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Random p0rn is bad enough, but this new trend in spammy sales blogs? If someone follows me, never interacts with even a single of my posts, and their “blog” is just reblogs of memes interspersed with pictures of products and BUY THIS THING HERE ===> 

I’m just. Gonna. Block. You. 

Because you’re probably just some kinda bot anyway.

And not the nice EDI or Legion kind.

I’m such an emotional, nostalgic mess today. It’s only just hit me that, even if we do get a S7, this show will be ending soon and I’m really not ready.

Alien Children

((fic by @pomrania, in the Blind Faith AU. More of this might or might not get written in the future. Anyone who recognizes the Nightside reference here receives the knowledge that I think they have good taste in books.))

She had seen the two before. They hung around looking for odd jobs they could do; always together, never apart. She thought they were male, but it was so hard to tell with aliens. The little skin they exposed – how fragile were these creatures? – was closer in colour to bone than anything healthy. They had entirely too many fingers, and their heads were smooth and hornless, like a baby’s.

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since it’s always Jehanparnasse week in my house, depsite actually missing the last one, I’m gonna make this week Jehanparnasse Positivity Week on my blog and post lots of domestic goodness and fluff and general cuteness ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today was an emotionally exhausting day wherein I stood up for myself, felt really good about it for awhile, kind of okay about it for awhile, am now feeling sad and tired and regretful and like I blew the whole thing out of proportion and everyone thinks I am so dumb and fragile and this always happens when I lose my cool once a decade, this is why I never do this, this is why I nevver

etc, ad nauseum.

Logically I know this is not true but basically what I mean is if you want to share things that might cheer me up this would be an awesome time for that.

i have an english talk tomorrow and i’m really, really nervous about it. i’d /really/ appreciate it if you could pls send me some positive vibes

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Lmao u say u r still pretty small but when u check ur face tag u rlly aren't

lol nice try, i’d be offended at this if i thought being chubby or fat is ugly but i know it’s not so …

but just stating the facts: yeah i am pretty small. my weight fluctuates a lot depending on my mental health and right now i’m in an okay state so i don’t have a lot of chub and before that for about half a year i was even smaller so ?? i don’t know if the camera angles are making u think i’m bigger than i am and ur j trying to be honest w me or ur trynna be mean but ?? i think i would know how chubby or not i am ?

edit: all the pics in my face tag are from last year too

Am I the only one that hates hates hates when straight girls post pictures with each other like “chillin with bae/my gf ❤️” or whatever and like I don’t even really know why. But it always irks me I guess because it is already hard enough for me to find other gay girls without straight girls pulling these antics.

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Not only is your soul one of the most enchanting things I have ever come across but your physical beauty is ethereal. Forever and always.

don’t take this the wrong way but i can’t really take an opinion based on my blog which isn’t at all a reflection of who i really am or look like. i do appreciate the sentiment though. 

im oddly remembering a time when i was eating chicken in the main lobby of my school and i didnt have a ride yet and it was extremely cold outside and this lady made me and my old friends leave and i hd to sit in the snow iwth my chicken