((my lil bby))

“I don’t know about you but I am beyond ready for things to kick off. The music, the company, the parties… What’s not to love? The last tour I was on ended with three arrests, a ruined hotel room and hangovers strong enough to kill a horse. Not that I condone destruction of property. Only time will tell how wild everyone is.” 

I’ve spent two weeks in Chicago, checking out the University there– and it looks like I’m going to be attending Whitmore in September, because their courses are just… not what I need. I need a coffee, and I’m really hoping you’re up for joining me.

Looking at the mess in front of them, Fawn chewed on her lower
lip as she played with her hands. “This is okay! This is fine, there’s
nothing I can’t fix, right? I got this, I’ll fix it.” She’s pacing back and
forth as she tries to think of a plan. This was 100% her fault but that
doesn’t mean she’s gonna come out and admit it; she’d much rather
just make things better than admit her problems.


my lil old man bby Spot

he’s so ancient and decrepit and doesn’t balance well but he’s still a happy kitty. he’s pampered so much (if u couldnt tell by the fact that we give him a WHOLE RECLINER to sleep in and thats not even the only one)

don’t ever let me watch broadway.com videos again okay I just got an extreme irrational longing for my own lil dressing room with a couch and a humidifier and a cute personalized sign on the door