((i get distracted from hw way too easily))

((Some cities of Johnson County. On the left is Overland Park, the second-largest city in Kansas. On the right is Olathe (my city and the fourth-largest city in Kansas.))

Overland Park is kind of a bitch but definitely the most popular girl in school. XD She’s always trying to expand her influence over the smaller cities by annexing them, much to their annoyance. She’s not as rich as other JoCo cities like Mission Hills or Fairway, but she pretends to be. She’s very proud of her mall and her corporations. Her motto is “above and beyond by design.” Founded in 1905 by real estate developer and railroad magnate William B. Strang. Fun Fact; In 1909, OP was the site of the first airplane flight west of the Mississippi River, a fact which she will brag about. Yes, she is supposed to look bland and ordinary, but she brags about everything. Olathe thinks she’s a young upstart stealing her glory.

Olathe is older; in fact one of the oldest cities in Kansas. Founded in 1857. Like Lawrence, she became known as for her anti-slavery sentiments and was attacked by William Quantrill in 1862. Half a dozen people were killed and much of the town was burned. Served as a stop on several stagecoach lines and became the home of the first cowboy boot company. The county seat of JoCo, but one of the poorest cities in the county. She has had very traumatic experiences with urban renewal since the 1960s and is constantly trying to reinvent/reconstruct her downtown (Hence the plastic surgery bandage across her nose). Maybe one of these days she will actually be happy with the way she looks. She actually has dark hair but I didn’t color it in OTL. The other cities in JoCo make fun of her for being kind of ghetto, even though she’s really not. Their perceptions are just rather…skewed.))