingers in lube. He sat back up and parted Danny’s legs and then Danny felt two fingers glide inside of him. He gasped and Roy smirked, immediately starting to scissor his fingers. Danny’s hand found Roy’s dick and started stroking the older man while he opened Danny up. Roy moaned a little, biting his lip. He inserted a third finger, needing to open Danny up as quickly as possible because he was so desperate for the younger boy. He’d never been so desperate for someone in his entire life. Foreplay didn’t last long, Roy was worried he’d blow his load before he even got the chance to fuck Danny. He finished opening Danny up and ripped the condom packet open and was quickly rolling it over his length. Danny wrapped his legs around Roy’s waist and pulled him close. Roy’s dick found its way between Danny’s legs and he pushed his way inside. Both men moaned in unison and Roy started thrusting. He was already close, pathetically so, but he’d wanted Danny for the longest time and it wasn’t a disappointment. Danny arched his back so Roy could get deeper inside him. He found Danny’s sensitive spot and it made the younger boy moan ever louder. Roy grasped Danny’s length in his hand and started stroking him, his pre-come already leaking onto his hand. Roy picked up his pace, knowing there was no way of stemming of his orgasm anyway. They both came quickly and Roy got rid of the condom and fell down on Danny panting.
'Hopefully next time it won’t be over that quickly.’ Roy laughed a little.
'Next time aye?’ Danny smirked at him.
'Well…I mean-’
'I’m kidding.’ Danny chuckled. 'Of course there will be a next time.’ He kissed Roy softly. 'Maybe we can even act out one of those stories.’
Roy rolled his eyes and chuckled.
'Or maybe not.’ Roy kissed him again and wrapped his arms around him. He couldn’t deny that reading that fanfiction had ended a lot better than he’d ever imagined. Who knew that’s all it would take to finally get Danny in bed? If he’d known he might have suggested reading them years ago.

Now You Have Me

Reader x JJ

Request: “HEYY WHEN URE IN STUDY HALL HOW ABOUT WRITING ME A JJ IMAGINE (u can come up with the scenario I’m just having hella feels) LOVE U *winks back*” love you anon thanks

Prompt: @sdmntokyo texted me a screenshot of this prompt but we can’t find the original post so: 

“imagine that you’ve been stood up by your douche of a boyfriend on date night and the waitress keeps asking if you’re ready to order but you keep asking for more time hoping that he’s just late. people are starting to look at you with those apologetic looks like they know and you start to feel worse and worse about the whole situation but as you decide to just get up and leave, this boy you’ve never seen sits down explaining loudly “sorry i’m so late, babe, traffic is crazy right now.” and he quietly adds, “i’m Michael. just go with it, yeah? whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick.” and so you do go with it because he’s being sweet and trying to save you (and plus he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen) and as you’re leaving the restaurant after the best non-planned date ever, he asks you out for real this time.”

Note: If you happen to find the original prompt post [it was definitely from tumblr] let me know and I’ll link it asap. 1182 words.

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Dogs on a Train

Summary: Heavy snowfall delays Dan’s journey back home for Christmas, but the cute dog and it’s equally attractive owner makes the situation a bit more bearable.

Word count: 1.2k

Genre: Pure fluffy fluff

A/N: I originally submitted this for a phan drabble advent calendar thingy and I’m now reposting it here because I’m too lazy to write another Christmas fic so here it is

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Lost pt. 3 | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)
Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is the part 3 for the Lost mini fic series! ❤️️ I don’t want to give out any detailed summary since it will spoil the story. 😭 if you have read the first two parts then you’d know 😉

ps. The story continues after the series of events from Part 2. For those who haven’t read Part 1 and 2, I have it linked under my directory tab. 😊☺️

Genre:Angst/Fluff/General Fiction

A/N: hi guys!!! Thank you so much for reading this fanfic!!! I appreciate all the messages sent to me by those who have read it over the course of the days. I originally intended to make this only a 1 part but since a part 2 was demanded, I plotted out a whole story for this one and it turned to be a mini fic series. Thank you once again everyone! Your kind words motivates me to write. I love you all, from the bottom of my heart. I am sincere. Enjoy!
PSA. i’m so sorry for the format. im on mobile app now and i need to get this part out so i can continue on the final part. thank u!! mua mua

for those who hasn’t finished the game, SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!

“Mr. Ha– I mean Jumin.” Assistant Kang, or Ms. Kang was surprised to see me standing in front of her shop, badly drenched under the rainfall with no security men and the like. It has been 3 years since she decided to resign from her post and start her own business, a coffee shop.

And it has been 5 long, lonely years for me of trying to get over her. How can she take my heart with her to the grave? Am I even worthy of having someone by my side? Everybody seemed to love leaving me…

Or is it because I have been selfish my entire lifetime that life itself has been getting back on me this way? Then… I suppose I do deserve what I am getting right now.

I set foot into the store and noticed that the only available seats are those in the bar counter. My old Assistant is there, with her hair tied up while mixing coffees for her customers. It is good for her, this business. She really does make good coffee.

“Would you want a towel perhaps?” I heard her offer as she swiftly told her employee to go get something from somewhere. “I’d feel bad if you get sick when you’re in my premises.”

“It does feel strange for you to care about my well-being.” I walked towards the the counter. Assistant Kang– I mean Ms. Kang took a glance at me before putting some milk on some cup.

“Mr. Han…” she couldn’t help but say. I lifted my gaze towards her and raised a brow as I shrugged my coat out of my shoulders, laying it on the backrest of the stool and sitting on the said furniture at the same time.

“Errr… Jumin, sir. I’m sorry. I still haven’t gotten myself used to the first name basis…” She smiled a bit as she gave the final batch of orders to be served to her guests.

“One coffee please, Assistant Kang. The usual.” I laughed at the tone of my voice. It sounded like how I used to order her around. It’s funny that she’s not working under me anymore.

“Old habits die hard, I presume?” She laughed a bit herself as she moved to go get a cup and started to brew my coffee. “Excuse me for asking but… have you visited her today?”

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WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FROM THE FILM and is really fricking long. It also contains lots of CUSSING and bad grammar. If you don’t want spoilers I suggest you skip this post but if you want to find out more, plz continue. Oh and it also has a lot of Thomesa comments so if you ship Trenda you probs wont like this…ENJOY!

·      Omg YAS YAS

·      It’s starting

·      Aww little Thomas

·      Aww little Thomas getting dragged away from his mommy.

·      Dream sequence

·      Thomas be like fuck no this again

·      Let the 74th hunger games begin

·      Ooh Minho oppa

·      Lots of shouting

·      So many cross cuts and black outs

·      Ewww Ratman

·      Aiden Gillan is a pretty good actor. Hate his accent though.

·      They’re all really dirty in their glade outfits but they’re still so hot though


·      Lol minho in the background: “woo hoo”

·      Dylan is so hot

·      He’s naked

·      OMG he looks so cool right now. He’s so wet

·      Shouldn’t they be suspicious of injections? I mean I would be. Especially if you don’t know who these people are.

·      Oh at least Newt is suspicious.

·      Wait why isn’t Thomas saying anything

·      Jokes he just asked another question

·      Someone better do a question count for Thomas

·      Minho’s wearing red

·      Soo many teenagers

·      If there was more than one maze, where and how did WCKD manage to find a place to fit that many mazes, along with facilities that monitor them. Also, how many grievers would they have made for this purpose? What if the grievers rebelled and decided to do they own shit? Wouldn’t wckd be fucked then?

·      Oh look its Aris. The loner emo boy wearing a hoodie. Remind you of anything?

·      How old is Aris again? He looks like he’s 13.

·      Thomas be like: no let me see her. Such devotion.

·      Please don’t pick a fight with a guard.

·      Yes Thomas, just walk away.

·      Bunk beds. Why is it always bunk beds?

·      Minho: ‘too slow’ ha ha

·      More dream sequences!

·      Thomas the insomniac

·      Aris creepily saying pssst while under Thomas’ bed

·      Just so happens that the air vent opening is right under Thomas’ bed. #movie logic. If you’re reading this CinemaSins and happen to do a ‘Everything wrong with the Maze Runner the Scorch Trials’ based on this post, you better reference me or at least mention me and get people to like this post on Tumblr. Btw, you guys are awesome! [thumbs up]

·      Thomas: “What the hell am I doing?” yeah Thomas, what are you doing?

·      See!!! He even talks to himself using questions.

·      Air vents, the most common way to eavesdrop on people

·      Ooh dead bodies

·      Thomas picking a fight with a guard-WTF ru doing bro?

·      Jeez Thomas take a fucking chill pill

·      Oh he’s getting the swipe card thingy

·      Sending kids back to their rooms-the most common way of grounding children when they do bad stuff

·      Jeez you didn’t have to shove them in there. Such a rude guard.

·      Newt be like: cant we just be happy for once?

·      Thomas has an idea! Everyone hates it.

·      Everyone else be like: of course Thomas. Of course.

·      Thomas dropping into the hallway from the air vent like spiderman.

·      How are you gonna get back up though?

·      Okay so teenagers are being strapped up to tubey things

·      This totally isn’t child abuse

·      Oh no is that Teresa? Jks no

·      OHHHHH its Rachel

·      RIP Aris’ girlfriend

·      I ship it though

·      #Raris… or is it Arachel? Idk

·      Hiding behind poles

·      Lots of dramatic walking in this film

·      ava paige [sitting down and signing pages like a boss]

·      its good to see that the boss is a woman though

·      oh wait let me correct myself, she’s a “doctor”…doctor my ass, more like a lady killer who just wants to dissect children for money.

·      Seriously Thomas you need to calm the fuck down and just tell everyone else what’s going on

·      Great acting though, Dylan O’Brien [thumbs up]

·      #Follow Thomas the leader…or should I say Thomas the tank engine? Ha ha just kidding.

·      Everyone just blindly follow Thomas when we all know he doesn’t have a plan most of the time

·      Fuck yeah Minho is such a badass by kneeing that guard


·      God he’s hot

·      Guns

·      Yes lets use the lady doctor as a hostage

·      Operation rescue Teresa

·      Found her

·      Thomas is totes in love with her. He’s so concerned about her all the time.

·      so many Thomesa feels rn

·      Yay window smashing!

·      Thomas and Newt breaking glass. #Teamwork

·      aww Thomas carried Teresa

·      Lots of door barging/blocking moments

·      Everyone keeps shouting Thomas! Like we get it. Everyone is obsessed with him.

·      Why is Thomas always the last one to leave? Or the one who stays behind. It’s like he willingly tries to be the last one standing. Stop isolating yourself Thomas. Everyone knows your chances of survival are better when you’re in a group, not when you’re alone. Thomas is so dumb sometimes.

·      Yay Aris. #Aris the hero. What a wildcard!

·      Is Teresa barefoot?

·      Thomas: *shoots at guys with shields with tazer gun. Gun runs out of ammo. Throws away gun before he starts to run for it.*

·      Can I just say that something about Dylan O’Brien holding a gun, or any guy doing badass but somewhat violent actions gets me so turned on.

·      Man that running and sliding under the closing door was epic

·      Yeah Thomas. U GO!

·      Best bit in movie-Thomas giving Ratman the finger [applause]

·      I bet Dylan O’Brien improvised this scene


·      How did they manage to run out people on aircraft and dirt bikes?

·      How can they see where they’re going?

·      Wow lots of sand.

·      Of course he doesn’t have a plan Newt. Its Thomas!

·      lol, mountain people

·      The Right Arm reference

·      Wardrobe change

·      It’s really dark

·      Something bad is bound to happen soon

·      Suspenseful music

·      Why do I get this feeling that I’m watching more of a thriller/horror movie than a science fiction film?

·      No Minho don’t turn on the generator!



·      Run bitches run!

·      Are they inside a mall?

·      Mall chase scene

·      Man, these cranks are scary AF

·      This film is really fast-paced though. It just goes from one scene to another like that-[clicks fingers]

·      Oh look its daytime. Its always safer in daytime


·      The graphics are great though

·      Sand dunes

·      so much sand everywhere

·      Another Thomesa scene YAY!

·      Wait teresa has her memories?

·      Ooh wait…that means…oh okay

·      Wtf Winston

·      Oh god he’s infected

·      Why is this scene being carried out like page 250.

·      He even says: ‘I don’t want to end up a monster’

·      Depressing death scene when its not even halfway through the movie

·      Wait they’re just leaving the gun with him? Oh ok.

·      Everyone just walks away

·      Goodbye Winston

·      Choreographed halting after sound of gunshot. Nice.



·      Minho why would you throw the bottle away? You could’ve saved it for later! You’re in a wasteland for Christ’s sake!

·      Sleeping in the middle of the dessert. NICE.

·      Thomas: I see the light!

·      A storm is coming…jks the storm hit immediately in just 10 seconds

·      Ahhh MINHO

·      Minho got hit

·      Character that almost dies but doesn’t trope

·      Minho after getting told he got hit by lightning: ‘Oh”

·      Oh Minho you’re so cute

·      Everyone turns around and sees a crank

·      [I literally jumped when I saw it]

·      More cranks. Wonderful.

·      Oh look who it is. Brenda.


·      Brenda’s got sass

·      Ha ha lol, they’re all hanging upside down

·      Minho’s sass lines have appeared!

·      Interrogation time

·      JorgexBrenda moment. How sweet.

·      Wait what? Jorge wants to play music? DAFQ

·      Ha ha wckd is confused

·      This is some old ass music for a film that set in the future. I mean they’re still using cd records. Really? I mean shouldn’t it be coming out of like a boom box or something. It’d be funny if they played Gangnam Style or something. It’d be even funnier if there was an ad before the song played.

·      No Thomas don’t go after Brenda.

·      Seriously though.

·      Thomas is like Percy Jackson, never leaves a man behind. Or woman in this case.

·      Wckd guards are idiots. They’re in shooting range!


·      AWESOME

·      That was clever though

·      So many scenes in complete darkness

·      Stop having Trenda scenes

·      Why are you going deeper into the tunnel?

·      Thomas: ‘you think?’ another question. Thank you, Thomas. [sings Girls Generation in my head.]

·      It’s a rat. Gross.

·      Oh and now a crank is eating the rat. RIP rat.

·      It’s time to go now trenda.

·      RUN. Stop standing there. RUN!

·      Oh for Christ sake

·      Epic chase sequence

·      Wow that is some really nice graphics. Really nice.

·      I hate the cranks though

·      Wes wasn’t joking when he said they were scary

·      The cranks look like some RPG zombie game shit

·      Rock climbing

·      Yeah Thomas! Kill that crank!

·      Brenda’s infected. Great. She’s so gonna die…NOT.

·      Finally, there are actually civilians who aren’t trying to hunt down the protagonists or sell them for money.

·      Who the hell is Marcus anyway?

·      Oh that actor. Why is he everywhere? He’s the douchebag bad guy in Dollhouse as well.

·      Yeah sure, just take whatever drink a stranger offers you. Even if they’re acting real shady about it and keep insisting you drink it and go into the party. I mean, I get that you’re trying to find the others but srsly? Would they actually be dumb enough to walk into that party?

·      Yay a party scene


·      Great acting Dylan O’Brien

·      Lol this is hilarious

·      Walk into da club like wow I am so fucked right now

·      Crank execution in a club, why not?

·      For a second I thought the guy killing that crank was Ben.

·      Blue lighting

·      Blue and white are such predominant colours in this film.

·      Okay now Thomas is really high.

·      Hallucinations

·      Eww not Trenda

·      Brenda is so fucking desperate right now

·      Technically you’re not the only two left. You just haven’t found the others.

·      Oh for Christ’s sake you’re both high. Have some restraint would ya?

·      No THOMAS NO

·      Don’t you dare!

·      Fucking hell he kissed her


·      Oh now he’s kissing Teresa

·      YAY Thomesa kiss!

·      Jks its only a hallucination

·      Thomas: ‘you’re not her’

·      Poor Brenda. #REJECTED

·      Thomesa spark is still alive

·      Yes Thomas, I knew I could believe in you

·      Thomas blacks out…again

·      Teresa: ‘we have to stop meeting like this’ ha ha lol.

·      Wait so that guy was Marcus?

·      Violent interrogation

·      Threatening by use of death

·      Bertha????

·      Oh it’s a truck.

·      Wait a second… that looks like Stiles’ truck. They’re both blue. Mindfuck.

·      Lol Newt looks so excited to be inside a truck. Ha ha. So cute <3

·      Ambush

·      There sure are a lot of guns in this movie.

·      Oh look Group B finally makes an appearance

·      Aww! Aris, Harriet and Sonya reunite

·      Why do Sonya and Aris seem to have a thing for each other? Maybe it’s just me but she seems way to happy to see him.

·      Who the heck is Vince?

·      Oh look its Thomas’ mom.

·      Don’t remember? Oh okay…

·      Wait Thomas is the Source?

·      Oh so he’s been backstabbing wckd for ages.

·      Good on you Thomas!

·      I feel like Thomas is the only one with an actual conscience.

·      Of course Brenda gets the cure.

·      Yes Thomas, just stealthily reach into her pocket whilst she’s asleep. #totes not a perv

·      Wait Brenda had a brother? His name is George?/Jorge?

·      Wait don’t tell me her brother was Chuck?

·      Brenda: you remind me of him-WOAH don’t tell me Thomas is her brother

·      Brenda: ‘they didn’t want me’ #REJECTED…again

·      YAY Thomesa flashback

·      Just kiss already

·      Newt calling Thomas ‘Tommy’

·      Just when you think your favourite characters are finally safe…it’s bound to get a whole lot worse.

·      OHHHHH Teresa! Why?????

·      I saw this coming though

·      Thomas looks so disappointed in her.

·      Teresa quoting Thomas

·      So sad

·      The ship is no longer sailing

·      #Betrayed

·      Enter Darth Ava [lol]

·      Ava paige reminds me of President Snow. They both wear white.

·      Ratman you son of a bitch.

·      RIP Mary.

·      Oh lol she must be named after Marie Curie.

·      Explosions!

·      No not Minho. Don’t take away my oppa!

·      Come on Thomas! Rescue him.

·      NO oppa, don’t go!

·      Oh yes, it has to end with inspiring speech time executed by Thomas

·      Thomas: ‘I made a promise to Minho.’ THOMINHO IS REAL!

·      And so it ends.

·      Ha lol the number of times everyone said ‘shit’ in this movie

Glob I am so gonna cry in the last movie.

·      The Death Cure: the journey of Thomas trying to save his BFF Minho who he is secretly gay for whilst dealing with the fact that his crush Teresa betrayed him. I can’t wait!

·      God what am I going to do with my life as I wait for the next one?


plz don’t kill me 

caprigender  asked:

I was wondering if you might be interested in writing something with an older reader character? Cause millennials are gonna be in our 70s and 80s when overwatch is recalled and it's kinda fun to think about a bunch of nerds living through the transformation of their reality into the kind of sci fi world they used to read about, getting really excited about robot limbs and moon colonies and etc. like, romantic/platonic/whatev I think it's neat and would be really excited to read your take on it

Oh god I have so many feelings about our generation in the Overwatch timeline. Like, I could ramble for hours about the good and the bad stuff and all the headcanons I have and yeah … just really excited about this topic. 
It took me a while to manage to get something semi-coherent out of all those random ideas I had. Hope you enjoy :)

Requests are open!

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Thank You

Request: Lydia loves her dog but one day here dog runs outside when a boy (stiles)her age saves her dog and Lydia never got to say thank you

Rating: K+

Genre:Romance, Fluff

When Lydia was fourteen, she got a small puppy for her birthday. She named it ‘Prada’, after her favorite designer handbag. Maybe she was a bit spoiled kid, but she loved Prada more than anything. Her favorite thing with Prada was when she would get to put her in her Prada handbag and then walk around Beacon Hills just to show off.

But one late night on February, around a month before she turned fifteen, Prada slipped from her handbag and Lydia couldn’t find her. Her entire world was crushed, because that dog was one of her most precious things in the entire universe. Her parents had been trying to calm the teenage strawberry blonde down, but Lydia was a stubborn person and she just shoved them away.

She had friends and all, but Prada was someone special to her. Prada was special mainly because she knew true, real Lydia – not Lydia Martin, who had a bitchy attitude and was already ruling the school, but Lydia Martin, the girl who was a junior Einstein. She could tell Prada literally anything she didn’t want anyone else to know. Prada was someone whom she trusted the most, and when she lost her, everything turned upside down for her.

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Oh, the Places You'll Go – Chapter 1

A/N: idk why i’m embarking on another chaptered fic bc i’m so bad at updating oh my god but i’m kinda really excited for this one so fingers crossed ^-^

Summary: Dan Howell, an awkwardly pessimistic teenager with a passion for nothing, has always lived in his famous brother’s shadow—not wanting any attention or fuss. But when his family hires his brother a new agent, Phil Lester, will he help Dan to change his views on fame…and maybe himself, too?


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all-the-words-necessary  asked:

Hi! So I was reading all your bad lit reviews (which are awesome by the way) and I stumbled on your book recommendation for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I just finished reading it and my god, that book was fan-fuckin-tasic! Could you spare some time to give me some more good book recs? Thank you so much!

absolutely! :)

if you’re looking for good, rich books that stay with you even after you’ve finished reading them: 

  • the night circus  - magical realism/vaguely historical. on the romance side of things and possibly the best thing i’ve read so far this year.  
  • phèdre’s trilogy (kushiel’s dart being the first instalment) - this was recced to me by a friend and i am deeply grateful she did because this book was a wild ride from start to finish. kushiel’s dart has everything; rich and innovative worldbuilding, action, plot twists, intrigues, and a dash of very well-written romance. 
  • wild - nonfiction/memoir. i’m pretty sure everyone’s read this already what with the oscars and all that, but just in case. i really enjoyed the movie but i feel it failed to convey the true spirit of the book. it’s a really interesting read for a variety of reasons, kind of bittersweet but also very raw. 

immersive reads that make you think, and feel, and sometimes fuck you up real nice:

  • gone girl - fiction/thriller/mystery. i mean, everyone knows what this is about, but again - just in case. again, the movie was good but lacked that je ne sais quoi that the book had in spades. this is my review of it on goodreads. 
  • house of leaves - fiction/horror/mystery. this book is fifteen years old and still able to tap into our most primal fears and insecurities, making it a very uncomfortable (and at times creepy as hell) read. you either love this book to bits or you hate it with a fiery passion, there’s no in-between. 
  • the book thief - historical fiction (WWII). i’m quite sure everyone’s read this already but i’m sitting here in 35° raking my brain, looking at my kindle and shelves, trying to think of very good books, and this is one of the first i thought of. 
  • american gods - urban fantasy/mythology. now, i don’t particularly like neil gaiman as a person but he’s an exquisite writer. putting down american gods is pretty fucking hard, so i usually recommend it for summer when one generally has more time to spend lazing about with a good book. possibly a margarita. this work has pretty much everything: action, sarcasm, mythology. manu bennett as shadow
  • world war z - sci-fi/horror/post-apocalyptic. do yourself a favour and read this instead of watching the movie.

summer reads (not necessarily light or short and easy, but perfect to put you in a good summer mood): 

  • fangirl - contemporary. i keep reccing books everyone’s read already lmfao. at least this time i don’t have to explain what a fangirl is, which is always a plus. also by rainbow rowell i recommend attachments (i have a weird relationship with this book but it was also rowell’s first novel and no one’s perfect). both are funny and sweet, on the romance side of things.
  • all creatures great and small series (all creatures great and small being the first instalment) - non fiction/animals everywhere. james herriot was a british veterinary who, after uni, moved to a picturesque yorkshire town to work in a rural practice. hilarity ensues. these books literally taste like summer. they’re light, sometimes nostalgic, undeniably entertaining.
  • pride and prejudice; jane eyre - classics. jane eyre is the best thing to read during summer and i will fight you on this.  


  • vampire academy series (vampire academy being the first instalment) - literally what it says on the tin. at first i was kind of disappointed in the series but by book three i was completely hooked. i’m very fond of the characters and worldbuilding, and it’s a series that stayed with me.
  • the lunar chronicles (cinder being the first instalment) - sci-fi/dystopian/fairy tales remix. i have a very complicated relationship with this series but by now i’ve read every book in it (the last instalment comes out in… december? who knows) and it’s basically like reading a sci-fi episode of once upon a time with less manpain and marginally less drama. really entertaining (i just checked goodreads and i didn’t write a review for scarlet since i read it for dewey’s 24 hour readathon but i did jot something down for cress and fairest. mild spoilers ahoy).
  • this year i’m not in a ya mood so i’ve mostly left the genre be. for ya recs try some booktubers (the ones i like best are peruseproject and padfootandprongs07, which actually have opinions that go past “oh my god i loved it”)

hope this helps! 

One Direction Preference- Your Nudes/Sextape Leaked (Harry)

You knew something wasn’t right the moment you walked into the den. The fire was lit brightly and blankets folded neatly. The lamps were all turned on and a few candles were burning. Nothing was particularly out of the ordinary aside from the man slouched over in the middle of the sofa looking like a proper mess. And that made you entirely uneasy.

“Hey love,” you leaned around the coach, concern apparent in your voice. He had his face buried in his hands, “Is everything alright?”

“I need you not to freak out,” he mumbled through his fingers.

You pursed your lips, even more worried, “I won’t freak out as long as you don’t give me a reason to.”

“Oh, I’m about to give you a reason to.”

“Harry,” you were glaring at him, “What the hell happened?”

He took a deep breath, rubbing his face before letting his hands fall to his lap. He stared straight ahead as he groaned, “Remember the photos you sent me last week?”

“What photos–oh,” your cheeks turned involuntarily pink as you remembered the little texting encounter. He’d been away for a few days with the band and you knew how he could get when he was away. The two of you had quite the nightlife so any time apart was painful on both ends. Thinking nothing of it, you’d sent a few racy pictures. It was a bit out of your comfort zone, but you hadn’t regretted it, “Yeah. I remember them.”

He rolled his lips, wringing his hands, “You’re going to kill me.”

“What the fuck did you do?” you asked through gritted teeth.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear! I deleted them as soon as I was done with, yanno…” he shrugged a little, “But I guess they saved to iCloud or my phone got hacked or something–”

“No, no, no,” you could feel panic setting in, “Please tell me you’re kidding–”

He finally looked at you, eyes practically overflowing with guilt, “They leaked.”

“Oh my god,” your heart was racing. What would your mother think? The guys? You didn’t want the entire world gazing at your naked body–those pictures had been for Harry and Harry alone…and now they were plastered all across the world wide web.

“PR is already working on it,” he stood, hands outstretched, “They were already taken off of Twitter and it’s not like your whole face was in any of them. I mean, it could be anyone as far as they know.”

“My tits are all over the fucking internet!” you weren’t so much angry as terrified, “I’m like a pornstar! Oh my god, what if my dad sees? Harry–”

“Calm down,” he’d never seen you so panicked before. On a whim, he quickly pulled you into his arms, hoping he could hold you together for the mean time, “They’re just photos, okay? This isn’t the end of the world. We’ll fix it, I promise. We’ll have all of the pics taken down and PR will tell them it wasn’t you–you’ll be fine, babe. You’ll be fine,” he was whispering into your ear at rapid speed.

“No I won’t,” you cried into his shoulder. You’d never been so mortified.

“Yes you will, sweetheart,” he rocked you back and forth, “Besides, it’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of, alright? You have a great body, if anything, they’ll all just be jealous.”

You pounded a fist on to his chest, pulling away, “You’re not funny!”

He shrugged, eyes honest, “I wasn’t trying to be!”


This is a funny one to write! Sorry if its a bit short, I was going to group them but it was just slightly too long for that…anyway, I hope you enjoyed! 

Other boys are here:

xoxo B


Concussion - Calum

Includes: Luke / Ashton / Michael / Calum
Requested: yes / no

”Hi baby I’m home”, you shout from the hall way and let the grocery bags out or your hands. You shut the door behind you and hear your boyfriend’s quiet answer when he mumbles, ”Hi.” You raise your eyebrows a little but decide to let it slide. Lifting the big bags from the floor again you head to the kitchen.
When you pass the living room you can see why Calum’s answer was like he was in another world. He is sitting on the couch with a controller on his hand playing some new video game. At least you think it’s new because you’ve never seen it before. Let the boy play you think to yourself and just continue to the kitchen so you can get the groceries out of your hands. 

The bags are super heavy and you can’t really even feel your fingers anymore. Maybe it would’ve been nice if Calum had offered to help you with them. After all he is the much more muscular one out of you two. But you are not up to whining. You actually want to show him that you are strong and you don’t need his help in every little thing you do. 

You get to the kitchen and lift the bags on the table so it’s easier for you to unpack them and see where it’s all going. Your fridge is just screaming its’ emptiness and you started to feel like getting something to eat in there. After Cal came back home from the tour last week, you two have been too lazy to really cook yourselves. Some days you order in and then on some days you go and eat out. Maybe that’s why you hardly got anything edible in your kitchen at the moment.

”So Cal how’s your day been?” you ask from the kitchen when starting to move your shoppings from the table to your fridge and the freezer. You are not hearing his answer so you stop for a second and wait. After a while Calum finally answers, ”Just fine. Nothing much. But now Y/N, I really have the game going on. Can I speak to you after this?” A little sigh escapes between your lips and you roll your eyes. You can see he is not on a catty mood at the moment, but still he could be a little less rude. After all you just asked how his day was. Yeah this game must be new and so cool and important for him to play it, but you are his girlfriend. Now when he’s not on tour, maybe he would like to spend more time with you than with the game but whatever. You know it’s just occasional and maybe after an hour or so he’s normal again.
”Yeah sure”, you tell him and head back to the groceries that are still waiting on the kitchen table. When the fridge and the freezer are done, you are left with some flour and cereals. They belong to the top shelf and you are going to need a chair so you can reach the shelf. Usually Calum takes care of the things belonging there but right now in this situation you are so not gonna ask Calum for help. 

So you place the rest of the groceries on the counter and take a chair next to it. You climb on top of that chair and first take the flour bag. You have to stand on your toes a little to be tall enough and not to rip all the other stuff down from the shelf. But you can get the bag there and that brings a smile on your face. Even though Calum doesn’t even see this, you feel like you are showing him that if he’s gonna sit on the couch the whole day, you can manage just fine without his help. Not that hard right?

You have only one box of cereal left and you are supposed to Place it on the edge of the shelf. It’s gonna take some effort but you are gonna make that happen too. When you have the box in your hand you are reaching towards the shelf, chair under your feet starts to feel a little shaky. When you stand on as high on your toes as you can, your legs are trembling really bad. Just couple of inches more… And just when you are about to get the box on it’s Place, your balance is so much off that your legs won’t keep you standing anymore. A quick scream comes out of your mouth when you fall of the chair and after a second or so you find yourself on the floor cereals all over the kitchen.

When you fall you hit your head pretty hard and it hurts a lot. You are laying on the floor and it’s funny how you actually feel like seeing stars.You know like all the fictional characters do in cartoons. When you close your eyes it’s all black but little bright spots all over like stars on the sky. You bite your teeth together and try to lift yourself a little but it feels like someone hits your head with a hammer so you decide to just stay on the floor a second. Maybe it’ll pass.

Your eyes are still closed but you hear Calum’s voice from the living room, ”Y/N is everything okay? What was that noise?” You try to answer, but nothing comes out of your mouth. Getting words out feels like too much to you at the moment. When you are not answering Calum’s voice gets louder, ”Are you okay babe?” Still no answer from you. And that is finally the thing that gets Cal to stad up from the couch and stop his game for a while. You don’t see him coming to the kitchen, but suddenly his voice is much louder and he sounds a little panicked.

”Oh god Y/N! Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Calum asks and runs to you kneeling down to the floor next to you. You try to open your eyes, but the light is so bright it hurts. So you close your eyes again, but manage to get some words to him. ”I’m fine. I just hit my head and it aches a little”, you mumble and try to smile a little. Calum is slowly caressing your hair and trying not to freak out too badly. ”Okay so you are alive. That’s a plus. Can I help you up so I can take you to a hospital?” he asks. ”No Cal, no hospitals”, you whine to him. That’s the last place you would like to be right now. ”Don’t be stupid Y/N. You hit your head and I’m taking you to see a doctor. Don’t try to fight it because I’m not changing my mind. I need to be sure it’s nothing too serious”, Cal says and places a little kiss on your forehead. He places his other hand under your head and the other on your back helping to sit. 

You start to opening your eyes again. Still hurts a little, but you can take it. You blink couple of times so your eyes get used to the light and then you try to focus on Calum. His face is as serious as it ever has been. You’ve never seen him that worried. His hand is still on your back when he asks, ”What were you doing up there?” You take a look at the cereal all over the place and say, ”What do you think? I was trying to Place these on the top shelf. But I needed the chair and you know I’m pretty clumsy. So then I fell.”

When Cal hears your words, he actually looks kinda angry. That was not the expression you were waiting for. ”What the hell Y/N? You know you can’t reach it properly. Why didn’t you ask me to help you? I could’ve done it and now we wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t have got hurt if you just asked me! What were you thinking?” You roll your eyes and tell him, ”Well you were so into your game I thought you wouldn’t help even if I asked. And you said you didn’t want to talk to me when your game was on. So don’t try to blame me for that. I didn’t want to bother you.” Now you actually are getting a little angry. Calum can’t be angry at you for you not interrupting his game! He said he wanted to play in peace. 

”Okay I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. Of course I’m not angry at you. Maybe more disappointed on myself. I should’ve helped you. Now on, I promise the game won’t be. But now I’ll make sure you will just lay down the rest of the day after when get home from the hospital. I’ll serve you and you don’t even have to lift your finger. I ow it to you”, he says and slowly helps you up from the floor. Your feet are still pretty shaky and getting up messes up with your head. The room starts to spin a little, but Calum has his arms around you so you wont fall again. 

He makes sure you are safely in the car and your seat belt is on place before heading to the nearest hospital. Luckily you survived just with a concussion and there’s no need for you to stay the night in the hospital. But they tell Calum to keep an eye on you and wake you up couple of times in the night to make sure you are not unconscious. He’s more than willing to do that and he also keeps his promise. For the rest of the day you just lay on the couch under a blanket, Calum next to you rubbing your back and petting your hair. Always asking if there’s something you would like or need. And when you get a little sleepy and close your eyes even for a second, he’s already in panic asking if you are still awake and conscious. But his worrying side is kinda cute. Even though a little annoying, but more cute for sure.

Under Spell and Key (Part 1)

The Little Mermaid: 

               Thatwitch hunt was finally over; your body ached, you wanted nothing more than for a nice hot shower and to sleep for days. You walked into the bunker, the guys following slowly as they put the bags away. “I call shower first” you grumbled before walking to your room and getting in the shower. That witches powers were strong, youd been thrown around like a rag doll. The boys were worried but you reassured them that you were fine.

               You smiled the water running down your hair, back and legs. You sighed when suddenly your feet were gone. You let out a blood curdling scream as you fell on the shower floor. The door burst open and the shower curtain was ripped to the side to reveal two guns and two tall Winchesters. They stared their mouths falling open. “What the-“ “IM A FUCKING MERMAID?! WHAT THE FUCK! I LOOK LIKE ARIEL FROM THE LITTLE MERMAID!” you said your sea green tail flopping and splashing water all around. “oh my god…Y/N….you look….” Suddenly Dean laughed out loud hysterically. “Shut up Dean! This isn’t funny!! I need my legs back! Help me!!” you held your arms up and Sam turned the water off, grabbing you up he wrapped a towel around you carrying you to the library. “Are you thirsty? Hungry? Um…” he stared at you as you sat in a chair. “No, I just want fixed….awe man! She even got my hair?!?” you groaned noticing the red hair. “Nice sea shells Y/N” you heard and noticed Castiel walking in. “Shut up, the purple doesn’t really go with my hair, nor this!” you said putting your tail on the table.

               Cas jumped back his hand going to his chest. “You guys…this is a funny joke, you got me” he said smiling and pointing at them. They just shook their heads as Sam smiled at you “Im gonna get you some water” and walked out, you looked at Dean who was trying to find some kind of cure or reversal. There was a crash in the kitchen, causing Cas and Dean to run out. “Hey! I got no legs! Wait for me….ah!” you had leaned to far over in the chair causing it to fall over on the floor. “OH MY GOD!” you heard Dean yell before his laughter took over again. “Its not funny Dean! Why do you….” Suddenly, there he stood. Black boots, blue pants, a white button down shirt, Sam stood in the doorway and stared at you. Your eyes widened as his hair laid just like Prince Erics. “Jesus…Sam what the hell are you wearing?” you asked pushing yourself up into a sitting stance. “I….you…youre beautiful….” He said staring at you. You felt your cheeks darkened and you suddenly felt bashful. “Uh oh…I think I know what this is Dean” Cas said before pulling him to the side. “You see, there are some witches who will turn fairytales into real life, she must have seen the love they have for each other and chose-“ Dean sighed “Y/N favorite fairytale….fucking fantastic.” He mumbled. “This means the witch isn’t really dead” he finished as Cas nodded. “Let me see what I can do to help…but whatever you do, don’t let them out of the bunker, if she follows the story, Y/N will sell her voice for legs, and then the Sea witch will get Y/N soul when the prince doesn’t kiss her before the sun sets on the third day.” Cas said staring at Dean. Dean held a confused face and looked at him. “What?” “The movie, Dean; If the spell follows the movie that’s the events that will take place. You need to watch it”

               You stared up at the man mesmerized, he was so handsome, you wanted to kiss him. “Whats your name?” he suddenly asked. You smiled “Ariel! Whats your name?” Suddenly he was pulled back. “Youre not ariel. Your Y/N. Its that damn witch. Shes put some spell on you two because youre two stubborn to realize you love each other!” Dean grumbled putting Sam in a chair and tying him up. “Hey! Im a prince, you cant do this. Let me go Grimsby!” Sam/Eric yelled at Dean. “Who?” Dean said as he moved back. Suddenly you were back in the chair thanks to the man who had tied the prince up. “Hey! Why are you tying me up for? My fathers a king-“ tape went over your mouth as you talked. You looked back at the prince who glared at the man. “Im gonna save you two if it’s the last thing I do.” He grumbled before walking away.

               A few hours passed and you looked to see the prince doing something when suddenly, he was free. Your eyes lit up as he walked toward you, slowly peeling the tape off your lips, he began to untie you. “Come on, we gotta hide from Grimsby, he wont give us any peace unless we hide.” You smiled as he picked you up and carried you down the hallway. You grinned as he set you on the bed and closed and locked the door. “There, that should keep him out.” He turned and flashed a handsome smile at you, you grinned bashfully again as he walked over to you. “DAMMIT! COME ON!” you heard from down the hall. You looked at the prince “whats your name?” you asked softly again “Im Prince Eric” he grinned. You smiled taking him in. He was indeed very handsome, you grabbed his hand and pulled him closer “Ariel…would it be alright if…I kissed you now?” he whispered and you grinned nodding. The moment your lips touched, you felt something, there was a tingle, then suddenly it was all over your body. You gasped pulling away as the door opened and there stood Dean and Cas. “Dean, what the hell man?” Sam said before looking at you. Cas and Dean cleared their throats and looked away. “MY LEGS!” you grinned then realized you were completely naked. You tried to cover yourself as Sam chuckled and took off his shirt letting you slip it on. “I see you two finally were able to break the curse? That’s great” Cas grinned and did a little clap where he whispered “yay!” Dean turned and glared at him. “You knew it had to end up like this all long didn’t you?” He grumbled to Cas. “Oh yes…but theres still the witch at hand to deal with…she wont stop with just Y/N favorite fairtale.” “The little mermaid is only one of my favorite Cas, I have like 7 or more” you said standing somewhat behind Sam.  

Part 2