((i hate him

Today I am sending all my love to Rahul Kohli. He is going to be on Supergirl today and sadly …SOME fans are going to send him hate and stupid messages He deserves so much better than that and I wish he didn’t have to get hate at all. LOVE Rahul Kohli. What a dork :)

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Lips laced with poison -
But the real dangerous poisons
Were your heart
And your intentions.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #76
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“So u gotta pet the worm” god that sounds dirty, also I bet he makes like a bunch of clicking and pseudo purring sounds and wiggles around under their hand, like is just generally being fucking gross


of course, he could just eat the person right then and there, as a worm, but he probably takes the time to re-enter his host body to really, delicately, daintily enjoy the meal, the way you can only really do with two human hands of your own

when i was younger i had toontown ocs named prince and princess. they were childhood friends except princess had a weird.. werewolf-esque form that would make her basically savage. she would go on generic killing sprees while prince had no clue it was her

Sooooo date tomorrow night?

Gettin’ back on the horse.

I was texting with two different guys, but one of them dropped off the face of the world. (But also based on what he hinted at, I think he’s in recovery and given how alcohol definitely is a huge part of my social life/family interactions…it might not have been a good fit. But more importantly, he disappeared w/o a “sorry, not feelin’ it” so either way that’s a no.)

Anyway, this guy seems cool and nerdy so we’ll see.