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“The first happy memory”

Words: 905

Pairing: Lapidot

Summary: Cozy evening in the Room of Requirement after winter exams.

From the author: Based on great @kaiken23 Hogwarts AU. Friendly reminder that English isn’t my first language, so feel free to tell me about my mistakes. Please don’t kill me. I didn’t read Harry Potter in English, so I could screw up in some terms, but I kind of checked everything. Hope someone will enjoy this =)

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I think the most beautiful thing about Diana is that she doesn’t fight the patriarchy.  She just flat out doesn’t acknowledge that it exist.  A room where women aren’t allowed?  Gender rules about sleeping with someone? Bruce grabbing her arm in a power play?  Diana’s all just, you’re doing what now? She’s a Princess and a Goddess, so way more powerful than you on any kind of scale.  She’s just gonna lol in your face any time the patriarchy comes up because she’s the most powerful person in the room at any given time, so she doesn’t have time for men to mess around pretending they have a say in anything she does.  

New icon!! I don’t normally announce about an icon change but this one was actually drawn by @commanderfishtits! It was a surprise gift from her of my oc and I can’t even begin to tell anyone just how much I love it ;w; Its so cute and great and amazing aaaaahhhhhhh



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It’s been a while! Glad that we’re finally getting somewhere ^^ A nice long update for all the nice patient folks :)

Also hey that last bit there looks familiar

Also I took it a bit easier on glitching out Error’s text this time. I remember last time it was a bit hard to read.

Error Sans belongs to @loverofpiggies, Ink Sans belongs to @comyet!


Ok I was thinking about a witch au and I was thinking equally hard about their outfits as well as what magick they’d practice so this is all I have rn HAHA but.

Pidge dabbles in both green magic and techno magic. Hunk is a crystal witch! Lance comes from a family of sea witches and he lives by the beach…Keith I’m not sure about yet but I really needed to draw him with an athame. Fire? Knife? It’s perfect

the last one was just an excuse to cover them all in their elements, rituals arent actually that messy ksj