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The normally happy go-lucky, easy minded Mikey full of rage.
Over you.
You are in danger and you watch how he so drastically changes.

His bright eyes darken, a sea pool smoked. His shoulders raised and broadened and his teeth bared.
There is something about the way he walked so steadily into battle- for you- that just made you feel so damn special.
He is roaring, he is powerfully enraged over the thought that you might be hurt.
He left no body unbroken, no scream unspoken.
When he gets to you finally, a deeper version of his voice promises you something special.

“I’m going to be here for you, always.”

when u overhear someone talking about kidney function

and they say it’s a right not a privilege

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can i request some beach day headcanons with hanzo and his s/o?? lmao the heat in california is killing me rn and i'm loving the writing you've been putting out already and tbh bless up and thank you for making this blog! thank you and hope you're having a nice day/evening/night!

what a peach you are, anon! thank you! c:


  • he’s surprisingly adamant about sunscreen (and water intake, tbh)
  • definitely packed some snacks cause one will get hungry at the beach after a while
  • he likes the water a lot
  • internally screams when touched by seaweed though
  • looks like a dreamy merman walking out of the water cause can you imagine
  • he’s got that nice body and long hair that shines really prettily in the (hot af) sun and he just looks like something straight out of a cheesy romance movie or something
  • definitely needs help from s/o to put on sunscreen tbh i don’t see him as able to reach his back very well
  • will help his s/o if they need asisstance with sunscreen (likely won’t try anything fresh with them)
  • gladly plays in the water with his s/o cause he loves to swim
  • if his s/o can’t swim very well he’ll hang around them close in the water 
  • if his s/o can’t swim at all he won’t swim and he’ll hang around with them, help them find seashells and build sandcastles
  • if his s/o swims well he’ll probably race them playfully
  • if they win he rewards them with a kiss and vice versa (though he may be a little grumpy if he loses)
  • after they’re tuckered out swimming, building sandcastles, and finding seashells he’ll lay out on towels with them and sun dry
  • he may read a book if he brought one (he’ll probably fall asleep with it on his face)
  • if they stay until it starts getting dark he’ll stargaze with them!