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“It’s crazy how sometimes your life can change in a flash, and all the things you were blind to or refuse to admit are suddenly staring you right in the face. And just like that, everything suddenly falls into place… Even if it’s not the way you thought it would…

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For your prompt game, altho only if it appeals: maybe a ficlet (or meta or something) about Sam and the fact that Mary sold him out to Azazel?? This bugs me a lot (how and when does Sam find out? I can't remember it being addressed).

I’m going to write this building off of with a conversation from in Metamorphosis.

for the-megalosaurus


“It’s just,” Sam said shaking his head. “Our parents, and now we find out our grandparents too? Our whole family murdered and for what? So Yellow Eyes could get in my nursery and bleed in my mouth?" 

Dean’s eyes narrowed at his brother. “I never said anything about demon blood.” His voice is low and serious.

Sam’s face fell, realizing his error. Dread washed over him. This was the last conversation he wanted to have right now, especially after the fit Dean threw about Ruby. 

"You knew about that?” continued Dean, with a tone of betrayal.

“Yeah. For about a year." 

Dean scoffed. It grated on Sam’s nerve.

This wasn’t something about Dean, it was about him. Why did Dean feel entitled to this information? So he could have stared at Sam like he was a freak for longer than just the past few weeks? What, did Dean wish he would have known sooner so he could get a jump on treating Sam differently? Sam had a pretty good reason to keep the nursery story from Dean, and Dean was only proving the reason was accurate. 

"So, when you went back, you saw the demon blood thing, too, then?” Sam inquired, his tone accusatory. 

Dean faltered. “Yeah,” he replied. “Yeah I did.”

“But you didn’t mention it to me.” Sam’s face became stony. “Were you just not going to mention that to me?”

"What is this?” Dean demanded. “We just established you already knew about it and kept it from me!”

"But you didn’t know that, Dean!” Sam raised his voice in frustration. “If I hadn’t slipped up would you have just kept that part of your time in the past to yourself? More info about me that you keep secret, like when Dad told you that you may have to ice me?”

Dean only glared back in response. 

“I’m sorry I held out on you, but you do the same thing to me. And it’s worse because it’s stuff about me, Dean.”

Dean’s face softened only slightly. 

"What else did you see when Castiel sent you back?”

“What?” Dean shuffled on his feet, uncomfortably. 

“What else did you see?” Sam demanded. “Tell me everything.”


"I can tell there’s something else!”

Dean blew out a sigh. “I saw,” he began, scratching his hand absent-mindedly across the back of his head, something Sam knew Dean only did when he was really upset by something. “I saw Mom with Yellow Eyes.”


“And she… she kissed him.”


“Dad was dead! I got there too late to stop anything, and before I knew it…”

“She.. she was making a deal?”

Dean nodded solemnly. ”The angel —Castiel, whatever— said we need to know why that bastard did what he did to you, so I needed to see her make the deal.”

Sam suddenly felt very sick. His father died, his mother brought him back by making a deal, and what was the leverage? Was it Sam? It couldn’t have been. She couldn’t have sold her own son, could she?

His whole life Sam had always felt like a freak, like there was something off about him, and when he met Yellow Eyes he thought he at least understood why. He had a face and voice to blame for the oddness in his bones, and the face was evil. When Yellow Eyes had finally been put down, he thought he was finally able to lay the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ and bitterness and resentment to rest. He had gotten revenge and they had sent him, the thing that preyed on him when he was a baby and ruined any chance Sam had at a normla life, to his death and in that he felt some form of peace.

But this? Did it undo it all, knowing that it was his own mother who allowed this to happen to him, the face of nothing evil, but of the woman he never knew but always thought of almost like an angel?


Sam blinked as he came out of his own thoughts, glassy eyes focusing back on Dean. 

“You okay?”

“No,” he replied softly.

“Damnit, I knew I shouldn’t have told you!”

“Yes, Dean, you should have,” returned Sam, sternly. “I don’t want to live in the dark. About what happened to me…” Sam trailed off, sadly. 

“Sam, she didn’t know it was you,” Dean pleaded. “That son of a bitch didn’t even specify what he was bargaining with. And Dad was lying there in her arms! It was a bum rap in every way.”

Sam bit his bottom lip and nodded.

That’s always how these things tended to happen in the Winchester family. 

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Hi Vinnie! I was wondering how you drew Gabe and Sam's hair, I've been trying and I can't get it right...

hey hey! :DD haha i don’t know if i even have Sam and Gabe’s hair right, buttt i will try to explain how i draw themmm

Sam’s hair is a menace and has a lot of different styles, I like to draw my Sams at Maximum Fluff™ so there’s a lot of exaggeration in his hair lmao i usually start of with generic sketch of his head shape and Sammy’s cute face uwu

I draw the hairline in first, Sam’s sideburns just reach his earlobe
Sam’s hair also has fabulous volume so I start with the inner corner of his fringe
just to the side of his widow’s peak ending it at the top of the arch of his ear

I then kinda follow the line of his scalp and flick his hair outwards once i get past his ear
the rest of the his hair is flicked towards him so it looks poofy C: in reality Sam doesn’t have much of a side fringe it’s more parted slightly in the middle so sometimes I draw him like this:

but i very much prefer poofy sam uwu

For Gabe it’s relatively the same in drawing the hairline in, his sideburns stop around halfway down his ear

I draw Gabe with three partings in the front just to make things a little easier because im /terrible/ with slick back hair and it doesn’t work in my style ;w;
so the blue parting is slicked back from the front of his hair line and then you have his green and orange side partings that kinda resembles how Sam’s hair is parted

following the scalp i make his hair a bit closer to his neck and unlike Sam I flick the hair towards him first then outwards

anddddd that’s how i draw them lmao sorry if this is such a vague explanation it’s hard to describe something that i mostly do by muscle memory now haha

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Steve coming back from a mission, broke down and bone tired, to see Sam doing something arbitrary like folding laundry or feeding their cat. He looks up when he hears Steve come and smiles. "Hey glad to see you back! Want anything special for dinner." Steve doesn't say anything back, just looks Sam over like he can't get enough -"What's wrong? You forget how pretty I am while you were away?" Sam jokes. "No. I didn't forget." Steve says softly. "I could never forget." Sorry for raiding your inbox

P L E A S E  oh god steve probably hugs him from behind and buries his face into sam’s shoulder and just. breathes him in. sam is startled by it for a moment, but he knows what steve’s feeling right now, so he just presses his hands on top of steve’s and leans back against him and hums softly. it’s soothing, though tuneless, and the two of them stand there for a while and just breathe

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Imagine Bucky buying all the Captain America merchandise. And even though the Avengers assume he's doing it ironically he really just can't help but think pre-serum Steve would have gotten a kick out of this junk. I mean they've have his face just right and everything.

“This is getting out of hand,” Sam announces.

Bucky looks up from where he’s arranging his new Captain America salt and pepper shakers on the little shelf over the oven and grins. “You’re just jealous because we’re not furnishing the apartment with your face.”

Sam crosses his arms, indignant. “The hell I am. If you tried to stick my face everywhere I’d kick you out, Steve or no Steve.”

“Like you could resist his puppy eyes.” Bucky finally seems satisfied with the placement of the frankly garish shakers and lets them be, sidling over to Sam to lean up and give him a kiss on the cheek. Sam remains unmoved.

“Seriously, though, why?” There’s a plaintive note creeping into his voice- probably from Bucky’s continued refusal to stick to his scheme of decorating the apartment in a manner befitting the three adult men who live there. “You can’t possibly like that shit. And even if you did, don’t we get enough of it out there?” He waves his hand at the window, though he means more than just the slice of Brooklyn visible through the open blinds- the whole world knows them, it seems sometimes, but only as Captain America and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He wants a place to be Steve and Sam and Bucky for once.

Bucky watches his face for a minute, probably following his thoughts fairly accurately on it. “It reminds me of the old Steve,” he explains, serious now that he can tell Sam is. “Little Steve. It woulda driven him nuts, but he woulda secretly loved it, too. Everyone knows his face- even the shitty dollar store stuff looks just like him.”

For all that they’re happy now, for all the amazing recovery Bucky’s made and the way the three of them fit together like a glued-together vase, chipped but whole… Steve still does things sometimes, consciously or not, that Sam knows are his way of searching for some part of the old Bucky. He just hadn’t realized until now that Bucky does the same thing, reaching unconsciously for the old friend he barely remembers inside the lover with the same face and the world’s weight on shoulders now strong enough to bear it.

“Does it bother you?” Bucky asks curiously. “I can put them away.”

Knowing he’s beat, Sam shakes his head ruefully. “They’re fine.” He pauses. “I saw a Falcon throw pillow at Target the other day,” he says thoughtfully. 

Bucky’s laughter tells him that some small sacrifices are well worth making.