((i dare someone to rp him.))

forget the good girl meets bad boy plots seriously give me all the bad girl meets bad boy and makes him succumb to his knees and plays hard to get and drives him crazy and he’s never been this into someone and she enjoys the attention so much and IF YOU’RE WILLING TO BE DARING, THIS COULD BE M/M AND STILL BE SO MUCH FUN pls dance your way into my inbox or like this and i’ll just rain headcanons and feels on you pls- 


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Note: Zal doesn’t actually Dab hahaha I just drew it cuz someone dared him to. XD 

The New Trophy.

“How dare you speak to me that way!” The nobleman shouted with indignation, his face turning red in rage.

Karesh looked down at the portly man and his retinue. Four guards and a girl carrying some boxes. Probably the man’s purchases from the market. The noble had insulted Karesh first; calling him a lizard and telling him to get out of the way. All Karesh had done was say ‘someone with as much meat on him as himself shouldn’t be angering a hungry dragon’.

“I dare, little man. What do you plan to do about it?” Karesh growled back deeply.