((im attracted to him now)

Dad 76 wearing an aloha shirt is my aesthetic tbh

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ok, u kno wat. fuk u. i want to do the nasty with a fuCKING old ass pickle man bc of this blog. i feel DIIISGUSTINNG bc now im aTTRACTED to him. i can't stop thinking about his tongue. i can't stop thinking about this blog. i can't stop thinking about murdoc faust niccals and it's all because of you. i don't know if i wanna thank you for sexually awakening me or if i wanna punch you. fuck.

Hello welcome to your sweet pitiful demise of wanting to get dicked down by the only real daddy

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you know i feel like Adam Driver is one of those people who you have to look at a couple of times with interest to realize that he’s actually good looking in a weird sort of way. and then when you see it you cant unsee it. so now every time i see a text post saying that he’s ugly or something it doesn’t even phase me cause i literally cant unsee that man’s beauty. its like, at the beginning i would see some pictures of him and just find them odd or weird at certain angles. now im more attracted to the weird pictures of him that maybe aren’t the most flattering to some but they’re the most interesting and captivating to me.