((i ship it so hard))


My best friend got me this Korrasami engagement necklace. Nobody irl properly appreciates it so please appreciate how delightful this is

Like pls

I love it so much

I ship them so hard

Incorrect Seventeen Quotes #288
  • Vernon: Watch as I hold my whole world in my hands.
  • Wonwoo: Yeah right
  • Vernon [cups Seungkwan's face] : see
  • Wonwoo: oh
  • Seungkwan [softly] : oh

One day i will manage to draw Madison in a consistent style…that day is not today

Got this commission done by Jack Lawrence at London MCM comic-con, and oh boy am I thrilled with this!!! Picked this up on the last day, which was my birthday and is the best thing ever, it’s perfect!!!!
Got to get it framed soon. Jack Lawrence is an amazing guy, really brilliant person to meet.
Be even better if this ship came true…. *shrugs with very little hope*

Lams trip to the future
  • Laurens: Listen to this article I'm reading! Hamilton liked Laurens so much that historians speculate if they were lovers.
  • Hamilton: Well when we get back we'll have to change that, it's just not proper. Speculate??? Really.
  • Laurens: Well what would you rather it said? Hamilton liked Laurens so much that Historians know them to be hard core lovers, who love each other and write essays together and sleep together and eat together and are just all around super hardcore. Did I mention they're lovers?
  • Hamilton: That sounds about right.