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imagine for a moment Lestat And Friends playing d&d

THIS IS AN AMAZING IDEA and I sat on this in my inbox for a long time because I don’t know that much about D&D and I wish I had more to add to this situation. But like, YEAH like D&D Night at Trinity Gate, third Wednesday every month, sounds perfect. Everyone can come over. I’m more partial to the idea that it’s Armand & Friends and that Lestat comes over and crashes the party and acts like a douche but yeah man I think this DEFINITELY HAPPENS. 

@sheysira @justsomespacedust @saintambrose DO YALL HAVE THOUGHTS ABOUT THIS?


Taking Prompts!

So, since my goal of posting an update every week this month failed, and I’ve decided post the two part mythology AU together and did no writing… I’m taking prompts to make up for it!

Send my a prompt (relatively short/simple ones) and pairing via my ask box only, and I will write a you a short little dabble/fic.  Prompts will close after 5pm EST on Friday, March 31st.

Let’s do this!

A darkiplier and antisepticeye fight.

(Not danti/septiplier or whatever)

Darkiplier was roaming a darkened alleyway at the dead of night with chica by his side. Nobody was around, nobody that was i̷ns͘a̕ǹe̡ enough to be outside in the freezing cold.

A twig cracked. Dark turned around in one swift movement causing chica to be pulled back. Green glitches were floating in the air, not making any noise just existing. Darkiplier rubbed his eyes and they disappeared into thin air.

“I guess I should let this body rest at least once a week” Dark muttered.

Dark continued down the damp alleyway with his head hanging low. When he saw the glitches appear once again in front of him, he didnt bother to rub his eyes and just continued walking.

He picked up some speed as he was walking home but before he managed to get out of the alleyway the glitches grew larger and began to fuzz and form a shape of a man. Once darkiplier saw this he made sure chica ran home to safety.

“I should have known that they were your glitches” Dark spoke as the glitches completed to form the man.

“I must say your appearance at pax was impressive” Dark continued.

The man was just standing there not speaking just glitching a few times while trying to keep it’s appearance together.

“Aww does Anti need some love to keep himself together?” Dark teased the man.

Upon hearing this, Anti shoved Dark against the wall and held a knife to his throat.

“That joke is getting old now” Anti threatened Dark.

“Now now Anti don’t lose your temper” Dark laughed.

“Stop teasing me!” Anti shouted.

“Why are you even here?” Dark asked.

“There’s only room for one demon here!” Anti yelled.

“Drop the knife” Dark said in a soothing voice.

Something came over Anti (mentally) which made him drop the knife.

“What?! I didn’t want to do that!” Anti exclaimed.

“Of course you didnt want to, besides you shouldve researched before deciding to fight me” Dark had a smug look spread across his face.

“Its just like you to have manipulation powers, you have an ego as big as the statue of liberty.

Dark rolled his eyes and slipped out of Anti’s grasp.

“I will do some research but be prepared for when I attack again” Anti announced.

And after he said that Anti glitched into thin air.

What should I write?

I have, like, a million WIPs right now and I am not sure what I should focus on. 

So I figured I would ask you folks!

So, these are the options:

1. DJWifi adventure fic, as described here.

2. Ladybug thinks Chat is an underaged stripper due to comical misunderstanding, as described here

3.  Chloe vs Adrien! Fight!  (Chloe and Adrien friendship fic where they fight over Ladybug. Currently 2 chapters)

4. Too Close for Comfort (NSFW, currently 2 chapters)

5. Ladybug and Chat Noir are both bi and come out to each other and it is cute.

6. A bunch of drabble requests, generally awkward NSFW.

7. Gay Chicken AU (Ninoir)

But yeah, let me known which one you would like to see and I will try to focus on that one. I want to write all of these eventually but my mind is in Dragon Age Inquisition land, so my focus is limited. 


???: Shhh beautiful everything is going to be alright,well not for you so much but oh well we can’t all be happy right, ?!

???: Robby … Go and call Jason and tell him that we have got a job done.

Robby: Are you sure Ty maybe i should help you with this one here

Ty: Yes i’m sure,drug has already started to kick in ,now go and call him,and i’ll carry this beauty to the car,don’t want anyone too see us like this,do we now.

Robby: He’s really hot hope Jason will not mind us playing with him

Ty: I’m sure he will not.now go and call him you fucking idiot,do you really want someone too see us ?!

Robby: I’m going i’m going

Ty: *Sigh* What a fucking moron.Come on sleeping beauty time to go to your new home

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A-awww, your smile is so c-cute, C-Caddy! You s-should see it right now! I'm sure Meaux and Cleaver will agree! You l-look cute!

Meaux: “They’re right - Ol’ Meaux always did say you got a winnin’ smile.”

Cleaver: “I would have to agree. It was your expressive face that inspired me to use these stick on magnets.”

Caddy: “Guys, please! You’re gonna make me look like a strawberry milkshake… ”

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is it true angie implies in her ftes that her god is izuru? i heard a rumour like that but i am not sure whether i should believe it or not!

Not so much in her FTEs, but there’s a slight hint/reference in the events in-game!

The only reference she makes to sdr2 in her FTEs is when Saihara tries to figure out what kind of island she came from and asks if it was a “southern deep seas paradise.” Angie doesn’t directly confirm that she came from such a place (in fact all three answers seem to rather be off the mark by the end) but she does almost bring up Jabberwock Island, although she can’t quite remember the name so she cuts herself off.

However, in-game when welcoming Tsumugi into her Religious Student Council, she mentions Tsumugi’s “image of god” (since Angie’s god “has a different image to each person). Tsumugi’s god, she says, “has black hair and red eyes,” and Tsumugi being the huge otaku she is, gets super excited about this.

It’s not exactly confirmed that this is referencing Kamukura, but considering what we know later on about Tsumugi being a Huge Danganronpa fan™, I’d say the likelihood of it being a deliberate reference is actually pretty high.

There are several other characters in the DR franchise with black hair and red eyes, but Kamukura is the only one who fits for being on a near-divine level. His talents make him essentially a demigod, something Junko herself lampshades in dr3 when they interact. So since Tsumugi is always drooling over DR and loves the series more than life itself, it would make sense that her “perfect image of god” would actually be something very close to Kamukura.

Basically the “god Kamukura” thing is more about Tsumugi than Angie herself, since Angie only describes the kind of god that she believes fits each person best. For Himiko it was a “handsome guy,” for Gonta it was a “gentle grandmother,” and for Tsumugi, it was…well, probably something very similar to Kamukura.

So it’s not exactly a rumor per se but it is mostly just a fun reference—maybe a slight piece of foreshadowing to Tsumugi’s love for DR at best. I hope this clears up your question!

I’m not sure if I should post this, because I’m trying to stay out of the drama, but there’s something to be said about those who abuse the anon function. I know others have touched upon the subject, but here’s my two cents. When someone with talent or extreme creativity falls into the fandom, they’re usually (but not always) mobbed by anons for requests. This happens a lot to artists and anyone with a kind nature willing to accept said requests. I always have this sinking feeling in the back of my mind that these anons are the same person wanting content for nothing in return.

I know several artists in this particular fandom who get dozens of requests on anon, and it worries me that they’re being taken advantage of. I understand that you want your idea drawn or voiced, but maybe think about the artist first. They’re not here to serve your every whim, and don’t owe you anything. Have you ever considered offering to pay an artist instead? Imagine their face when they realize someone would actually pay for the art they do for free. I’ve done this before, and some still refused payment…but it always felt better to pay for artwork. When I did, I knew the artist would put extra effort and love into it.

Even if you can’t pay, an art trade is still better than nothing. Then both parties come out with something special. In the end, you need to treat artists with respect. They’re people and they have limits too.

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I'm trying to pick a new masculine name for myself but I'm not sure what to pick. Whether I should do a masculine version of my own name, pay tribute to my dead father and use his name, or do something else. I know it's my choice but I was wondering if you had ways to help me choose. Maybe I should have a trial run with one of the names and see how I feel. Idk maybe that would work, I'm just trying to brainstorm.

I think a trial run is a great idea! Even if you didn’t want to do it in person, try doing it on here and pick whatever name you feel most comfortable with people using!

Best of luck!! 💙


With her stylist friend’s contact details, Sandy turns to exit the locker room, but Marcel is standing right in the doorway.

Sandy: Here you go, Mr. Wolfe. She will be happy to assist you, just give her a call.

Marcel: Thank you. But I think I can wait for your schedule to open up. I’m sure it will happen sooner rather than later. 

So, getting rid of him won’t be that easy, Sandy realizes.

- Mr. Wolfe, I am flattered by your attention, but I am starting to think you see me in a way one shouldn’t really see their son’s girlfriend.

Marcel: Would that be so bad? I can give you much, much more than my son can, that’s for sure. 

Sandy: I think you should go, Mr. Wolfe.

Marcel: You’re kicking me out? Do you even know who I am?

Sandy: Yes, I know who you are. You are Marwick’s father and I think he would’ve been very disappointed to know about your behavior in here today and every other time you have come in to see me. Look, I am not planning to tell him about this, but you need to stop trying to meet me all the time. Frankly, it is very creepy. Now, I have clients waiting for me.

When Marcel makes no move to get out of the way, she is forced to practically squeeze past him, a fact that irritates her even more than his pleased smile.

Only when she leaves the room does she begin to realize how ridiculous this whole situation is. But she doesn’t want to tell Marwick. She doesn’t want to create a bad situation between family members.

         eyyyyy, I’m shit at promos, so I’m just gonna do the icon intro thing!! This is my new oc(not sure if I should consider him a krp oc or not ripp??) He used to be the heir to his family’s organization, but then he kinda killed his dad and is on the run so shit hit the fan. Obviously, I’m a super serious rper (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Feel free to give this a like or reblog, and I’ll check out your blog!! It’s hard to find other peeps in the tags so..yaaaahhhh.  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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Hey mum, i'm wade. I just love your new hair color ^_^ and I was wondering if there was an actual meme that is the god. Like Pepe the frog BUT in the MCRmy?

Thank you wade!!! And I’m not sure actually. I feel like we should find a meme and make it our god tho.