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"Holy shit..." Bucky exclaimed, half way through the movie and you noticed he had averted his eyes. "What's wrong?" You asked. He slowly looked up at you, fidgeting and readjusting his jeans. "I didn't realise movies were so...explicit these days." You looked back to the screen to see the two lead characters having sex, her breasts swaying as she rode him. But other than that, there was nothing else on show. It was just another generic movie sex scene. (C)

A smile crept onto your face as you realised this was probably pretty graphic and unheard of back in the 40s. “Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot how different things must have been for you…you want me to switch it off?” You asked. But his stare was intense as he looked at you, his pupils blown wide and his jaw clenched “Sure.” With a click of the button the TV went black. “So, what shall we do now?” In one smooth motion he was on you. “How about you ride me just like that?” He asked, licking his lips.

yes yes yes yes - every time he sees something new he’s just like “we gotta try that” - Gen

Sinful Sunday™

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92 and 99 with Cassian if you don't mind!:)

Characters: Reader x Cassian Andor + K-2SO

Warnings: none

Prompts: 92: “You’re so clingy, I love it.” 99: “You got a cute butt.”

Word Count: 282

A/N: I don’t mind at all, thank you for requesting !

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

You gazed dreamily at Cassian as he stood in the conference room, debriefing everyone on a mission. You weren’t even part of the mission, but you had free time and wandered around the base to find Cassian. His face lit up when he saw you quietly enter, and he stood up a little straighter. 

The two of you had been dating for a while, but acted as if it was still the first day you met. The two of you were so in love, K-2 described it as disgusting.

“Those are all the details I have.” Cassian leaned against the table, looking around the room. “Any questions? Alright, good luck.” 

The Rebels began to file out of the room, a few meeting up with Cassian with tablets to review some final details. When the room was finally empty, Cassian turned around to see you staring at him.

“What?” Cassian asked, self consciously smoothing his shirt out. 

“Nothing.” you grinned, and Cassian relaxed. “You got a cute butt.” 

Cassian chuckled, moving closer to you and pulling you towards him. He loosely wrapped his arms around your waist, titling his head as he grinned widely at you.

“You’re so clingy, I love it.” he laughed, and you smiled up at him. He leaned over to kiss you, and you giggled as he pressed his lips against yours. Before you could pull him closer, the door slid open and you saw K-2 enter.

“Disgusting.” K-2 remarked, shaking his head. Annoyed, Cassian looked over his shoulder.

“Yes, I heard you the other 30 times.” Cassian rolled his eyes, and K-2 raised his hands above his head and walked out as you laughed. 


23 Avril
Back to school tomorrow!! I’m in bed at ten, I’ve had my sleepytime tea, I’ve finished two essays and almost a full French exam paper! It was actually very lovely to just study for the day, and I kept on moving around to different areas so that I didn’t get too comfortable and sluggish! I have two home economic tests tomorrow so I’m up early to study!

I’ve missed The Great Gatsby so much! Out of all the texts I’ve been studying it’s undoubtably my favourite.

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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On the assume that your birth parents are similar to Caddy's, I'd reckon you're half corporeal ghost and half object head.

“Really? Huh. Well ain’t that somethin’. Didn’t even know Ghosts could have mixed kids, but I guess I learned a thing today.“

“Still, I hope they’re both doin’ okay in this world. I still feel kinda bitter sometimes… growin’ up feelin’ different, not even really fittin’ in with my ‘own kind’… ”

“But I’m grateful every day for what I do have, includin’ my adoptive mother. We still got one’a the old Ice Boxes at home, but we bought a little Electric Freezer for the cafe last year, for storin’ leftover ice-cream… ”

“An’ I do feel lucky to still have my eye, too. That bullet took a piece’a my cup clean off, but if it’d been an inch or two lower, I wouldn’t have an eye either. I guess the ‘other me’ here just wasn’t so lucky, ‘least in that respect… ”

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Hey Jess, I've seen that a lot of your currently reading posts are romance novels. Do you have any recommendations? I've been having trouble finding good ones.

I read most historical romance, so if you’re looking for contemporary romance, my list is pretty limited! Meg Cabot’s always my go-to recommendation, but The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and 738 Days by Stacey Kade are two contemporaries I read this year that I really liked. 

My go-to authors for for historical romances are Eloisa James, Sarah MacLean, Tessa Dare, Julia Quinn, and Lorraine Heath. I’ve really started to adore Eloisa’s most recent stuff - Seven Minutes in Heaven was a damn delight. I just picked up a couple of Lisa Kleypas’ novels at Savers I’ll probably get to sometime this month. 

If you’re looking for something with a supernatural/paranormal bent, Ilona Andrews and Shelly Laurenston are good bets. Patricia Briggs is all right if you’re a fan of the Charlaine Harris “tell EVERYTHING show NOTHING” school of writing; I don’t think I would’ve gotten through the majority of the Mercy Thompson series if I hadn’t listened to the first half of the series on audiobook. 

I'm writing Andreil angst and making myself cry In the process.

“DO you know how impossible it is. To love someone other than you? To try and love someone with everything I have and can’t because you will always have the biggest piece of me? Even after these past 2 years? That I can’t be with anyone else? That I can’t touch anyone else without having the memory of you there? It’s been two fucking years and I can’t love anyone else because I’m always going to be in love with you. I’m always going to want to call you when things get too bad. I’m always going to want to curl up next to you after I have a shitty day. I’m always going to want to see your face when I wake up from a fucking nightmare. But I can’t because I told you I loved you two years ago and you left. Without a fucking word andrew you left without a word. You went to practice and never came back. I had to find out from Kevin that you weren’t coming back to the apartment until I was gone. I left that weekend heartbroken because you couldn’t even look at me. Now you’re transferring to my team and I can’t do that Andrew I can’t act like I’m okay when you’re two feet away from me acting as if you’re fine!”


Hey everyone! So, some of you have mentioned I haven’t relaly been on or answering responses so I figured I’d clear some things up.

This week is my finals week and I am a bit stressed/booked right now. I’m pretty much putting the ‘dying’ in ‘studying’ at the moment. I have all of my tests the first three days and two projects on Wednesday, so it’s safe to say I’m kinda busy with hw and stuff.

HOWEVER, the askbox will remain open until MONDAY, so you guys are still free to send me requests until then, and any time I’m not studying or homeworking, I’ll see what I can do.

Thank you so much for your patience, and apologies to those who’ve been waiting a while for their request to be met, I’ll do what I can.

Love you all!

-Mod Pinks

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I've been so busy for the past two days, but now I can get down to this! When i think of you as a writer, you are one of those amazing writers who can really paint a word picture. For example, my current favorite is the drunk confessions tae where you wrote how he has "a smile that can grow flowers". Like 😍🙄😏😶😉😭😢😄😃🤔, I feel all of that, whereas you just seem all 😎. I envy the way that you can capture a certain feeling by finding the perfect scenario that we are all familiar with to

compare it to so we know exactly what you’re talking about. Other than your style, I think of your humor. You manage to make me smile or laugh, even if it’s just about your family chat posts. And you amplify your humor in your writing. I enjoy just about every word, even in the angst. One of your anons reminded me that you are one whose never sacrificed your quality and that’s hella inspiring, and takes up half of my respect for you. You take time for yourself, as every writer should, and I

Anticipate it because I know, as the self-aware-that-i-can-be-selfish reader that i am, what I get at the end of the tunnel. In addition to style, humor, and quality, I also think about how you run this blog. I’ve told you this before. Tbh, I really like that your requests aren’t open, and you do which ever idea we throw at you inspires you the most. Idk why, but i feel like it’s the authentic integrity of a writer and the fact that you are the only one on tumblr that I see does this (maybe

Because you actually have so many anonswho actually yalk to you, and like to give you so much ideas. I cant find so active anons anywhere else in this way; and hey, with all that quality I just talked about, or course they’re going to find you) makes you stand out above the rest. You are my favorite writer on tumblr. And you are real and firm with how you deal with asks that down align with how you set things up around here. There goes your writer’s integrity again. It’s awesome

I don’t see that often, and I absolutely love it. I aspire to have a blog that runs in the way yours does. Like Missy is #writergoals. I love you Missy!

i’m just gonna express how i feel with one sentence below and a gif.

i am now crying, thank you.

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thoughts about me?

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Hello Sherlock, this morning I met a lovely golden retriever named Rackham and I thought of you. Hope you're having a nice Sunday with your family.

What a perfect way to start your Sunday.  

John and I slept very late, like a couple of school boys on holiday.  We didn’t really get up and get going until noon.  John made us a proper breakfast (brunch?), and we’ve been lounging about doing a lot of nothing since then.  I feel less tired than the last two days, so that’s an improvement, I suppose.  

I’ve been looking through our cases.  Some are so old, I’m not sure our services would still be needed, but I think I might spend some time over the next few hours texting some of these people and seeing if they still need or desire our help.  I could likely clear out half of these inquiries in a day or two.  Most of them are domestic affairs.

Late Night Thoughts

Do you ever have a great day?
Like nothing goes wrong and you’re happy.
But then as soon as you are left alone with your thoughts at night, everything changes?

I was having such a great day. Finally being able to listen to my own music, without anyone complaining about it. I did my hair and makeup as well. Then later on in the night I was skyping with two of m my friends and actually laughing.

So it seemed like today was going to end up ending nicely.

But now I’ve been with my own thoughts for a few hours..

These nights come a lot. But I just feel alone. Like no one is there.

I’ve started to cry for unknown reasons. And I can’t seem to get to sleep. It feels like I have a huge weight on my shoulders, and I’m not sure why.

It’s nights like these that I just want out. I want away from everything. Just to have to all end.
I know that’s not the best thing to think about, but it’s all that’s going through my brain.

Congrats to @markiplier and the community for getting the channel to 17 million subscribers!

I’ve been a part of this community for nearly two years now, and it’s certainly been a wild ride. I’ve had my ups and downs in my life in that timeframe, but all of the amazing people here have helped me through my darkest moments. Mark’s been such a huge inspiration to me, and him and his videos never fail to make me smile every day. Mark, keep doing what you do, because you’ve changed countless lives in more ways than one, including my own. You’ve brought so much happiness to millions of people out there in the world, and that’s amazing, and I respect you so much for that.

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headcanons about the *blessed ot4* please? (Mari/Adrien/Nino/Alya)

  • nino and mari are like the deadpanned fatalistic members of the group
    • nino: dudes we’ve been studying for this test for like fifty years death is staring me in the face
    • mari: if we die like right now tho, we won’t have to take the test
    • nino: omg tru 
    • adrien: …….so can you two like, i dunno, love yourselves please?
  • nino makes a group snapchat for the four of them because he thought it’d be cute, but adrien and alya started spamming it when they turned it into a continuous ugly selfie contest that’s been going 27 days strong. mari and nino just leave it alone and snap each other directly. 
  • not only are mari and alya synced up, but adrien and nino become those mom friends that bring junk food, pain killers, and extra tampons to school in case the girls need it
  • adrien somehow has the numbers of nino’s, alya’s, and marinette’s parents and vice versa and adrien won’t tell how he got them
    • whenever one of them is out past curfew, they’ll always get a call from adrien being like “hey so your mom called me and she wants you home right away.”
    • adrien casually texts marinette’s mom often bc she’s always asking him how he is and if he’s eating. adrien doesn’t mind bc it’s nice to have a mom worry over him. 
  • marinette has sketched out schematics for how to sneak past the agreste mansion’s security, scale the side of adrien’s home, and break him out of his room for “friend time.” she’s dead serious about it too. 
  • there was one time adrien invited everyone over to his house so they could “work on a class project.” but he hid them in his closet until his father and nathalie went to sleep so that they could sleep over at his house without anyone knowing
    • they had to keep the noise down and ninja into the kitchen whenever they wanted snacks, but adrien was the only one with a bed big enough for all four of them and alya wanted to have a go on his rock climbing wall 
  • adrien and marinette are notorious for physically crying over cute animal photos/videos, so sometimes, to screw with them, alya and nino will spam them with links during class and laugh at them these two start sobbing into their notes in the middle of a geography lesson
bad | 07

he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 07

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: smut, romance, fluff

WORDS: 10 243

WARNINGS: mature & sexual content, profanity, dirty talk & other filth

| 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon

A/N: please beat my ass for taking over a fucking month with this. hopefully it was worth the wait tho ;). writing this killed me.


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Happy Birthday Hailey

It’s the wonderful @victuurificrec aka Hailey’s birthday today! She does an incredible amount for the fandom and if you don’t know her blog, I suggest you definitely check it out asap. She puts a huge amount of effort into everything that she does and she’s been an incredible supporter of my fic for a long time. So to say thank you and Happy Birthday to Hailey, here’s a little birthday themed Viktuuri ficlet to show my appreciation. 

Happy Birthday! xx

“So, you’re telling me that all this panic is just because you can’t decide what to get Viktor for his birthday?” Phichit asked disbelievingly.

Yuuri groaned, resting his head in his free hand as he clutched his phone with the other. It was stupid, he knew. Calling Phichit in a panic after almost a full week of constant worrying and doubt over something that Viktor probably wouldn’t even care much about but he couldn’t help himself.

“I’ve been living with him for a year Phichit. We’ve been together for even longer. Last year he told me he didn’t really celebrate much but this year it’s different. We’ve been together too long for me to not give him something, I just don’t know what.”

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Phew. This took all day but have a round up of all my rubberhose kids so far. Im still fixin to add another one or two but this is a pretty good gang I got goin on here I think.

Meet the Gang:

Walter the Reaper: A very mellow angel of death who has been doin this job for so long that not much  phases him. Hes actually rather sweet but unfortunately overworked. He’d just like a lunch break to enjoy his favorite meal, a sandwhich.

Brunhilde and Odin the unicorns: These siblings are fixing to get into toon hell for some reason. They’re both tougher than nails and have been in more scraps than they can count. While they can use magic they are equally capable of handling situations with their fists.

Olson the Hellhound: He may look like a mutt but hes a powerful fiend from down below who likes to stir up trouble. While hes a rough n tumble type of guy he has his charm and can be quite the gentleman when he wants. 

Fierro Hellfire: Fierro runs a popular joint in toon hell where everyone visits to have a good time dancin and drinking. Fierro himself is a sweet lil guy who seems to know just about everyone and anything around here. Now what he does with that info is none of your business.

I’ve never done an ‘Imagine’ before so please bear with me. This little idea wouldn’t leave my head so I had to write it.

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Imagine you being best friends with Tony and Clay. You’re the one girl who’s either oblivious to all the cute boys around you and/or you’re the one girl who brushes off all flirtatious comments thrown at you. However, there is one boy who’s truly interested in you and he finally decides to make it known when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Jeff X Reader

Walking through the school hall, you wrinkle your nose at the red and pink paper hearts adorning the walls. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and posters advertise dollar carnations so you can buy your Valentine all he/she deserves. It’s not that you have anything against the Hallmark holiday, it’s just.. all so pink and definitely not one of your favorite colors.

You make it to gym, pasting on a frown as you trudge inside. Making a beeline for the coach, you pass over a note and wait patiently as it’s read. The coach scoffs, you bite back a smirk and then trudge over to the bleachers when the coach grunts in acknowledgement of having read the note before waving you off. When you stomp halfway up said bleachers, you let your book bag fall with a content sigh before laying down on your stomach on one of the bleacher seats while pillowing your head atop your crossed arms. 

“You look cozy,” you hear Tony’s familiar voice say. “What excuse is it this time?”

“Killer cramps and a heavy flow. I enjoy grossing out the coach.” Cracking open an eye, you see Tony decked out in gym wear sitting right in front of you, grinning. “Having a vagina really has it’s perks.”

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Naughty Girl - Justin Foley Smut

Justin Foley x reader

Request:  Can you do smut with Justin Foley (13 reasons why) …(x reader) maybe..you didn’t fuck for a week because you have problems and he catches you masturbate and he is not happy about it so he punish you…

WARNINGS: Smut, rough, swearing

Me and Justin haven’t been talking for days. He practically pushed me off of him the other day and I’m pissed. For some reason we have been arguing more than usual. Just two days ago we argued cause Justin forgot to pick me up to go to school cause he decided to drink with his friends. It’s been leaving me frustrated. In many ways. Its Saturday night and Justin keeps calling my phone and leaving message after message.

Babe I’m sorry about the other day

Baby please pick up…

I’m sorrrrrrrry!

What do you want me to do?

I can bring strawberry ice cream for you 

Babbbbbby please answer me 

I roll my eyes and put my phone on silent. I’m more angry with him cause with all this arguing we haven’t had sex in over a week and it’s killing me. I have been wanting to slap him and fuck him at the same time and I think he knows it. There is a knock at the door and I say a small ‘come in’.

“Hey sweetheart” my mom peaks in. She’s all dolled and dressed up. I do that signature dog whistle and laugh. 

“Hey mom, where are you going looking all nice” I smile. 

“Me and your father are going out for dinner surprisingly”. I look behind her and see my dad with his thumbs up. I laugh and shake my head. I follow them downstairs as they put their jackets on.

“Okay have fun you too” I say, walking up to hug and kiss both of them.

“We will, come lock the doors behind us. And you know the rules n-”

“Yes, yes, no partying, no drinking, no smoking, no inviting strangers, no going out after 12 and call you if I invite Justin over.” I say nonchalantly.

“Good girl” she kisses my check while my dad rubs my head.

“See you kiddo, be safe.”

“I will, love you”

They both say quick ‘love yous’ and get into their car. I watch them drive off and quickly close the door and jog up the stairs back to my room. I look at my phone and see more text from a now angry Justin. I huff and turn my phone off. I lay on my bed and start thinking about where we went wrong. Just last week we were making love. Making love. I start thinking about how good it felt for him to be inside me with his hands roaming my body. I start thinking about his lips on my neck. Thinking about this started to make me feel hot down there. I continue thinking about his mouth on me and found myself creeping towards my underwear. I never thought I would do this, being that I had Justin, but obviously I don’t have him right now and I need something. I peel my underwear off and start rubbing around my heat. I keep thinking About Justin and imagine my fingers as his.

“Justin” I moan. My fingers speed up and I arch my back into myself. I grab onto my bare breast under my shirt and pinch onto my nipple feeling nothing but pleasure. I keep moaning, sliding a finger into my now wet core. I’m lost in my own world as I slide in another finger. I want Justin more, but this will have to do. I continue pumping in and out while moaning my boyfriends name. I need him so bad. I’m so wrapped up in my moans that I didn’t notice my door fly open. I jerk up and see none other than Justin. A very angry Justin. He looks mad, but his eyes look like something else. Lust.

“What the hell do you think your doing y/n” 

“I-I don’t know” I say, covering my naked body with my sheets. He walks up to the bed and yanks the sheet away from me, scamming my body up and down.

“What the hell were you doing”

“It was nothing, I just wanted to try something dif-”

“You wanted to fucking finger yourself!” he says while still looking at my body. I feel weirdly exposed in front of him, but I kind of like it. 

“We haven’t had sex in a while and I have been aggravated” I say quietly, but he doesn’t say anything. He just stared. 

It was the way he stood and looked at me. Watching my every move and staring at me with those deep eyes. And I loved it. I loved the attention he was giving me. The long needed attention. It made me feel wanted and special. It was his attitude. The way he stood leaned against my headboard with his arms crossed on his chest and lip in his mouth. 

I look away feeling queasy in my stomach. It wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, but a feeling of excitement. I uncover my hands from my chest and fix my posture, sitting up. I bit my lip and look back at him. His eyes leaves my face and goes straight to my chest, smirking. That was all it took for him to make his way to my bed and sit down next to me.

“You like being a naughty girl don’t you?” he whispers. His voice suddenly got deeper and husky, making my lower body ache. Definitely a turn on, making me want him even more. 

“Do you like it?” I ask, biting my lip seductively as I smiled. 

“No not really” I almost frown at his response until he speaks again.

“Only I can touch you like that, and I don’t like you doing my job.” I close my eyes, trying to contain myself from jumping onto him right now. I want him badly. So badly right now. 

“Then touch me” I whisper into his ear.

“If I do, I might not be able to control myself cause I’m still angry at you for doing this” I bite my lip as I climb onto his lap and bite his ear softly before whispering.

“Then don’t”

As soon as I said it, Justin attack my lips, wrapping my legs around his torso pressing his body against mine. I moaned against his lips as I kissed him hard while his hand went in my hair and his lips moved hungrily with mine.

“Mhm.” He groaned as he pulled away slightly. Grabbing his waist, I attempt to pull down his sweats. He sits up and pulls them off. I starting bucking my bare core against him, earning grunts. I drew circles with my hips as his hands stayed firmly on my waist. I started to feel him harden under me and I smiled through the kiss. 

“Fuck this” he mumbled through the kiss. He quickly threw us over and yanked me to the edge of the bed.

“This is my job and don’t forget it”. With that he spread my legs apart with his hands on either sides of my inner thigh, spreading them as wide as he would while looking my core. He rubbed his hand back and forth and I moaned slightly while wiggling to try to feel him more. He held my body in place.

“Don’t fucking move” I bite my lip and nodded him.

“Yes baby”

I smiled at the sight of my boyfriend going down on me, his head between my thighs as he pleasured me. He rubbed his fingers again me, going up and down fast. Faster than I was. He made sure to press hard against me. I moaned and moaned even louder when he slide his long finger into me.

“God.” I moan, smiling at the sweet pleasure. I open my eyes to see him watching me as he adds another finger and curl them inside me.

“Yessss Just- my gosh!” I moan.

“What was that” he smirks. He adds a third finger and starts roughly pumping.

“JUST-” I couldn’t even speak cause of all my moans. He pulls his fingers out and kneels down further into my core. I then feel his lips touch my heat, making me grind my hips against his face for more. He starts going slow to tease me then speeds up. I wrap my legs around his neck, arching my body as he flicks his tongue harder against me. He movements started to make me whimper.

“Ha-right there, yes, fuck!” I whimper as he looks up at me while still moving his tongue. I throw my head back, not caring how loud I’m being. My small hands were in his hair, pushing on the back of his head I tensed, my eyes shutting as I moan his name again. I feel myself close, knowing I can’t hold it in.

“J-Justin, I’m ab-”

“Let it go baby.” I do as I’m told and cum while Justin licks everything up, smiling at me after. All of this just made me want Justin more than ever. 

“Justin?” I pant.

“Yes angel” he smirks.

“Fuck me.”

He throws of his underwear before grabbing a condom out his jean pocket and doesn’t give me a chance to register anything. Still at the edge of the bed, Justin grabs my hips and slams into me, making me whimper. my knees were dangling off the bed, spread apart as Justin thrust into me. I was eager for him to go harder, faster, rougher. I need all of him.

“P-please Justin harder” I moan. He doesn’t need for me to say it twice. Justin pushes himself deep into me, but doesn’t move. He just stood there, deep inside of me. the pleasure was so amazing. 

“Fuck!” I yell, my body shaking and desperate to grab something as I cling myself onto his back.

“Ju-justin” I moan, my breathing heavy. He pushes my hips back down, held them down there before he slammed into me as hard as he could, making my bed move backwards. I let out a loud whimper, my hand grabbing his.

“God! Fuck me, Justin, Harder baby!” I beg, moaning louder than ever. He held my tiny hands so tightly in his, almost crushing my fingers as he went faster, deep groans escaping his throat.

“Holy fuck!” he growled. His voice sounding so deep. He only went harder as I scratched lines into his back. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. My whole body was shaking beneath him. 

“Fuck!” he screamed. I could hear his dick slam into me with each thrust, slamming into me as deep as it could. My back slammed into my bed each time. Tears were starting to come out my eyes as I was screaming his name. I exploded and it surprised me. Justin pulled out and looked exhausted. He slowly climbed onto the bed, pulling me onto him and could barely catch his breath. He only said one thing. 

“Baby?” he pants.

“Yes?” I ask in the same state.

“I love you, but please remember to lock the door next time”. With that we laughed and then fell right to sleep in each others arms, finally back to normal.

A/N - Sorry if this isn’t that good. I hope you guys like this one! I appreciate you guys feedback :) love you