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Hi ! Can I pretty please request a fic where Rhaegar spent loving and privileged moments with Rhaenys and Aegon ? :D

“Father!” She runs to him. It has been so long since she has seen him, and she has almost stopped believing mother when mother says that father will be home soon. Her father’s hands wrap around her ribs and he lifts her into the air and she giggles happily, reaching for him. “I have missed you, father!” she tells him. She has to tell him. If she doesn’t tell him, then he won’t know and he will go away again.

“I know, little one. I missed you as well.” Rhaenys had hoped he would sound a little more excited, but he pulls her close and wraps his arms around her and she puts that from her mind.

“Where were you?” she asks him.

“In Dorne,” he says quietly, so quietly that only Rhaenys can hear. She wonders if it is a secret. She looks over her shoulder, to her mother who is sitting by the window, her back very straight and not looking at them.

“Why did you not bring mother? Mother is from Dorne,” she whispers.

He doesn’t reply. Instead he presses a kiss to her cheek and shifts her so that he is carrying her in only one arm. He walks them both towards mother.

“Elia,” he says, and he bends kisses mother’s cheek as well. He reaches out his hand to rest on Aegon’s head and mother stands quickly, and her eyes flash when she turns to look at last at father. But why is mother angry when father is finally home?

“It is time for Rhaenys’ bath,” is all mother says.

“No,” Rhaenys wails. “Father only just got home.”

“And is undoubtedly weary from his adventures. He rides to face his cousin Robert soon, and must regain his strength.”

“No!” Rhaenys protests. He only just got back. It is not fair that he go away again so soon.

“I can bathe her, Elia,” father says, but mother laughs. It is not mother’s usual laugh. Mother’s usual laugh is warm and loving. It is not this.

“I think not,” mother says, and she hasn’t stopped laughing that odd cold laugh.

Rhaenys feels her mother’s free hand and then her father let’s her go, and she is on her mother’s hip. Rhaenys waves to him sadly as mother takes her away.

Her father’s eyes are distant, almost like he can’t see her at all.

Ok I know it’s not right to intrude in dans life but I’m honestly rlly worried like you can tell when he’s joking and I actually feel like he’s not and idk I just hate to see him sad because he makes me so happy on days I’m sad and I wish we could at least do the same. I sure if we could all go to him and hug him rn, we would in a heartbeat but he’s half way across the world and I really hope he’s okay and feels better *hugs smol bean across the world*

i figured i’d answer these all in one post b/c they’re somewhat similar to each other

these are all bpd things! one of the symptoms of bpd is an unstable sense of self/identity which can cause us to do the things described above (and more)

also for the 3rd anon- switching back and forth between feeling fine and feeling suicidal is also a symptom of bpd. our mood swings can happen several times a day (also if you think you might be bipolar you should look into it or bring it up to your psychs if you’re able to)


Cho dramatically stumbled around in an attempt to find something to eat. A whole hour until dinner? How could you expect a growing dragon to survive that long without a meal! Or at least some candy, or something. Thankfully, the scent of chevon drifted through the air. Or was it mutton? Oh, who cares, meat is meat, right?

Unfortunately, upon further inspection, it seemed to be neither because whoever smelled like that was clearly still alive. Oh well. Maybe he’d just go steal a fish from the aquarium to eat. He’d have to sneak in since he was still banned after the last time, but he could probably manage. Okay, who are we kidding, no he couldn’t. Well, maybe this goat (sheep?) kid would have some food on him. 

Cho approached him, mouth opening to ask, but he cut himself off before he could voice his question, realising what the other was eating. “Are you eating grass?” Although his voice had clearly been one of confusion and slight judgement, he considered this concept before opening his mouth a second time, eyes slightly narrowed in curiosity. 

“Is it… good?”