((i love your blog senpai))


((Mun: its more than okay :) . I honestly feel honoured to draw your gorgeous muses :’) senpai ♡♡♡ !! @ask-nyousuk ))

(Also i keep making traditional art bc my digital art skills just gave up and artblog isnt making it esy for me to draw in general :( so im aorry if its a bit shitty)

anonymous asked:

Hi hi I love your blog <3 I was wanting to ask, do you ship Otayuri too? If you do then what are some of your fav Otayuri blogs? I'm looking for new ones to follow

I ship Otayuri ridiculously hard! Tbh this would have been a Yuri blog if daddybek wasn’t already an established thing. As for Otayuri blogs, I follow the big ones mostly.

@altisetsky is my ultimate senpai and she writes really cute fluff that makes your soul ascend, then hits you with angst that will literally make that soul shrivel up and die. Good shit. 

@otayuriism consistently puts cute shit on my dash and I’m just !!! like 90% of the time, whether or not it’s original content. 

@boxwineconfession‘s fics are just A+++ 1000/10 would recommend to anyone. Even if I wasn’t an Otayuri shipper I would be in love tbh

As for nsfw Otayuri, you’ll probably be surprised to hear that I don’t follow many. My main blog is totally sfw and I tend to keep this blog relatively Victuuri to avoid content clutter. Those are the top three besides @daddybek, @dandybek, @dandyyuri, and the voice blogs @yuratchka-speaks and @beka-speaks

Hope that was helpful even though I’m sure you already follow most of these people

(Original image by Hiro Mashima ofc)

I reached 100+ followers!! I’m so happy, and to celebrate, I’ve decided to do a follow forever! ;v; 

Since this is a multifandom  blog, I’ll separate it by fandoms!

Also, sorry, but I’m not bolding anyone! I love all of these blogs too much to choose favourites >w< 

Fairy Tail

little-dragneel | snogfairy | immortalpromise | natsu-dorkneel | ponchizs | littlemcgarden | nalu-natic | the-dragonslayer-natsu | feisty-girl | mrseucliffex | rboz | blazexkeys | ann-kouhai | fairytexts | iluvfairytail | thefairystales | ka-ryuu | apinkhairedpyromaniac | grovylle 

Madoka Magica

kyoukosama | madoka-daily | whoisthecake | must-save-megucas | puellamagicripplinganxiety | madoka-and-hp-obsession | headless-dancing-beauty | kuubey | fuckyeahkyoko | epic-miki | futuremedideverythingwrong 


tales-of-eeveelution | eeveelutionlove | eeveelutions-and-friends | primal-pokemon | everythingeevee | pokemon-global-academy | bulbagarden | mega-gardevoir | pokemongifs | pokemon-viking | shiningpokemon | gourgeist 

Animal Crossing

acnlapparel | animalcrossingcrazy | mayor-fera | bidoofcrossing | ablesistah | tuna-crossing 

Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons

treeofoaktown | storyofharvestmoon | hellyeahharvestmoon | friendsofoaktreetown | harvestmoonfandom | harvest-the-moon | friendofmineraltown | storyofseasons-life | shiningcoffeebeans | fantasy-harvest-moon | cursedwateringcan | harvestrnoon 

Other (multifandom/artists/etc.)

nanakoblaze | fairystrategist | shandisworld | ambercatlucky2 | prettykitty-leefeeonfallenzephyrart | eien-ni-touko 

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Is it okay if I start calling you my Tumblr-Senpai? I just really love your blog it's so cute I practically look up to you

Aw, you can if you want to. I really love your blog too! It’s super cute! When I first saw your blog I immediately followed you. 🌸✨

HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE (W/ CHIPS ON THE SIDE) I HAVE 4K FOLLOWERS!! Jeez, I never thought I’d reach such a milestone of followers, ever. T___T; Every single one of you is amazing & I honestly wish I could hug each every one of you to thank you personally. Thank you for tolerating me & still loving this messy garbage multifandom dump ground I call my blog. ^^;

Blogs under the cut because the list is really long. Lmao :) Also, I may or may not have forgot blogs (I do follow like 450+ blogs afterall ) so if I follow you & you’re not listed, I’m sorry but I still love your blog okay!! <3

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Hehehe oksies, short introduction post yay!!

So, hello!! I’m Michelle, a student based in the ph, hehe <3 I’ve lurked around the studyblr community for quite a while until I (finally) decided to start my own, for the very purpose of becoming more motivated with my acads, to maybe help my procrastination (whoops), and to get to know this awesome community a whole lot more!

few stuff about me:
I love literature (lit is life yo) , so you’ll be seeing some original posts and reblogs here and there !! I love writing poems / prose / anything to let out my emotions !! At the same time, I have an extreme love for debate hihi <3
I hope to achieve more productivity with this, to inspire myself (and maybe you guys lmao) and to quit my cramming habits once and for all.

OMG OKIE SO LONG LIST OF STUDYBLR SENPAIS I LOVE YOUR BLOGS SO MUCH !! : @bookmrk @idkstudyblr @noarasseo @studyblr @tbhstudying @studyign @studypetals @peaches-and-pencils @study-harder @studylove @sushi-studies @highlightcrs @kaisdesk @katsdesk @studybuzz @study-iing @fitlawblr @becoming-a-lawyer @studybutton @studystudystudyblr @educatier @aescademic @academiix @omgstudytime @studytwice @mochi-studies @vestiblr @studeying @nantokaa @legallychic @coffeesforstudiers @eintsein @nehrdist @areistotle @fuckstudy @ohshestudies @elkstudies @nag-aaral @emmastudies @aspiringstudyblr @thecoffeedesk @theorganisedstudent <3

hoping for the best, and i hope to grow in this community of such amazing people!!