((if you don't ship it disregard it))

I think what annoys me most about the ‘Hermione deserves better than Ron’ argument (aside from the obvious and blatant vilification of Ron, of course) is the fact that it completely disregards Hermione’s right to choose.

Hermione chose to start a relationship with Ron. She chose to date him, she chose to marry him, and she chose to have kids with him. She may not have chosen to fall in love with him, but she definitely chose everything that happened after.

By saying ‘she deserves better’ you’re implying that she made the wrong choice. That she doesn’t know what’s best for her. She doesn’t know what she wants. (Alternatively, you could just be saying you don’t really care for her choice, which is- well.) And aside from being just a tad misogynistic, it also takes her character’s agency away.

TL;DR Hermione doesn’t deserve ‘better’ than Ron. You know what Hermione does deserve? She deserves the right to choose. And she chose Ron.

if you intend to woobify my muses or disregard the danger they pose as people with superhuman powers or highly-trained skillsets, you are not welcome here.

if you intend to use my muses as instruments for your muse’s trauma or plot with no regard for my or my muses’ thoughts, you are not welcome here.

if you intend to use my muses essentially as a living dildo/fleshlight or to fulfill some perfect shipping scenario without considering my input, you are not welcome here.

if you intend to collect my muses SOLELY for their face claims, because they would ‘look good’ with your muse or just because you as a mun find them attractive, you are not welcome here.

i will not allow my muses to be USED. i want to explore and develop just as anyone else does, without fear of being shoved into a role that my character cannot possibly live up to. that is what fanfic is for, folks. roleplay is COLLABORATIVE.

goddamn it I just wish people would fucking respect Jenna and stop erasing her completely from Tyler’s life. like Jesus fucking Christ I get why you ship Joshler but fuck would you please stop disrespecting Jenna???? Tyler and Jenna are married and they have been for a while so calm the fuck down and stop disregarding Jenna completely holy shit

People disregard canon to prop up their ship because they’re insecure about it and they want to spread that insecurity.

People hijack posts about one ship to say that their ship is better because they’re insecure about it and they want to spread that insecurity.

People insult entire shipping populaces because they’re insecure about their ship and they want to spread that insecurity.

People tag things wrong because they’re insecure about their position and they want to spread that insecurity. 

Getting angry and responding doesn’t invalidate your position, but it does make them think that their “strategy” is working. 

there is just one thing I’d like to remind you all: negativity, harassment and hatred have never accomplished anything wonderful. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) if you can, be kind to each other. the world is already rough enough as it is.

some thoughts on lexa hate

Listen up kiddos bc I’m super fucking heated and about to lay some fresh knowledge on you. I get it, people don’t ship Clexa. Am I cool with it? Hell yes. ship who you want, see if I care. BUT, don’t fucking disregard Lexa as a character or try as hard as you can to make her out to be the “bad guy”. Because, guess what? They were in the middle of WAR. And lemme tell you something, there’s no such thing as “good people” in war. And honestly, there’s no inherently good characters on the 100. There are only characters who are doing their best to protect their people.

Now there’s the biggest issue of whether Clarke should actually forgive Lexa. Bc after all, she didn’t forgive Finn. And she didn’t forgive Wells until she found out that he wasn’t the one who got her dad killed. Right? Wrong. She absolutely did forgive Finn. In fact, not only did she forgive Finn, she tried to protect him even though it meant not coming to peace with the Grounders. Also, she thought Wells got her dad murdered. Like, directly murdered. And that’s not even close to what happened with Lexa. Lexa did what she had to in order to get her people out alive. The Mountain Men had killed or transformed hundreds if not thousands of Grounders. Choosing to side with Clarke and risking the lives of who knows how many more Grounders when she could take her people out alive was the smart thing. She made the decision that any good leader would have. She chose the lives of her people over the lives of Clarke’s. And don’t even try to say that Clarke wouldn’t have done the exact same thing because the very next episode, Clarke chose the lives of her people over the lives of the Mountain Men.

Then there are people saying that Lexa killed members of the Skaikru. I’m honestly so confused because I don’t remember her killing anyone? Are they talking about the 300 warriors that Lexa sent to kill the people who had dropped out of the sky and into their territory armed with the same weapons as the Mountain Men (the #1 enemy of the Grounders). Or is it possible they’re referring to Finn? I’m sorry, was his death not justified? Should he have killed 18 innocent people bc he had a “feeling” that Clarke was being held hostage in their village or something? Oh wait, that’s exactly what he did. Also wasn’t the Skaikru ready to kill Murphy for killing or indirectly killing like 1 person

Now imma address some complaints people make about Lexa 2 episodes into season 3. (spoilers from 3x01-3x03 trailer)

Most recently, people have been comparing Bellamy and Clarke’s meeting to Lexa and Clarke’s in ep 3x02. first, there’s the whole Bellamy went out to find Clarke and got down on his knees to rescue her while Lexa sent a bounty hunter go out to look for her and then made her kneel down in front of her. look guys, homegirl Griffy was over here tied to a fucking post when Bellamy found her, obviously he’s gonna get down to her level if they want to have a secret whisper sesh and not attract Roan’s attention. Also, Lexa didn’t even make Clarke kneel? Like where are you getting this from? Roan pushed her down and Lexa immediately dismissed everyone and pulled Clarke to her feet before taking out her gag. secondly, did we forget that Lexa leads all the grounders? is that something we’re choosing to ignore? Bc ya’ll seem to think Lexa has time to go traipsing through the woods to find her lost love. Lemma tell you something, if you were trying to keep peace between 12 clans and another outside party (the Skaikru), you wouldn’t be able to disappear for a week or two to go find your lady love. Lexa’s not stupid. Which is why she sends a bounty hunter. She knows that he’ll be able to return Clarke, and she knows that what she has to offer him will make sure he returns her alive. 

Then there’s complaining that Lexa saying “there is a war brewing. I need you” proves that Lexa only wants Clarke for selfish, ulterior motives. Listen up people, idk who taught you how to analyze characters bc they fucked up real bad. Honestly, that line means diddly-squat. LEXA IS THE LEADER OF 12 CLANS. EVERYTHING LEXA DOES SHE DOES WITH THE THREAT OF WAR LOOMING OVER HER HEAD. Do you really think that Lexi-Lex had Griffy-Griff dragged all the way to Polis just because she has some shady shit going on that she needs Clarke’s help with? No, sorry. Listen up peeps, Lexa’s people come first. Always. She will choose them over her own personal feelings any day. They are the absolute #1 to her. So what does Lexa do, she asks Clarke to become one with Lexa’s people. Not only that, she asks Clarke to make her people one with the grounders. I’m sorry, but if this doesn’t scream “I CARE ABOUT CLARKE” in your face, then I don’t know what does. She is asking Clarke to bring her people into a position where they will also be #1 in Lexa’s life. Do you know what that means? It means Lexa won’t have to make ultimatum deals like she did in the end of season 2. So I’m sorry, you guys are right. Lexa does have ulterior motives and they’re LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE AND PEACE AND LOVE AND DID I SAY LOVE. 

Okay last issue from season 3; and listen up guys bc this is my absolute favorite. Ready? Okay. Lexa broke her promise to un-banish Roan which means she cannot be trusted. First of all, Roan is the son of the Ice Queen. What nation was it that killed Costia, Lexa’s first love? Was it…..was it the Ice Nation? Hmmmm…..yeah, yeah it was. It was the Ice Nation. Now listen here folks bc Lexa banished him for a reason, and I firmly believe that reason was because he was one who killed and tortured Costia. That is high treason people. Murdering the Commander’s girlfriend in an attempt to learn her secrets and overthrow her. That is definitely a very high treason. One that is worthy of banishment or death in my opinion. But lets be honest, if Lexa had killed Roan the Coalition would have fallen to pieces and the Ice Nation probably would have seceded.