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Let’s see now, Bumble Buzz sells honey that is sweet and made by bees. Speaking of bees, “Bumble Buzz” begins with b, as well as “bird” and “bear”. Hmm, come to think of it, bears like honey, which is sweet like the songs of certain birds, which brings me to the birds and the bees…

Oh! Hey there! It’s me, Mod Wit! You interrupted my train of thought, but that’s okay; there’re no brakes on it anyway, so it’s still chugging along! I was just jotting down things the ponies from other blogs remind me of. That way I’ll have notes to elicit ideas about them, and whenever I get an idea, it always leads to another. It’s like thinking of a letter of the alphabet; you can’t do it without thinking of word that begins with it.

Since I have a fertile mind, a photographic memory, and a vivid imagination, I’m bound to have a prefect brainstorm. And when coupled with timing, I may have to make a circumstantial piece right then and there. A circumstantial piece is what I call a picture or animation that is inspired by a particular circumstance, and is the result of an unintended idea that is too good to pass over. These circumstances can cause a chain reaction of ideas that could keep me distracted for years if I’m not careful, which explains why I had to prevent the Ask feature on this blog for three years now.

If you’re an observant follower of Ask Bananas Wit, you might have noticed the compositions based on the conditions that affect the situations here. Allow me to show you a very simple example:

Here, 1950s Bananas Wit is interacting with Bounty Hunter Applejack, when “Bad Wit”, the outlaw Bananas Wit, is seen robbing a bank in the background. Now, I could’ve just forgotten about that bank robbery in the next post, but because of the law (of causation), I couldn’t let him get away with it. So I made a circumstantial piece showing Applejack roping Bad Wit. As you can see, crime didn’t pay (Then again, neither did the bounty!).

By the way, the circumstantial pieces sometimes involve art coincidentally done by artists from other blogs. Now, I will now show you two very complex examples. Well, they’re not complex at all if you already know what’s going on, but even if you’re new here, you’ll probably get the picture(s). Besides, I don’t want to bore you with the details. Here they are!

This series of events started with the announcement of a font I bought, which ended with a celebratory cake being served, the founding of Bananbusters, and a questioning about a secret box.

And this one started with me giving the reason for my absence, which ended with a witch riding a broomstick, a lecture on a magic circle, and a revenant tribute.

And now you know the way I think about things as a writer. At best, my mind is like a carnival, and I’m having lots of fun; at worst, it’s like a circus, and I’m cleaning up after the elephants. Speaking of which, all these heads and orbs are cluttering up my thinking space. You know, I really ought to do more abstract thinking…

Hey guys! Mod Lukas here! Steam is having a sale for Hatoful Boyfriend where it’s 2 dollars so I want to do ‘pay what you want’ commissions with a base price of 50 cents so I can get the game *sweats* I can do digital icons and doodles of pretty much anything!! If your interested just send an ask and I can send examples of things I’ve done in the past!! Thanks!!
- Mod Lukas

hello! mod hallie is a little bit behind the times, but it looks like not all the discord invites got sent out.

sorry about that!

if you still haven’t received your invite, please message @clairelutra or inbox us here to let me know, and i’ll get that to you straight away o7

EDIT: it looks like mod emilie intended to get those out this morning but life interrupted. i (mod hallie) am going to do a sweep of the people i think haven’t gotten invites, but discord isn’t kind about tracking these things, so i apologize if you get double invited or not at all.

i’ll post another update when i’ve messaged all the people on my list — let me know then if your invite slipped through the cracks somehow.

hello! incoming shameless self-promo oops if you’re in need of tsukkiyama fics, i’ve got a couple up on ao3! feel free to check them out.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7118005/chapters/16168165 (my pride and joy of 11 chapters)

http://archiveofourown.org/works/7899010 (& a cute lil one-shot!)

we now return to your regularly scheduled headcanons :-)

- mod ri

Imagine your OTP hasn’t kissed yet. Person A keeps telling themself that they’re going to finally do it, right now. But then they stop themself because they and Person B are interrupted by something. This goes on for a long time, until Person B and Person A have to part ways for the time being. Person A screams (either internally or externally).


thank you so much for all the support !!!

i am really shocked this blog got around 100 followers, honestly! it’s been around for a year just for laughs and i’m glad to see that others are enjoying leeyn and all!!

again, thank you so much!

this is a really nice present for the kagamine as well!

anonymous asked:

mod, can you show me your first post of kaimei and your recent post ?

((Oh, dear anon…  if you mean to see improvement, I guess I’ll disappoint you. The mod of this askblog is the type that can hardly improve.

Beside, it hasn’t been long since I first ran the blog. 3 weeks ago, that was my first time posting thing here.

But if you want to see the different between my first and recent post of KaiMei, I guess it’s pretty obvious…

First : Once upon a time, they used to be in the form of humans...

Recent : Now, they have been magically turned into kitty cats~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Improvement? Well, they are fluffier now~