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When I was 12 years old, I took a 3 month Martial Arts class which was a mixture of everything from kick boxing to tai chi.

One of the first things we learned and something we had to practice everyday for at least 30 minutes was - how to fall.

People literally carried us and threw us on the ground (well, mat).

Initially, it was painful. I was always so afraid. I mean how could I just stand there knowing that the person in front of me was going to pick me up and throw me! And then stand up again so the person behind them could do the same. And then stand up yet again for another person to do that.

Of course I knew it was because we had to learn how to fall. It wasn’t just about the other people knowing how to throw people. It was more about us learning how we must fall. Or rather, how we must break our fall.
It’s there I learned that there’s a ‘correct’ way to fall.

It seemed so absurd to me! It seemed so unfair!

Why did we need to learn how to fall? Why couldn’t we just learn how to not fall instead?

But soon in life I realized, we don’t often get a say in whether we fall or not. Whether life picks us up only to brutally bring us down harder. However, that summer I did learn that we can choose to fall in a way that minimises the damage and the pain because falling is inevitable and most times out of our control but how we fall and get back up is always up to us.

—  creatingnikki 

Written for the @nurseyweek prompt: “challenge.”

“I keep better time during hockey season,” Jack tells him once. “Easier to track a life in wins and losses than in idle days, eh?”

And Nursey can definitely relate, but he definitely doesn’t say so. Not when Bitty gets that look on his face at overhearing the conversation, like what Jack’s just said is the saddest thing to ever be uttered. The hockey robot who can’t quite human the way he should.

The thing is that Nursey is his own kind of robot, if he’s honest with himself. Which he tries not to be anymore. “Honesty” usually packs a punch that he would rather not suffer through if he can help it.

Robot Nursey is very good at projecting the appearance of a person that is the polar opposite of the person all of his internal thoughts and emotions want him to be. He can compartmentalize nearly any situational response that goes against this outward ruse. And he can neatly divide his own life up into a series of challenges that his careful mask has faced, and a collection of coping mechanisms to go with them.

Loving Dex has somehow become both.

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Motel Trampoline

A/N: This is the first installment of a series I’m starting called Growing up Winchester. It’s basically one shots of what life was like for the Winchester kids. Dean’s the oldest, Y/N is the middle child, and Sam is the youngest.

Growing up Winchester

Dean’s age-7

Y/N’s age-5

Sam’s age-12 months

“De, I’m bored.” You whined at your oldest brother who sat across from you coloring at the motel room table. John, the patriarch of the family had taken Sam to the store with him to get some supplies before he left you kids for a hunt.

“Whaddya want me to do about it?” Dean questioned you with an unamused look on his face.

You shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t know. Can we play a game or somethin’?”

“I don’t know Y/N, Dad said we gotta be quiet. He doesn’t want anybody knowin’ we’re here alone, especially cause he’ll be leaving for a h-work trip tomorrow and we don’t want any trouble.”

“Okay De.” You said dejectedly, “Can you pass the pourple? I’m gonna give the puppy pourple spots.” Dean gave you a sad face before reaching over and handing you the crayon. You gave him a soft smile in return as you grabbed the crayon from his hand. “Thanks.”

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Okay i really need to talk about ep 28 of snk. Because not only did the pacing of this ep felt very off. They cut out some very important scenes that was detriment to the developments of some characters. And i don’t know if its because of the 12 ep constraint and thats why they felt the need to cut out important scenes like these, but then again this ep just felt so rushed and the pacing felst so off that its hard not to believe that they couldn’t have added these scenes in.

First off.

They changed Eren’s monlouge after he was told that he needed to learn how to harden like Annie so that he could plug up the hole in Wall Maria.

In the manga, after he thinks to himself that the ability Annie used should be possible for him to learn as well, the thought of remembering Annie as the female titan shows to discomfort him. This was a sign that even after battling her and finally accepting the realization that she was the female titan and killed numerous scouts, he still had a hard time viewing her as an enemy.

He then states that he is tired of not knowing answers and not finding a direct person to channel his anger at. Which is why he proclaims that he wants to go to his fathers batsmen and finally learn just what the hell is going on

He says that once he does, he’ll finally be able to direct his anger to at least something. Now this moment in the manga was extremely important to Erens character because it was the beginning of his growth from seeing the world as black and white, to realizing that things obviously aren’t as simple as he originally thought. It also cemented the strong relationship he had with Annie, as he still couldn’t direct his anger towards her and still refused to see her as just an enemy. I’m not just saying this as a shipper of the two,  this scene was important to his development and sort of paved the way for future events once he reaches the basments and finally see’s the world for what it is.

But no…. instead we get this one scene

They completely removed his inner monologue, a scene that was important for his character and development, if not only to rush the episode for the castle utgrad scenes at the end of the episode. Which i have a hard time believing because i can’t see how hard it is to add 1 or 2 more scenes with Eren thinking to himself. With the removal of this scene it removes the progression Eren hurdles through up to this point and finally seeing the world as a sort of grey area then black and white.

I would forgive this if they somehow include a scene between him and Annie during their training days that cemented the close relationship between the two. And no i don’t mean the scene that played out during Eren’s fight with Reiner, i mean a new scene that shows how close Eren and Annie’s bond were and that cements how close their relationship were.

The only hope i have of this is that Annie’s Seiyuu has been heavily advertised like the rest of the cast. So that probably means that she has recorded new lines for the season and im really hoping those new lines were for a scene between her and Eren.

Aannnd thats not the only thing they cut out.

One of the things i was really looking forward to was the talk between Levi and Mikasa. And in part i was super scared that they were going to skip this scene entirely. Which to be fair they didn’t( and i was happy at hearing Levi call Mikasa name ^_^)

However  i did not like how they changed the scene where Levi tells Mikasa to control her emotions and to not make a blunder like last time…

To instead telling Eren the exact same thing and that he needs to control his emotions and to not screw up next time.

Again, they removed a very important scene that helped develop Mikasa’s character. In the manga this was a way for Mikasa to admit that yes, she made a mistake, and its was because of her constant need to protect Eren all the time that caused Levi to be injured. This moved Mikasa away from the fandoms perception of her as someone who is, ‘ just obsess with Eren and is a mary sue.” Because this was her finally coming to the realization that her Emotions gong out of control and her recklessness had consequences. It gave her something to reflect on because it came from levi himself

I’m happy that they still included the scene with them talking, but when thy remove an important scene like this it removes that formation of a relationship that was starting to build between levi and Mikasa. It’s important because it was Levi who told her of her mistakes, and telling her to learn from it.

I know people are saying that thy are going to include a scene where she reflects on her mistakes during the Reiner fight, but they can’t add back a scene where it was Levi telling her all that when they completely just skimmed through it. It won’t have the same meaning because it doesn’t come from Levi himself. Which would have begun that Mentor- Student relationship between the two.

And lets not forget the scenes with Ymir. I Was happy to see that the scenes between her and Historia were pretty on the mark. But the pacing of this ep was just really rushed that its kind of aggravating that they would exclude some important scenes from her.

Like when she was trying to comfort Connie by making fun of his claim that his mom was turned into a titan.

This showed Ymir in a sort of caring light and showed her character as not just a sarcastic asshole, but someone who genuinely cares about her friends and wants to cheer them up. Albeit in her own way.

But then in one episode, they arrive in castle utgrad, and then the castle gets attacked. All of this happens in the span of like five minutes. They skip the scenes with her altogether to make room for action.

I realize they could always add these scenes in a flashback during her reveal as the dancing titan, bit its just going to seem off to have an entire flashback dedicated to these missing scenes, in between what is currently going on. The pacing is just going to be ll thrown off because of it.

Imperfect Pair (Epilogue)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Characters: Reader, Taehyung, Jungkook

Word Count: 4.1k

Genre: Fluff, ArrangedMarriage!AU

A/n: This is for everyone that wasn’t ready to let these characters go, and who, like me, needed closure. Thank you for reading, and I’m glad you guys liked the story as much as I loved writing it. 

Series :01 | 02| 03| 04| 05| Epilogue


           You crossed your arms over your chest as you leaned in the doorway, cocking an eyebrow at the sight before you.

           “Whose idea was it to wear matching berets?” you asked as you watched Taehyung, his eyes on himself as he adjusted the burgundy beret on his head, fixing the dark hair that stuck out. He looked at you through the mirror, smiling at you warmly before turning to you, trying not to laugh as you realized they were wearing the same turtle neck as well.

           “Was it a bad idea? I thought you liked it when we matched!” he asked as he walked towards you, his hands automatically moving to your sides, pressing his palms lovingly against your stomach.

           “No, no, I love it. You guys look cute,” you affirmed quickly, pecking his lips before removing a piece of lint from the neck of his shirt, smoothing your hands over the material.

           “I had to make sure he looked extra good today. Did he tell you about the people he invited?” he asked as his eyes darted down the hall, his voice dropping to a whisper, automatically catching your interest.

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How I study for a big test!

this year is my first one at university, so i think it would be really nice to share with all of you the steps that i follow when i have an importan exam!

first thing that i need to tell you is that is very importan to have enough time to study for your exam because otherwise you are going to be more stressed than normal!

so here i leave you the steps that i follow to study for a big test, i hope you find it helpful!

  1. first of all i read all my notes and then i underline the most importants parts
  2. when i underline everything, i do a list of the most importants topics of the subject (that helps me to have a mental guide of the important things to write down on the exam)
  3.  i read everything over and over again till i fully understand everything!
  4. if there is something i don’t  fully understand i try to ask someone from my class or my teacher
  5. once i understand everything, or almost everything, i do mind maps. In this link you can learn how to mind map :) 
  6. if the subject requires memorize, i use the blank sheet method which involves taking out a blanck sheet and writting down everything you need to know about a topic without looking at your notes. i found this method really useful
  7. once a know everything i make flashcards (only i do it if i need to learn definitions) 
  8. and finally, to revise the topic a just read all my notes, mind maps, flashcards, etc. that i have done 

and that’s everything i do to prepare myself for a big exam! i hope that you find it useful! and remember that exams are important but you also need time for yourself so if you are feeling stressed just relax a little bit, watch your favourie show, talk with some friends, listen to music or just go for a walk!!!

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 119

-Amon needs to go to confession after stealing a cat

- Maris Stella: Mother look at me I’m cuter than this delinquent

-  Akira breaking hearts

- Amon and Kaneki do on a roof top date

- Amon learned how to use his kagune cause he got hit on one too many times

- Love at first sight Amoneki

- Edge Lord Kaneki strikes again

- Kimchi Fruit unleashes a horde of puppies that bite

- Furuta ain’t no imitation can match the extra that is Kaneki

-Touka: *Darth Vader voice* Akira I killed your father

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: A cat and a rabbit play together, what can go wrong

dan and phil play what would you do if: a summary

danandphilgamesDILEMMAS i feel personally attacked thanks phil

they credited jack’s video aw

they didn’t need to do that but philly loves crediting people

phil’s example includes a badger of course

the brown vs black circle debate

“we’re learning things about each other and you’re learning things about us” i’ll be shocked if you find anything you don’t know about each other tbfh

the firearm question… wow okay

“hey there mister philly, what’ve you got yourself an illegal weapon for? planning on doing some sneaky shooting?” cue the multitude of policeman!dan aus

dan tear your eyes away from him

actually don’t i’ve missed this

“i’d put it in a cloth bag without touching it with my own hand, so there’d be no fingerprint, then they’d know i didn’t touch it… unless i did touch it then wiped it down and then did that… but they wouldn’t know that” well phil did say we’d learn more about them… he’s thought about this to a great extent before

“this sounds like something you’ve thought through” dan and i on the same wavelength

“life isn’t grand theft auto, guys” - phil lester 2k17

‘what would you do if the house you are in is on fire?’ “i mean it would be very good for your username” phil ever the optimist

“we don’t have pets, stop rubbing it in game”

“i feel like because the internets watching i have to say i’d save everyone but me”

dan’s array of accents is always lovely

phil got about five hours sleep the night before the boy needs an early night

“what is a pervy stuff?” first of all mister english degree, flawless grammar usage and secondly dan’s reaction represents all of us

“as pervy as you want mate, time has stopped…. as long as you don’t leave a trace” the wholesome howell branding has completely disappeared

phil discussing going into a locker room whilst time has stopped… i wonder which gender he has in mind

if any at all

the dimple is looking particularly gorgeous today

dan knows phil like the back of his hand and is insistent that phil would actually do the pervy stuff

wake up people wake the hell up

phil is now obsessed with pervy stuff and is making up his own option

have fun with that, smut writers

dan is spiritually always stuck in sewers

“i believe there are mutant crocodiles beneath london” - again, phil lester 2k17

“phil would lick a foot rather than stay somewhere for three months, that’s what we’ve learnt”

of course dan gets a question about his dead best friend

and the trend of killing phil apparently is still a thing,,,, remember that video

“it’s actually dan and fernando games” phernanado looks weird so i used fernando ok fight me

“i’m not fernando. ask me something fernando wouldn’t know” // “i mean you’ve been fernando the entire time…” // “oh”

phil’s weird tongue laps

great description kirsten truly you have a gift

don’t mind me roasting myself

back to the video

“that means i can use my real voice now…. continue the friendship daniel” // “bye mate” yet phil cannot use his real humour as fernando,,, abolish the innocent branding bc it’s one thing u ain’t

“bestselling novel, yes mate” // “is that your next book?” i’d kill for dan to write a novel i really would like he jokes about it but nah i’d be all over that shit

“dan and fernando games, thumbs up if you want it to continue” // “rebranding incoming” joe dare he joke about it

the ripped skinny jeans and glitter nail polish are the true rebrand here

“i like sitting down”

dan’s facial expressions in this video are absolutely extraordinary i love him

daniel trump

“phillu…” // “yassu”

“yes punch me dad” can dan go a single video without calling something or someone dad

i wonder if he calls his own dad dad that would be weird by this point right

if dan became a spider….. that’s definitely going to be a fic by the end of this week

spies instead of flies same

dan’s deep speech

“spiders only live for like a week…” // “ideal”

phil’s logical reasoning i’m living

the word orgasm comes into the mix and dan’s clocks slows right down and he’s thinking all manner of things look at him

dan you’re on camera stop thinking of either you or phil climaxing in space

or both of you

i’m not here to judge nor am i a mind reader



phil would film himself moonwalking in space and upload it

like he needs the views


“that’s such a laddy answer”

p a r t y b o y s

“that’s some mark of oxin shiz”

“what, you’re going to incinerate me???” // “definitely”

you can tell who said what in that last quote pair i’m laughing

phil’s question is about living with a monkey but he already lives with a clingy creature does he not

“no i’m not having sex with a monkey!”

“i would spoon a monkey, for sure” phil i have many questions, oh so many questions

dan describing the options in detail is extremely interesting if you think about it

“… or just once a month, spank the monkey” what beautiful imagery dan thank you so much for killing any fic inspiration anyone had

phil is going to extreme lengths to argue against banging a monkey

“i would spoon the monkey, watch some game of thrones, and then go to bed in separate rooms”

and now dan won’t leave the spanking of the monkey alone

fucking hell the tension i can feel it through the camera

“no monkey sex!”

“you guys are alright out there… mostly”

“that was an emotional rollercoaster” you said it danny boy

i feel like i do know so much more about phil

whether or not that is a good thing i am still debating

“no please god no that was traumatising” dan actively trying to stop people requesting another video

he knows that just spurs people on it’s been years now

“we’ll see you next time if you come back after that monkey question”

please nobody write that fic i’m begging you please please don’t



i wonder who edited and added the annotations for this video hm i have no clue

this was a mistake

eventful to say the least


In memory of the 17th year since the Columbine High School massacre.

I’d like to dedicate this to the 15 victims that lost their lives 17 years ago today. It’s didn’t have to be like that. It never did.

To this day we are still learning about how to prevent tragedies like this from occurring again.

We need to acknowledge depression and how that affects a person, medication and the way it’s used, bullying is still a BIG problem in the world, gun control which is a big controversial one. Just so many different things.

I hope the 15 souls are in a better place and know that their memory will forever live on.

🕯To the 15 victims🕯
Dave Sanders, Cassie Bernall, Steve Curnow, Cory DePooter, Kelly Fleming, Matt Ketchter, Daniel Mauser, Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrbough, Isaiah Shoels, John Tomlin, Lauren Townsend, Kyle Velasquez, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris

Lives lost but not forgotten

please don’t delete the captions. I don’t spend time writing them for people to just delete them, thanks💞

You’re Mine || one

Meeting the guy, that made my life a living hell after years of running away. Do I love him or do I hate him?

Originally posted by purelyjimin

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Mature/Angst

A/N: Taking a break from this fic, will start a new one. 

The way he used to look at me, was all gone when he started hanging out with guys that were older than him. Ignoring me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, breaking my heart and messing with it like I was a toy. Of course, I have heard stories about him, some horrible ones. Casual sex, treating women like toys and the worse one gangbangs. This was someone he had become, something he did every day and I couldn’t fathom at all. We used to be friends, me thinking that we were more than friends, was just a huge lie to make myself feel better about the situation. He used me, breaking my heart like a heartless person, he had become and I forgave him every time because I loved him. I used to cry and tell everything he had done to me to Lia, my best friend. There was always something to say about him or the girls that were stupid enough to fuck him, just like the old me. Lia normally would tell me to stop letting people hurt me and stand up for myself instead of forgiven them for their mistake. That must be easy for her, she has always been the girl that said what she wanted, not being afraid what people would think about her. 

As the time passed. I moved away from my childhood home into a bigger city or the capital living there for a year or two before moving back. Where all the pain of mine started, but I guess I got attached to the place, maybe that’s the reason why I’m back. Thinking that he would be long gone from this place, hoping that I didn’t run into him or see him again. I didn’t have anything to say to him, nothing at all. When I finally found my peace, something that will soon be ruined by the one and only Jeon Jungkook, the guy I have been running away from for years now because my heart couldn’t take it anymore watching him from afar. Watching him fuck up every single girl he met, just because he found it fun to mess around with me. Who does that? he does. 

“Missed me?” he whispered into my ear making me jump up a little by his sudden presence, as I stood outside of someone’s backyard at a party that I got forced to go on.  

“What do you want?” I turned around facing him, at first it was hard to remember if I knew who the voice belonged to, but the fact that he asked if I had missed him made everything much easier for me. He looked different but I guess time changes someone’s looks, he was much taller than last time I saw him. Honestly, he looked great, black shirt and pants in an outfit he didn’t put much effort in. 

“Looks like someone have become stubborn, what happened to the girl who did everything I told her? I wonder if she’s still around,” he smirked while looking around for ‘her’ ending it with a grin showing his teeth, that every girl died of seeing. “Want to go inside and get a drink, so we can catch up on things?“ 

"So sad that she’s gone and would probably never come back as well,” I said with a harsh tone. “No thanks, I don’t drink," 

He was surprised to get to see the true me or the changed me, but let out a laughter making me frown my eyebrow. "Why are you at a party, if you’re not planning on drinking anything or have fun?” he asked with a cocked eyebrow. “Wait~ did you come here because of a guy? Then where is he," 

The way he said it and acted showed me that he was obvious teasing me, thinking that I couldn’t get laid. That was just rude of him, I can easily get laid but I’m not like him. I don’t do one stands, I have to be drunk first at least to do it. Does he think that I’m the shy girl that he fucked up multiple times, that was too afraid to say anything about it? How fucking nice of him to think. 

"Bye~,” I said with no emotional and brushed past him earning a call from him but instead of turning around and wait for him, I slightly turning my head back flashing him a smile. 

A couple of hours later, I was still avoiding him. Once in awhile, he would try to get my attention by going up with a random girl closer towards me, hoping that I would get jealous by it. Lia was nowhere to be seen, I guess she’s the one getting laid tonight after all I’m her wingwoman. My eyes were wandering around the party when I spotted something that caught my attention or in fact, I caught someone staring at me. He somehow looked familiar but I couldn’t put the words together, there was just something familiar with him or was that just me being paranoid. I was about to stand up and walk over to the guy but got pushed back down onto the chair, looking up seeing his face. He was slowly shaking his head, as he was doing that he was making sure that I wouldn’t stand up again by holding onto my shoulder. 

“Why do you want to go talk to him and not me? Fun, now you’re looking at my friends. I don’t understand why you’re giving me a cold shoulder, and don’t you dare tell me that I have to think harder. You disappeared for three years, I tried to ask your-” I cut him off. 

“How dare you ask my parents, great it’s just great. Don’t you understand that I hate you, you fucking used me like I was a toy! Just go and fuck someone else because I don’t want anything from you” This was just great, he’s acting all innocent when he’s the reason for the pain I have been feeling for years. I harshly pushed him to the side rushing out of the house, hot tears were already trailing down my cheek. Regretting that I didn’t get drunk, knowing that I would just regret it tomorrow anyway but it would have felt great if I got drunk. Why did I have to be like this? because this is who I am.

The whole way home was me trying to get myself to stop crying, but it seemed useless. I didn’t want it to stop, my body needed to let it all out before getting home. No one needed to know that I met him again, not even Lia needed to know. I came to a dark alley not paying much attention to the dark, slightly sobbing could be heard making the night seem endless not knowing when it would stop. I almost died of shock when suddenly someone pushed me into the stone wall, making my teeth grit together of the pain. My head was still hanging low not really caring if I got raped by a guy on the street because I’m already in so much pain. Maybe it would be a nice fuck with a good looking guy, something I would probably regret like I regret getting to know Jeon Jungkook, regretting that I let him fuck me up. 

“I thought you loved me, baby girl. Why have you become so cold hearted all of a sudden?” he started to kiss my neck leaving wet kisses, holding onto my waist tightly. I wanted to push him away, but my body wasn’t collaborating with my brain. “This isn’t the Y/N, I used to know" 

"Then you surely don’t know me well” I finally pushed him off me, it all sounded harsh but it was true. He doesn’t know me that well, he doesn’t care about me anymore. He ditched me because he was too ‘cool’ for me, leaving me to become a monster and now he’s thinking that I came back for him. Used me for his pleasure whenever he needed it, I won’t let that happen again. How stupid can someone be? He’s stupid enough to think, that I’m crawling back to him. “I have changed something you haven’t" 

When I was about to go away, he harshly pushed me back on the wall making me hiss. He has become even stronger over the years, his face showed that he was irritated and angry. "You truly have learned how to make someone angry, but it suits you” with that he pressed his lips onto mine, my eyes grow bigger while his eyes were closed. 

My hands were on his chest struggling to push him away from the kiss, I have to admit this was something I had missed but I had to remember all the things he had done to me. Making me feel like trash, forcing me to watch him fuck another girl because I didn’t obey him. Making me fall in love with him over and over again, so many times it started to hurt. This was a life I left behind but it looks like I’m going to get it back. The life I hated to live, always wanting things to change but it wouldn’t change. Why was he doing this to me? No one knows because this is his life, he’s used to doing this to girls, but why with me, though? 

He soon moved down to my neck sucking on it slightly earning some moans escape my lips, but I regret letting them out, covering my mouth with one hand so I wouldn’t make him satisfied. He was trying hard to make me feel miserable under his touch, he wanted me to beg for him. I didn’t want to beg for anything, I don’t even love him anymore. The hate for him was stronger than the love that I once felt for him. “I missed hearing them” he purred into my neck, his hand grabbed my hand that was covering my mouth holding onto it so I couldn’t use it. 

“I missed everything about you" 

White thought of the day

I don’t need to fully understand why something is racist to stop doing it.

If a bunch of black people are telling me not to do something because because they say its racist and hurtful and I don’t know why its racist and hurtful and it does me absolutely no harm to just not do what I’m being asked not to do, why would I defend it with my ignorance that is obviously hurting someone and isn’t helping me?

I don’t get white white people shouldn’t have dreadlocks but most black people seem to understand why it is racist, it upsets them and I think that’s good enough reason to believe them.

I mean who is better to determining if something is racist? White me or black them? I think I’m ganna go with black them.

I don’t get straight or gay people I’m VERY pansexual and have a hard time imagining not being attracted to someone based on gender, but if someone tells me they are gay or straight I don’t argue with them, or tell them they are just being silly or close minded.

Who knows or understands the hearts and desires of gay and straight people better? Pansexual me or gay and straight them? I think I’m ganna go with gay and straight them.

You don’t need to understand why you should be respectful to be be respectful

You need to understand that everyone has different needs, and you should be aware of and tend to those needs to be respectful.

*I’m not saying don’t do your research, always try to understand and question the people and world around you. If you don’t learn both your majority and minority history that’s how history repeats its self; we must never forget what prejudice, hate,murder and ignorance has done to us in the past to we need to not don’t do it again. What I’m saying is if you have done all of that and you still don’t “get it” and a vast part of a minority is telling you something you are doing/thinking is wrong/hurtful and you don’t have to do anything wrong/hurtful to comply with a minorities’ request why wouldn’t you just trust they know better than you?*

Guidelines for Being in the MBTI Community

This hasn’t been done before, so I thought I’d illustrate some things for the newbies. Having been in MBTI so long, I forget there are people who are fundamentally ignorant. Here is how to gain the most from the community and especially when dealing with seasoned MBTI theorists

1. You don’t know anything. I don’t care how many tests you’ve taken, how many copypastas you’ve read about Your Type - you don’t know what you’re talking about 

2. Shut up and listen. There’s a reason why so many of us seem short tempered and unwilling to debate. We’ve had these debates. We know more than you. So be quiet if you want to learn. The nicest seasoned bloggers on here are the ones who aren’t actually “nice,” they’re just more professional. And they have the same qualms as other bloggers. 

3. We don’t owe you anything. We don’t owe it to you to type you, respond to your questions, or anything of the sort. We are here to teach you, in our own manner, what we have researched about MBTI. 

4. MBTI does define you. Get over it. It defines an aspect of yourself. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you also take issue with calling yourself whatever your nationality is, your creed, your race, sexuality, whatever. Now WHAT aspects it defines, we are here to teach you. If you think MBTI doesn’t define you, chances are you don’t know what you’re talking about or what MBTI is. Thus, I’d like to refer you to points 1 and 2. 

5. Stay uncomfortable. Truth does not come exclusively from comfort. There is comfort in MBTI and its paradigm, but in order to approach it properly, you need to follow and accept points 1, 2, and 4. MBTI is not for validating your identity, strengths or weaknesses. 

6. If you feel invalidated, take a look in the mirror. MBTI is a fairly neutral tool when used properly. Anything that makes you feel bad is a result of your own weak ego, insecurities, and thirst for validation. Stop that. MBTI is not your mirror for you to project your weaknesses upon. Following that, the bloggers are not mirrors for you to project upon. 

7. Study in your own time. A lot of bloggers will reference paradigms and complex ones at that. Many of us have written extensively on them. Take a bit to research what we’re talking about, because the information exists, and quite likely on our blogs. Many, many, many (dozens or hundreds) of asks get ignored/deleted because it is clear you aren’t doing your part. Anyone who is spoonfed MBTI will quickly flounder when trying to apply it themselves. 

8. We are that good. We know what we’re talking about. If you don’t like it, leave. Arguing with us, when you know nothing about MBTI, won’t get you very far. We constantly debate among ourselves because we have put in the time, effort and have the foundations for a good debate. Don’t ask us “how we are so good at MBTI” and turn around and say “you can’t do that.” Because we can. And we do. And most of you on here don’t have the foundation to even begin to type people in unorthodox manners as we do, which is why many of us don’t elucidate on topics such as visual typing, typing based on physical behavior, typing based on how someone talks, etc. Again, just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean we can’t. We are not a mirror of your capabilities. 

9. We are not here to prove ourselves to you. We have nothing to prove. Those who want to learn, shall, and those who want to stroke their ego about how much smarter they are than us will, and the latter shall be ignored. I personally blog out of obligation, given that there is a lack of good information on the internet. But I don’t need to prove myself and stroke your ego. I’m going to do what I want to do - which is teach. 

Sugar Sweet | 2 |

word count: 5.3k

genre: smut & a little fluff



part 1 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

a/n: there’s very very verrrry slight dubcon, but in the end it’s consenting by both parties. just in case that isn’t your cup of tea, but i promise it’s as minimal as possible. trust me. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes.

Here was the man who gave you admittedly one of the best orgasms of your entire life and managed to make your heart go all kinds of tender within one night who also nearly tossed you out of the apartment you’d never thought you’d go to, less than 6 hours ago.

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Excerpt from My New Fic (Winteriron)

Untitled fic so far, but a few chapters into it. Post CACW, I may or may not be kind of mad at Steve still so… this happened in Chapter Three.
“Tony! You need to get in here and practice!” Steve called from the center of the training ring. “You can’t always wear your suit to fight, we’ve been over this.”

Bucky looked up from wrapping his knuckles in time to see Tony jerk a little when Steve yelled for him.

“Not today.” He said quietly and Steve shook his head.

“Come on, Tony. I know you prefer to spar with some of the other guys but I’m here so let’s go a few rounds.”

“Sorry, I just– I can’t fight you, Steve. I can’t.” Tony was trying to edge towards the door, trying to escape and Steve groaned in frustration.

“You will NEVER be part of the team again if you don’t engage with us! That includes training with us, so get your butt up here.”

Bucky watched all the color drain from Tony’s face, saw the way his fists tightened in anger and then his shoulders drooped in defeat, and the Soldier decided enough was enough.

“Steve!” He snapped, and the blond looked over at him. “Lets you and I go a couple rounds. How about that?”

“We already fight well together though.” Steve explained patiently. “Tony needs to learn how to work with everyone again, and he’s never going to learn that if he refuses to train. So Tony let’s go.”

Bucky shook his head and hopped into the ring, rolling his shoulders to loosen up.

“Come on, Steve. Just one round with me, let me work off a little steam. Then Tony can join in.”

“That’s fine, I guess.” Steve conceded, and bounced on his feet a little. “You ready?”

“More than you are.” Bucky retorted, and Steve sent him an odd look at the reply.

“Alright then come—”

Bucky took a step forward and clocked Steve with a hard left, putting all his strength behind the punch.

Steve dropped like a rock, his perfect nose considerably more crooked now, and his breathing shallow because he was knocked the fuck out.

Bucky jumped back out of the ring, ripping the tape off his right hand as he went, heading towards Tony, who was just staring, wide eyed and slack jawed.

“I am TIRED of him talking to you like that.” Was all Bucky said before he stomped out of the gym.

And Tony smiled, just the tiniest bit.

Spy Peggy saves the day part 1? by Mia.maya0906

It was near the end of daycare, Alex was fighting with Thomas (as usual) and Mr. Washington was trying in vain to stop them. Vain was a word Alex taught Hercules, it sounded really important. Alex said that there were many ways to use the word “vain” but his favorite way is when you try really hard to do something but you fail. In fact, Alex and Hercules used it when writing the spy oath.

    Today was a proud day for Hercules. Today was the day Peggy gra-ju-ated from spy training. He loved training Peggy, she was like a little spy sister to him, and she was going out into the real world to spy on strangers and make the world a better place. Today she was receiving her first o-ffi-shi-al  a-sign -ment. Peggy was jumping up and down with excitement, the cer-ee-mo-ny was about to begin! Everybody gathered around to watch. Even Alex and T.jeff stopped fighting! That showed how much of a big deal this was. Mr. Washington breathed a sigh of relief. Then again Peggy was also jumping up and down with nervousness. Spy’s had a big re-spons-a-bil-i-ty. They needed to use the in-for-ma-shun they found to solve problems. But if you let the wrong person hear even a little of the in-for-ma-shun you found, it can create problems even bigger than the first. Peggy learned that the hard way. She cringed at the memory of when she accidently let Samuel know that Alex was going to prank Gorge. But that was then she was ready now.

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I have been meaning to do this post for an awfully long time, and have had numerous messages asking me about how I revise, so it is about time I got down to it. I think the main reason why I haven’t done this post until now is because I myself have actually also been figuring out exactly how to revise. Last year, I feel that I didn’t really nail a set revision technique, and although I did fine with my prelims, I didn’t feel like I was prepared at all, and vowed to find a revision technique to make me feel satisfied this year.

I’ve found that using different methods for different papers is currently working for me, so I will try to give you an overview of what I am currently doing. I’m not saying that these methods are going to be 100% successful for myself or for anyone else, but if you are interested in what I am doing right now, then read on. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m currently splitting 3 of my 4 papers into a revision technique with 3 stages: 
STAGE 1: collating quotes on post-it notes, collating notes from previous lectures, essays and supervisions; defining topics or ‘themes’ to gather them into. 
STAGE 2: creating a series of colourful mind-maps on these topics, using my quotes on post-it notes to stick on the paper in relevant places/move about the page. On the paper, I will arrange my notes and thoughts into logical trains of thought which flow into a mini ‘argument’ that includes these quotes. I will then do the same kind of mindmaps on past paper questions, creating mini essay plans that include my portable quotes.
STAGE 3: PAST PAPER TIMED ESSAYS. There’s no real explanation needed here, only that I will probably first allow myself to look at my texts/notes during a timed essay, before then removing them from my sight/grasp at the final hurdle.   
I hope these stages make sense to people, and I will try to post pictures on here as I go. As you can see from the top image, I am currently only at Stage 1, but I will move to Stage 2 next week. 

In my Medieval Paper, we have to complete translations, so, additional to the above method, I have written out the passages we need to work on for translation (see the image with my two copies of ‘Sir Gawain’). Here, I have found that translating gradually with the help of both the Middle English version & the translated version has helped. I haven’t looked at the translated version yet, and have instead written out the Middle English in black pen, before going over the text, referring to the Middle English glossary, picking out any words I found difficult individually before writing them in light green alongside the Middle English. I will next go over the translated version I own, and come to a conclusive translation in dark green at the bottom of each page. 

For my fourth and final paper, Practical Criticism, I have found that the use of flashcards is probably the most helpful for all the critical terms that we need to know (see third image). After creating a set of flashcards and learning the terms, I will go through my past notes on different critical/theoretical schools of thought, creating more colourful mindmaps on each set topic. And then again, its PAST PAPER time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

That’s it! I hope it makes sense. I am awful at knowing how to revise, possibly the worst person to ask if I’m honest, as nobody really tells you how to revise at university, which can mean that you waste time flailing around (that’s what I did last year). So now, I’ve just thought of various ways to change-up my revision technique and make it really dynamic. We’ll see if it works in the long-run, but it is working at the minute!  

This term, there are also revision lectures, classes and supervisions on in the English department; I have attended these so far, and I have felt that they have  really helped me to identify what I need to get done in my own revision time, so I will definitely carry on attending. Ultimately, so far this term, I have been keeping myself busy with revision, and I am really starting to feel like I am making progress. I’m actually quite enjoying it, so hopefully this feeling will last. 


Strength and Guidance

Part One of One Dance (A Check Please Soulmate AU where songs sung by your soulmate get stuck in your head) Also on AO3

Read Polyfarms companion fic here

For @ransomwee Prompt: Celebration.

Justin is a junior in high school. He knows exactly three things about his soulmate. One, she’s around his age. Two, she’s definitely American. Three, she has a thing for musical theater. 

Ever since puberty. Everybody stares at me. Boys, girls. I can’t help it baby.

Justin, or Ranser as his hockey team knew him, sighs. He’s knee-deep in a practice SAT test. He knows his soulmate is American, so that’s where he’s planning to go for university. Even if they don’t end up at the same school, it’ll be exponentially easier to find her if they don’t have an international border between them. 

So be kind. And don’t lose your mind. Just remember. That I’m your baby.

Allow me to kiss your hand, be your man,” Ranser interrupts. “You know, I’ll understand…You see where I’m from, WC, I’m from Nigeria,” he murmurs. “Omo, you know say na criteria.” 

Justin doesn’t know what skipping ahead in a song does to the music inside his soulmate’s mind. But he’s not one for singing,really. He finds the songs that suit his message and sticks lyric-less songs otherwise. Many reactionary music genres nowadays were mainly instrumental to resist the idea of finding soulmates through consumerism. It’s not that he didn’t care about his soulmate. But it’s one less thing to worry about if he has separate music for communicating with her and for enjoying for himself. Afrobeat has been particularly effective in balancing out her more…exuberant tunes. 

He can’t fault her for her love of Lady Gaga, but priorities take precedent over fun time. As if she understands his protests, the music dies down. Justin takes a deep breath, resuming his test. He can only hope she doesn’t do this during the real exam time. Although most administrators were understanding, it was a three strikes policy for singing during an exam. 

If there’s one thing Justin’s learned about his soulmate, it’s that she sung everything she felt. 


“What if I got a double major in music and economics?” Adam, or Birker, asks his teammate, Hobbs, one movie night his last year in Juniors. 

Hobbs eyes him incredulously. “Why?” 

Adam shrugs, “my soulmate listens to a lot of cool music.”

“So? Fucking congrats,” he snarks. 

“No man, it’s like,” Adam gestures with two hands at the space in front of the coffee table. “Most of the stuff they like isn’t pop and doesn’t even have lyrics. Which fucking sucked when we were younger, right?”

“Sure,” he concedes. 

“I learned how to play the piano and some other instruments so I could figure out what songs they were — and now I have all this musical knowledge that I won’t be able to use ever again.”

“Because…” Hobbs prompts. 

“Because when I find them, what the fuck do I need to know this shit for anymore? If they like something, they can just show it to me.” 

Hobbs rolls his eyes, “be a music major. Become a fucking teacher why don’t you?”

“You think I could handle that?” Adam inquires seriously. 

“I think your other option is to get famous writing music, and fat chance of that ever happening,” Hobbs chirps.

“Thanks, you’re helpful,” Birker rolls his eyes dramatically. 

“I don’t get why you’re going to college anyway,” Hobbs jabs him in the ribs. 

“I’m not doing the draft, bro,” Adam reminds him curtly. 

“Oh c’mon,” Hobbs eggs him on, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

“I miss my chance to meet my soulmate in college, I spend four years in fucking Syracuse before I get called up. I retire at 32 if I’m lucky with no degree or skills.”

“Except music,” Hobbs chirps. 

“Except music,” Adam parrots. 

Brownie comes back with a bowl full of popcorn and a bag of Twizzlers. “What’d I miss?”

“Birker’s whinning about his soulmate again,”  Hobbs replies.

“What else is new,” Calvin shouts from the kitchen. 

“Can we start the fucking show already?” Adam shouts back.

“Yeah,” Calvin comes running in, hopping onto the first body he sees (Adam).

Adam frowns when Calvin won’t get off his lap. “I really hate you sometimes.”

“Taking your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. 
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot,” the four boys chorus. 

“Man, I hope for your sake she’s funny,” Brownie tells Birker. 

Adam laughs hollowly. He’s very convinced that his soulmate’s a dude. Which is fine, Adam’s as bi as the day is long. The way Calvin looks back at him pointedly, reinforces his suspicions that he’s not the only queer guy on the team.

Which is exactly why he’s going to Samwell. It was one of the queerest schools in the country. He had no assurance that his soulmate will find him there. But at the very least, he can have four years away from the quite chaos of hockey. The NHL was still ignoring the fact that a good third (or more) of their players weren’t straight. The press was constantly writing soulmates off as “platonic”, and Adam was not about to put up with that any time soon. He wanted to go to school, do something he loves, and fall in love. Why was that too much to ask for?

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MS4′s study guide

Hey! I’ve received a few messages from you, guys, asking how do I study for internal medicine, what are my ways of memorizing & learning about new conditions, etc. So here is my answer! I decided to write a small guide, or rather a quick description of my usual study process when it comes to internal medicine, but not only. :)

1. Organize your day.

First thing I always do is a plan for an upcoming day. I try to think of everything I need to do before and after studying in order to rate how much time I’ll have for my study session. I try to find out which part of day will be the most comfortable for me to focus and study.

Secondly I check how much material I need to go through & how much time do I have for every portion. It helps me choose the most efficient way of studying - sometimes I need to be quick and can’t let myself focus on every detail and sometimes I have enough of time to be solid, take some good notes and memorize everything I need to.

2. Organize your study space, desk, materials.

Usually I study at home so I take care of everything before I finally sit down to actual work. It reduces the amount of potential distractions.

3. How do I study?

I start with reading the chosen part of material. I usually use a highlighter and mark or color code the most important info. It helps me focus on the text and understand it better. Usually it’s enough for me but sometimes I feel a need to take notes. I just do it quick, I want my notes to be condensed and useful for all those last minute revisions.

When I don’t use a book or paper materials and need to work with a computer, I naturally have to skip the highlighting part and gotta deal with my lack of focus in some other way. To help myself in such situation I take notes. I don’t care about making them pretty or colorful but rather as functional as possible. I usually use a notebook with blank pages (I just like it this way, it makes my notetaking quicker) and a pen. Such a small and simple set up reduces the time I tend to waste on creating aesthetic and goodlooking notes.

(If I could give everyone just one practical tip it would probably be this one: Note taking is just a tool that needs to help you learn! Not waste your time and energy. Keep your notes condensed, clear and actually useful.)

After I’m done with my notes and still have some time I repeat everything once or few times again.

4. What about internal medicine?

As some of you know it includes a lot of studying, many conditions, cases, more cases, even more details and so on. How do I deal with it?

Well, I usually start with reading the whole topic. For example a part about conditions of the liver. It helps me create a basic vision of what I’ll be studying about, notice a pattern, similarities and differences. Then I go back to every condition and read about it again. At this point I already try to memorize as much as I can. Then I move to comparisons - do some of those conditions have any similiar symptoms? Do they have any similarities in pathogenesis? How do they progress? Is the treatment the same or different? Noticing how do some condtitions differ from eachothers is really helpful! Not only in making the diagnosis certain but also in the process of learning itself - the more details and differences you’ll notice the more you’ll learn.

Creating such basis is crucial before working on cases, in my opinion. Without any information it will be sensless to try to figure out what’s the matter with the involved patient. But if you’ll be able to use theoretical informations, working on cases will be really valuable. It will surely point your lacks out.

So that’s it! This is how I deal with clinical subjects that are basically my everyday reality on 4th year of a medical university. Naturally I sometimes need to change this scheme a bit, but this is what works for me the best, I guess.

Hope I answered your questions & that I could help! Let me know if you have any more requests. :)