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A question for you and your followers: would u still remain loyal as ot7 army if bts ever date? (Just a random thought, so I asked)

Of course! I mean I’m sure I will, bangtan dating isn’t an issue for me at all. Actually it shouldn’t be an issue by default, and I’m pretty sure a lot of fans here share the same sentiment.

Bangtan as a kpop group should be separated from their personal lives. Like family and romantic relationships… I think these are areas that fans shouldn’t have any say about.

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When innocent Jimin's mother asked him to take care of/"babysit" her friend's son for a while because of a business trip, he was expecting a toddler, not a 19 year old godly looking troublemaker on a motorcycle with tattoos and piercings (JiKook).

At first when I read this I was like “WUT, how am I going to do this? This was really interesting to write and I’ve never done this trope before so <3 @cutiepiebts did you say you loved Jikook babysitting au’s? :)

+ When Jimin’s mom asks him to babysit her friend’s son, he didn’t think much of it since he’s babysat for her friends before. Though, this was a newer friend.

+ He finds out that she will be away on a business trip for a week and her son, Jungkook, will need someone to stay with him. Jimin has handled toddlers before so he figures it will be easy money.

+ When Jimin arrives at the house, his mom’s friend explains. “Jungkook’s a sweet boy Jimin, he’s just a little…troubled. But I’m sure you two will get along.”

+ She calls him down the stairs and Jimin expects a toddler to come running down, not a grown ass man.

+ “Uhm, so where’s Jungkook?” He asks his mother’s friend. “Jimin, this is Jungkook.”

+ Jimin is awkwardly left in the hallway with his overnight bag and a smoking hot guy with piercings and tasteful tattoos.

+ “Just because you’re here doesn’t mean I have to listen to you. This ‘babysitting’ thing is a joke, got it?” Jimin isn’t amused.

+ The first thing Jungkook tries to do is sneak out to see his friends, and Jimin isn’t having it. “Where do you think you’re going?” “Out?” “Nice try, your mom said you can’t leave this entire week unless it’s with me.” “You’re not in charg—” “Do you want me to call her?” “…Fine.”

+ Jungkook doesn’t interact with Jimin much. He sticks to his room and glares at Jimin anytime he walks by to go to the kitchen.

+ Jimin catches Jungkook sneaking a couple bottles of liquor from the basement one day. “Uh uh, you’re mom said no alcohol.” “Oh come on—” “Jungkook.” Reluctantly, Jungkook puts them back.

+ Jimin can’t help but admire when the younger is wearing casual clothes like baggy sweatpants and plain t-shirts. It made him look softer rather than tough.

+ One day Jimin is trying to reach something from the top shelf in the kitchen. Jungkook walks by and plucks it from Jimin’s reaching hand before he can grab it. “You’re kind of short aren’t you?” “S-shut up you brat!”

+ Jimin notices that if they are in the same room, he can feel Jungkook staring at him in the corner of his eye and it makes him feel hot all over his body.

+ Jimin doesn’t particularly want to fight with Jungkook so he decides to cook him dinner with the supplies his mother left. He knocks on his door when it’s ready. “Jungkook, I made you dinner if you want some?” He gets no response. When the food gets cold, Jimin warms it back up and sets it on a plate in front of his door, and lets him know.

+ Jimin wakes up the next morning, stepping out of the guest room to see an empty plate outside of Jungkook’s door. This goes on for the next few nights. It becomes an unspoken ritual.

+ Jimin is sketching in the living room the one day when Jungkook finally emerges from his room and lingers around where Jimin is. “Thank you.” Jimin looks up in surprise. “For the meals I mean.” “Oh, you’re welcome Jungkook.”

+ Jungkook seems to take interest in his sketchpad and he finds out that Jungkook also likes to draw as well. “Maybe one day you can show me your work, Jungkook.” “Yeah. Maybe.”

+ Jimin gets a call in the middle of the night, only shaky breathing can be heard across the line. “J-Jimin, can you pick me up? I don’t know where I am or how to get home, I just—please.” “You left the house?” “A couple of my friends picked me up, I’m sorry.” Jimin grabs his keys and leaves the house without a moment of hesitation.

+ Jimin is able to pick up a shaken up Jungkook, and sits down with him on the couch, giving him water and a blanket to sober up. Jungkook ends up falling asleep on Jimin’s shoulder, and Jimin didn’t have the heart to wake him up.

+ The next morning Jimin wakes up to Jungkook startling and moving away. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” “It’s okay Jungkook, I didn’t mind.” Jungkook is silent. “Thank you. For coming to get me. I don’t deserve your kindness. Jimin shakes his head and puts a hand on Jungkook’s face. “Don’t say that Jungkook. Of course you do. Stop thinking you’re a nuisance because you’re not. You’re important.”

+ Jungkook looks at Jimin with stars in his eyes, leaning in slowly with his mind blank, he kisses the older. And Jimin doesn’t stop him.

+ Jungkook’s mom comes back the next day. Thanking Jimin for his help, paying him, and sending him off. Jungkook was incredibly sad to see him leave, running out to Jimin’s car when his mother wasn’t looking and kissing him firmly. “Come back around. Okay?” Jimin smiles. “Only if you promise me a ride on your motorcycle.” Jungkook’s smiling eyes gleam. “Deal.”

+ Their mothers end up finding out a couple weeks later, but they were excited because Jimin had been nothing but a good influence on Jungkook. (Some would say they shipped it)

+ But Jungkook finally had a smile on his face, and that’s all that mattered really.

+ Bonus: Jimin did end up getting a ride on Jungkook’s motorcycle, and maybe something else :)

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in the anabasis verse, how do anakin and padme fit together as people? what do they actually like about each other? i get the feeling you're constructing a much healthier relationship than canon; how does that work out? you always have the best meta about how people work as people, as directly opposed to george lucas's complete lack of comprehension of how real life human emotions work (exhibit a: "my heart is beating... hoping that kiss will not become a scar") and i'm really curious!

Hey now, be fair! Anakin’s dreadful lines in canon would actually work really well…if they were just delivered in a completely different tone.

Like, “My heart is beating… hoping that kiss will not become a scar” as said in the film is painfully melodramatic and ridiculous. But the same line delivered deadpan? Hilarious. Or said with dramatic flair while throwing a hand over his brow and swooning backward over the arm of the couch? Amazing.

What I’m saying is the dialogue as is actually could have been really cute and funny if it just…didn’t take itself seriously. You missed such an opportunity there, George.

tl;dr: Let Anakin be a dweeb.

But I’m supposed to be talking about Anabasis. And as this is probably gonna get long, here’s a cut.

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what do you think of Fitz downloading AIDA?

My feelings on the matter are complicated. I am disappointed and upset to see that he’s not telling Jemma about it. However, I also wish that she would have agreed to work with him on it. If they did, I feel that they would have figured out Radcliffe’s plan this episode.

While I think people are generally categorically placing Fitz in the wrong here, I do think it’s more nuanced than that. He is trying to do a good thing. He wants to know what went wrong in order to prevent something like this from happening again. If you recall, Fitz also designed Coulson’s hand. If things he are building are going wrong, he does want to know why. I think it’s valid concern. Is there a lot of risk involved? Of course. This could backfire spectacularly. Or, he could figure out what Radcliffe is up to.

While I do think that Jemma is right to say that LMDs shouldn’t be built, I do think her reaction in wanting to table it is also emotional, just like his desire to find out what went wrong. I think she’s afraid of what happened, upset about Nathanson’s death, and by tabling LMDs, it’s easier to resolve her feelings on the matter.

I do think that the best solution would have been if they took a look together to see what went wrong. Not to build another AIDA (which is why I think Jemma is rejecting Fitz’s suggestion, because she thinks that is the intent), but to figure out the problem. And that would untangle Radcliffe’s plot a lot faster. 

(Also, if I were them, I would personally be dying to know if something could really give robots sentience. Imagine being on the cusp of that kind of discovery?)

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What're you like in a relationship?

I’m your best friend.
I’m the person you’ll never have to worry about wandering off and abandoning you for something “better”.
If I’m with you, I only have eyes for you and everything else is just white noise.
I am an endless sea of support, so when you have a bad day you can sink into me like I’m the embodiment of relief.
I’ll make you tea and let my fingertips trace along the contours of your body to chase away any darkness stirring in you.
I’ll sing to you until you feel like the sun will rise once more and you’ll keep trying.. Because it will and you can.
You can do anything and I’ll be right by your side to face whatever comes.
I’m laughter and car rides with the windows down, singing at the top of my lungs.
I’m hand holding and cups of coffee while we wander around bookstores, or the mall, or down the street.
I’m nights of us drinking too much whiskey, playing games of pool in smoky bars, sexual tension building and heated eye contact.
Then going home and shedding layers of that little black dress you’re so fond of and lingerie, before fucking until every inch of your body is ingrained into my mind.
Pancakes on Sunday mornings while records play and snuggle sessions in your shirts that are too big for me and over-the-knee socks.
Hiking, traveling, video game sessions, watching hockey and baseball and football (I’ll watch basketball with you if you really want, just not my favorite), deep conversations at 3 AM, sarcasm and witty banter, movie marathons, torturing you with puns and dad jokes and also all of the things I’m a complete nerd over, sending you saucy photos when you least expect it.
I’ll fight tooth and nail for you, for us, and sometimes that means fighting between us.
But it also means that again, I won’t abandon you, so we’ll talk it out even if it’s not easy.
It means the passion and excitement of an adventure balanced with the safety and comfort of home.
The person you can (highly encouraged) act as weird as you want to in front of, who still wants to get naked with you.
Always. My sex drive is out of control.
Come together as a team. Compiled of two humans who are completely whole on their own, doing this because they love each other.
It means taking the time and effort to get to know me, gain my trust, show me that I’m making a solid choice in giving my heart to you.
I’ll do the same for you.
Nights of you going out with your friends and me hoping you have a good time. Never giving you a third degree of who is there or expecting you to be glued to your phone texting me all night.
Having that be mutual.
I want you to have the best things in life.
Whether they include me or not.
It takes a lot for me to be convinced that a relationship is a good idea, I’ve had my heart broken more than a few times.
It means you seeing all of me, not the version people like to create in their heads. Not me as someone’s manic-pixie-dream-girl.
I’m not entirely all good, nor am I entirely all bad.
It’s knocking down all of the various walls I have built up around myself for protection. Then finally breaking those down to discover more.
I’m not good at being vulnerable.
It’s nights of anxiety that make my head spin and the silence of depression that makes you wonder where I retreated off to when you look into my eyes.
But it’s okay, just coax me to come back to bed.
Leave the light on for me and I will always find my way home to you.
I am love.

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i mean i suspected this right when tfp aired... because i'm kinda a huge casual fan and only few months ago stumbled into the m theory and it was like opening my eyes and i loved it but it's so recent that i'm not like Super invested in this love story so i was able to move from anger and disbelief and sadness to rationalizing a lot quicker and this is instantly what i thought, that they want to shock the whole nation and we're just gonna have to be a sad casualty there but eventually right....

very good. thanks for sharing your perspective