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All I want for Christmas is you

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hiii! can you do hobi + all i want for christmas? thanks! 

Hi! Your blog is great! 💕 Can you do a Jhope Christmas party themed scenario!! Hope you have a great day thanks!

A/N: this was super fun to write!! hope you enjoy!

Fic 5 of 12 - Holiday Series

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Hi Elise! Great blog you have :) so I was just wondering, how do you feel when modern amis AUs are set in America? cuz i know some people who get really annoyed when fics aren't set in France and I wanted to get your opinion

Short answer: I really don’t mind

Long-ish answer: I’d rather have a fic set in the US and coherent than a fic set in France but that is distictly not French. And it’s understandable! If you’ve never studied France and French people, and that all you can rely on is Amélie and some French stereotypes, than it’s going to show, and it’s not your fault. So a fic set in the US makes much more sense to me if it’s coherent than having les Amis in France but doing very un-French things

If you’re curious about France and the French way of life though, I’d highly recommend “What the Fuck France” which is extremelly accurate and generally amazing!

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Hi, I just found your blog, which is absolutely great, by the way. I was wondering if I could request either headcanons or a scenario with MerGaster and a hydrophobic S/O? Like they can still wade out in the water, but they can't swim and have small panic attacks if the water goes over their head? Like, they love the ocean and love to wade out, but as soon as the water goes over their head, they can't tell up from down and have a total freak out? If this is okay?

Of course that’s okay! Wonderful idea btw

The water is already at your knees. Only three more steps and you’ll be halfway submerged. What’s there to fear, right? Gaster said he’d catch you if the waves are too strong.

So why aren’t you moving?

A questioning burble draws you from your thoughts. Gaster’s pale blue eyes watch you curiously a few yards away as he waits for you to join him. He smiles encouragingly, though his many rows of sharp teeth make the expression look a tad intimidating.

Or maybe they would to someone less familiar with the mer-creature. Your confidence restored, you take two brave steps forward.

And are promptly pushed over by a sudden surge of saltwater. Your body freezes in panic as you start to go under.

But before your head can fall beneath the surface, your descent is stopped short. Gaster’s wrapped his long tail around your legs and torso to keep you upright. When you don’t respond to his quiet whines, a presence enters your mind.


“Um…yeah. I’m okay.”

He sighs in relief and starts to loosen his grip on your body.

Feeling your legs start to wobble, you grab onto one dorsal fin before he can uncurl. “Wait! Could I…have a few moments?”

Of course. Take your time. Content to prolong this ‘hug’, he lets his upper half lazily float and bob with the gentle waves and gives you all the time you need to collect yourself.

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Hi! First of all, your blog is great, keep it up! Secondly, I have a writing question. So I'm writing a thing and a have these characters, one is a sassy but insecure magi with a absurd sense of humour, and the other is a recently wheelchair bound hacker who likes cats and reading. They've both had to support each other though some hard times and have a strong bond. I wanted to surges they feel something for each other but I don't want to actually say it. Do you have any tips?

I think the best way to go about showing slight feelings between two characters could be you normalizing their touches. One may hold the others hand for comfort or squeezing shoulders. You could also start to morph their conversations from a friendly tone to a more sincere one. Maybe they blush when the other compliments them or they start to confide more secrets to the other. Feelings between friends can come naturally, whether it be them realizing how much they miss the other when they’re gone or noticing just how attractive they look every day. Just slip in the attraction.

Happy writing!

-Ashley ❤

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Hi, you're awesome. I love reading your blogs and post, they are great & assist me on my journey. I was just wondering how do you keep yourself focused and diligent in practice of awakening when the world feels like a big distraction?

By not focusing on “awakening” and more on the needs of your heart… the voice deep within your core. The world will always try to distract you, but your heart/soul will eternally scream louder and tug at you harder regardless of how much we try to muffle it with a tape of neglect.  

“There will always be distractions, but your desire to do what is best for you must always be your aim.” ~AV

And thanks! 💕

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Hellooooo! ❤ Is it true that the Joker is asexual? Your blog is great.


Well I don’t think J is asexual because he seems very sexual attracted to Harley. “I got some grape soda on ice, bear skin rug waiting.” Sounds like a metaphor for sex to me! 😂 

I along with others, think that the more proper term to describe J is demisexual. Since he really wasn’t interested in sex before Harley. 


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Hi Tk. I just wanted to say your blog is great. I get fat shamed a lot by my parents and whenever I'm feeling down, I just come here and I feel so much better. You have made the world a better place with this blog. Thanks. -A Loving Anon

Really sad to hear that, especially coming from your own parents. Best I can say is to ignore them and realize as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters. ( -and if you aren’t find the motivation to work on yourself until you are.)

Glad the blog makes you happy though! I love getting messages like this. <3

-Mod Tk

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If you're up to it, I'd totally suggest looking at the Tumblr celebratingamazingwomen. It's actually an extremely refreshing page, and it may even teach you a bit about some female historical figures.

hi, thanks for the rec youre absolutely right its a great blog and very informative! definitely boosting the hell outta this

- blue

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Hi! Your blog is great~ for sure its one of my favorites~ For the question though, which two members do you think wouldnt mind experimenting together? As in they wouldnt mind kissing each other (or more) to see how they felt after.

My personal opinion is that Jungkook and Taehyung wouldn’t mind too much to kiss ( or anything else ) each other. Maybe the same with Rap Mon and Jin?

And thanks that means a lot!

-Admin A~

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Hi there! Just wanted to tell you your blog is great! This is where I come when I need a reminder of why I came here in the first place. Please keep doing what you're doing!! My question is, why are they not promoting Darker like they did FSOG? The video for IDWTLF will not have either D or J in it, I guess Zayn's girlfriend, Gigi will be in it. They using photoshoots from Anthropoid over. It's like they don't care if the movie makes money or not.

Hey, thank you:)

Compared to fsog it was like that during the first movie but if you compare fifty’s promo to the promo of other movies, Fifty’s is on the same level as the promo of an Indie movie…at least so far. Let’s see.

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Do you speak/know korean?

nope :(

Anonymous said:What is your oppinion on yoonseok?

i love yoonseok! it seems like yoongi constantly has heart eyes for hobi and it’s so cute

Anonymous said:Hi~ Just found your blog and from what I see it seems great :) Do you think you can say smthing about yourself?

oh welcome! hmm about myself.. i’m really bad at talking about myself but i’ll try my best.. i’m whitney :) jimin and tae are my biases (jimin is my ultimate for life ♥). i learned how to make gifs and started posting them around march last year (i just went back and looked at my first gifs that i posted and they are pretty bad LOL).  i really love bts! ummm, i enjoy cooking and really enjoy spending time teaching myself/learning new things in general. lkdfjsakdlf sorry this isnt very good loll

Anonymous said:When did you start listening to bts?

right before run was released, so last october/november

Anonymous said:Have you posted any selfies?

no i haven’t sorry :( i’m kind of a private person in general :(

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Hi, I love your Blog and it is really great how you interact with your followers, answering peoples questions really well. I wanted to know what to do when you speak about languages in a fictional world. For example if a story is written in English and your characters speak english, can you do that when there actually doesn't exist a country called England in your story? Would you create a new name for the language? Would be cool if you had an idea to avoid confusion. Thanks for your time!


I’m actually writing a book that deals with this kind of thing. My characters mostly speak English, but I call it another name. Think of it like you are translating their words into our language so that it can be read by real people. If you indicate that they are speaking another fictional language and maybe slip in some words that aren’t translated, you should be good!

Happy writing!



Request for : anon
Request : Hi! Could you plz do a Sebastian text post. The reader texts him sounding sad bc she really needs him. When he asks why she explains that she messed up a project in class and he tells her he will be over with junk food, cuddles and his amazing personality. Thank you and you guys are great and your blog is awesome

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Hi there, I love your blog! I've found so many great fics through here, and visit often :) I was wondering if you have a list of super long (can be chaptered) fics? I love Stop My Heart, cuz in a sky full of stars (I think I saw you), trust your heart if the seas catch fire... any genre is fine ^_^ I'm a sucker for slow build hehe.

here you go, anon! a list of some super long fics for you :-) 

The Absolution of Jeon Jungkook, Slytherin “Gryffindors again?” “No,” Jungkook answered. “Seriously, leave it, Yoongi-hyung. It’s not a big deal.” “I’m just curious. No need to be so defensive, Jungkook.”  Yoongi took another bite and looked off to the side before giving him an unreadable glance. “You’re not invincible, you know.” “I know,” Jungkook mumbled automatically.

(hogwarts!au, obviously. it’s still a wip but i’m loving it so far) 

Terrible Things Happen (Sometimes, They Save You) Min Yoongi wakes up from a nightmare on a sunless afternoon to a reality more twisted than his dizziest daydreams.

(it’s an american horror story!au so it can get pretty bad sometimes so read the warnings before reading it!) 

Taste of Ink Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa. One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang. Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it .But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen. Dragons destroy and stars explode.

(gang!au so there’s a lot of violence. again read the warnings before reading it!) 

maybe we’re all just fools Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.

(this fic is so beautiful!! i think i already recommended it but i really love it)

Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

(amazing fic!! the characterization is so on point and even though it’s sad sometimes it’s still really funny) 

i hope you like them anon! and if you want more you can check the long fics tag <3

 Admin L

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hi your blog is great and you're great. i am also an abuse survivor so i know that gaslighting is one hell of a drug and i'm sorry you're going thru something like that :( but you're really awesome and like. someone i see as Life Goals TM, and you deserve peace and love and lazy town forever because you are a really great person.

Aah thank you so much ;w; i’m sorry that you’re familiar with the kind of abuse that i’ve had to deal with, nobody should have to deal with this sort of thing. i’m not sure if i’m quite good enough to be anyone’s Goals™ but hearing you say that does make me feel a lot better about myself <3 thank you so much for the kind words, you’re such a sweetheart!!

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Hi! How are you? (btw, your blog is super rad!) It’s been great being an Asanator, but I found we are so spread out and since we aren’t as populated as the Sherlock or Doctor Who fandom, we don’t get to talk to one another and be able to actively fangirl with each other in real time. Would there ever be a chance of a group chat or something where we can all fangirl together? Because that would be amazing. Even if it’s just a small group, I’d love to get to know some other Asanators! Thanks!

hm, i don’t know any group. There are “groups”, per say, on twitter and instagram. But most Asanators i see they are like… they have their own asanator friends and do not fangirl with other asanators… do you understand what i’m saying? But if you want to share anything to other asantors you can always write here :)

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hi! i love your blog. the music, the fashion, your photography! it's all great 💯 i don't know if you answer questions like these, but i just bought white adidas stan smith shoes and i don't know what to wear with them. what would you wear them with in colder weather (not snowing or anything tho)?

ahh thank you so much! I own a pair of stan smiths myself and I wore them all through the summer and fall. If you can still wear them outside I would totally recommend you to pair them with some funky socks. Solid colored socks look super cute with some cropped pants imo and I would probably wear a loose tee/sweater/turtle neck tucked into the pants as top. Add a warm cardigan and a coat on top and you’re ready to go. You can also add a scarf or a cute beret 🤗

Also, you can never go wrong with some skinny jeans and a comfy sweater!
If you’re not a fan of the sneaker-sock look you could also wear skin colored tights under liner socks to keep your ankles warm.

Some other cute looks: mock neck under a hoodie, tee + light denim jacket under dark coat, coat over hoodie, t shirt over long sleeve, midi length/maxi skirts and (slip) dresses, slacks (!!)