((is this even funny))

Me handing in my senior quote:
  • Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5Zedh_5DDM&feature=share
  • My teacher: "Veronica.this is a link to a Kpop M/V"
  • Me: ..."MONSTA X needs their first win fam"
  • My teacher: ...

Saeyoung: Come ON, don’t say you don’t want one!

Zen: Dude-

Saeyoung: You cannot possibly tell me it’s not adorable.

Zen: DUDE-

Saeyoung: I’m getting it!


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I miss julian the poor bby i hope hes been hibernating throughout this whole chapter

ME TOOOOO I miss him SOOOO MUCH!!! 😭💔 Why have I done this to myself you??? This must be like how Landon felt, freshman-junior year of high school, without Julian—– JK JK LOLOL HAHA sorry that’s not even funny it’s just sad.. anyway.. I probably shouldn’t say when he’ll be back, right? 🐰 Well, it’s soon!!! And then I’ll never let him go ever again…………… ☠️👻

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Even if Harry followed those accounts himself, i dont think he noticed they were antis because their bios and urls dont indicate it and they were tweeting exciting tweets about Harry's new album and they replied to Harry's tweet likes so maybe he followed the first without checking if they were antis or not ya know?, and he followed 5, not all of them are antis! X

Yeah… it’s just follows 

A quick observation about Shiro and the Black Lion’s bonding moment in the S2 finale: right before Shiro retrieves his bayard from Zarkon, there’s a montage of images showing us how closely he and Black have bonded. It’s all memories of their time together, and most of it’s pretty standard stuff that you’d expect, depicting their close relationship over two seasons.

There’s Black rescuing Shiro from robeasts and dino-dogs:

Black rescuing Shiro on the astral plane when they fought Zarkon together:

Flying together - pretty sure this is from the nosedive exercise, the first time they really bonded:

But… one of the memories is… a bit different:

You guys. You guys. The Black Lion remembered the time they made a Voltron cheer-pyramid and Shiro said “and I’ll form the head”. This is one of their important bonding moments. THIS NONSENSE RIGHT HERE is something the Black Lion (and possibly also Shiro) fondly looks back on as a time they bonded.

Like… how funny must this have seemed from the Black Lion’s point of view? Imagine Black standing on top of the cheerleader pyramid laughing uncontrollably to herself in whatever language giant robot lions speak.

Shiro: “Is everyone bonding and focusing?”

Black Lion: “I love you but this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done.”


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