Inspired by @trashootie and their glowing Ahsoka.

It’s one of the first pieces where I discovered them, and I am so grateful! I hope you’re doing well, my friend!

Loki x Reader: Honeymooners pt 1

Gonna turn this into a multi chapter thing since it’s getting kinda long. The prompt about reader and Loki going undercover as honeymooners at a fancy honeymoon destination that I said I’d write forever ago but didn’t get around to

(So if you’re going under cover for anything, you’d probably want fake names, but I don’t want to make up fake names and I like using Loki’s name so yea…)

A loud ringing from your nightstand roused you from your deep sleep. Your eyes opened instantly, years of training instantly putting you on alert as you recognize a mission briefing call. “I’m here.” You answered.

 "Agent, good, head up to the debriefing room,“ Mariah Hill’s voice came through the speaker, "we have your next assignment.”

You nodded, the last traces of sleep leaving you as you remembered she couldn’t see. “Should I grab my partner?”

“Not yet, he’s getting a debriefing packet but there’s classified information we need to go over with you separately.”

You raised an eyebrow. Loki, god of mischief, currently tasked with aiding SHIELD for glorified community service and thus your partner on most missions, would be debriefed separately? If you were working together, wouldn’t the logical thing be to brief you simultaneously so any ideas the other had or questions could be addressed together? You knew better than to ask questions though, Mariah would just end up repeating her orders. “Understood, I’ll be there in ten.”

“Hurry, your transport leaves in two hours, everything you need is packed, so this debriefing has to be fast.”

You sighed as she hung up, failure to plan on SHIELD’s part always warranted an emergency on your part. Hopefully the travel time would be long so you and Loki could fill each other in on anything that had been missed. Still, something about separate briefings disturbed you. No sense in worrying about it now though, time was ticking and you still needed to shower.

Ten minutes later, you were rushing into the briefing room where Mariah sat at a long high-tech table, a TV screen displaying a mountain lodge behind her. “Recognize it?” Mariah asked, looking up as you entered.

You stared at the screen blankly, searching your memory. The lodge seemed familiar in a dreamlike way, but nothing truly stood out.

“Not sure, your history and all, but some little girls grow up planning their dream weddings and honeymoon vacations.”

You frowned glancing between her and the screen. “I’d never really thought about it, I guess. Marriage might come some day, but I’ve had other things to worry about. Maybe friends planned their’s…” You trailed off, not sure what she was getting at.

Mariah smiled, “don’t worry, it’s not a test, just was wondering if you recognized it. That’s the location of your mission. ‘Lover’s Lodge, Honeymoon Resort’, honeymoon destination of only the wealthiest and luckiest clients. It’s such a destination resort that any who attend have to prove they’ve been married in the last 48 hours. Officially they prefer 24, but occasionally travel gets interrupted and they felt like expanding the inclusion list. Newlyweds plan their weddings around when there’s space available here, very exclusive.”

“I’ll bet.” You crossed your arms, not wholly impressed. Sure it was an interesting place to visit, presumably anyone lucky enough to be an actual guest would enjoy it, but that type of feather in your cap didn’t particularly interest you, not when you’d been told of an impending mission and you were very much single. Sure you pined after a guy, but he was millennia out of your league and definitely didn’t return the feelings. Plus with your busy work schedule, dating really had taken a back seat to your plans.

“So what’s the mission?” You finally prompted.

Mariah blinked, “there’s underground seismic activity. Gamma levels are off the charts. We have reason to believe a magical portal of sorts is open in an underground area. The lodge itself exists in a weird jurisdiction and since the portal is believed to be magic in nature, we need your partner to investigate it.”


She nodded, “he’s uniquely equipped to handle magical enemies and we don’t particularly trust him to do anything solo. The god of lies title and history inspires a great deal of understandable distrust.”

You shrugged, “fair enough. I trust him though.”

“Which makes you uniquely suited to operate as his partner, as well as the other portion of this undercover operation.”

You were starting to get a headache, she seemed to be hinting at something without daring to say the actual nature of what she meant. “So we’re undercover as work staff?”

Mariah smiled thinly, “I was hoping you might’ve guessed… no, the owner needs to be investigated to see if he has any part to play in the operation of this portal and the background checks and period of time it would take to sneak you into the workforce would be far too long.”

“So?” You prompted, mind not quite working.

“I need you to go undercover as guests. Far more freedom to move around this way.”

You swallowed hard, mind reeling. “But guests have to be newlyweds…”

Mariah held up a sheet of paper. Warily, you took it from her, examining it carefully. There in crisp new letters, signed by the state of New York, lay your full name married to Loki Laufeyson. You looked up at her stunned, “what the hell is this?”

“Less than 48 hour old marriage license between you and Loki, thought that was clear. We have wedding pictures as well as several witnesses that can attest the validity of your wedding.”

“You married me to Loki without either of us knowing?” No wonder they didn’t want Loki in attendance, he was sure to be pissed.

“It’s forged, but will fool the admissions there, we snuck a different couple in several weeks ago to make sure. You’re going undercover as a newlywed couple, enjoying all the amenities and making sure to close that portal and if necessary, remove the owner from his position, assuming he is involved. Think of it as a working vacation.”

“With an ornery god, you do know Loki isn’t going to be pleased.”

“It’s a six hour car trip, you’ll have plenty of time to warn him. And it’s by limo, refrigerator and bar fully stock, all expenses paid.”

“What if I refuse?”

“You’ll be out of a job.” Mariah glared at you.

Your eyes flashed, “I’m one of your most loyal and successful agents, one refusal and I’m out on the streets?”

Mariah sighed, “no, you’ll be heavily reprimanded and demoted, pay cut and put on leave, but please, you’re the only one qualified to do this, we need you.”

“You need Loki.”

“He won’t work with anyone else, there’s no punishment we can give him, all of it has to be willing. Even threat of returning to prison on Asgard hardly bothers him. Please, he seems to like you.”

You grit your teeth, that was the bitter crux of it. That Loki considered you an acquaintance of sorts but would never share your feelings. To have to openly act as though you were madly in love with him, only to return to hiding your feelings would kill you. Worse, Loki would either pretend to go along with it and not see how badly it tore you apart each moment, or he would refuse because ultimately he couldn’t even tolerate you as a friend. Nothing of this mission wouldn’t end extremely painfully for you. “Fine, but I’m getting another more expensive vacation after this.”

“It’s practically a vacation already, other than the portal.”

“And an obstinate Loki. That’s the only way I’m agreeing.” You crossed your arms.

“We’ll take it up with Fury, no absolute promises, but I’m sure we can manage something.”


By the time your conversation ended, you were becoming pressed for time. You practically flew out of the room, rushing down the many stairs and out to the waiting limo that Loki sat in, already looking annoyed. His arms were crossed as he glared sullenly out the tinted windows, fingers tapping in time to some unheard beat. “Sorry,” you panted, scrambling in beside him. A soft smile touched the corners of his mouth upon seeing you, “got held up with Mariah.”

Loki nodded, “for a moment, I was worried they might send a replacement for you.”

“Can’t get rid of me that easily.” You winked, settling in as the car lurched forward.

Loki nodded curtly, that smile once more returning. “I take it there’s a reason we were informed separately.”

“Oh yea, and you’re just going to love it.” Sarcasm dripped heavily from your tone and Loki raised his eyebrow curiously. Over the next hour you and Loki shared the various information regarding the specifics of the mission finally coming to the part you dreaded most.

“But all this could just as easily have been told together, why the separation?” Loki mused.

“It’s our cover,” you sighed heavily, lifting up the marriage certificate. Loki frowned, “I suppose I didn’t think we’d spend long there.” You shook your head, “part vacation since it’s a resort and SHIELD is cheap, and we need to investigate the owner as guests. It’s easier than getting us jobs apparently.”

Loki squinted at the paper, “we’re married?” He looked up at you and blinked.

You popped the cork off the bottle you’d been struggling to open, “only technically,” you said taking a long swill. “It’s a forgery but best in the business. Sorry to do that to you, only way they could think of apparently.”

Loki shrugged, “I could think of worse covers.”

You looked at him, mid drink. Slowly you removed the bottle, “really?”

“They could have placed me with a different agent, which would be insufferable.”

You laughed, “yea, I guess.” Still your heart ached, not sure how to vocalize your feelings.

Loki could see the sadness in your eyes but didn’t seem to realize what caused it. “What if we made it into a competition?”

“A competition?” You repeated.

“Whoever appears the better and more in love spouse, the winner.”

You winced internally but you knew you loved a good challenge. Almost unwittingly, you heard yourself answer, “you’re on, I’m going to kick your ass at this.”

“My love, that you could think to hurt me?” Loki placed his hand over his heart in shock.

You scowled, “you didn’t say we started yet!”

“Fair enough agent.”

“What’s the loser have to do?”

“I’m sure I’ll think of something.” Loki smirked.

Scoffing, you retorted, “yea right, I’m going to win.”

The car ride passed uneventfully, you and Loki having plenty of the finer details of the mission to discuss and plan. “So it’s in a sort of mountainous area, built on a number of natural hot springs that make for quite the scenic hot tubs.”

Loki pursed his lips, “perhaps we might skip the hot tubs?”

You stared at him blankly, “and sauna? I gather?”

Loki nodded, “I don’t care for heat much.” He trailed off, looking away. You didn’t press him, but he had alluded to not tolerating heat in the past, perhaps this was related.

“It’s built over an inactive volcano, I believe, dig deep enough and you’ll find lava but no worries of eruption in my life time. At least that’s what SHIELD’s experts seem to think.”

“Is that related to the portal?”

“More like a fun fact.” You shrugged, “and a tram that can take guests down to the beach, only an hour’s ride. Sunbathing could be fun.”

Chuckling, Loki reached for his drink, “I’m sure the number of newlyweds enjoying the sunset will be amusing.”

“Probably. The tram doesn’t stop, every half hour all night. Midnight swims on a clothing optional beach.” You swallowed hard, trying not to picture Loki partaking in that.

“They really are encouraging intimacy everywhere, aren’t they?” Loki blinked, studying you.

The look he gave you was so intense, you found yourself turning away, if only to hide your blush. “Guess so. At least no one will check on whether or not guests do, right?” You forced a weak laugh.

Loki nodded thoughtfully, “that would be awfully invasive of them.”

Sleeping with Loki, or rather sleeping with Loki had only briefly crossed your mind. It would be hard to get around not sharing a bed but two mature adults could handle that surely, but if anyone noticed? That would be the final nail in your coffin to fake sex with Loki just to maintain your cover, or real but wasn’t mutually desired.

“Agent?” Loki prompted, pulling your mind back to the present.

“Meeting the owner might be challenging if he’s behind the portal.” You forced yourself to change the subject. “Though I believe he greets each couple personally during their stay, guess we’ll have to meet as many couples as possible to increase our chances of running into him.”

Loki sighed, resting his chin on his fist, “wonderful, socializing with mortals.”


“Oh! Loki!” You paused, “I mean, darling look! We’re here I think!”

Loki straightened up, roused from his bored stupor and followed your pointing finger out the window. For the past half hour, the limo had been winding its way slowly upwards through a forested mountainside and it had at long last shown signs of nearing a massive resort. The picture Mariah had shown you really didn’t do the place justice for its size and splendor, anyone fortunate enough to visit would definitely have to pay a small fortune.

Loki chuckled at your pet name for him, “So we have, congratulations on our first day of marriage.”

You reached for your phone and opened it, noticing a barrage of pictures featuring you and Loki photoshopped into a number of wedding poses. It had been a small, private affair apparently, contrasting notably with the amount that would go towards the honeymoon but it was evidently about the two of you and no one else.

Loki leaned against you, staring down at the pictures. You could feel your cheeks heating in a blush at the close proximity, you had been this close before and managed to hide your feelings, why was it suddenly different? You silently admonished yourself.

“That’s a lovely dress,” Loki murmured, tilting his head to the side. His long hair brushed against your cheek and you fought back a shiver. “Somehow, I think the dress would look better on the actual you, not this model they chose.”

You furrowed your brows, surprised by the sincerity of the compliment. Opening your mouth, you looked up to ask him if he was acting or meant it but Loki’s attention was already back to the sprawling grounds of the resort. Your mouth fell shut and you stayed quiet.

The limo finally rolled to a stop, the door opening as the two of you scrambled out. Loki left first, turning around and offering you his hand to help you, placing a gentle kiss on it before allowing you to straighten up completely out of the car.

You closed your eyes, praying silently for patience, strength to make it through this mission, then slowly opened them and beamed at Loki. The flirtatious giggle came easy to you as you leaned forward and pecked his cheek. Loki stiffened for a moment, before sinking into your touch as though it were the most natural thing ever.

“Do you have the marriage license, love?”

“Right here, sweetie.” You giggled again, waving it for him.

Loki pursed his lips, eyes darkening, clearly not amused by the pet name. If you were going to suffer, dying for this to be real, you might as well punish Loki with cute names. A hotelier approached as the two of you stood there, no time to turn back now.

honestly i die a little seeing liam so ://// because let me tell u about liam payne, he’s got the most dazzling, comforting smile and presence, and it’s so unike him?! :( he looks so outside of himself and it makes me sad!!!! like what’s wrong?????? wHO HURT HIM

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Celeste, do you know Japanese?

we are learning!

anyway, today’s lesson is about expressing desire to do something, now let’s write about something we want to do!

(explanations: in the first frame they say greetings and one of the chus says “-ohayou gozaimachu” instead of “-imasu”. taken from this adorable reading book

in the second one they wrote: “[i] want to become a raichu” “[i] want to eat sweets” “[i] want to go to the moon”

lesson is by @easy-japan)

When you unite with him, the world will know it. The seas will churn and the skies will blacken, with streaks of lightning cracking the heavens asunder. When two tremendous archangels join as one, your love is an earth-shattering force that even the laws of physics will bow to, and myths will spawn that can never hope to capture your beauty. 

 But dare anyone try to keep you apart, and they will behold not just a fate far worse, but an Armageddon. 

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how do I get into morrowind I really want to but it seems really complicated

the combat and the tempo of the game isnt for everyone but hopefully i can explain them conciselyi said this before making this post it ended up not being concise at all

so every action in this game is decided by a diceroll, basically. including combat

your main attributes, similarly to how it is in newer tes games, are health [red], magicka [blue], and fatigue (stamina) [green]. what many people overlook however, is that your fatigue bar also has an influence on the diceroll that indicates the chance of success of your actions - landing a hit with a weapon, casting a spell, etc

haha funny joke because its hard to keep your fatigue high because you use it up for jumping, running etc

but basically the “waving my weapon helplessly at an enemy” problem usually comes from overlooking your fatigue level, and not using the right weapon for your class

which is to say if your long blade skill is at, say, 5, and you try to hit an enemy with a longsword, its the equivalent of someone who’s never held a longsword in their hand waving it very slowly and clumsily at an enemy who has plenty of time to make a dodge. that’s basically how it looks in practice

the weird damage numbers on weapons that look like this 1-10 actually indicate how much damage you do when you make a short swing (first number; clicking) or a heavy attack (second number; holding down your mouse). there’s also usually separate damage stats for thrusting, chopping, and slashing, since different kinds of attacks are effective for different kinds of weapons (try stabbing someone with a hammer or whacking someone on the head using a spear like a stick, technically hurts but not as effective). whether you thrust chop or slash with your weapon depends on which way youre moving while attacking. if you want you can just check the “always use best attack” option in the menu and then you only gotta worry about the most effective of these stats for each weapon

magic is… both more complicated and less complicated. keep in mind that fatigue still affects whether or not your spells are successful. idk magic in morrowind rocks because you can make your own spells which is neat

levelling up is super similar to oblivion except you dont gotta find a bed. you can take a nap in a swamp if you want

the quest journal, while being pretty uh realistic and immersive, is kinda garbage and hard to organize. if you get a quest remember to exhaust all dialogue with the quest giver by asking all the questions you can. if you see a highlighted word, click it. there’s no quest markers or a compass but most of the time the quest giver will mark the location on your map, especially during the main quest, and from that you can just rely on your map and roadsigns. or just teleport in straight line to the objective. things get complicated if you only get some directions such as “follow this road until you see a tree, then circle around the tree and go left”, but even then i think its not as scary as people say, it’s actually quite cool and immersive, and if its too hard or the directions are too vague, remember that this 300-year-old games fanbase is massive and there are like 10 maps and guides on how to get to this place in some random sidequest on the internet

i think these are the basics… it’s not actually as complicated as people make it out to be. the key is talking to npcs a lot. and always having some potions on you. and using the correct armor and weapon for your class. and keeping in mind that the wildlife of vvardenfell will fuck you up. that’s basically it.

otherwise i found this game very easy to get into (unlike, say, daggerfall), it offers a lot of freedom and immersion, and it’s just really nice and cool to play.

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fav yoongi stan mutuals?

hey im sorry for replying this late but i was kinda busy doing stuff for school!! anyway these are some of the yoongi stans i follow nd can think of rn:

@minyccngi @ilobyoongi @mygsfav @chunghakim @4oongi @hyyhyf @yoonseokswife @4oppa @5aveme @softminyg @sopegf @miniatureyoongi @hotaruxtomoee @soonyoungs

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could you please write a little drabble about connor bringing even to his favorite place to get coffee, usnavi's? (im so sorry but i really the idea)

One sweet and short Coffee Shop AU with a side of pipin’ hot Johsnavi DEH crossover coming right up. 

Evan awkwardly sat up in the driver’s side as he struggled with the stop and go traffic of bustling New York City. He felt his heart start hammering in his chest, every honk sent his mind a flurry of near tears and emotions. “S-Sorry…” He tried to apologize to a taxi driver who was trying to cut Evan off and didn’t manage to. Evan sat back in his seat, his knuckles whitening as the skin stretched over his tightly coiled knuckles. “S-Say…uh…Connor…mind telling me where we’re going…not that…I’m like, not in the mood to go just…I’m not a fan of New York traffic, not that it’s a bad thing but like, it’s..just..” Evan swallowed hard finding it exceedingly difficult to find exactly what he wanted to say in this moment. Another honk of a neighboring car sent Evan jumping in his seat.

“It’s a surprise, now turn right when you get a chance.” Connor leaned back against is seat until he was nearly laying down. He rolled down the window and stuck his middle finger out at a car with 4 young children in the back and a horn happy soccer mom. After another dreadful ten minutes Evan finally turned, he drove around the block until he found a large enough parking spot where he felt as though he couldn’t hit any cars.

Connor didn’t speak then on. Silently he got out of the car and started walking without Evan, mainly because he knew Evan would follow him.

“Connor! Wait-Wait!!” Evan locked the doors several times for good measure and started jogging after Connor. “…you think that parking space is ok? I feel like it’s not, it might be too far, if someone breaks in I can’t see it. Not like anyone would break in, it’s not like we’re in a bad place or anything, right? Are we? Should I go back for the car should…” Connor ignored Evan’s rambling, he walked inside of a small coffee shop named ‘Claudia’s’. They stepped inside the clearly Parisian inspired coffee shop, two men working behind a long counter. One by the pastries and another by the coffee bar.

“Hey ya’ll goodmornin’” Usnavi beamed a bit, “Connor, my man, what can I get for you today?”

“Same as always, dude.” Connor took out his wallet then looked over his shoulder to Evan who was taking in the rosy pinks and light grays that made the whole place feel elegant yet..fresh and youthful. Pictures of Paris hung off the walls and modest but regal white tables and benches lined the walls and wide windows. “Evan.” He called out to his friend. The blue eyed, freckled boy turned to face Connor. His face slowly warming up as he was called to attention, “What do you want?”

“I-I don’t drink caffeine…or rather I shouldn’t.” Usnavi felt his heart break when Evan uttered those words but Connor gave an understanding nod. Usnavi recollected himself and smiled, “my partner” he meant that in every way, “makes some amazing teas and organic juices.”

“A juice sounds good…uh…anything you recommend…or no…is that too indecisive, uh…anything that sells the best…wait isn’t that the same thing as recommend…” 

“Get him some chamomile tea.” He tossed the money at Usnavi, ordering for Evan before they spent the next hour trying to get Evan to choose. Once they sat down, Evan took it all in. Johan walked over and placed their orders on the table and left he teen boys alone. Of course whispering to Usnavi how adorable it was to see young love.

“This…is…nice…” Evan smiled looking around, hands clasping the warm cup of tea. He had his head turned when he heard the flap of paper. He turned back to Connor and found him feverishly sketching. “W-What are you doing?”

“I brought you here because I thought it would be a good setting for me to do my art project for school” He muttered, “turn your head around again.”

“O-Oh sorry” He turned and waited, he heard the pencil scratch against the thick sketching paper and couldn’t help it. “Why are you sketching me? And why here?”

“I like the vibe, the coffee is good and the people are alright.” He frowned, “and you look …nice here, now shut the fuck up and turn the fuck around, Evan.” Connor’s pale, high cheeks were stained bright red.

hello fellow shippers!

so I had a lot of fun answering (entirely) shallura askbox prompts a couple nights ago and was thinking of making it a weekly thing, like Saturday Night Shallura Hour or sth!  Myself, or me and a few others, all team up and people fill our askboxes with shallura prompts!  Then we spend the rest of the night answering as many as we can, with the remainder either carried over or spread out throughout the week depending on how we feel.

I’m really new to this ship and the whole fandom tbh so idk what people would be into, but I know there’s been Discourse and I’d like to spread some positive vibes!  I’d like to see how much interest there is, so feel free to drop me a line!

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Evak belly rub anon here: I'm feeling down so I'm just going to keep messaging you hcs, hope that is ok ! But my thought of the day is that Isak's being a grumpy teenager, laying in bed scrolling facebook and even drags in, looking pale and tired, and drapes himself over isak. 'feel sick, rub my tummy'. and isak rolls his eyes and is all 'you've said that three times in the last week, rub it yourself' and jerks even off his lap. CONT

CONT. So even rolls off isak’s lap, face crestfallen, and curls up on the bed next to Isak. Isak pulls the textbook off the bedside table next to him and begins his readings due tomorrow, and even moves off the bed. Isak’s eyes widen when he hears retching from the bathroom and instantly feels like the worst boyfriend ever. He pops his head into the bathroom and then grabs a bucket, heatpack and water and waits for even to return to their bed. CONT

CONT. Even eventually returns and Isak pats the bed next to him. ‘sorry for being a dick, i didn’t know you were actually feeling sick’ and even just shakes his head 'its ok, i deserved it, I have been milking it a little’. and Isak props even up on their softest pillows, kisses his forehead 'you’ve got a fever, shit’ and covers his boyfriend up with their blankets and bedspread. 'what can i do for you?’ and even mumbles back 'just hold me, my stomach’s too sore’ BYE LIFE why do i do this


“Love Like You”

Sorry for the lateness! I couldn’t write it the way I wanted it to come out!! 
Also, I mixed two requests together because they were a little similar. Hope thats ok!

Fic Request:

-Would you mind writing an Ethan x Reader Oneshot where the reader can play the ukulele and joins Ethan in a stream to play and sing? Cheers from Sydney! 

-Reader x Ethan where reader has a crush on the blue boy and they sing “Love Like You”

If you want to listen to the song before reading this (which I recommend) here is the link to a video I listened while writing

Originally posted by crankyethans

You scolded yourself for being nervous. You’ve been on Ethan’s channel before. His audience knew you. From what he told you, they adore you. 
It was true you’ve never been in the same room with Ethan while you two were recording. And also this was a stream, not a recording. Meaning if you fucked up, they would be no editing to save your ass. 
No! Stop being anxious and smile dammit! 
You took a sip of water as Ethan fiddled with the computer and camera. 
“Ahh there we go! Hi everyone!” Ethan greeted the stream. 
You almost spilled water on yourself as you hurriedly put the bottle down. 
“I was taking a sip!” You scolded Ethan, playfully. “You can’t start the stream when I have water in my mouth.” 
“Well I just did.” Ethan replied with a laugh. “How’s everyone doing?” 
You waved at the stream, giggly “Hello!” 
“Yes, (Y/N) is joining me on the stream today!” Ethan exclaimed happily, swinging a arm over your shoulder. You hoped that the stream didn’t catch the blush that crept over your cheeks.
“We don’t have anything planned though.” 
“We only got as far as setting up the camera and starting the stream.” You agreed with a smile. 
“I have an idea, lets get you guys decide what we’re doing,” Ethan said, looking at the comments. “Come everyone. What do you want us to do? Play a game? Answer questions?” 
“Take a fucking sip,” You mumbled bringing the water to your lips again. Ethan chuckled and lent against the desk, holding his head in the palm of his hand as he read the comments. 
“A lot of people are asking us to sing,” Ethan said. “I can’t sing though.” 
You nudged his side, “You can sing. Don’t deny it. I’m the one with a banshee for a voice.” 
Ethan chuckled, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sing.” 
“Good!” You said with a smile. You looked down at the racing comments, catching ukulele a few times. “Oh! Thanks a good idea. I’ve been practicing the ukulele.”
“Really? You play the ukulele?” Ethan asked and you nodded.
“On and off, really. I picked it back up a few months back.” You peered over his computer to look at his room. “Do you have ukulele lying around?”
“Probably,” Ethan said with a laugh. “It’s probably hiding under the mess.”
You stepped out of the camera, “I’m gonna go on an adventure to look for the golden ukulele!”
“Come back alive!” Ethan said dramatically and you saluted him as you ventured away. 

You came back a few minutes later with the ukulele and smiled at the stream.
“My quest was a success!” You exclaimed triumphantly.
“But it’s not golden,” Ethan pouted, disappointed. 
“I said my quest was a success,” You glared playfully. “Don’t take my victory away from me.” 
Ethan chuckled and turned to the stream, “Alright. We have a instrument, but what are we singing?” 
“I’m not singing.” You said and Ethan rolled his eyes. 
“If I’m singing, you’re singing.” Ethan replied. “No backing down.” 
“I’ll hum.” 
“Bash my head to the beat.” 
“Sing.” Ethan said with a teasing angry tone. “Or else I’ll destroy that ukulele.” 
“But it’s your ukulele.” You pointed out and he looked at the object in your hands. 
“You’re singing.” He finally said and you sighed, defeated. 
You both fell silent as you read the requests. Many came up with the same song and you shrugged your shoulders.
“That’s the song I’ve been practicing for a while now.” You told the stream. “I think I recorded myself playing it too.”
“I don’t think I know it,” Ethan frowned. “Can you play it and I’ll see if it rings any bells.”
You nodded and lifted the ukulele into your arms, positioning your fingers on the strings and beginning to stroke the instrument.
Despite yourself, you started to hum along with the tune. Then your voice took flight without you even realizing it. 

If I could begin to be
Half of what you think of me 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love

Ethan watched your fingers glide over the strings. Your voice captivating him as the song washed over him. 
It was familiar, but he was too busy watching you to fully bring the memory to the surface. 
The stream was going nuts. Praising you as you played and sung the song almost perfectly. 

When I see the way you act 
Wondering when I’m coming back 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love 
Like you 

You looked up when Ethan started singing. His body swaying slightly to the music, and his eyes watching you with a gaze that sent butterflies through your stomach. 
Your nerves rocketed and you stumbled a little with the strings. But you managed to get them under control, looking away from Ethan and concentrating on the ukulele. 

I always thought I might be bad 
Now I’m sure that its true 
‘cause I think you’re so good 
And I’m nothing like you. 

The smile that had stretched over Ethan’s face warmed the chests of the stream. The chat was going nuts that Ethan had moved closer to you while you strummed the cords, your voices mixing together and commenting on how your cheeks flared red. 

Look at you go 
I just adore you 
I wish that I knew 
What makes you think I’m so special 

Your fingers were beginning to cramp, becoming sweaty as you noticed Ethan standing closer. But you concentrated on the ukulele. Trying to keep your voice even. 
You were singing in front of thousands of people, not to mention you could feel the heat in your cheeks. No doubt everyone could see your emotions now. 

If I could begin to do 
Something that does right by you 
I would do about anything 
I would even learn how to love 

Your nerves took a hold of your voice and you began to hum the last verse. But Ethan’s voice carried on, strengthening as the song came to a close and you played the last few cords.

When I see the way you look 
Shaken by how long it took 
I could do about anything 
I could even learn how to love like you.

You lowered the ukulele with a shy smile. “See, banshee voice.” 
Ethan chuckled, ruffling his hair and suddenly realizing how close he was to you. 
A blush dusted his cheeks and he stepped back, turning his attention to the stream with a smile. 
“There! Are you guys happy now?” 
You looked down at the chat and laughed at the comments.

-That was adorable! 
-Sing it again! 
-Can you two date already? 
-Wait, I thought they were dating! 
-Ethan ask them out already, you dummy!

my supernatural season 13th wishlist:

  • eileen x sam 
  • more brotherly moments 
  • dean x ladies (or just one lady? who knows. i’m hopeful. OK)
  • more wayward daughters 
  • more claire novak 
  • wayward daughters @ the bunker
  • dont. hurt. the. angel. 
  • bambfchesters moments
  • HUMAN IMPALA (STARING DANNEEL) (Won’t wike if is not Mrs.Ackles)
  • funny episode
  • happy castiel
  • the boys laughing more
  • the boys kicking ass
  • king of hell being the king of hell
  • rowena being badass 
  • bobby?
  • the boys getting a pool table @ the bunker 
  • BENNY?
  • old school hunts 
  • sexy winchesters *wink wink*
  • and just cool stuff.