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Do you think its possible that Toffee is still possessing Ludo, so he left the spell book at Stars house in "Just Friends" (or any episode before that) while looking for his finger to be able to regenerate? I know you said no speculations, but I GOTTA KNOW

Yeah, it’s possible. Ludo looks un-possessed in the promo (partially frozen in Rhombulus’ crystals?), but that might be after Moon and the Magic Commission get there, once Toffee has properly regenerated, or moved to another “host”…

Still, weird for the book to be back, and EVEN for Star not to wonder about it.
The next two episodes are going to be interesting ones, apparently not related to the plot at all, and yet they might see the book being back to Star…

Ways Adam Driver being fine af helps me get my life together:

Every time I see pictures of him on tumblr I think two things. The first is nghg how is he so handsome damn son look at those arms

The second is, if you want a man like that you gotta get off the couch, you gotta go to the gym, you gotta go out and do things and look nice and learn and read so you can captivate him with your witty analysis of Gaiman and cute hair, move bitch go he’s not gonna show up at your door

Tangled BEA-book-thing spoilers

Fabulist: SO, I heard there’s going to be a new Tangled TV Series:

Fabs’s Lover: With the same writers?

Fabs: Indeed, and the same voice actors and everything. And there’s a proposal! But she says NO.

Lover: Whaaaat, they’re not already married?

Fabs: Not yet, no.

Lover: But isn’t she a Disney Princess?

Fabs: We’re living in modern times. She’s all “What the fuck, man, I’m 18, and I lived in a tower my whole life. I can’t get married right now, I gotta get out there and experience things.”

Lover: So what? They like… move in together, but fuck other people, and do yoga and try being vegan?

Fabs: …I don’t THINK so…


  • “I’m scared.”
  • “Are you hurt?”
  • “Are you scared?”
  • “Is this even legal?”
  • “Just trust me.”
  • “We’re locked in!”
  • “I know what I’m doing.”
  • “It’s too dark in here.”
  • “Why are we here?”
  • “They have a gun…”
  • “They have a knife…”
  • “Grab what you need, and let’s go.”
  • “Be quiet. Don’t let them see you.”
  • “Choose your victim.”
  • “We don’t have to do this.”
  • “They’re coming for us.”
  • “How do you know how to do that?”
  • “What the fuck are you doing in here?”
  • “We’re getting out of here unseen.”
  • “Something moved over there.”
  • “Do you have the stuff?”
  • “So, what’s the plan?”
  • “It’s not safe here.”
  • “This is your fault.”
  • “We’ve gotta go. Now.”
  • “Hey, how drunk are you?”
  • “Hey, how high are you?”
  • “Is that… a dead body?”
  • “We’re not alone in here…”
  • “What do you need me to do?”
  • “It’s not safe here, you should go.”
  • “I can’t believe you stole that!”
  • “Hey, stay close to me. Got it?”
  • “If they catch us, we’re dead.”
  • “… There’s no signal out here.”
  • “Where’s the money you owe me?”
  • “Have you ever done this before?”
  • “Did you bring what I asked?”
  • “I saw you steal that…”
  • “I think I dropped my weapon.”
  • “This is the last time I ever do this.”
  • “Shit, the cops are coming!”
  • “Wait. I think I heard footsteps.”
  • “We shouldn’t be doing this.”
  • “The cops are looking for us.”
  • “What the fuck is that?!”
  • “You’re gonna get hurt.”
  • “Next time, I’ll kill you.”
  • “It’s my first time doing this.”
  • “You’re gonna get us caught.”
  • “You seriously got high without me?”
  • “You seriously got drunk without me?”
  • “I’m never doing this with you again.”
  • “How’d you get all this money?”
  • “What are you doing out here?”
  • “What if something goes wrong?”
  • “I have a bad feeling about this.”
  • “I’ve never gotten high before…”
  • “I’ve never gotten drunk before…”
  • “What the fuck did you do now?”
  • “Let’s go and do something bad.”
  • “Whatever it was, it wasn’t human.”
  • “So are we getting high, or what?”
  • “I’ll kill the asshole that did this to you.”
  • “It seems like you’ve done this before.”
  • “I have to be honest… this car is stolen.”
  • “What do you mean this isn’t your car?!”
  • “I shouldn’t have let you talk me into this.”
  • “What do you mean this isn’t your house?!”
  • “That’s… a lot of drugs you’ve got there.”
  • “Please tell me you brought a weapon with you.”
  • “We don’t have to do this, we can turn around.”
  • “How much time will they give us if we get caught?”
  • “Watch the door for me? I’ll be out in five minutes.”
  • “Maybe it’s the drugs, but I swear I heard someone…”
  • “This is literally the worst fucking time to hurt your leg!”
  • “Are you about to go do something illegal? Count me in.”
  • “The engine is dead and we’re in the middle of nowhere. Fucking great.”

*kicks the door down* hey you know what we should talk about the Keith Kick again. his legs are honestly a powerhouse please let his thighs be chunky 2k17.  

Dan needs to be stopped...

in dan and phil’s monster pop baking video…in just one video….

dan: YES it is time for some more dan and phil festive action. WOAH you all went there
dan: *pinches nipples*
phil: do you think there’s anyone sexually attracted to spiders?
dan: teach me dad
phil: pinch, and then screw
dan: that is a cleaann release, oh and phil is getting bukkaked right in the middle of our kitche- phIL mOVE THE THING
dan: as i just…*lick*…clean up the…
dan: you’re literally going to impale me
dan: god i just wanna pour that all over my body
dan: oh phil lick that spatula you gotta give people what they want. ooh get closer oooh sweeet shit
dan: now i’m hornyyyYYyyyyYYYYYYYYY
dan: cus you’ll get slugs in your mouth and you dont want that unlessyoureintothat i dunnooo..
dan: ok stick me
phil: *makes guttural noise when piercing the ball*
dan: oh that is needing to get flagged
phil: now they’re gunna moNstEr and CHiLL
dan: look at those haaardd ballss
dan: um, consent, guy on the end. you need to respect people’s boundaries
dan: cover it cover it good. yesss get that naughty ball covered in chocolate
dan: ok im gunna go for thIs bad boy
dan: this is gunna be orgasmic
dan: *sexually licks cream off his finger*
dan: *singing* what do i want in here i want your ass
dan: oh im aCTUALLY Having an orgasm ok i need to leave the room
dan: i would eat me any day of the week. mm. i am delicious
dan: yeah thats right you got impaled by dan

I swear dan is a kinky little shit
These boys need to stop do they even realise what kinda power they have

12.10 coda

Sam twitches all the way through the nature documentary that Dean chooses for Castiel’s sake. It gets so bad that he knocks his beer right off the table, splashing Dean’s shoes.

“Aw, come on, man,” Dean grumps, standing. “Now I gotta get the mop.”

He stands and heads for the door, but he hesitates as he moves around the table. He pats Castiel on the shoulder, much more gently than usual. The touch doesn’t escape Sam’s attention.

He licks his lips and dutifully keeps his eyes down so they can have their moment. Castiel sighs under the contact like it really does relieve some of his burden.

Sam waits a full minute and a half so he’s sure that Dean is out of earshot. And then he clears his throat.

“Not to keep harping on it or anything -”

“You’re wondering if I made the right call,” Castiel sighs. He settles deeper into his seat. “With Lily.”

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Rick: *jumps out of the portal* “Be careful morty, everyone here except 3 people is horrifically short and nobody knows why.”

Morty: “Gee rick thats- that’s kind of offensive y’know.”

Rick: “Well it’s true morty, besides, they don’t really seem to care. everything is sunshine and rainbows to them… well except this one guy.”

Morty: “Doesn’t that get old? y’know like-like-like sesame street or something? i mean they gotta have some seriousness sometimes.”

Rick: “Yeah its almost just like sesame street morty, they’re puppets and they dont even know it.”

Morty: “What about those 3 other people you were talking about? The normal sized people?”

Rick: “Two of them are obnoxious as fuck morty, they never stop moving, they sing about exercise.”

Morty: “Wh-what about the other one?”

Rick: “He’s an evil genius… or at least thats what he likes to call himself. Oh, here he comes now- ROBBIE ROTTEN! YOU UNHEALTHY BASTARD HOW ARE YOU?”

I think many of us could use this today. Time to fight. When they build walls, we’ll build bridges.

And we fight for the people that haven’t had a voice
Fight for the first amendment, fight for freedom of choice
Fight for women’s rights, if she does or doesn’t care
We ride for all the Queer folk and fight for all to get married
I’m not moving to Canada, not fleeing the nation
No time for apathy, no more tears and no complainin’
Gotta fight harder for the next four and what we’re faced with
Got my daughter in my arms and he is not gonna raise her

It’s like taking a look inside my head everyday for the last 5 weeks. And it’s exhausting.

She was so much closer than he’d realized, their faces inches apart, her expression wide and hesitant and vulnerable.

“My Lady,” he whispered. He was helpless in the ocean of blue that was her eyes; whatever had seemed so awful also seemed very far away. Nothing was dark or brutal or hopeless when they were this close, and he wasn’t the only one moving closer.

My vacations are oveerr so now It will take me more time to be able to post any finished pics, sadly D:. I have to paint a lot of new pieces for a college project ´v` BUT I will still have tons of doodles.

While my actual piece for State of Grace (by the awesome @dragonsinparis) is on the making (it won’t show up until at least next month thanks to all this stuff I gotta paint), get this quickie for one of the moments that broke me.

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hello floof! for the nsfw headcanon drabbles, what about bucky's weak spot being his neck? get him in the right place and he just crumbles ;)

Originally posted by moan-s

“You can’t stay mad at me forever, Bucky.” The way the words left Y/N’s lips, it was a blatant taunt. A stick to poke the bear.

“Watch me.” Bucky spat. 

She would get him riled up to breaking point, she knew all the buttons to push.

“Such grade school comebacks, Barnes. I gotta say,” Y/N moved in behind Bucky from where he stood facing the kitchen counter. “you’re gonna have to work a little harder than that if you wanna get to me.”

She would go at it teasing him, stirring him, twisting the coil inside him tighter and tighter until…

Bucky’s muscles were taught beneath his thin grey v-neck, and Y/N could practically see the steam rising off his skin as he cut slices from the ruby red apple in his hand, eating them as he went. Y/N smoothly snaked her arms around her man’s front and dragged her nails provocatively from the tops of his pecs and down his tensing abs.

“But I doubt you have it in you.”

He snaps.

In one fluid and startling motion Bucky had Y/N by the wrists and had whirled her around, pinning her against the cold, hard counter with his hips, his definite arousal pressed into her unforgivingly. Some distant part of her mind heard a thud as an apple fell abandoned to the floor, rolling away and forgotten.

“You think I don’t fucking know what game you’re playing at, little girl?” Bucky hissed just below her ear, making her shudder. His words were emphasised with a rolling grind of his hips into hers. She had to swallow hard to hold back the whimper he came so close to drawing out of her. This was still her game to win.

Y/N, whose wrists were being held roughly behind her back, tugged her hands backwards away from her body. Bucky fell against her in the motion and before he could regain control of the moment, Y/N lips connected with his neck.

She nibbled, licked and kissed. Bucky’s breath hitched in his throat at her sudden advances, followed soon after by a groan that vibrated deep throughout his chest. He became putty in her hands and, all thoughts deserting him, Y/N was able to wriggle her wrists free of his lazying grip, and immediately used them to pull Bucky closer, grasping and tugging.

Another whine fell from Bucky’s gaping mouth at a particularly vexing bite to his darkening flesh.

Fuck, baby doll.” Bucky uttered on a trembling exhale. His head fell to her shoulder, and Y/N could feel his breath hot and panting breezing across her skin. “You will be the absolute death of me.”

Y/N hummed against the crook of his neck, a smirk playing on her lips.

“I’ll make it worth your while.”

*No more please.

While ur all here-
*Pulls out my small list of headcanons*
I posted this elsewhere but I need it here too

-junkrat is hard of hearing + got that tinnitus goin on
Between him n roadie they’ve got their own little dictionary of hand gestures/sign (none is official asl, just stuff they’ve figured out works at a distance)

-pharah gets sweaty easily….damp
Also her body is modified to “lock in” to her suit

-d.va likes board games! She’s REALLY good at strategy games (she’ll kick ur ass in things like chess in 6 moves or less if u suck)

-tracer is real good w numbers
I mean you gotta be if your special power revolves around keeping track of where you were 10 seconds ago, how many extra seconds you need to close a gap, etc

-reaper’s outfit features some vantablack bullshit and he looks kind of like a Void

That’s it that’s all I’ve got

EDIT: WAIT I FORGOT ONE!! -that glowy omnic in the sombra origins stuff….identifies as a lady and that human is her gf, they r in love
Office Party 2016

I hate office Christmas parties. Hate them. It’s not the music or the ugly as sin sweaters. It’s not even the shitty Secret Santa exchanges or the awkward, hopefully forgotten conversations with half-drunken co-workers who don’t even have the common decency to look at you the other 364 miserable days. It’s none of that.

It’s f*cking Craig.

Perfect Craig and his bullshit, ‘go get em’ attitude that makes the rest of us look bad, and his million dollar smile. I don’t think I’ve ever hated anything more than I hate this a*hole. There’s always one of him in every office, one guy who’s so locked in to winning that no one else gets a chance. Gotta hand it to him. He’s good at it. It’s gotten him a corner office, front row parking space and a shot at every single worthwhile piece of tail in the department. Jerk is always one step ahead, one move faster.

I hate him.

I sipped my watered-down, bottom shelf Gin and watched as Craig spun Sheila for the billionth time on the dance floor to some shitty 80’s pop song. I can’t stomach the sight of it. I’m stuck over here, invisible in this ridiculous Santa’s hat, under the bar’s muted television, and this piece of shit is having the time of his life, getting patted on the back and having free drinks tossed his way.

God, I hate him…

This party’s not gonna end the same as last year’s. Not by a long shot. I won’t be slinking home alone, and Craig won’t be enjoying the intern. I came prepared this year. Right after I’m done with this shitty drink, I’m gonna get the revolver from my glove compartment and show everyone who really deserves the respect. I’ll show them who’s not gonna get pushed around any—


The party screamed and I snapped to the ear-splitting sound. The pistol’s barrel breathed a spiral of sinister smoke up past Craig’s waist and in front of his eyes. Sheila’s crumpled body is in a heap by his side. I watched, heart pounding in my throat, as Craig reached up and locked the door behind him.

“I’m tired of carrying all of you useless bastards all year long,” Craig said, darkly. The gun eagerly panned over the shivering mass of our co-workers. “Time to thin the herd.”

When the gun settled on me I knew I was f*cked. It’s like I said before. Craig was always one step ahead. One move faster.

harry. buddy. pal. my dude. your holiness. 


i know you don’t usually move backwards in terms of your style. that’s cool, you can’t make best dressed lists when you’re wearing the same thing you did years ago. i get it. you gotta be looking out for the Next Big Thing, totally understandable. 

but also.

 bring back the headscarves


Axl: I can’t help it. I either stand there bored or I run back and forth. And I kinda get into dancing. I didn’t even know that I like what I do. I just, I looked down at my feet and go “what am I doing now?” but I feel like if I stand there, then people think “oh this is boring” so I gotta do something and I just try to do whatever happens. It’s a lot of fun. I thought about taking dance lessons and stuff but then I was worried about getting too stale, being too much like organized and everything. I like the spontaneity of just whatever happens, keeps it real raw and fresh. If it got too ballet’ed out, I couldn’t handle that.