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생일 축하해, 전보람!! ❤ [March 22]

Happy birthday to our most beloved Jeon Boram. Thank you for showering queen’s with love and ‘aeygo’, your smiles and ajumma laughs. No matter what decisions you make in the future, know we will always be behind you, supporting and watching over you. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Thank you for being a part of T-ARA ♛

people on instagram are still complaining like “artists shouldn’t get the entire account taken down for reposting art” as if we have control over that. 

if you’re going to get mad at someone get mad at instagram for locking people out of their accounts, bc all i wanted was to get my art removed 

  • If I find someone with a similar last name as me, I don't automatically think we're related.
  • If a guy and my dad have the same jaw line, that doesn't make that guy my dad's brother. Or my brother.
  • If a person has the same skin tone or eye color as me doesn't mean we are related.
  • Please check your logic, antis. Because clearly its flawed.
A lame club, for lame people

I’m thinking of making a blog or an instagram page or a website, maybe all three. 

I have an idea, it’s not very original, but it’s something. 

I want to create a place, a company, a brand,  anything, to showcase what being a person is all about. What different people do regular, their problems, their likes, their dislikes, hobbies, anything. A place where there is no filters, no taboo subjects. Where people can connect and talk, something that will never forgets its audience. I want this something big, but not in a way where I’ll stop listening to the people who support me. 

I feel like that’s the problem with big named companies. They don’t care anymore, they only care when the money is there. I don’t want that, and I hope that I never will. That’s why I want to do this, because I want to have a place/company/anything that listens to their audience and cares about them.

I’m not sure what they’ll be, but the biggest things start out as small ideas. We’ll write articles about life, social media, literature, and whatnot. Maybe we can make videos, create art, anything really. Anything we can do, we’ll do.

But before that, I want a team. A team of people who can work together and accept each other for their differences. Because I’m a youngster, I’m going for high school age members, but I’m also open to anyone. Male, Female, none, both, lgbtq, religious, atheist, anything. I want you for you.

I believe that as long as you’re not hurting someone. You can have opinions, as long as you’re not violent or disrespectful. Of course, there are rules. You can’t bash anyone for what they label themselves, but you can bash them for who they are as an individual (there’s a difference). I want people who are true to themselves, but aren’t afraid to grow and learn. 

I’m still setting up everything, but I want the opinions of people I want to work with in the future. That’s why I’m asking for members before I begin. 

So, please message me if you’re interested. Tell me about yourself, what you want this ‘thing’ to be, what your dreams are, tell me about you.

I’ll be taking six people, I’ll accept more when we figure out what this ‘thing’ is. 

Have a nice day!! Sorry, I’m super lame.


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

for @about-faces!

Having a type: 100% okay! Knowing what you like and what you are attracted to is cool!

Saying who would never date a trans person: This is not okay! It goes along with the assumption that you can spot trans people and immediately know a trans person when you see them. It also says that you think all trans people look alike, which is not true at all. If you saw a trans person on the street, chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell they were trans, and you might’ve even thought to yourself “yeah, they’re cute, I’d want to date them,” Now, let’s say you did date them for a bit and never found out they were trans for whatever reason, that does not mean they were lying to you. Trans people do not have to disclose their gender status to you, dating or otherwise. Now, let’s say you are only sexually attracted to specific genitals, well gender reassignment surgery is always a possibility which means a trans person could fit your sexual attraction criteria, but unless it’s a strictly sexual relationship or you need sex along with the romantic relationship, it’s kind of irrelevant to bring that up. Ultimately, saying you would never date a trans person is transphobic due to the assumptions and finite language. Make sense?

I doodled @gutter-girl-100! I think that they are a very beautiful person, and that they deserve all of the love and appreciation in the world. Please go check them out if you haven’t already! And maybe even send some love their way~ <3

I will not tell you to get over the person you’re thinking about… that would make me a hypocrite. I will not belittle what you’re going through by repeating tired old platitudes like ‘it gets better’, ‘you’ll find someone better’ or ‘you deserve better’… I will not tell you that you’re holding onto ashes when the fire has long since burned out or that the rest of your life is waiting for you the moment you are ready to accept that the past is behind you… These are all things you’re probably not ready to hear and you need to realize them for yourself.
But the one thing I will tell you this; I know how it feels to miss somebody. It feels like you’re dying inside. Like you can actually feel your heart ripping and tearing because it so desperately wants to be where happiness is, but you were foolish enough to find happiness in a person – which everyone says not to do – and now they’re gone and they’ve taken your happiness away with them. I know that feeling of helplessness… that confusion of staring at empty hands that used to have everything but suddenly seem to have nothing… I know that pain. I know it all too well… and I feel it. I feel it until I can’t feel any more and then I start to heal a little and I feel it all over again.
So no, I won’t tell you to get over the person you’re thinking about like it’s something easy you should have mastered yourself by now because it’s not… it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do…
But what I will tell you is you’re not doing this alone and if you promise to keep trying… so will I…
—  Ranata Suzuki | I Know What You’re Going Through
It’s funny how I find pieces of my exes in you. Are you your own person, or are you someone comprised of all the people I’ve ever loved?

-Am I in love with you, or am I still in love with my past? 


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either Gabriel (my name) or Angel (your name)?

aahh omg thank you im not an angel tho lol, i wish. I guess i’ll do both??

G - Guillotine - Jon Bellion 

A - All I Ask - Adele

B - Bullet Train - Stephen Swartz 

R - Rip Everyone -  JJ Demon

I - I don’t wanna love somebody else - A Great Big World 

E - Ever After -  Marianas Trench

L - Lovely (remastered) - Twenty One Pilots 


A - Angels - Vicetone feat. Kat Nestel

N - New soul - Yael Naim

G - Ghost - Mystery Skulls

E - Echo - Jason Walker

L - Lilo -  Lauren Aquilina

Okay honestly this was super hard lmao 

Audrie and Daisy

I have just watched Audrie&Daisy on Netflix. And I need to say two things.
First of all, here a list of reasons why we should do MORE about this issue.

1) The sheriff of Maryville thinks that having sex with an unconscious person, isn’t rape.
2) The sheriff also thinks that girls who were raped have their own part of fault, because they want just attention. Yeah, he said that.
3) Always the same sheriff thinks it’s okay to laugh during an interview about rape. Just because he isn’t so sure about the rape, so whatever.
4) The mayor of Maryville is more concerned for the reputation of his little hometown, than the fact that two teens were raped.
5) A big part of the people of Maryville has decided to destroy the life of a family, just because they weren’t happy of having to deal with the fact that two boys of their town had raped two girls.
6) One of the boys, who was processed, has said that what he learned from this story it’s that “girls gossip a lot”. And let me be more specific, this boy is basically one of the reason why a beautiful little girl has killed herself.

There are more things to say, but I’m so so so disgusted by this. And I can’t believe that I had to hear some bullshits.
But, I hope that many girls who have lost faith in others, who are in danger, can watch this and call for help.

Finally, I wanna send all my love to the beautiful girls in the documentary. You’re brave, you’re amazing and I wish Audrie had been there with all of you. I wish to all of you an happy life and a better future.

Please, if you’re in trouble, you’re not alone.

You. Are. Not. Alone.

it’s weird that 90% of all internet writing advice is about bleeding on the page and misery and how writing sucks and how you have to write terrible, awful crap for years and years and years before you write anything good and you should just keep trying even though you’re a bad writer and you hate writing and if you don’t write every single day with soldier-like discipline no matter how you feel you’re not REALLY A WRITER and maybe someday you’ll write one good sentence when you’re 70 but that’s just HOW IT IS AREN’T YOU SO UNHAPPY!!!!!!

I could not actually start writing seriously again until I decided to ignore that and started trying hard to follow this fake advice I made up:

1. don’t do it if you’re not enjoying it at least a little because life is really short, 2. believe that you are talented and get other people to encourage you if you don’t, 3. if you feel sick or something don’t write that day? whatever. that’s ableist bullshit anyway


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My crush rejected me. What do I do? #needlifeadvice

Awww my peach, my dear, my flower bud. :__; I’m sure you’re a lovely person who will find someone as equally as lovely as you are. Being rejected sucks and your feelings are valid but don’t let them weigh you down. There are lots of other things that bring happiness. As corny as it sounds, try to focus on the little things that make you smile. Maybe it’s pictures of cats, maybe it’s a good movie, maybe it’s playing the Sims. I’m sorry I can’t offer much advice; everyone deals with things differently, but keep your head up and keep swimming forward. <3

I may not be good with advice, but I’m a good listener so if you ever want to vent or ramble on about this (or any other topic), please don’t be afraid to talk to me through the private messenger. <3<3