((i might shade this later.))

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Kevin Jonas is a trump supporter

I sold my soul to a three-piece
And he told me I was holy
He’s got me down on both knees
But it’s the devil that’s tryna

Hold me down, hold me down 

- “Hold me down” by Halsey

Throws into the void I am so tired of working on this. I might revisit it later once I learn how to properly shade/color hair (fuck hair)


dancingchimes-on-a-sunlit-porch  asked:

i love your art and I use clip studio as well. how do you shade your pieces (particularly the most recent one)? have you found any helpful csp tutorials? thanks!

hey there! thanks so much!!

generally my shading process is a mess of layer modes lmao.. ive looked around a little for tutorials and ive found some good animation and lining ones, but not really shading, sorry!

for this one i just used a gradient on overlay mode on top of everything (in colors similar to what i might want to shade in later) and then added a multiply layer on top of that for the actual shading

flat colors:

overlay gradient:

multiply shading: