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Summary: Phil can’t help wondering what Dan likes so much about bottoming…

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: honestly genre do u think this is

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anonymous asked:

(1/5)Hello! I am the anon who asked if people could pm you haha because my question is very long and will be in parts so sorry about that :C I’m very confused about something and I was wondering if you could help me out? I just don't know who to talk to about this and you seem very knowledgeable on the subject of DID/OSDD!

(2/5)Well you see, my confusion lies in that I meet the criteria for OSDD and I have been doing as much research as I can until I can see a professional, and my “alters”(I don’t know if I have OSDD so I’m not sure if I can use the terms sorry)have always been around but I’ve found out that 3 of them are fictional characters. I looked through your blog and read about “kin systems”

(3/5)and how they are actually kin shifts and that makes sense to me since I have lots of fictionkins and I kin shift all the time! But my issue is that my “alters“ aren’t just ME feeling like a character like during a kin shift, they are their own people completely and are 100% separate from me (other than us all existing in the same body I guess?) and they have their own thoughts and feelings and they

(4/5)had lives before this in other universes? Which is confusing since systems are supposed to be a brain thing and not a spiritual thing from what I’ve heard? I’ve looked up many ways of explaining fictives as well but those are usually described as alters that mirror a character, but these alters ARE these characters and it is very

(5/5)confusing since I can’t find any information on this specific information :c I know you cant diagnose me or anything haha. I was only wondering if you had any idea what this might mean, or if you have any general advice that would also be very helpful! Thanks for reading all this by the way!!

oh boy okay so. 

what could be happening here, given that you also have non-fictive alters, is that your fictives have spirtual beliefs or delusions. regarding the “other universe” stuff anyway. thats a spirituality thing and its completely possible for an alter to believe that. i have met several very real alters from DID systems who have this belief regarding their own kin and identities.

however. this sounds very…uh. similar to stuff that i see in misinformed systems or systems that have built up elaborate lies or delusions that they live around. these systems often end up not being systems and end up being delusions experienced by individual who is identifying as host.

i think you should continue to seek professional help for sure. it is of course possible you do have OSDD1b and alters and ALSO have delusions. those aren’t mutually exclusive. 

im very hesitant to validate this experience because of how many times ive seen fakes and endogenic systems pull this as a tactic for invading system spaces. i believe what you are saying is what you are experiencing, but im very nervous about calling these alters when all three have a very specific spiritual belief that isnt particularly common.

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Hey, I was wondering if you're able to order many things from that site, where Mafumafu is selling stuff from his live, without having to pay for shipping for all of the items separately ? I saw some things concerning about it on FromJapan, but I'm still not completely sure about it, since it says that the site where you're ordering from must have that option as well. (This ask sounds so confusing haha.) Thank you for your translations and help always!

Hi anon! 
I’m not quite sure what you mean about FJ having some kind of rule/guideline about how they order stuff on separate sites like that…? :O Have they said something like that?
We won’t be able to see the domestic shipping costs until FJ gets the items in their warehouse, I believe, but since the people who do the actual ordering on FJ are humans rather than automated I can’t imagine they’d do anything that would cost us individual shipping on each item, like placing each item in a separate order? D: I looked at how the original site works and it’s pretty easy to figure out how to order multiple items in one big batch rather than do each item individually…. so I’d assume FJ would do that. I can’t say with 100% certainty since I think even FJ themselves possibly haven’t been charged for shipping on the items yet, but them doing something to cost us domestic shipping on each individual item seems like a horrible business practice on their part and I’ve never encountered anything like that before with them :P I ordered all my stuff by sending individual links to Mafu’s site and they placed my order without any trouble, so I feel like there probably isn’t going to be any problem with the shipping charge……
Let me know if that answer wasn’t helpful and I can try to find more info or something? :O