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Anti #1- Drarry

D/rarry- ugh

  • First of all, one of the most popular straight girl fujoshi ships of all time.
  • Like Dramione, this ship romanticizes bullying
  • In HBP, Draco immobilizes Harry and breaks his nose and then just leaves him there on the train.
  • Harry spent almost all of HBP scared shitless that Draco could be a death eater. Harry wasn’t “obsessing over draco” because he’s in love with him. It was because Draco was one of the people that could have had easy access to hurting the people Harry loved.
  • Harry used sectumsempra on Draco because in the book, the spell was described as “for enemies”. harry was LITERALLY willing to use a spell that he didnt know the effects of on someone just because he thought Draco could have been a terrorist
  • and I understand that his parents were assholes too but there is no cannon evidence that he was raised in an abusive household. Draco grew up very privileged and shoved that privilege in everyones face 
  • I could add so much more but this would be such a long list
  • Long story short, Draco Malfoy is a gross white fave and D/rarry is a ship that straight girls love to over sexualize cause they have a weird mlm fetish
  • Also lets not forget the way the D/rarry fandom treats Ginny Weasley oh my god. How dare Harry fall in love with someone who is actually a good fucking person? Sorry she got in the way of your nasty crackship

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend songs for when you'd like to make babies w joon daddy sorry I'm a mess right now and having major trouble finding better words

Gurl, you came to the right place. (ps. I’m still alive everyone! and excuse my old ass songs but they will never get replaced! never!)

Sex Playlist (in no particular order):

Trey Songz - Love Faces

Trey Songz - Slow Motion

J Holiday - Bed

Jeremih - Birthday Sex  (and any song by/featuring Jeremih is good tbh)

Chris Brown - Take You Down

Chris Brown - Beg For It

Chris Brown - Wet the Bed

Ciara - Body Party

T.I. feat. Chris Brown - Private Show

Kehlani - The Way

The Weeknd - Often

The Weeknd - Earned It (good mood for slow foreplay)

Crush - Give it to Me

Jay Park - Feature (any song by Jay Park tbh, but this one especially!)

Jay Park - Replay

Jay Park - Sex Trip

Minje - Do (for slow grinding)

Reddy - Think (can relax to this too, I will never get over this chill beat)

NiiHwa - Gravity (slow)

NiiHwa - All Night Long (slow)

After sex Cuddle/Relax Playlist:

Jeremih - Oui

DJ Khaled feat. everyone - Do You Mind

Tory Lanez - Say It

Bevy Maco - Bad Dreams (very relaxing, will make you feel really chill/sleepy)

Eric Bellinger - Road Trip

Eric Nam, Table, Gallant - Cave Me In (very chill)

Sam Kim - Seattle (Namjoon likes this song, did RMusic for it, very relaxing)

Just Good Songs to Listen to:

Dash - Up Down

Luizy - Baby Ride (good song for driving)

Loco - Think about you (you will twerk)

Ocean - Ya-Hea (I guess you can smash to this too, lol)

Phantom - Could You Be Mine

Babylon - Crush on You

Crush - Whatever You Do / and also Crush on You

Reddy - Moscato Dasti (FAVORITE SONG RN, PLEASE LISTEN!! and you can smash to this if you really wanted to lol)

Rheehab - Oh My God (any song by Rheehab is good)

XQ - Long Time (also one of my new faves)

Yella D - Ooh Yeah (turn up! it’s lit yo. anything by yella d is good)

Yungmoomedia - Bad High acoustic version (ALWAYS BE A FAVE. never remove this song from my phone. there are 2 versions but I prefer the acoustic)

Jeebanoff - Sungbook-gu Kids (RMusic, relaxing, slow. He makes good music if you’re into electronic/house/pop… idk how to explain… see song below)

Ovcoco - Me & You feat. Jeebanoff and Bevy Maco

Oops, got carried away. Anyways, I hope you and others can find new songs to listen to! Share songs that you like with me too! Hunting for new songs is very difficult. Rip. Anyways, thank you for reaching out! Be happy! :D

feels just like the first time (frank castle)

Originally posted by gradytraviis

(omg this got so long but what can i say……i am a sucker for that sweet, sappy frank castle. i always headcanoned him as kinda mushy and soft, and when he gets a crush one someone, it’s sooooo sugary-sweet. he can’t stop himself. he’s a big lover!! i love him so much oh my god.)

(warnings: food, swearing, an excess of fluffiness and sweetness)

(part one here, but not super necessary for context! it’s just frank on a date with the girl that caught his eye :’D)

The second she arrives, Frank jumps to his feet, carnations held in a deathgrip by his side. His face flickers between his attempt at stoicism and a smile, because, God, she looks so pretty.

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maahsrandom  asked:

Seth Rollins? c:

Ahh, what can I say about Seth I haven’t already said? I adore him. He’s brilliant, he’s the reason I got back into wrestling a couple years back, he’s most of the reason I tune in every Monday and the occasional Sunday, he’s…*makes grand gesture* ma raison d’etre. Haha. He’s one of the best in the world today, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it a thousand times more. I really, really hope he gets to be Universal or WWE champ (again) sometime in the future, although I love him as tag champ with his wrestling soulmate Dean Ambrose! xD And it’s not just that he’s a great wrestler, I’ve always found his character fascinating, whether Heel or Face. He has the most heart-wrenching puppy eyes and the sweetest lil smile, but damn, doesn’t he play an incredible and wonderfully detestable bad guy? People say he’s a stale babyface but I don’t buy it - with the right storyline and a good heel to work against he’s brilliant, he showed that in his feud with Triple H.

I’m kinda rambling, but suffice it to say Seth Rollins is my absolute favorite (along with Kevin Owens) and probably always will be. He’s an amazing wrestler, and he really just seems like a cool guy, like someone it’d be fun to just talk about wrestling (and dogs! lol) with. I get the biggest, dumbest smile every time I see his stupid perfect face, and I hope to see him be the top guy in the company again, after he’s done being one half of the best tag team in the world and one-third of the best wrestling faction in the world! 

Also he’s really, really pretty. Really…really pretty.

Look at me ramble, lmao. Love!

prompt: “Oh my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again.”

For @greenpuma88 - thank you for your generosity and sorry for the long wait! <3

Based on the latest 7 Days to Die episode. >:D

“I got it!” Michael yelled, triumphantly, from down the stairs.

“Great,” Ryan snapped, “Now get the fuck back up here!”

This was a bad idea in every possible way. It’d been a bad idea to come back to the prison, it’d been a really bad idea to come at fucking night - but Gavin had left his backpack and barely escaped with his life, and there were guns in there. Guns they desperately needed.

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❝Lies always beget more lies! See through one, and their whole story falls apart!❞
❝I think I feel a migraine coming on…❞
❝Is “Huh” the best response you can muster up?❞
❝Someone has to look out for the people who have no one on their side.❞
❝Alright! I’ve got nothing to lose! Except for… well, everything!❞
❝Why do I always feel like it’s the end of the world and I’m the last man standing?❞
❝I object! That was… objectionable!❞
❝I like a man with a big… vocabulary.❞
❝I think it’s high time you went shopping for a better excuse!❞
❝Thanks to you, I’m saddled with unnecessary… feelings.❞
❝Oh great. Stop the presses. The Windbag wants to talk.❞
❝It’s never a good idea to reveal your hand to the enemy too soon.❞
❝My, aren’t you a handsome fellow! I’m afraid I’m a bit flustered!❞
❝I set my ATM card’s number to “0001” because I’m number one!❞
❝This photo is worth a thousand words… and they all read “guilty”!❞
❝I hoped you wouldn’t come. I didn’t want you to see me. Not like this.❞
❝You will wait…I’m not finished eating!❞
❝Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re going to plan a murder, you don’t forget the weapon!❞
❝Doesn’t it look delicious? Care for a bite?❞
❝Come on, we can talk about you being old later!❞
❝Wh…Why are you being so mean to me!! What did I do!?❞
❝Words can not describe how screwed I am…❞
❝I wonder what happened to that calm and cool composure you had earlier…❞
❝You really should come with a supply of cheese to match your vintage whine.❞
❝Don’t think I’m going to walk in your shadow forever!❞
❝You must find the answer… And you must find it on your own.❞
❝Wh-What!? You trusted your enemy!?❞
❝Excuse me, but would you care to die?❞
❝You’re actually singing…Someone help my poor ears…❞
❝Well, we know whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…❞
❝Men are like colonies of bacteria. The more heat you apply, the faster they grow.❞
❝Times may change but people sadly do not…❞
❝Should I be grateful this coffee’s only hot enough to give me 1st degree burns…?❞
❝Do you have the slightest idea how many cups you’ve had by now…?❞
❝Whether you’re a fake or the real deal, we’ll find out soon enough.❞
❝You can’t just “oops” your way out of this!❞
❝I’m not sure I like you wagging your finger at me as though I were some hoser!❞
❝I came to see how our little kitten was doing all alone in the big, scary lion’s den…❞
❝The only time you can cry is when it’s all over.❞
❝No, seriously… My heart… It’s aching for you…❞
❝Could you please knock it off with the cheesy proverbs and illogical metaphors already!?❞
❝We can’t see the demons that lurk in the night… That’s why humans are weak.❞
❝Upon meeting a beautiful lady, always ask for her name and profession. That’s one of my rules.❞
❝Like gum on your shoe, you’re impossible to get rid of!❞
❝…D-Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?❞
❝I-I’m a spoon?! I’m no spoony bard, I’ll have you know!❞
❝Oh, you’ve got no idea how much I’ve missed that biting sarcasm of yours, sir!❞
❝Thank god for inner monologue!❞
❝How long were you in the bath for, if you don’t mind me asking?❞
❝My, my, my, what a filthy little rogue you are! I know what’s on your mind!❞
❝Y-Your wound…! It’s bleeding!❞
❝Isn’t violence against hair a crime?❞
❝Achtung baby! Today we play it my way!❞
❝Is that…women’s underwear…?❞
❝Quiet please… It’s snack time.❞
❝There are some things you just don’t do! I…I’m pressing charges!❞
❝Why can’t we have a normal, straightforward killing once in awhile in this country!?❞
❝Believe me, any comic relief I may provide is entirely unintentional.❞
❝Welcome back to reality! We’ve been waiting for you.❞
❝Am I going to have to charge you with invasion of privacy?!❞
❝Today has gone beyond from the typical “not my day” into the realm of “walking nightmare”!❞
❝Why does my pain give you delight?!❞
❝How vulgar! You can’t be interested in such things!❞
❝Could I see that wonderful smile of yours…?❞
❝What father wouldn’t risk his life to save his own children?❞
❝You’re so openly hostile, it’s almost kinda cute…❞
❝I’m having a really hard time picturing you in line for burgers…❞
❝Status means nothing to me. Do you understand?❞

It’s A Terrible Life (62 Minutes Pt. 12a)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean Smith, Sam Wesson, 

Word count: 5,760

Summary: Somethings a bit off in the lives of Sam, Dean, and Y/N. 

Warnings: smut, language, NSFW gif under the cut, vague mentions of canon-typical violence, nightmares, unprotected sex (use a condom, you sinners!!!)

A/N: Hello! I’m not dead! I feel so bad this took forever, just SO MUCH HAS BEEN HAPPENING. I’ve been working on two shows- which basically means I’m at school for 15 hour days + weekends- and don’t get me wrong, I love theater, but that shit is EXHAUSTING. Then, I got hit with just the most ridiculous writers block in the whole wide world. I’ve actually had MOST of this written for a while, I just suddenly decided I didn’t like it & got stuck. but its FINALLY done and there will be a continuation of the episode and how that unfolds with the reader coming soon (I hope). Thanks for your patience, you’re all too good to me! 

PS- OH! I decided Daisy from Agents of Shield will be the kind of reader spokesperson- I’m gonna try to use only gifs of her for the reader unless I need something really specific- she just has a lot of really good stuff for future ideas I have! Not super important, but I’m excited about it myself. 

Have a Request? Message me! I want to get back into writing and requests would be an amazing help.

Send me an ask if you want to be added to the tag list!

Read the rest of the series here.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I see that you're a new blog and I want to wish you luck with it! I would like to see an RFA reaction to MC on some sort of talent competition (and she's rly good at whatever she's doing - up to you what her talent is!). Thank you!!

Sorry this took so long!!! D: -green


- Talent: Cooking


- he has been there helping you practice for the competition for weeks

- taste tested all your food and helped judge

- he doesn’t really help because he’s hella in love with you and won’t say anything that actually helps

- the day of the competition he is full of tension

- he is so nervous and is at the very front of the crowd small person perks

- he expects you to be really nervous like he is?? sweating a little?? maybe just A LITTLE RUSHED??

- but you are just in your element. he’s never seen you so focused and calm in his life

- honestly he is blushing wow you look cute

- w o  w

- he makes sure his cheers are 1000x higher than everyone else’s and it’s not that hard because he has such a squeaky voice ANYWAYs,,

- expect a thousand kisses afterward, he is so proud of his s/o


- Talent: Acrobatics

- he will not stop being a nerd

- your entire talent show he is either crying or saying “LOOK THAT’S MY S/O AREN’T THEY AMAZING LOOK AT THEM WHY ARE YOU NOT LOOKING

- “I sleep with them lol”

- you might just throw him out because of his comments because they are so distracting WO W

- you love him though and decide it’s fine. he wouldn’t have left ANYWAYs?

- if someone gets a higher score than you, you have to literally hold him back from trying to hack in the scores and make you win


- once the results are in, he doesn’t even care



- he is just so proud and in love please let him just cuddle you in front of thousands of people


- Talent: Fashion

- b o y

- he is always there to help you out and be your model, and loves it when you put together an outfit for him

- it’s honestly unfair to everyone in the competitions you go to though.

- you have all the best silks and materials, and you’re home alone a lot so ,, your victory is on lock??

- you kind of hate it but love it too.

- but mostly hate it THIS ISN’T FAIR???

- after your first competition it really wasn’t that fun having such an advantage

- so he tones it down a bit

- he just wants to SUpPORT YOU THE ONLY WaY HE KNOWS HOW


- Talent: Singing

- oh g o sh

- she loves supporting you as much as she can, and loves loves loves hearing you sing in the shower or just randomly throughout the day as practice

- sadly, because of work she can’t make it to every show

- i think she’s going to kill Jumin just because of this

- it makes her really upset to miss out on your shows, and when she comes home to you she’ll feel so bad and ask you all about the night

- you’ll sing her the songs you sang on stage and show her videos

- she still feels bad, but she’s trying her best to support you!!

- loves your voice more than anything, she’ll listen to your videos to help her relax at work


- Talent: Singing+Acting

- you purposefully don’t tell him you can sing or act

- one night you ask him ‘i want to take you on a date, you wanna go?’

- this boy is clueless and totally goes

- once he’s in the auditorium he’s chill. you brought him to a play?? aww babe

- you tell him your going to the bathroom and to wait where he was

- while he’s gone he observes the place and thinks what nice seats you got!

- he’ll definitely have to repay you!!

- but then when you’re gone for .. quite a long time?? he starts to worry

- the lights go off and he’s kind of … s t r e s s i n g.

- did you seriously just date ditch him in a theatre oh my god what what

- he’s about to leave but then sees you go on stage and he’s just like. ???????????????

- ??????????????????????????

- you start singing and dancing, acting. he realizes he is in a musical. he realizes YOU ARE IN A MUSICAL

- ???????!!!!!!!!!!


- he literally SCREAMS out in JOY and jumps from his seat

- he actually starts crying because he’s so shocked and overjoyed

- he roots for you and tries his best to sing along during the whole musical

- he’s the only one on the upper level so he can see everyone in the aisles below him

- he sees a fucker with his phone out and throws his shoe at him

- f u cker

- he doesn’t even care he’s shoeless at the end of the musical

- expect A LOT OF KISSES and singing when you two get home

- and woop surprise it turns into sex

weevmo  asked:

Hi, Hello there! I saw you follow me and I couldn't believe it because its been almost 3-5 years since I've even spoken to you or seen your page! You were such an inspiration to me when I was younger. I don't know if you'd remember me, but I came to a lot of your livestreams as Poulterghiest way back when in the Portal 2 days haha. Anyways, don't mean to bother, just got some nostalgia and wanted to say hello and I hope you have a great day!

Oh, my God! I DO remember you!

Wow, has it really been that long? Crazy! It’s awesome to see you still drawing. Keep it up! And thank you for the hello! :D

fuck this show man

Man I can’t even review GOT anymore because it is SO BAD. The writing has just become so lazy at this point that the show is a parody of itself and I don’t know how critics can think this is Emmy level????

While some of the leaks didn’t end up being true, the ones that were were even worse than I imagined. Especially the Arya and Sansa drama. It was so silly, so manufactured, so OOC, mind-boggingly LAZY that I couldn’t believe it. And how are we supposed to agree with Arya that Sansa is a power-hungry bitch when she’s getting shit done, being a good ruler, and not going out of her way to step on Jon’s toes even though it’s her birthright and she’s better at it than he is and EVERYONE knows it? Arya just looked like a psychopath in that confrontation. And this is a total waste of Creepyfinger as well, who is just a joke at this pint. These characters don’t even have arcs anymore; this is telenovela bullshit just to manufacture drama.

Good god, what is GRRM thinking right now?

Also, just some notes, as even these will be better written than this garbage show:

—How is anyone supposed to root for Daenerys at this point? She’s a hypocrite who burns anyone who won’t bend the knee, so anyone who follows her is only following out of fear. Also makes St. Tyrion look like even more “the savior” when HE should be the morally grey one.

—The pacing for this episode was a MESS. There was just way too much to cram it that it left no impact and felt like nothing actually happened.

—I still don’t buy Jonerys and don’t see how they could possibly have boatsex in two episodes. And also are they REALLY trying to do a love triangle with Jorah the explorer? Because D&D would give him greyscale for no reason, cure him in a way that defies logic, and then friendzone him again for laughs because he basically has no character arc anymore.

—The Jaime-Tyrion reunion fell so flat and was just disappointing. Also, surprised Bronn didn’t really acknowledge Tyrion? He’s a Jaime stan now I guess.

—God bless Lena Headey for making the most out of the shit she’s been given even though this twincest has GOT TO FUCKING END. I just don’t understand what this pregnancy serves a purpose for, as D&D have given Jaime every opportunity to leave Cersei and he hasn’t. So he isn’t staying for this pregnancy, so what’s even the point?

—Oh Gendry bb, don’t come back to this shitshow. You insist? Well, as long as you drag everyone for being idiots I guess I’m OK with that. Actually did genuinely like his scene with Jon.

—Davos’s plan to smuggle Tyrion in was just like, what, park in KL in broad daylight and assume NO ONE will spot the dwarf with a scar? Mmkay. And good god I did NOT need 2 minutes worth of describing fermented crab.

—LMAo I love how Jon only acknowledged Arya and Bran being alive for 2 seconds and then moved on. And Sam didn’t even get to find out his brother was murdered by his best friend’s aunt who’s going to bone him.

—Speaking of, what purpose did Sam’s citadel arc play again??? And how fucking convenient that in between shits, Maester Maynard was like “OH btw Prince MOTHERFUCKING Rhaegar annulled his marriage because that’s totally a thing you can do when you have kids.”

—This fellowship of the wight would feel a lot more earned if we actually had more development and not such a rushed episode. And why is Tormund locking up the bwb???? God Sandor is me because we are both so done with this shit.

plotqueen  asked:

we’re superheroes that got drunk last night oh god what’d we do au. that is just what the doctor ordered after a long day of picking up after fucking irma.

Sorry for how long it took me for that one! I hope you’re all good now!

Eggsy wakes up in a bed that’s now his own, hungover and naked, with no memories of what happened the previous night.

That really should worry him more, but compared to the last time he woke up naked and not remembering what led him to such a state, the fact that the house he’s in isn’t burned to the ground is a clear improvement. Whatever happened last night, he did not lose control over his powers and that’s what truly is important.

He’s already on probation and even if Merlin is fair, he really doesn’t want to be dumped back into training.

Luckily, as soon as he gets up, he realises that he still got his brief on and that the rest of his clothing is merely folded on top of the dresser. Obviously, whatever happened last night had nothing to do with flaming on and he won’t get charged with public indecency due to his clothes being burned off.

He dresses as quickly as the fog still in his mind allows him to and silently swears never to drink with Gazelle and Roxy again.

At the thought, he pauses shortly, trying to see if his first clue of what he was up to yesterday will shake loose any more memories, but except for the vague feeling of having been carried at one point, he’s still drawing a blank.

He shrugs before venturing out of the room, but he’s still prepared for a fight on whoever is the owner of the house. At least until he hears a familiar voice from what he assumes is the kitchen and notices the old granny meets serial killer decor.

“Harry?” he calls out, though he is now 98% sure that it is his house.

He’s proven right when the man steps into the corridor barely ten seconds later, his warm smile making Eggsy wonders for a brief moment if maybe some of the butterflies on the walls haven’t snuck out of their cases to run havoc on his stomach. But of course, that’s just the way Harry usually makes him feel.

“Ah Eggsy! I was about to bring you a breakfast tray, but I’m happy we’ll be sharing our meal instead!”

From anyone else, Eggsy would have suspected them to be taking the piss, at least about the tray, but he knows Harry is being entirely honest. He’s just that kind of man and it’s a good thing Eggsy has been in love for a long time, so he doesn’t start to blush like an idiot.

Hangover all but forgotten, he follows Harry to the dining room where the other man helps him into his seat, feeling a little thrill when Harry pushes the chair without any difficulty. He very carefully doesn’t think that Harry would be strong enough to hold him up if he wanted to fuck him against a wall and without even breaking into a sweat.

Not for the first time, he thanks the gods that Harry’s powers are only physical and he cannot read his mind.

“What happened last night?” He asks instead, relieved when Harry chuckles good-naturedly as he takes place in front of him.

“Nothing too bad. Enough to get teased by the community, but not anything that will lose you the public’s sympathy.”

When it’s obvious that Harry isn’t going to say more, he groans in false dejection. “Merlin’s got it all on video and he’s going to blackmail me with it, isn’t he?”

“Blackmail is a bit too strong a word, but yes, that’s the idea.” Harry laughs when Eggsy makes a show of hiding his head into his arms in mock despair and for a glorious moment, Eggsy feels his fingers gently carding through his hair. “There, there, I’m sure it won’t be too bad. And if he does get insufferable, do tell me, I have my own blackmail material on him.”

He sits up again with a happy grin. “My hero!” He’s probably imagining it, but he thinks Harry flushes slightly at his words. “But doesn’t Merlin have stuff on you too?”

“Ah no. You see, with my metabolism, alcohol has no effect on me.”

“Oh, that sucks.” He had never considered what Harry’s super strength and speed meant for his day to day life, but he can’t say he’s surprised either. Of course all powers come with their own side effects, just like he’s never felt cold in his entire life himself.

“It’s not so bad really,” Harry dismisses it without any heat in his words, his hand coming to rest on top of Eggsy’s. “There are many other ways for me to have fun.”

And the thing is, Eggsy isn’t entirely clueless, but he’s never been sure before if he wasn’t projecting his own interest onto Harry, only seeing what he wanted to see.

But that?

That is as big as a come on as he’s ever received from anyone and Eggsy would have to be an idiot do ignore it.

“Then you should show me one day, yeah?” And to make sure Harry doesn’t mistake his answer for anything than what it is, he turns his hand so that he can link their fingers together.

“Consider it done,” there is a look of pure delight on Harry’s face and Eggsy has to try very hard to calm himself when his thumb starts stroking the inside of his wrist.

It wouldn’t do for him to burn Harry’s house down before they even so much as kissed after all.

Water Fight. Thor One-Shot.

Title: Water Fight.

Pairing: Female Reader x Thor.

Prompt: Anon:  In the spirit of summer, may I please request an avengers imagine where they all have a water fight and she and Thor like each other but he keeps stumbling when trying to tell her and runs away and she doesn’t think he’d like her. So they’re all having a water fight and then they run into each other and he catches her and kissing and fluff and admissions and then bombardment from the avengers!? Pretty Please…? Also cheeky tony being himself please?

I’m sorry this took so long. If anything, a nice back to school gift to you guys! Enjoy ;D

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Prompt 26: “I think I’ve been holding myself back from falling in love with you all over again”

I wrote this like…a month ago from a list of prompts I found on my dash, but I’ve lost it, and I couldn’t be bothered to go searching for it, and this was just sitting in my notes. Even so, enjoy some nice Sunday angst!

You stare down at your drink, wrapping your hands around it and trying to glean some kind of warmth from it, but it seems as though your hands have turned to ice.

2D sits opposite you, his relaxed position and blank expression hiding what can only be a storm of emotions behind his façade.

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Be More Chill Jake’s Parents AU

Jake’s life wasn’t perfect. He knew that. Most teenagers his age didn’t have to live in motels on their own with no parents, living off the money they got from the insurance of when their house was burned down. But he was fine with it. This wasn’t the first time his parents had left him alone for a long time only now he was almost sure they weren’t coming back. But that was okay. He had his friends and Rich. He didn’t need his parents…

Jake was digging through his mail when the his phone rang. Setting the bills aside he picked it up to see it was an unknown number. Shrugging he got the green button and answered. “Yo, this is Jakey-D. How can I-”

“Jake?!” The teen froze when he heard the familiar voice over the phone.


“Oh thank God, Jake you finally picked up! We tried calling the landline at home but it said it was disconnected and we got so worried-”

“Whoa mom, slow down-what’s going on? Why are you just calling me now?”

“That’s not important honey. Listen Jake, you’re still in New Jersey right?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Jake, your father and I owe some people money. We can’t do any transactions through our accounts or the police will track us do we need your help.”


“With the money. We’re in New York right now and we need to borrow some money from you. We’ll pay you back later but we need your help right now.”

“Mom, what people are you talking about? What did you do?”

“Meet us in front of the of the ferris wheel on Coney Island with $2,000.”


“We’ll explain later. But we need to go now. Promise me you’ll be there.”

“Mom, I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Promise me Jake.”

“I-ugh-I promise.” The phone line went dead leaving Jake to stare at his phone confused as he wondered what he had just promised to do.

Theirs (Maknae Line Smut)

*This is intense at least for me~*

 It was almost like you were their prey. Their hungry eyes was always watching, one if not all had his eyes on you. At first you didn’t notice, dismissing their glances as them looking at something behind you, not at you.

Then, you started to notice the pattern, they were all close to you but it felt like they were in a race to get you. They would fight for your attention, Taehyung and Jimin butting heads while Jungkook sneaks past them both.

It wasn’t until now you noticed all this little things they’ve done to get to you. You sat in between Taehyung and Jimin, Jungkook having to see on your one seater.

It was supposed to be casual, just hanging out with your three close friends but there was thick tension in the room. Jimin put his hand on your leg, Tae following suit and you looked at them both.

“J-Jimin. T-Tae.”

“Relax, babydoll. It’s just us.”

“Y/N.” Jungkook called you, gaining your attention but the hands of Tae and Jimin got closer into your pelvis. You thought about it plenty of times, being with all three of them. You had to convince yourself it was simply out of fairness to sleep with all three.

“Will you..?” He didn’t have to continue his words, you already knew what he meant. You didn’t need to speak, just kissing Jimin in response. Jungkook no longer isolated, came between your legs to squat in between them.

“Spread them.” Jungkook’s tone become more definitive, a voice from someone who wanted things done without question. You did as he said, having no objections to his words and he lifted both your legs anyways. Your panties being tossed aside and your growing wet pussy was in his full view.

You almost forgot Tae and Jimin, both of them now lifting up your shirt. Your bra was tossed aside as well, both of them immediately sucking on your nipples. They both had their own techniques, Jimin pulled and licked while Tae flicked and nibbled.


“Oh, Y/N was that a curse word you just said? Good girls don’t swear, babe.” He hit your thigh, oddly enough was sensitive to his hit. He peered at your pussy, that alone was gruelling.

Meanwhile, Jimin moved up to your neck and Tae to your collarbone. Both sucking on the skin like it was a sweet nectar they couldn’t get enough of.

“Yah, Jungkook if you won’t do anything I will.” He reacted to the threat of the other boy, Jimin and he touched you. Jungkook watched you throughout, his fingers inside you. You moaned about it, almost encouragement to him to go faster. He added more, knowing a single finger alone would done virtually nothing.

“You like that, babe?”


He added his tongue, his curiosity about the taste of you became too overbearing. You were sweet to him too, a taste unlike no other. He loved it, being to suck on you to taste. You kept moaning, his actions were in pure stimulation. Tae kissed you, his lips being rough with you as were his tongue.

“I wonder how you taste, babydoll.” He swiped his finger, away from the younger boy’s mouth and licked the taste of you.

“Every part of you is so sweet.” It sounded like a flirtatious comment towards you but he sucked on your skin and enjoyed the taste of your pussy. Jungkook stopped, leaving in the midst of orgasming.

Tae pulled away, only to be flipped over. Everything was in their view, your face staring off at the wall and entrance into the hall.

“Such a pretty little pink pussy.” You could feel Taehyung’s hands spread the lips, exposing more. Jimin’s fingers teased your hole, your entire pussy just sensitive from Jungkook eating you out.

“It’s only fair if you return the favour right, baby?”


“That’s not an answer, babydoll.” A hand came down your ass, pain and pleasure released from the action.


“Good girl.” Jungkook got up, getting in front of you. Your hand reached for his buckle and pushed his pants low enough that you could slip down his boxers a bit too.

“O-Oh-god-d” You gasped out, Taehyung fingered you while Jimin sucked on your clit. They were more skillful than Jungkook, maybe due to being born two years prior. He didn’t let you ponder for too long, rubbing his cock against your tight lips.

“Open up, babe.” You weren’t going to give in so easy, pumping him and licking along the shady came first. Soft groans came from him, and you turned your focus to his tip. You licked over the little slit, hearing in taking a sharp breath.

“Goddamnit, babe. Don’t tease.” You almost smirked and started to slid his cock inside your mouth. Your head bobbed, taking in more of him while your hand pumped what you couldn’t reach. You watched his expression in pure bliss, his moans felt gratifying to you.

You almost numbed the sensation on your pussy, not wanting to find out what cum gets you. As much as it was a turn on, you would imagine it would involve all three of them. Jungkook slid against your tongue, wanting to feel more of it against his cock. He slid out, not wanting to cum before you did.

“A-ahh.” Taehyung was adamant, stretching out your pussy with his fingers. They twisted and curled up inside you, venturing deeper inside you like your body was a galaxy he had to explore.

“Don’t you cum, baby.” His tone was more aggressive than Jungkook, maybe you felt the intimidation from the deepest of his vice but whatever the cause, you held back. They released you only for a moment, you turned you head back to see Tae and Jimin simultaneously removed their shirts.

Jungkook lifted you over the couch, none of them having any intent to fuck you over your couch. Jungkook sat on the edge, you still holding onto him. He moved the hair away from your face before kissing you. He was gentle, a kiss you give to someone you truly care about. Feelings for each other should be the last thing on your mind as Jimin and Tae sat on either side of you.

They stripped off the remainder of their clothes and you grabbed both of them with either hand. Tae grunting while Jimin moaned and Jungkook wasn’t about to let you forget him so soon. He slid you onto him and started to bounce you on his cock.

Pure ecstasy was all you felt, the feeing of his cock inside was nearly indescribable. He let no stone unturned inside you, making sure to try and reach the deepest part of you. You turn Taehyung’s cock into your mouth first, trying to muffle and limit your moans. He was much more bigger, your hand needing to cover more and you pumped Jimin as well as you could.

“So good, your mouth is warm around my cock baby.” His words were dirty to you, but it only added to your arousal. Jungkook thrusted into you more, making your breasts juggle faster. You definitely were going to be in pain later on from all of this.

“Me too, babydoll.” You switched to Jimin’s cock who was a lot more thicker than the other two. You deepthroated him, his moans was music to your eyes. He grabbed your hair, pushing more of your mouth on his cock.

You felt your body getting hot in relation to Jungkook still pounding you. Your scream was muffled but you came on him. He lasted a bit longer than you, but you lifted yourself off him.

“I’m next, babydoll. All fours.” You moved to the middle of the bed and Jimin smacked your ass a little, pinching your cheeks a bit before sliding into you. Jungkook positioned himself lying down in front of you and you sucked him off. You could hear Tae’s low grunts and you continued to focus on cleaning off Jungkook’s cock.

“You like the taste of yourself, babydoll?”

“She’s our dirty little girl, aren’t you baby?” You took his cock out of your mouth and pumped him a bit. You coaxed Taehyung and sucked him off again. Jungkook’s fingers pinched your nipples while Jimin rammed into you harder.

Your moans almost overtook you and you continued to blow Taehyung. Jimin didn’t slow down even for a second, it was almost as if his energy wasn’t being used. You blowed Taehyung until he slid himself out of your mouth.

“J-Jimin, ahh-”

“Fuck, babydoll.” He smacked your ass more and you felt like you could come just one smack.

“Cum on my cock.” He pinched on your clit, making you scream out his name and attributed to your orgasm. He came inside you and your knees felt weak. Tae pulled you up, kissing you. His tongue was clearly dominant and you pulled away.

“I guess it’s the best for last, baby.” You got on all fours, him sliding into you but pulling you up. Your breasts were in full view and he slammed into you. Jimin muffled you with his cock, making you clean himself like you did for Jungkook. He was just attentive, jerking himself off. Jimin shoved himself into you, fucking your face without a gasp for breath.

Tae played with your nipples, one arm holding you up and your screams were muffled.

“Shit.” Jimin came inside your mouth and you swallow the substance, tasting noting of it.

“You were fucked two times and your pussy is still this tight.”

“Mhm.” You bit down your lip, every thrust from Taehyung sent you screaming. He was feeding off your loud moans, slamming you harder to see how loud you could get.

“Don’t hide how good I’m fucking you, quit biting your lip baby.”


The other two boys watching in awe as you couldn’t contain yourself. The sound of skin slapping was loud and you winced a bit when he would stop to make you feel all of him inside of you.

“Do you want cum for a third time, baby?”

“P-Please, Tae.”

“Please what, baby?”

“M-Make me cum-god.” He didn’t need your response to make you cum. He was going to make you cum on him whether you wanted to or not. His name was the only thing that you could only say.


You came again, he pulled out to cum on your ass. He moved away and you let your body hit the bed.

“You’re ours, now.”

yaelstiel  asked:

Oh god Aeren, it's like, you are the goddess of fanfics. YOU HAVE RECS ON EVERY DAMN THING. I might as well ask you if you got a fic when they're both cats and you'd find something. :D bless your soul.

Well Yael…Actually……..

It’s a Long Way Home on Four Paws by saklani2 Jared and his kittens were stolen from their home and dumped far, far away. Luckily, they have street smart, smooth talking, tom cat Jensen, to help them find their way. And they’re going to need all the help they can get.

The Not So Purrfect Way Jared and Jensen Got Together by alakewood Jared has a thing for Jensen and he’s pretty (mostly) sure that Jensen has a thing for him too.  But Jensen flakes on meeting up with him and Jared ends up with a cat and a pretty large vet bill. 

The Unconventional Courtship Of Jared The Human And Jensen The Shifter    by keep_waking_up Jensen has lived in the Village his whole life.  One day, a big, strange man (that smells very good) comes and takes him away, only to tell him he’s not actually a cat—he’s a Shifter.

Special way we fuck by alycat The two packs had been enemies for as long as anyone could remember, but the final fight took a turn no one could have expected.

Come on, fur fag, we’ve got a world to save by likeanything Honestly, Jared’s just trying to do this one simple thing. He’s pledging a frat and his Big Brother wants him to go get some old book from some old doctor’s house up at the old TB ward off campus. Fine. No big. Jared’s down with that. Except then he meets the talking cat and things get completely out of hand.

Dawnbringer!verse  by lexicale  based on this prompt;Jared is an unmated, prideless, beta werecat who lives in the deep forest.  One day he finds a lost/stolen cub who was starving.  All fertile betas can lactate and Jared is no exception.  He nurses the little lost cub back to health, bonding with him.
Jensen is the alpha of a werecat pride and when his son and heir is kidnapped, Jensen fears that he will never see him again.  Jensen knew that kidnapping was a consequence of mating with a beta that was not his true mate, who gave her allegiance to a rival pride; little Nathan was taken to force Jensen to kneel down to his rivals. Jensen is enraged when he finds out that the villains who took his son lost him, he lays waste to the rival pride and the faithless beta who betrayed him.  Then he searches for his son, he finds him safe and nursing from Jared, who just might be Jensen true mate.

soupdrag0n  asked:

Okay okay i have one: Taakitz, Fake Relationship? Like to make a relative happy or to piss odd a crotchety homophobe. Ofc they had Feelings the whole time

Oh man, okay! Thank you for the excellent choice of prompt! I am not entirely sure on the mechanics of this AU - is it an always!Faerun au? A two-suns planet non-Hunger au? WHO KNOWS, but we’re rolling with it! Oh my god this got long.

“You can’t borrow Barry, I’m using him,” Lup tells Taako mercilessly. “Barry is a babe who doesn’t mind looking pretty while I do the heavy lifting. Drag along one of the others.”

Taako scoffs. “Please. Half of them are chucklefucks who’d throw off my game and the other half would drink the cooking wine and bitch about its vintage. Who the fuck decided this class had to be a couple’s only gig? That’s fuckin’ bullshit, my dude.”

Lup shrugs, tosses a grape in her mouth. “You open a cooking school, you can prohibit couple’s classes. Y’wanna borrow Kravitz? Bet we could bill it as workplace bonding time.”

Despite himself, Taako considers it.

“Oh!” Kravitz says, flustered and faintly red. “Uh, I’m no good in the kitchen, but uh, sure, if it would help. I’ll go.”

“Rad,” Taako replies and throws in a wink for good measure, and ignores the faint flutter in his chest.

Keep reading

Guilty Pleasure Friends - Chapter 42 - Rubyleaf - Servamp [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

OH MY GOD. I swear I would’ve made it on schedule this time but this chapter wouldn’t end… X’D Apologies, but now at least you got a lot to read~! This time on GPF: Guilt, self-blame… and Sakuya’s backstory?

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Chapters: 42/?

Pairings: Sloth Pair, JekyllandHyde, Tetsono, TsubaSaku and MikuTsuru

Summary: All Mahiru wanted was to make an infamous delinquent stop skipping class. Getting dragged headfirst into a gang war and making a bunch of very weird friends was never part of the plan.

Chapter Summary: "When it’s your turn, I swear I’ll come and save you for sure.“

Have fun~!