((i think some of them are like codes

Honestly I wanna just say, you don’t need to feel guilty about not knowing a kpop group as well as some other fans. It’s totally okay to just like a group because of their music, no one is forcing you to like them as people. I mean, they’re mainly in the music industry because they want people to hear their music. Of course, if you end up liking them as people, that’s just an extra bonus. Also fuck the fans who judge you for that, you don’t need to know every detail about your bias, it doesn’t mean you’re a fake fan

  • Law: There are some paramilitary groups dedicated to wiping them out. And while they’re supposed to follow a moral code a lot of them don’t bother, in practice. They’re more like, ‘Yikes, it’s scary, kill it'.
  • Tashigi: That’s not true.
  • Law: Really? Why do you think I got into Devil Fruits in the first place, huh? It was after a few too many, ‘Yikes, he associates with scary things, kill him,’ experiences, okay?
  • Tashigi: You could’ve just stopped associating with them.
  • Luffy: That’s what you took away from that?
  • Tashigi: They’re dangerous, Law! Luffy!
  • Law: You’re dangerous, Tashigi-ya! That idiot Straw Hat-ya is dangerous. Your Captain Smoker-ya is dangerous, my dad was dangerous, Chopper-ya and Bepo-ya are dangerous, Sanji-ya and Zoro-ya are dangerous, even Usopp-ya, under the right circumstances, can be dangerous. And Nami-ya knows how to make a self-igniting Molotov cocktail. Just off the top of her head.
  • Nami: How do you know that?
  • Luffy: I’m not an idiot Torao!
  • Usopp: What do you mean, even Usopp?
Fantasy Species based on Real Cultures

@definitelynotalibrary asked:

Hi, in my (medieval) fantasy world, I decided I wanted the different races’ cultures to be based on some real-world examples (elves=Viking, shapeshifters=Grecian/Roman, etc). I have a race that are basically like mermaids, but can traverse the land on legs. I wanted their culture to be Indian or south Asian, especially because I think the clothes work well with the aesthetic I want for them. The dupatta, for example, would work to keep their sensitive skin from drying out. 

Is there stuff I should be careful of? It’s still in the world building planning phase, so my research has been preliminary. I really want to make sure I do this right. It works in my mind, but I freely admit I don’t know much. It wouldn’t be entirely based off of them, much like the others I am working with, I want to go more for an “inspired by” feel while creating something original.

It has kind of always bugged me in SFF where authors use a specific racial coding to apply to an entire non-human species.  This functions on two levels: 

1) The humans are almost always the “normies” of the world and more often than not coded as some kind of standard western European, which feeds into the idea of non-Anglo/non-European/non-white people as “other” (not normal and at worst, not human).  I don’t think at all that’s what you mean to do but I can see how your setup touches on the edges of that trope.

2) Humans have 6000+ different languages and as many cultures.  Knowing that, it seemed incongruous in, say Star Trek, to have a single, apparently monolithic culture for, say, Klingons.

Now, as a world-builder, you’re inevitably going to take inspiration from real-world things you’ve seen, so I would just caution you on these two fronts.  Is there a “human”/“normal”/“default” race or species in your world (who are your protagonists, for example)?  What is their coding?  Think about the implications that has relative to the coding of the other species.  The non-human species you create should be as multifaceted as the real human species you live amongst, and if you have humans in your story, they should reflect that too. This means that we may only be seeing the Viking-coded elves, but it would serve you well to refer to other elvish cultures.  We may only see the dupatta-wearing mermaids, but we should be aware that there are other mermaid cultures.  Make sense?

Finally, remember that with as much diversity as there is between cultures, there is that much within them, too, of looks, behaviors, practices, and beliefs, and cultural diversity stems organically from diversity of individuals.

~Mod Nikhil

  • what they said: I'm fine
  • what they meant: In "The Answer" Blue Diamond's nose is hooked like Connie's, and this is clearly seen in BD's mural, but in her face reveal, her nose is curved downwards. Now, it is entirely possible that BD was initially meant to be Desi, but the Crewniverse changed their minds, but all her designs are Desi-coded and I really want to have some faith in them. What I think is that BD has been mourning for thousands of years and that has caused her appearance to change. For example, her eyes are teardrop-shaped, so perhaps her whole body has been let go, since gems' forms change based on their emotional state (Too Many Birthdays). Not only that, but BD has been in this situation for a long time based on what YD said, so if something happens to turn her into the scary despot we saw in The Answer, she might change her form again. I might be reaching, but I really found her to be weird and a little retconned from her previous design.

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Is there a percentage on how much of the game is finished?

I’ve still got a long way to go, but let me think…

Music is probably about 40% done. I’d share some finished songs but most of them are from later in the game and contain spoilers. :(

Programming… I’ve barely started. Other than some technical codes like diagonal movement and puzzles, I’d say programming is about 5% done. This is what’s going to take me the longest!

Dialogue has been flowing smoothly lately, but I’d still say it’s only about 5% done. There’s a LOT of dialogue in this game. I mean a LOT.

Graphics have been kinda difficult considering there’s so much to be done, but with some help from my teammate things I thought would take forever are getting done quickly. Still, I’d say I’ve got about 15% of the graphics done.

Don’t be discouraged by the low numbers though! Things are really moving at a good pace! It’s just that there’s sooooo much of everything. Overall, I’d say that the game is about 10% done.

Underswap Papyrus Shimeji!

Fully functioning RAR file: Download here!

I made it completely myself, except for some basic code and picture layout help ( meaning I just looked at them from time to time. Didn’t even look at the art, really. ) from the original and other fan-made Shimejis.

Please tell me what you think! Hope you all like it!


I just made these flower box accents today! I made them in kind of a rush though, so they aren’t perfect. The leaves could definitely use some work haha. Maybe someone will still like it though. 

I think it goes really nicely with this path I also made. ^_^

path: http://musicallymajesticnutella.tumblr.com/post/127100291530/here-is-my-latest-path-i-worked-ages-on-it-to

They also look nice with the fairy tale theme:)

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1- Villains are often disabled people and men who are feminine or villains who are gay coded. I think it is understandable to sympathize with these types of villains because they are often not heroes. I think people from oppressed groups sympathize with monsters and villains like them because they have power and- oh sorry the context of this was gothem city sirens. The lady villains are sympathetic but also apart of other margjnalized groups. Also there are moments in comics where

2- where Ivy and Harley beat up a creep who was abusing a little girl and Harley I think and she rescued some dogs or something while ivy did make plants eat the abusive owners or somethinrg- You can like a villain for their sympathetic or moments of heorics maybe rare and still not excuse their villainy. It’s okay to like villains and especially understandable if they are apart of oppressed groups you are apart of. I like the diamonds in Steven Universe but I still want them bubbled

3- I still want then bubbled and I think their actions of nuking earth, enslaving Pearls and whole classes of gems is really fucked up and they should probably pay for their crimes but I do sympathize with them because of their grief, their cool designs and their singing abilities. It’s okay to like villains and understandable, woobifying is that the word? That might not be a good idea though. Anyway you can like the gothem siren ladies it is okay.


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How do you create certain pages on your studyblr and out links to them in your bio? Like if you had link in your bio to a page with all of your original posts or like you do with your faq. Thank u seo

you can use custom html code in your description. although, i’m not sure, but i think i saw a tumblr post floating around that said that tumblr changed the description in some way?? idk i’ll have to check up on that, but yeah!

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I'm really pissed rn cause homophobes who headcanon gay/gay coded characters as ace usually make them AROace to keep them out of shipping and! That's not what's happening! And comparing ace seeking rep to the Catholic Church holy shit! Way to compare us to our oppressors for the umpteenth time today! So yeah anyways... Poe Dameron is a sex favorable gay ace :)

honestly tho like please some of us have had really really awful experiences with the catholic church please let us headcanon characters in peace. 

also in my experience homophobes who want to not think about gay characters having sex either just ignore the characters or think of them as 100% straight. a lot of them don’t really know what asexuality even is. 

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re: steph dabbing--who dabs back at her as well? who shares that intimate bond of dabbing at each other? who else gives bruce that special headache as his children just dab when there is Serious Business?

this ask is so old omg im sorry.. 

  • Listen she teaches cass how to do it without context whatsoever, shes like “Hey cass i have a dance move to teach you” and cass is like !!!!! so they start doing it like some kind of salute between them…. they walk into the batcave and just dab at each ther instead of waving or something… it becomes a second nature
  • damian doesnt get it and its annoyed by not knowing what that is (he thinks its some important code, especially given that they also use it when theyre on patrol) so she teaches him too. Tim is half amused half PLEASE STEPHANIE NO so, ofc Damian starts doing it to annoy him. Hes like “HEY DRAKE” “Damian what do you want now-” “*dabs*” “*tim has to look away so damian doesnt see him smiling* *he looks really cute okay*”
  • Dick doesnt get it either but he ….. tries to do it to keep up w the kids. He rarely does it tho bc they usually laugh about the way he dabs……… please kidS dont be mean :(  
  • One day Jason walks into the batcave to discuss stuff with bruce, and steph and cass dab as a greeting as they usually do (force of habit and all of that). steph doesnt really expect him to do anything (shes like oh my, hes gonna be so confused and i will have to explain it to him ughh) but he… dabs back, without missing a beat, and keeps going towards bruce. 
  • (”NO WAY” dick yells as he avoids a kick from damian “YOU’RE LIKE MY AGE, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT” Jason just shrugs, “you learn shit on the internet dude”)
  • Duke: *walks in*. Steph, Damian, and Cass: *dab at him*. Duke: *walks out*
  • (”i thought Cass and Damian were supposed to be the normal ones” Duke tells Bruce later, when they’re alone. Bruce looks into the distance, looking dead inside. “So did i, duke. so did i.”)
  • [stephanie voice] alf. alfie. alfred. alf its considered rude not to dab back you know. alf. cmon.
  • [alfred voice] *sigh* *halfhearted dab*
DR3 NG codes - analysis

Now that episode Mirai 12 has been aired, we know all the NG codes / forbidden actions, as well as the identity of the mastermind and their (complex) motives. I’ve done some thinking over the codes, and even though during the series they looked all over the place, now I’m rather convinced that they were carefully chosen for each participant. So, I’d like to make a short analysis on every code, especially on how bad they are for the player and what might have been the masterminds motive for choosing them. I’ll be happy to hear any other opinions, of course!

Spoilers inside, obviously

Keep reading

there’s a million posts about this but to reiterate because i can’t stop thinking about it, there is a very long tradition in western media of desxualizing queer-coded characters to make them more palatable to straight audiences/get them past censorship/etc, and it absolutely impacts the way people view lgbt people and lgbt characters now. the prevalence with which queer-coded characters are headcanoned as being aro and/or ace is a very small and relatively inconsequential impact of this, but it nonetheless demonstrates how widespread and pervasive the problem is. like. to reiterate, the problem isn’t thinking some characters might be ace/aro, the problem is the overwhelming amount of people who specifically headcanon queer-coded and even explicitly lgbt characters as ace/aro, and then growing angry with those who might think otherwise/accusing them of “stealing representation”, without taking historical precedences, historical/fandom context, and sometimes even the canon of a piece of media into consideration.

anonymous asked:

the funny thing is, not all black people have the same opinions on things. you can see a chara as black coded, or bad portrayal, and others might see nothing wrong w them at all. poc do not all agree or share similar mindsets or opinions on any topic, including representation

yeah thats why i wasnt like saying that anyone was wrong but i was explaining that some people did think that way and it should at least be acknowledged

and of course im not the authority on this stuff either 

On Disability in Media

Something I think about is how if there is a mentally ill character or a disabled character (namely, characters who are autistic coded, canon or not) like people like them and think they are funny or cool people, inspiring even, but if they meet someone with the exact same illness/disability they are nothing more than a burden or waste of space.

Some examples include:

- Dr. Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory (clearly neurodivergent coded, but nothing is canon)

- Sherlock Holmes, any adaptations (clearly neurodivergent coded, but as far as I know nothing is canon, in BBC Sherlock in s2e2 Lestrade makes a comment about Asperger’s, but it’s unclear if he was poking fun (using Asperger’s as an insult) or if he was being legitimate and this adaptation of Sherlock is canonically autistic)

- Rajesh Koothrappali, The Big Bang Theory (Selective Mutism, Anxiety Disorder)

- Maurice Moss, The IT Crowd (clearly autistic coded, though never made canon (as far as I know))

- Roy Trenneman, The IT Crowd (same as Maurice Moss, although in the finale he gets called ‘emotionally autistic’ but it’s unclear if this was a legitimate diagnosis, or used as an insult)

-John Watson, BBC Sherlock (PTSD, psychosomatic limp)

- Dr. House, House (multiply disabled)

- Toph, Avatar: The Last Airbender (blind)

There are a ton more, but I can’t think right now. Feel free to add on, the more liked the character is, the better. 

Honestly, I can’t tell if some of these characters are liked because of, in spite of, or disregarding their disabilities. I’m sure it’s different for each person who likes them. I am sure some people like them because they think it is fun to poke fun at them. I am sure some people like them without realizing their disabilities. I am sure some people like them for reasons I don’t know at all.

All I am saying is, if it is acceptable for a fictional character to be clearly coded differently, or physically disabled, then shouldn’t it also be okay for real life people? Why can people say “Oh I love x character with disability! They are so x, y, z!’ but then meet someone who actually has the disability IRL and they get treated like crap. Why is that okay? 

Also, we need better and canon representation of people with various disabilities. I am working on some right now, but it’s a lot harder than people think to get your media seen by a large group.

What IS Tech Magick

Tech Magick is one of the least common types of magick I see here, and since I practice it, I figured I should tell y’all what it is!(also since a lot of people look down on it so info here)

Basically, tech magick is using a computer, phone, tablet, or any other form of technology in spell work. This could be through coding(ME), using literal energy from your device, having an online Book of Shadows, or anything else (I saw somewhere a thing using minecraft to make an alter or something?)

I use tech magick to do tarot, as I have mentioned too many times, I coded my own program to draw random tarot cards. I personally prefer this to having physical cards, because I find them more personal, but some people think they can’t have energy because??? They’re on a computer? To those people I say “Fight me, do you know how much energy I put into this thing? It took me like 2 days to make that program, and I HAVE 284 HOURS ON SKYRIM GET OUT OF MY HoUSE”

Witches have survived this long because we adapt. We are the technology generation, and we will use what we have.


@seainspace replied to your post “i’m…so confused at kanan’s training methods? i thought jedi were all…”

Emotion, yet peace. Like Depa told him: “Those emotions are valuable, and should not be repressed, but you can not let them rule you. You must rule them.”

@seainspace replied to your post “@seainspace replied to your post “i’m…so confused at kanan’s training…”

actually it’s pretty well stated that some Jedi misinterpret the code, like Anakin who thinks that he isn’t allowed to feel things and in turn represses them. this is partially Obi-Wan’s fault for not explaining it properly, but then again he’s not the best at emotions either. i believe that’s why there’s two versions of the code. The ancient “there is no emotion, there is peace” and the one used in the temple during kanan’s training “Emotion, yet peace”. 

the ideal jedi has emotions like all sentient creatures, but can see past them and act fairly to all when needed. Of course that’s more or less impossible but, you know ideals.

whoops forgot a line “and learn to see past them”

I thought the “emotion, yet peace” version was the old one, and “there is no emotion, there is peace” the standard? (granted, it’s been a while since I read the Kanan comics, so I don’t really remember anything from them, and this is probably legends now.) Either way, dealing with emotions is a major failing of the Jedi, and Depa is absolutely an exception based on everything else we’ve seen. (And Kanan doesn’t exactly do well with emotions, either, whatever she tried to teach.) And while that may be the ideal, in practice it means a whole lot of Jedi repressing a whole lot of shit

@velvetsunset replied to your post “i’m…so confused at kanan’s training methods? i thought jedi were all…”

Made sense to me. Several years of patient consideration of Sabine hadn’t gotten her to face her demons, and the crew are running out of time. Which is why even Hera advocated asking her to take up the burden of the darksaber. I suspect things will go better now the boil is lanced, as it were… I like that they are treating her as a warrior, and not some fragile flower. (Erm, not to be combative. I see your POW :)

I just don’t feel it’s necessarily appropriate to make a teenage girl face these things against her will? Getting her some therapy would be one thing—all of them could do with some therapy, tbh—but the way they went about getting Sabine to confront her past was uncomfortable to me. Yes, the Empire is looming, and they do need all the allies they can get, but she’s still a teenage girl, and while I absolutely do believe she can accomplish everything they want, her wishes in the matter were completely disregarded, and that I do not like.

@rayguncourtesan replied to your post “i’m…so confused at kanan’s training methods? i thought jedi were all…”

I think that the key to the jedi approach to emotion (at least when they’re not being written by hacks) is to accept, process and move BEYOND its control over you. When written badly, and what Sabine is doing, is bottling it up, denying its existence and being constantly haunted, hounded and ruled by it. Everything she does is tinged by this sense of betrayal and resentment and uncertainty and that will get her killed.

@rayguncourtesan replied to your post “@seainspace replied to your post “i’m…so confused at kanan’s training…”

As ever the problem with Star Wars is decades of hack writers being given the stamp of approval BC Lucas really liked money and explicitly said he’d ignore it all anyway. The entire expanded universe is basically just monetised fan-fiction which is why jedi are so completely fucking useless and inconsistent.

I guess the problem is that they are so often written by hacks, leading to the mess that is the Jedi order. Lucas may or may not also be categorized with the hacks, but the prequels really do the Jedi no favors in terms of painting them as emotionally well balanced individuals with healthy reactions to anything, and the eu just makes things worse.

But at the same time, look, I can repress stuff all day! (Obviously nothing near as serious as Sabine’s past, but.) And someone forcing me to talk about it when I don’t want to isn’t necessarily going to make me feel better, it’s just going to make me resent that person.

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your game looks so very interesting!!! im so so excited for it!! the art is beautiful, your animations are nice and fluid, and all if the characters have so much personality from art alone! id also like to say that i appreciate the color coded text!!

Thank you, thank you so much! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ I’m so glad you like it! It’s been very great to see that people are liking Virgo as much as I enjoy spending my time with it! :3 I always had some sort of difficulty with games because they weren’t color coded like this most of the times, as I have attention disorders, so it was something I had to do xD I think it helps a lot on understanding mechanics. I also give a lot of thought on the kind of characters and the clothing they’ll wear based on their class, social position, cultural background and personality, since I think it is very necessary in world building. Some of them I just put some random clothing because it’s “cute” XD

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for the vip anon! if everything goes the same way it did last year, i think the only way you can get them is if you bought first access presale tickets ): i bought some when they went on sale and it said in the description "option for vip upgrade later on" so i'm assuming it will be the same way it was for the previous tour where you get a special code i think the reason it's so complicated is so big companies like stub hub can't buy and resell the vip tickets

There you love

thanks so much darling!!!


Some WIP shots of my newest town, Marinia! I don’t have a dream address up (both because it’s a WIP and because I haven’t bothered starting the dream suite yet), but I figured some screenies might be nice. They don’t show things off as well as I’d like them to though :(

I think my placeholder paths/qr codes sometimes look pretty neat in their own right… aside from all the ones making sure noone moves in the wrong spot, pfff. Anyways I’m still in the process of planning out all my QR codes and whatnot (I want to try making my own since I think it’d be fun), so it’s going to be quite a while before it’s anywhere near done… but I hope these teasers are at least kinda nice to look at! :>

and as per usual half of my town is a dang forest … i just can’t resist blossom and evergreen forests okay