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Oh, uh, hey, sorry to bother you, but do you have a reference for Chara's new clothes? I'm having a hard time understanding how they're made...

I’m working on it right now :3 no worries!

Angels Wear White - damnyoudaddario - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
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Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Characters: Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Isabelle Lightwood, Jace Wayland, Chairman Meow (Shadowhunter Chronicles)
Additional Tags: Malec, First Date, Fluff, Alec doesn’t know how to dress himself, Jace Is A Little Shit

Alec is getting ready for his first date with Magnus but doesn’t know how to dress himself. Luckily his siblings are always there for him.

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oh hey I didn't know you liked paranoia agent. have you seen any of satoshi kon's other stuff (tokyo godfathers, paprika, etc.)?

i love Paprika to death. his short about how it feels to wake up in the morning is also 👌👌👌

Got7 reaction to trying to kiss their s/o but get caught

JB leaned forward to kiss you, just as Mark walks is. He would freeze and turn his head over to make eye contact with Mark before slowly backing up from you. Normally, he wouldn’t mind kissing you even in front of his members, but he had just made it even more awkward and he was very aware of that.

“Oh hey … Mark. We- uhm-” *slowly backs away from you* “Nevermind.”

Since Mark is the oldest, he should not feel awkward kissing you, but he still does find it a bit strange. So when Bambam all of a sudden opens the door when he is about to kiss you, Mark would awkwardly laugh and smile at Bam before looking at back at you and give you a sweet peck.

“Yo… Bam, can you … maybe- move along buddy.”

Jackson already had his hand on your neck and was pulling you in when Youngjae walks in with Coco. He opens his eyes and slowly looks at Youngjae and then at you. You both start laughing when you see an awkward Youngjae quickly turn away and get out of the room.

“I’m gonna kiss my girlfriend, no matter who is watching.” *gives you a sweet kiss*

Since Jinyoung isn’t a big fan of public skinship, he would be very uncomfortable when a member would walk in on him. He would be very calm about it though and maybe try to make it look like a hug instead.

“Come here you” *member walks in* “… so that I can hug you……… :3″

Youngjae gets really giggly when embarrassed, so I can see him give you a uneasy look with big eyes when the member walks in and then start giggling really hard, pulling away from you slowly.

“W-Whahaha- Sorry hyung.” *holds your hands*

I am pretty sure Bambam would normally not care who was watching to kiss you, but it would surprise him when he sees JB in the corner of his vision, staring at him. He would give JB a look and then just continue, paying full attention to you again.

“You shouldn’t mind him, he is just jealous of our cute relationship.”

This pure angel would notice the member, but not realize how awkward it was until after he had kissed you. You would be the one to pull away and start giggling as you see Jackson make a face, when Yugyeom would turn around and see the member, finally realizing. He would just try to laugh it off, but would probably fail.

*You are laughing at Jackson* “Hi hyung … ooh.”


I walked across the glade in my knee high shorts and very small strap shirt I could tell the boys were trying to not look at me but all struggling a lot not to look at me I walked through the gardens and saw newt and Thomas messing around Thomas sore me and dropped his knife 

“what’s the matter with you tommy?” newt asks before he noticed me his eyes going wide for a second before smirking at me “oh hey love” he smirks at me “you look nice today” he smirks

“thanks newt” I smirk kissing his cheek and wondering off to my work just a little further away 

“lucky shank” Thomas sighs 

“what?” newt asked him 

“she shucking kissed you man” he sighs 

“yeah, she does all the times its kinda normal” he shrugs 

“then why don’t you… you know, ask her out?” he asks

“don’t think I’ve tried, she doesn’t want a boyfriend tommy, she just likes teasing me” 

Aww, they’re really liking Steven! That’s definitely something i didn’t expect from the popular kids in a kids show, i’m liking they’re breaking stereotypes here.

Well, what can i say, in your face, asshole.

I’m really liking where this is going, Steven just hanging out with these guys while Lars fails to amaze them and hence making them hate him even more sounds like a hilarious little episode.

Okay i just realized what the word “rave” means, thanks, Sour Cream.

Why are these guys so fucking amazing? They’re already my favorite background characters. (Well assuming Connie is not a background character, but i really hope she isn’t, even though she hasn’t appeared for like 7 episodes. ;-;)

Anyway, i really love the way they are written, they’re not just those typical “oh hey, we’re popular so we’ll treat you like absolute shit without caring at all! :D!!” characters.

((I’m feeling rather sentimental so I just want to say that before I joined the daily/bd/pd-community two months ago I was actually quite lonely and not doing all that good. This community has already grown to be one of my biggest supports and I’ve gotten so many amazing new friends whom I wouldn’t trade for anything. Thank you, I appreciate you all, every day and every moment.))

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hello! can I have some hcs of Link, Revali and Sidon reaction if their s/o give them surprise kiss? sorry if you already done that!

I haven’t actually! Thanks for the new ask!

-Mod Pinks

Surprise kiss 


  • ….!!!!!”
  • Precious bb is a blushing mess, looks at them all scandalized at first
  • Can’t look them in the eye as he grabs their hand
    • His silent way of saying he approves.


  • Haha! What brings this lovely surprise?”
  • If they pull away, he pulls them back in and peppers their face with kisses
  • Is a laughing mess, he’s so happy


  • Wha-?! Oh-! Hey no fair, I can’t do that back you know!”
  • A secret flustered mess.
  • Pulls them close and nuzzles them, ticking their neck and enjoying their laugh.

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I'm legit shaking in anger right now after seeing what CJ is doing. I don't get angry I hate being mad and it physically hurts me to get angry. But OMG how can someone be such a.... fucking... degenerate?

I feel u, bud. Just… try to distract yourself, yeah? This drama isn’t worth your time and definitely not worth subjecting yourself to any physical pain. CJ is done and over with. Anything else they do at this point is a ply for attention so that they can stay relevant. Which.. good luck with that.

uh oh

Hey. Critters.

Remember the “optional rules” Matt used for the Feywild? Regarding time passage and memory loss?

Well. Per the Dungeon Master’s Guide:


Evil pervades the Nine Hells, and visitors to this plane feel its influence. At the end of each long rest taken on this plane, a visitor that isn’t evil must make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature’s alignment changes to lawful evil. The change becomes permanent if the creature doesn’t leave the plane within 1d4 days. Otherwise, the creature’s alignment reverts to normal after one day spent on a plane other than the Nine Hells. Casting the dispel evil and good spell on the creature also restores its original alignment. [emphasis mine]

*nervous laughter*

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So who had the worse baby fever with baby Pharah? Gabe? If so how about #9 Reaper vs Pharah with Satya for more drama?

Me, reading this prompt: I can’t believe Pharah’s going to snap Reaper over her knee like kindling.

Oh hey! This can count for my “Symmetra joins the team” ficlet! Sweet!

Lúcio’s knee was bouncing up and down as he and Pharah sat across from each other in the Orca.

“Nervous?” said Pharah, folding her arms.

Lúcio took off one ear of his headphones. “What?” his knee stopped bobbing. 

Pharah smirked. “Never mind,” she said.

 Lúcio glanced out the window of the Orca and shuddered a little at the gleaming white city below.

“You are nervous,” said Pharah, leaning forward.

“Eh, this place just always creeped me out when I had concerts here,” said Lúcio, “I mean any place called ‘Utopaea’ has got to have some messed-up stuff under the surface.” He glanced back out the window, “I mean even from here it’s like…It’s too clean. It’s too bright.” 

“Well most of it is hard-light constructs,” said Pharah.

“So who are we supposed to be picking up again?” D.Va piped up, glancing up from the game she was playing using her MEKA’s projection screen.

“Satya Vaswani,” said Pharah, picking up a tablet and scrolling through it, “And we aren’t really picking her up, just making sure she has some security on her flight to Oasis.”

“Wait–Vaswani?” said Lúcio leaning forward.

Pharah turned the tablet around to show Lúcio the photo of her.

“Symmetra,” said Lúcio, his brow furrowing.

“Sym–what?” said Pharah.

“That’s like, her supervillain name,” said Lúcio glancing up from the tablet.

“Her what?” Pharah sat back in her seat, “Lúcio–She’s an architech.”

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Oh, hey! It’s [REDACTED] Breda! That one guy with the ridiculous first name. And also one of the five trusted individuals Mustang took with him to Central…!

Hmm, yeah, I’m really, really starting to suspect Mustang staged Ross’s death, rather than kill her.

Also, Armstrong just said he didn’t know any details, just that they had to get to Resembool to rendezvous with someone. Seems that was Breda.