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Weeelllcoooome to the band!! Okay, I love fluff. So domestic life and grocery shopping with the RFA, V and Saeran! ✩


  • This boy made it through college and he isn’t about to fail here
  • I headcanon him as a list maker so let’s just say there are lists everywhere
  • And not just shopping lists, chore lists, to do, etc etc
  • He’s been trying to figure out how to fix things so he can be your handyman
  • Your first house is a cute blue little starter with two bedrooms
  • your hoping to have a baby
  • A year later you do, a baby boy
  • Yoosung has absolutely no problem taking care of him
  • he changes the diapers
  • he does everything
  • When you go shopping Yoosung has a list organized by each isle of your local supermarket
  • He’s crazy like that
  • you two often enjoy shopping together too much and end up messing around
  • you two end up going alone instead
  • as the years pass you guys move into a bigger house and have more cute kids
  • Yoosung is definitely cut out for domestic life
  • extra: he’s a couponer always looking for more ways to save ypu two money


  • Jaehee was very hesitant about trying domestic life with you
  • She had never been too terribly good at household stuff
  • Like cooking
  • Eventually, she agrees but she refuses to move to the suburbs 
  • She can’t be too far from C&R
  • So she works up the courage and demands a pay raise from Jumin
  • He can’t refuse she literally does everything there JS
  • You two end up buying a two bedroom apartment with a view of the city
  • She lets you decorate and ends up liking it a lot
  • Sometimes she just sits there and is glad she listens to you
  • two years later when your both ready you adopt a child
  • Jaehee gets her hands dirty painting their room and making everything look perfect 
  • When the baby arrives you name her Anne 
  • shes perfect
  • Again Jaehee sits down because she never thought her life could be like this
  • she pays all the bills for you, she doesn’t mind really
  • Whenever you two go shopping its relaxed 
  • you just chat and pick up whatever you need
  • plus Anne is rly spoiled so whatever she puts in the cart just stays there


  • Zen is secretly very excited at the prospect of domestic life 
  • mostly because he gets to make sure you eat
  • but whatever
  • You two buy a three-bedroom house in the suburbs just outside the city
  • You two get pregnant pretty quickly after moving in 
  • weirdly enough he’s the one who nesting
  • for the whole nine months
  • MC what color should the room be
  • MC wicker or paneled furniture 
  • MC are you even listening anymore
  • you love him for it 
  • he doesn't want to know the gender until the baby comes out so he paints the room yellow
  • You two sit down and do the bills together because damn that shit is hard
  • Shopping is a whole nother experience with Zen 
  • he's a shopping control freak
  • he needs to push the cart and see everything you put in it
  • both of you don’t go a lot so you end up buying like three carts of stuff at a time
  • you have a boy and a girl together
  • You’ll often find Zen throwing a ball with your boy in the front yard while your little girl would chase them around
  • he's a good father just like he always hoped


  • Domestic life is a little different with mista trust fund kind
  • tbh it will never be a true domestic life with him
  • However, you do convince him to move into a house mansion 
  • you never counted the bedrooms
  • almost everything there is done for you
  • one time you tried to take him shopping
  • you shudder at the thought
  • you had like seven carts
  • it was super embarrassing
  • never again
  • Jumin never knew he wanted a family until he met you and now he wants a big one
  • over the course of the years, you two have four children 
  • three girls and a boy Jumin absolutely spoils cherishes each and every one of them


  • Somehow he never loses his charm
  • you two are together for two years before you convince him to move out of his bachelor pad
  • You move into a three-bedroom house in the suburbs
  • this boy can not not be weird tho
  • he paints the outside of the house bright red
  • the color of his hair
  • everyone on the block hates you for it 
  • you don’t care
  • You two have two little boys, twins???
  • oh my god lord help me they’re just like they’re the father 
  • let’s just say your life is never dull
  • grocery shopping with them is a mess
  • knocking things over
  • running, dancing
  • trying to scare from the other isle
  • secretly you loved it
  • you had him do the bills he was surprisingly good at numbers
  • in return, you did the cleaning


  • V was born for the domestic life fight me
  • its what he wanted with Rika
  • but now he has an opportunity with you and he’s not gonna mess it up
  • he’s okay with doing everything around the house
  • in fact, it makes him smile
  • You buy the cutest little two bedroom house with a front porch and big backyard
  • and after you have a baby girl V takes the most amazing pictures of her
  • You two work together to do all the cooking, cleaning, and bills
  • you are the best team
  • plus V absolutely loves your daughter she’s the light of his life
  • everything so much better than he ever thought it could be
  • shopping with V was light and casual 
  • he always had a list on hand 
  • every time before you went shopping he would bring his daughter to the pantry and have her tell him everything you needed so he could write it down
  • extra: behind the pantry door there’s a little height chart and V marks his little girl’s height on the first day of every month.


  • You thought the whole concept of ‘domestic life’ would fly over his head but he gets it surprisingly well
  • Your surprised when after three years of living together he approaches you about it
  • he thought it was time to start a family
  • So less than four months later you two are settled in a cute little house in the suburbs
  • there cute little cacti and plants all over the front bed
  • you tease him about how their prickly like him
  •  Secretly it reminds him of childhood, but it’s okay because you’re their with him
  • You have a little boy who looks just likes him and he’s blown away
  • its perfect
  • and he ends up doing everything with it
  • Plus, he hates seeing you unhappy so he helps with all the cooking and cleaning
  • he’s not that a good a cook so he just makes PBJ and Ramen for your son whenever your not around 
  • he always makes sure everything is clean before you get home too so your always in a good mood
  • he makes shopping as easy as possible for you by making lists and pushing the carts
  • Once he tried to do the bills for you but you ended up getting charged extra so he just let you do it from then on
  • sometimes he sits down and just remembers his past and how it all changed 
  • and then he goes and plays with his son because there’s nothing searan loves more than him, sorry MC

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     There was no particular reason for Sasuke to stay after the academy's classes had let out, not entirely. Just he had no plans of rushing home is all, he leaned back in his seat taking in the now empty classroom. What he didn’t expect was someone coming back inside, his eyes traveled over to the door curious to who it was.


Out the window, through the gardens and through the hole in the fence then he could run as freely as he wanted. At least he could until night fall came and sooner or later he would have to return to the place he called home.

Usually Kather would go towards the city on the days he snuck out. But today the city felt too loud, too crowded. So he hopped onto the bus going away from the city and rode it until it dropped him off at a town right in front of the nearby forest. He didn’t feel like going into town either though, no what he wanted for that day was someplace away from other humans. Someplace quiet where he could get lost in.

So he wondered into the forest. He kept to the worn path at first following it until he couldn’t hear the familiar town noises. Then he stepped off it, going further into the forest and allowing himself to lose sight of the path that most took through the forest. The forest was mostly quiet other then some birds chirping and the sound of leaves rustling as animals ran from the very sight of him. He was simply looking for some place too sit and enjoy the nature that was surrounding him.

He came to a small river and stops dead in his tracks. Next to the river was a person with short hair and bare feet. He’d heard whispers about a spirit haunting the forest but always brushed them off before. Though now his mind was starting to question the legitimacy of those rumors. But one thing worried him more about this person then the possibility of them being a ghost…

“It’s dangerous to run around here bare foot. Sometimes people dump their trash around here and there could be broken glass…”

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The old rat woman looked at the newly arrived person. She was the only one that recieved the wanderer since the rest of the Elders of the city were supervising the Alliance’s borders, living her alone in taking care of the city-state of Nagrat. Since the last weeks the southern borders with the emerging Human Roman empire were really becoming crowded with unusual gatherings of human troops… someone talked already of a war that was imminent.

“My greetings, stranger. The servants reported me that you wanted to speak with one of the city’s Elders, am i right?”

❛ There you are. I’ve been looking for you, McCall. ❜ a small smile plays on her lips as she approaches the boy who was standing beside his dirt bike, now taking off his helmet and glancing over at her. he looked so much like her brother. ❛ Sorry, didn’t mean to weird you out…uhh Stiles said you worked here —— I came in earlier with my dog and he wouldn’t let Deaton touch him…Stiles said you were good with animals, and that you could help me. ❜ more like the dog belonged to her brother before his passing and would possibly take kindly to Scott thinking he was Michael. maybe

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         ❛ cal. i can’t sleep. ❜ logan’s voice is oddly soft, almost
dangerously. there’s a sort of hesitance and vulnerability in it.
the tone is rare in the wolverine, but he trusts caliban enough
to let the soft side come out. ❛ i don’t — caliban, i — SHIT. ❜
he lets out a frustrated huff, his eyes flickering away from his
friend’s. ❛ mind if i just — kinda try it out here? with you?

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Ragnar was between marriages. He’d not let himself commit to his future with Aslaug yet, and he drifted a whole lot of the time.  He drifted often, wandering around. Sometimes, Athelstan followed him. Other time, he managed to just drift away, usually after a bit of ale and that’s what he had done tonight. He had just needed to get away from everyone, the pregnant woman he felt no attachment to, away from the feelings of hurt over Lagertha and his son being gone. He had wandered towards the water and spotted a woman.

“I did not think there was anyone else here.” 

You Actually Brought Roses

He was nervous, to say the least. It wasn’t exactly every day someone found an interest in him on a deeper level than just marveling over the fact that he was a singing robot. The man he had met at their recent concert was different than any other fan he had encountered. He had seemed genuinely interested in him on a much more intricate level than him just being the performer known as The Spine. What kind of level, well, he didn’t know that. 

He usually didn’t have any expectations, because he knew what he was. A machine. He felt like a person, and he had emotions like a person. Somehow, Tony had an understanding when it came to that. Maybe that was one of the reasons for the robot looking forwards to seeing him again. 

Now, he had explained the situation to his sibling, after having spent a good amount of time trying to get his hat back, and both they, the engineers and the Walter Workers had agreed to give him the privacy to actually talk to this man. The silvery automaton didn’t exactly have anyone to talk to, really, other than his siblings, and the employees of Walter Robotics. It would be nice for him to maybe feel a little…. Human. For a change. 

So he was nervous, yes, as he sat on the bed, one of his books in his hands, emerald eyes resting upon the page, without really reading it. His hat had been neatly placed on the bedside table, and he had taken the liberty of removing his red tie, and he had opened the two, top buttons of his shirt, exposing that well sculpted collar bone of his. He was technically off for the night, so he didn’t see a problem with trying to relax just a bit, while he waited. 


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       Accidents were prone to happen when one was in a rush, easily forgetting to pay attention to his surroundings when footsteps were guiding to nowhere. If he had his way, he would rather be back at home, behind the comfort of his bedroom door to do his own bidding, but a foreign country didn’t offer that luxury. He felt like a small lost child, staring at what looked like the same sign he had seen only mere minutes ago. Everything was backwards in comparison to his home country; how did people live like this? Grasping tightly to the straps on his backpack, his head hung in defeat, a pout taking hold of his features the longer he found himself lost.

       At least he wasn’t completely alone, however.

       “Uhm, are you from here – ” Accent clinging to his words, he addressed the stranger beside him, a little desperate to find someone able to guide him in the right direction or suffer in his misery. “This damn place makes no sense. How does anyone get anywhere? Stupid, stupid…”


 She could have gone to a number of the Inferno’s enemies when she defected, but War had decided she wanted to try and be good. She wanted to try and make up for all the horrible things she’d done for the Inferno and in His name. So she’d gone to the Jedi. War had gone to their temple, demanded an audience with the council, and was a thorn in their side until they finally broke down and agreed to talk with her.

 Even the Jedi hadn’t know about the Inferno. The evil organization was good at keeping itself secret. Some of the Council thought she was lying at first. It took a small display of her abilities and a strange staring contest with a small, green creature for them to believe her. It wasn’t surprising that the Council was upset by the revelation of a new group that wanted to destroy them. It also wasn’t surprising that they decided not to trust War completely. 

 War stood across from the large doors that led to the Councils chambers. She was leaning against the wall and waiting for whoever the Council decided to appoint as her caretaker. Her black clothes and the knives on her belt made her stand out against the bright neutrals of the temple. Anyone who looked curiously in her direction was met with a cold stare that had them skittering away quickly. War was not happy that she was going to be handed over to, what was in her mind, a glorified babysitter.

Beaten but unbowed | plotted thread with @savememxnster

He wasn’t supposed to be in this place. This was the last place he wanted to be in, but it was too late. He’s gonna have to endure until the matches are done. He was going to kill that fucking hoobae of his for dragging him into this place. He gritted his teeth as he tried to remain calm. This place reminds him too much of his past that he could feel goosebumps forming all over his body. 

The ‘abandoned hall’ was loud and reeked of cigarette smoke, weed and alcohol. It was disgusting. He tried his best to remain near the walls where there wasn’t much people but still gave him a good view from the pseudo ring in the middle of the hall. Then suddenly it was chaos. He didn’t know how it started, all he knew is that people are beating each other senseless and everything was in disarray. ( He needed to get out and fast–! ) his eyes then zeroed in the back entrance which oddly everyone ignored. He made his move until something or rather someone caught his sight. It was a one of the fighters. They were slumped on the wall, breathing heavily. ( Injured ) he thought to himself. Like a switch, Lee Mingun descended into his ‘doctor mode’ and made a beeline towards the downed fighter. 

“Are you alright?” he immediately asked. He turned around to check his surroundings before he knelt down next to the fighter. “We need to get out of here. Do you think you can walk?” 

Meet Your Maker | Closed RP


    Progress was always a word that struck him as intriguing. Going forwarding.  Advancing.  Paving the way for all manners of development or achievement.  It was always clear to the mad titan that he wanted to collect all infinity stones in a effort to deliver billions of souls to death’s hands.  However.  The steps to get to this path has been … Difficult.  Far more difficult than he would’ve expected.  First there was Loki’s failure, Ronan’s betrayal and now a stone has been infused with an android.  How abominable.  Patience could only go so far, especially for Thanos of Titan.

    However, the news about the android, this ‘vision’ has the titan intrigued to pursue a new idea.  While he could collect the stones, invade Earth rip the mind stone from the vision’s head but he knows there would be resistance.  The entire ordeal would be messy and he can’t rely on ordinary followers. What if he made his own “vision” ? 

    The idea was intriguing, build a body to host an infinity stone and essentially have an extension of himself to wage his war against life.  But which stone?  The mind stone is beyond his grasp currently.  The time and soul stone is missing.  The power stone is locked up by the accursed Nova Corps.  The Aether/Reality stone would be too dangerous to put into a being.  There was only one stone that would fit Thanos’ needs.  The space stone.

    Much time and resources was put into crafting this body.  The body was not synthetic or entirely robotic one but of flesh.  In fact, he begun to craft the body under the thoughts of his daughters.  Perhaps this embodiment of space will become the daughter he always wanted.  Soulless, loyal and powerful.  Once the body was constructed, he quickly dumped it into a pool of flesh constructing enzymes.  After the body became ‘stable’ he then placed the space gem into the flesh.  Surprisingly the gem accepted the host beautifully.  Now it was time to see the fruits of his labor.  His voice booms across the room and penetrates the pool.

Arise my creation … “

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     Taking one step into the hidden leaf was a whole new feeling to Hannako, sure she had been out of her own village but never in a one like this. She was here to look into more medical ninjutsu, her mother was an excellent one but there was only so much she could teach her. The brunette teen was also a sensory type but she didn’t even know where to begin with, that was her father’s speciality but with him away all the time she got zero practice in.

     “Let’s see…” She hummed looking around at the different buildings, it was no use she was completely lost in this new village.

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               GOTHAM city doesn’t change. The people, the streets, the DARK alleys, the smoke floating OUT of chimneys, the Italian mafia gangs in the South, the narrows where innocent people are bullied by THUGS almost every day, the police sirens with red and blue FLASHES in the background, the robbery taking place at some Jewelry store. But recently the City sky has CHANGED. With the bat-signal there was also another signal that can easily be identified as a symbol of ‘bulls-eye’.

                Since there was a COMPETITION in town. Little did the city knew about the two wealthy KIDS attending the elite CLUBS of the society by day && taking up an alias to FIGHT crime by night. The DISTINCT difference they had was in their styles——– one with a weapon and the other devoid of such.

                 Perhaps there were more than ONE crime happening this night && the chances of the two vigilantes crossing their paths would be quite LESS. The one (whom the people confused with Zorro because of his costume) with a pair of WEST revolvers in his gloved hands shot a BULLET from behind that hit a pole; the STEEL pole fell down blocking the THIEF’s way who seemingly appeared to be escaping right after the BELL of the jewelry store RUNG up.


After leaving the Inferno War had traveled. She wanted to see the world, get an idea of how far Dante’s influence spread, and she’d quickly realized she was going to need help. So the former Horseman had gone to the BPRD. The organization was supposed to be secret of course, but the Inferno wouldn’t have been a very good underground superpower if they didn’t know about it.

War had told the BPRD what she’d thought was essential; basically less than they wanted to know and more than she’d wanted to share. When things finally settled down she’d been sent to a library, a room completely out of place in the cold complex, and told to wait for whoever it was that would be keeping an eye on her. While War hated the idea of having a babysitter, she definitely thought the BPRD was doing the right thing keeping her under surveillance until she’d proved herself. It’s what War would have done. 

When the door to the library opened and she turned to see who her keeper would be she stopped short.

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

   Clary’s gaze drifted over to Jace, who she had been avoiding for the past week. She knew that it wasn’t fair of her, but she’d needed time and well, she’d wanted to fix this with Simon. Simon was avoiding her too. With a small sigh, Clary stood and went over to sit near the blonde. “Hey,” she said gently. “You wanted to talk last week. We can have that talk now if you want.” Because it would be up to him if they did, she thought. She really didn’t want to discuss this, but she knew that she would have to at some point.

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Probably the only good thing about being in different timelines was definitely the fact that you could meet new people and actually try and make friends again. “Try” being a keyword there, considering your fear of new situations and areas you were unfamiliar with, oh and the massive anxiety you had and the fact you couldn’t even leave the Lab most of the time, but at least you could get points for attempting get over that, right?

One bad thing about being in different timelines? Definitely the fact that you had to see your friends all over again. Which would have been all find and dandy. You know. If they weren’t dead. Haha fun

So, of course, seeing this other Mettaton who looked ever-so-familiar kind of… well, hurt. Maybe you could slip right on by without him noticing? Or, maybe, instead, you could trip over your own tail and run into him. That worked, too.

Of Outlaws and Titans | Closed RP


    Life is certainly an odd concept.  Especially when it comes to how seemingly unimportant creatures suddenly become so prominent in the known galaxy.  The mad titan was quietly watches as the so called ‘guardians’ make a name for themselves.  Each member of this rag-tag group has stood out in their own way.  However.  There was one that seemed to have become more noticeable in the titan’s eyes and not in the best way.

    ‘Star-Lord’ as she calls herself, a woman who not only managed to lure Gamora away from him but defeat Ronan with the infinity stone and thwarted Ego the living planet.  To the mad titan, the Kree and ‘celestial’ were all pests and he was happy to be rid of them.  But it is only a matter of time before the guardians try to focus their efforts on stopping him.  He knows all too well that Star-Lord would do anything to help Gamora.  But Thanos did not have time to play any games, he was on a mission.

    In the far outskirts of the galaxy, in some barren space station which is infested with pirates, gangs and criminals.  The mad titan has made an unexpected appearance as he quietly moves to make contact with an important source.  A source that either knows the exact location or a clue to where the remaining infinity stones are.  The mad titan waits on a balcony as he overlooks the entire station and its residents.  

Look at all of them. Disgusting maggots.  How his very being cannot wait to fling all these degenerates into the hands of death.  Little does the titan know is that the station is not full of criminals but it also houses the ‘legendary outlaw’ herself…