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Fic: Ropery

[Sam/Max Banes | M | 4k]

Sam steps toward Max with his hands raised out in front of him. His eyes are very wide. “Max,” he says. “Stop. Put the knife down.”

A/N: This is a coda of sorts, going AU from the last scene of 12x20. It is not a fix-it. All complaints may be directed to @themegalosaurus, who encouraged me to write this and then convinced me to post it.

He’s standing over Alicia with the ring and the knife when the doorknob rattles and the door swings wide. Sam and Dean crowd through the doorway into the bedroom.

Sam says, “Don’t.”

Alicia is so pale and cold on the bed and Max feels the overwhelming need to put himself in front of her, block her from view. The husk of twigs and rope is left unguarded behind him.

Dean’s hand goes to his belt, where he keeps his gun. Max is still holding the knife.

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Deal with the Devil

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They say the devil comes in all shapes and forms; you just never expected him to look like this.

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