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Marvel: Steve and Bucky? They’re just friends, totally platonic.
Me: You had Steve become more than a glorified salesman to rescue Bucky, you had him become The First Avenger™ so he could avenge Bucky’s death, Bucky broke through the brainwashing of Hydra after hearing Steve say a phrase that sounds a lot like a wedding vow, Steve literally pulled a helicopter out of the sky with his own two hands to rescue Bucky, you’ve on multiple times had parallels between the two and canon pairings, and more than once shown them willing to die for each other.

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Umm if you dont mind .. ' Could you also make a montage of all the official MikoRei && SaruMi official art ' you did for that one anon ? and I wanna hear your thoughts about it :D but if you don't like the pairings please disregard this thank you :)


I actually love these ships too <3

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I just had a quick question obviously you don't have to answer if you don't want to I just wanted to know your honest opinion on why you believe taekook is real. I don't mean to be rude in any way I'm just confused I just want to know what I'm missing or what I don't see. I want to have all the pieces of the puzzle I guess.

Hello! Don’t worry, i don’t find the question rude at all. I’m actually glad that someone is interested to know about my angels, Taekook. It feels nice. :”>

Taekook, for me, is a ship that is not just a ship. It’s a relationship that even if some may want to disregard or deny cannot, because of how pure and open they are in showing their care for each other. Pure, in a way that you’ll feel your heart bursting in happiness whenever you see them truly comfortable and blissful in each other’s presence. It’s undeniable. And the fact that they don’t actually put an effort to hide it is sometimes overwhelming. 

I ship them romantically because the things they do reminds me of a couple; a couple who regard each other as their most important person in the world. Many will say that i’m just saying this because i am biased, but no. Taekook totally remind me of my own 7 years and counting relationship. It’s been that long, but there was never a day that we won’t remind ourselves of how proud and in love we are in each other. There might be days that we will lack time, but the reassuring thought that he also misses me as much as i do is enough. 

Playful, yet calm. Open, yet quiet. Comforting, yet heavy.
Taekook is the epitome of a relationship that some people would want. And i know my fellow taekook stans would agree. 

Seeing those heartwarming smiles that they sometimes try so hard to hide for it will give away too much.
Seeing their eyes sparkle whenever they look at the other like they were the luckiest person.

For me, it’s enough to hold onto. 

goddamn it I just wish people would fucking respect Jenna and stop erasing her completely from Tyler’s life. like Jesus fucking Christ I get why you ship Joshler but fuck would you please stop disrespecting Jenna???? Tyler and Jenna are married and they have been for a while so calm the fuck down and stop disregarding Jenna completely holy shit

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I mean, I understand where your come from, but u have to admit, Malia is doing such a gross thing. I don't know you, but I would never fuck my best friend boyfriend, even if she was not around anymore. Like, okay, Malia do deserves to be happy, but do her happy have to be with her best friend boyfriend?

Oh my god please tell me you’re actually joking anon. Please…

Okay Malia and Scott getting together is rushed and out of nowhere but you know who is to blame for that? Jeff Davis. He’s the one who left Kira out and basically gave a middle finger to Arden Cho.

But guess what? If Lydia and Stiles weren’t such shitty friends to begin with none of it would be happening in the first place. Lydia is the one who stole Stiles away from Malia because she got some stupid idea in her head that she loved him. She completely disregarded her supposed best friend’s feelings for a boy. Don’t see you calling her out on it or saying what she’s doing is gross and messed up.

Malia is an amazing character with outstanding development who has been treated so unfairly by the writers and fandom. Scalia is not a ship that I’ve been crazy about ( because yeah it is shitty towards kira and scira ) but if it gives Malia a chance to be happy then so be it.

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So I've noticed that makorra seems to be hated more than zutara. Why do you think that? Personally I don't ship makorra, I'm more of zutara and korrasami shipper. But often I see people compare makorra to zutara so I wonder why people don't seem to like it that much. I don't hate the ship either but I'm just curious

I believe it is because Bryke used Makorra as ‘proof’ that Zutara would never work. They took a beautiful ship and mocked it, by making Mako and Korra fight and bicker constantly. It was not only a contradiction of Mako and Korra as friends, it also displayed a blatant disregard for the wholesome, supportive, respectful relationship between Zuko and Katara. That’s why it’s hated. 

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So I'm assuming you don't ship Snily?

No. I love the Snape’s memory plot twist, storyline. I think it’s brilliantly done. I also love Snape as a character. 

But within the series, I don’t like him. People hate James Potter for bullying Snape when they were both children… but then we have Snape, a full grown adult, actively bullying STUDENTS for seven books. COME ON. There’s so much hypocrisy and blatant disregard for canon when it comes to idolizing Snape and hating James. 

Also… I’m ride or die Jily. It’s one of my favorite ships. 

okay, just to clear things up

i don’t like the force awakens very much. i’m not really a star wars fan. i didn’t much care for finn, rey, or poe, mostly cuz i just didn’t like the movie. kylo ren was the only character i liked 


the moment i see people try to ship rey, finn, or poe with their abuser, or try to villainize finn, or disregard poe, or reduce rey to just being the love interest to the whiny, entitled white man and only exists to fix his broken heart, it makes me want to fight everyone who dares to hurt them

i love ren and i have problems with the entirety of the movie

but you are NOT going to touch any of them, AND ESPECIALLY NOT MY GIRL

there is just one thing I’d like to remind you all: negativity, harassment and hatred have never accomplished anything wonderful. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) if you can, be kind to each other. the world is already rough enough as it is.

Keith & Allura talk it out, hug & have a warm moment
  • me: oh nice this is cute ship it <3
  • anti: this ship is so disgusting hetero shit if you ship it you must be straight tm you can't want this ship as canon because it's hetero you are disregarding lgbt if you do that means you are queerphobic
  • me: Oh well... I guess bi and pan aren't lgbt or real. They don't exist. I don't exist. We don't exist :|

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lmao ivy is nowhere near as abusive to harley as the joker. their entire relationship is based on mutual friendship and the premise of ivy SAVING harley and nurturing her. yeah they're all villains and violent but the whole point is harley is the only human that she doesnt treat with callous disregard. theyre always written as equals. please don't use the tag for that kind of stuff, its not very nice

i’m sorry, what? perhaps you don’t understand - i LIKE harley/ivy. i ship it. i’m all for it. just because i prefer harley/ivy to be more than just mushy fluff doesn’t mean i’m…what? disrespecting the ship?

yes, ivy does “save” and nurture harley, but it’s still messed up. if anyone truly wanted harley to get better, they’d get her medical help. like joker, ivy is egotistical and she gets the validation she wants from harley. she can’t let harley go. ivy hates joker not only for abusing harley, but because harley still wants him. ivy wants harley to be hers. (i’m aware that ivy is supportive of harley being poly. she always has been. ivy doesn’t care about other lovers, but she cares about the joker because he was the only one harley prioritized over her. it’s a curious mix of pride, jealousy, concern, love…)

ivy genuinely loves harley, but it’s not “normal”. it doesn’t have to be. that’s my point. harley/ivy is wonderfully complex, like joker/harley (which, btw, is mutually loving as well). it’s a shame to see it depicted just like any other ship.

harley is special to her, yes. but i’d much rather see ivy struggle to come to terms with that, to go back and forth between unabashedly doting on harley & pushing her away because of her ego (or because she gets tired of interaction & wants to be alone). to me, it’s a lot more believable than having ivy give zero fucks about everyone else but act like a perfect girlfriend.

just because ivy isn’t as abusive as the joker doesn’t make it healthy. since you’re anon, i’ll tag this so you can see. forgive me if i’m wrong, but the tags are for discussion. i’m not even posting any hate towards the ship??? is it wrong to be disappointed w/ how it’s written because i want better characterization? it’s perfectly fine if you prefer the cotton candy sweetness of their relationship in harley’s ongoing, but please don’t imply that i have to feel the same way.

hameowlton replied to your post: Shinsenvember .07 “The Tokaido”

i dont know if it was intentional but every line in this was so incredibly gay i love it

I AM GLAD YOU LIKED IT. Hijikata/Kondou has a lot of potential tbh. The whole dynamic of Kondou-Hijikata-Souji is a mixture of familiarity/rivalry/support and that’s what I love about it

If Touka replaces Hide at the Antieku raid, I’m done. I’m done defending her character, I’m done liking her.

The sewer scene is so iconic because it shows nothing but pure acceptance from Hide’s part, despite the fact that Kaneki thinks Hide will consider him a monster! Infact, that scene gives Kaneki and extreme amount of humnaity, because Kaneki believes that he’s lost his humanity. Hide saying “none of that matters”, is not only a testament of his friendship, but a huge parallel to the manager and Ukina’s relationship, which simply cannot even begin to reach that much importance if Hide is replaced by Touka.

The anime/manga revolves around the fact that Kaneki wants to keep those who can get hurt, safe. Yes, I know he mentions Touka, Hinami and everyone else, but he’s really talking about Hide. Keep in mind, they are ghouls, and it’s safe to say that Touka and Hinami are protected.

Hide is a human, and gets into danger…he NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED.

Also, the sewer incident shows that Hide is the only one who can calm down Kaneki and he is human at that. That scene just means so much about humanity, love and acceptance and if studio Pierrot decides to fuck it over….

I’m tired of this forced Touken!

The series is based off of the balance of Kaneki and Hide’s relationship and the hope that ghouls and humans can get along!

I like Touka, I want to like her, but if Pierrot messes up this badly, just for Touken service, then it shows how  much they disregarded and disrespected Ishida-Sensei’s original plot.

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Erwin/Mikasa (I'm not sure if you ship them. if you don't ship them, then please disregard this message)

I actually answered one for something I didn’t ship myself because I tell myself to be open minded and I didn’t mind it too much at all but that’s not the case with this ship because I do ship it. I do

You know who else does? beautiful-illusion-wonder, fumogena, i-really-heichou and attackonyeager.

I don’t know who else does but praise

who cooks normally?

Canonverse? I’d think Mikasa. Modern AU? I don’t really think either of them do. A little fanciful but I picture them really well off and having a cook and people who drive them everywhere—but on weekends they dismiss the housekeepers to have the entire house to themselves. They spend Sunday/Saturday mornings making a breakfast much too large for just the two of them. Mikasa walks around only wearing one of Erwin’s shirts and Erwin’s shirtless and usually the food and newspaper are forgotten pretty quickly because one minute Mikasa has syrup on her bottom lip and the next Erwin’s lifting her onto the table.

how often do they fight?

Not at all, I don’t think. They’re both workaholics and sometimes they don’t spend as much time as they’d like to together but work is work and it’s what they thrive off of.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?

Work harder? Probably pull all nighters, don’t get much sleep and survive off coffee—and when they’re finally reunited it’s like they can breathe again and maybe taking a day off to sleep in together wouldn’t be so bad.

nicknames for each other?

Erwin probably calls her sweet heart—he just seems like the type.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?

Erwin. Mikasa pays for her own things, of course—but Erwin always calls ahead and places everything on his card, always makes sure the waiter gives her a menu without prices and Mikasa is always kind of amused at how meticulous he is.

who steals the covers at night?

Mikasa. She doesn’t really like big beds, doesn’t like feeling all that space around her and Erwin’s bed is huge—she has a habit of rolling up in the blankets and pressing against the wall if she can. Erwin notices how much she needs to feel surrounded when they sleep and—after she’s done her cocooning thing—slips an arm under her and pulls her against his chest. (It’s the only way he gets even a little of the blankets)

what would they get each other for gifts?

Mikasa gets Erwin an Armani suit fresh off the runway because she needs to see it on him, she’ll never say it aloud but no one looks better in a suit than Erwin does. It’s incredibly expensive and it feels cool and soft on his skin and he lets her help him put it on when they first get it and she keeps running her fingers over his chest and up his stomach and the suit ends up a crumpled mess on the ground anyway.

Erwin has this thing for jewelry? He loves seeing the way the jewels glitter over her chest and collarbones, the way they drape over her wrist—mostly he gets her earrings because she’ll put her hair up that way. Something about her neck being exposed makes his throat a bit tight and his hands constantly clench and unclench and sometimes she likes surprising him by wearing all the jewelry he’s given her and nothing else

Who remembers things?

Their lives run on the clock and even then they manage to forget anniversaries and birthdays (sometimes even their own). They recover pretty quickly—calling a few people and arranging a weekend holed up in the snowy mountains in a cozy cabin with a gigantic fireplace. Neither of them gets particularly upset when they do forget though.

who cusses more?


what would they do if the other one was hurt?

I think Erwin would be really surprised if Mikasa protected him and not much does. Like he’s on his knees and he’s lost so much blood and he’s pretty much done for and he hears her shout his name before he blacks out. When he wakes up he’s in bed and she’s feeding him slivers of ice and pressing a damp cloth to his forehead and his bandages are fresh. She’s gentle when she changes his sheets and he likes how cool her fingers feel when she lathers up his jaw and neck and presses the blade to his skin. She doesn’t say much but Hange tells him that once she saw him on the ground she moved faster than Levi.

Who kissed who first?

Erwin. He’d probably take to wooing her the way he does everything else and be a few steps ahead. Still, she’d make him fumble with how sharp and driven she was, how mysterious she seemed about herself. They’d probably had a lavish dinner and he’d walked her home with the champagne leaving their thoughts bubbly and a little fuzzy—and as they’d reached her door he’d just cradled her jaw and tipped her mouth up for his because he’d been wanting to see how she tasted since the first day he’d met her.

who made the first move?

Mikasa. I get the feeling work took a lot of time out of their dating/courting so he gets to his office one day and she’s sprawled over his desk and they make a complete fucking mess and Erwin really can’t bring himself to mind

who started the relationship?

Erwin. I definitely think he’d be the one to ask her out on dates, to establish that they were in a relationship and even ask her to live with him. Mikasa seems more skittish—she’d spend a night or two but always leave, keep only a spare toothbrush and change of clothes at his place. He finds out one day that she’s actually searching for another apartment—she can afford something spacier, a bit more luxurious and he asks her what her requirements are—and a week later he finds her a condo that’s quite literally a block away from where he lives and Mikasa is just?? I might as well live with you and he’s just ‘exactly’ and in the blink of an eye she has a key and there’s a whole team of people carefully packing her things and moving them for her and she wonders if he’ll even let her plan their wedding or if he already has that planned, too 

“Maya has liked Lucas from the beginning! Maya only has eyes for Lucas!!!!”

Um… Excuse you?

Have you all just happened to have forgotten about Uncle Boing? About Maya’s huge ass crush on Josh Matthews?

What about this? Have you forgotten about how Josh has constantly reminded Maya that she’s too young for him, yet she’s showed many times that she doesn’t care. That she’s “in it for the long game” with Josh.

Or what about this?

That is not the look of someone pretending to like someone else because the boy she ‘loves’ is ‘in love’ with her best friend. This is the look of someone who is happy to be next to her crush, to be ecstatic to have been told that he was just rejected by someone for the very reason he’s been rejecting her. This is the look of someone who is happy that her crush is still available, even if he doesn’t want her right now. 

Let’s not forget this…

When has Lucas ever called Maya gorgeous? He’s told her she’s looked good, yeah, and he calls her the Blonde Beauty but never to her face. Josh isn’t scared to say that she’s gorgeous, because she is and he knows that even if their relationship is impossible right now, it doesn’t mean that it wont be in a few years. Hell, he may even be getting over that already.

Josh is a distraction from Lucas!!!!”

Wait, WHAT?


Is a…


Yeah, sure.

Maya has had a crush on Josh way before season one even started. Maya has been obsession over Josh ever since she was old enough to have those kind of feelings, probably.

If anyone is the distraction it’s Lucas, because there’s no way that Maya faked those feelings all this time.

Maya Hart is infatuated with Josh Matthews and currently likes Lucas Friar. I ship them both, but don’t you ever tell me that Maya was faking her feelings for Josh or was using him as a distraction from Lucas. Don’t you ever tell me that her feelings weren’t real, because they’ve been going on longer than her crush on Lucas Friar. Don’t ever disregard someone’s feelings for a person just because you want them with someone else. 

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"They didn't deserve to be second place." DUDE what the hell are you talking about? Kishimoto said loooooong before came out that THIS MOVIE will be all about his romance. For him, that's the culmination of his work. A way of letting his baby go. Don't over-dramatize things because your ship didn't become canon.

you do realize that I’m talking about the way the manga ended, right?

Naruto and Sakura were built up till the very last 2 chapters.

Even the databook that released two days prior to the manga ending said that Naruto still loved Sakura.

If it wasn’t an asspull, you’d think that he would’ve at least skipped over Minato comparing Sakura to Kushina and Naruto calling Sakura his girlfriend… completely  disregarding Hinata and not even thinking about her.

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i hate asking people to play tag police, but you're really respected in the fandom, could you please point out that people posting in the general danvers tag and saying 'i just don't get this ship' - especially during general danvers week - is really rude? we're just trying to enjoy what is left of our sunken ship over here. thanks :(

I don’t know that it’ll help much but JESUS WEPT this is one of the most annoying fandom behaviours. Wonder out loud all you want, but don’t tag it, you absolute shitbobbins. 

If I had the time and the complete disregard for other people’s happiness, I could tag any number of dull as ditchwater het pairings that are only even a thing because it’s forced by badly-written canon, but I don’t a) post it or b) tag it, on the rare occasions I rant about it because I wasn’t raised by wolves with no social etiquette. 

So guess what, people with the imagination of a dessicated hedgehog dick? WE DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T SEE IT. Or understand it. Or have such low and boring standards for romance that you feel the need to tear down anything imaginative or exciting. Shut your flapping traps and keep it out of the ship’s tag. Pee in your own sandbox, and stay the flippity flip out of ours. 



Donna Smoak, n°1 Olicity shipper

People mad at Ashley because Vega’s more interested in her than their Shepard need to stop.

I’m sorry Ashley’s so amazing and gorgeous and Vega would rather flirt with her than be pressured into sex by your creeper Shepard.

And by “I’m sorry”, I mean, “Stop talking go away,”.