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Hello Haven, Wondering if you have a favourite song from I Saw The Light? Love your blog btw.

Hi there!

Oh, yippee! What a great question!

My favorite song, just from the musical aspect, that is included in the film as a performance is “Honky Tonkin” at the beginning.  I love that opening with the upright bass and the steel guitar and the fiddle.  Such a unique sound.

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As far as a favorite song in the scene as a whole, I think his Opry appearance with “Lovesick Blues” is so fun and joyous.  Just look at his face, his eyes.

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If I ponder which one is the most impressive from an acting standpoint, I would pick “Your Cheatin’ Heart” because it is amazing.  What a stunning scene.  It’s just gut-wrenching.

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Of course, then there is him using “I Saw The Light” as a lullaby.  Excuse me while I sob in the corner for a minute.

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But with all those in mind, I LOVE the version of “Jambalaya” with the choir that is played during the credits.  L-O-V-E.  

But! The first scene with “Cold Cold Heart” is gorgeous!  How can I leave that one out?!

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So, I guess…I have a lot of favorites, for different reasons.  :)

Thank you for asking!

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Hi! Your blog is so great! I'm smiling whole day after reading it. Please make a scenario where mc finds out about rfa + v + saeran secret hobby (like collecting super cute hairpins or sewing soft toys:) ) which he/she is ashamed of 'cause thinks that it is unproper for his/her age, sex, life style or for any other reason and doesn't want to show mc this uncool side of his/herself. I think it may be funny:) Thanks in advance!

Sorry it took so long! Hope you like them^^ 


  • You were on your way back home from somewhere, and Zen’s house was on the way
  • So you decided to stop by to say hi
  • When you arrive, he’s walking back into his house from taking out the garbage
  • He’s only wearing slippers, and you can see his long, bright orange socks with racecars on them
  • “Whoa! You got a party on your feet,” you chuckle
  • He yelps and gets super flustered.
  • “MC! Don’t look!”
  • He runs into his room and emerges with plain black socks
  • But the damage is already done
  • You tell him that you think the socks were pretty cute
  • He admits that he’s collected bright, silly socks over the years
  • They add a little spice to his normally hectic schedule–only around the house though
  • When you keep gushing about them, he finally shows you the different ones
  • He’ll make an exception and wear them around you sometimes


  • Finals call for all nighters
  • He usually wears his little hairpin to keep his bangs out of his eyes
  • But, when he has late nights like this, he pulls out his collection…
  • He has these cute scrunchies and pins to put his hair up in
  • That particular night, he fell asleep with them on
  • In the morning, he remembered he was supposed to meet with you and rushed over to your place
  • You see the cute bunny ear scrunchies tying up his hair in various ponytails and start giggling
  • When he realizes, he’s mortified and starts yanking them out
  • You ask why he didn’t tell you before…or change his pin once in awhile
  • “You might think me childish!”
  • You promise you only think it’s cute and you’ll keep it a secret
  • As long as you can borrow some and you two can get matching ones


  • You were visiting her one Saturday afternoon
  • You offered to make you both some coffee or tea as she was finishing up some last minute paperwork
  • She recently moved things around so you’re a bit confused where the mugs are 
  • You find a huge assortment of them in the back of a cabinet
  • “MC! No, not those!”
  • She’s really embarrassed and tries to shuffle you out of the kitchen
  • But you actually show interest at all the unique mugs she’s collected
  • When she finds this out, she lights up and starts explaining the story of each one
  • You start a tradition where you buy her a mug yearly to add to her collection


  • Elizabeth meows loudly from another room in the penthouse
  • You go to check it out and find that tangled in blue yarn
  • You try to help her as you wonder where all the yarn is coming from
  • Jumin comes in to see the commotion and silently starts wrapping it up again
  • You realize he’s especially quiet
  • When you see the crocheting needle, you start to put two and two together
  • “Jumin…you crochet? You never told me!”
  • “….It’s not exactly something one brags about.”
  • True
  • He explains that it relaxes him on particularly stressful days
  • He showed you a few pieces that he’s made, like scarves and headbands
  • You ask if he could teach you a few things


  • He was finally moving out to a place with windows
  • But he has so much junk to sort through first, so he calls you for back up
  • You’re in the process of going through his junk closet when you find a bunch of boxes with different dates on them
  • When you open them, you see so many game consoles…Xbox, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance…
  • When he finds you stumbled upon them, he freaks out
  • You thought his was obsessed with collecting cars? Ha.
  • You ask if he actually needs that many of the old consoles….in different colors
  • “Just trade them in for some cash!”
  • “They’re of sentimental value!”
  • You eventually just let him have his way, compromising to put them in the same box though
  • He makes you pinky swear not to tell Yoosung
  • He’d never hear the end of it


  • You’re writing out a to-do list and your pen runs out of ink
  • You ask Saeran if you can borrow a pencil, as he always seems to have one
  • He nods and tells you to look for a bag on his desk
  • You find a rather large one and open it
  • “No! Not that bag–”
  • But it’s too late
  • You stumble across a bunch of number 2 pencils with cute designs on them
  • Some have turtles on clouds, some have ice cream erasers, and there were so many…
  • He gets super defensive about, that those were the only cheap pencils
  • After a bit of coaxing, you get him to admit that he likes collecting them
  • They make him feel warm inside…especially when he’s doodling
  • You make a point to buy him pencils whenever you’re out shopping now


  • Jumin had once again mentioned something about V’s 20 spoons in the chatroom
  • After visiting V a few times, you know he only has a few forks and knives
  • So, you ask him about the extra spoons
  • He gets a little blushy, but decides to show them to you
  • Each spoon has an intricate design on the handle
  • He says that he picks one up every time he travels to a new country or city
  • He thinks it’s weird because…they’re just utensils
  • But you actually think it’s really cute

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Hi yes god bless this blog💕 YOUR WRITING IS GREAT okay anyway uhmmmm can I have a Laito imagine where he wants a baby? Pweaaaase 😭

Yaaaaaas Laito wanting kids is a big step to his development. ; U ; This was longer than what I intended, but I promise it’s worth the read.


A gentle breeze from the winds blew by as you took a sip of the iced tea from your glass. The sun was out today, and in the courtyard of the Sakamaki mansion, you were finishing up some homework from school. You were tired of studying in your room all day, so going outside was nice for a change. But as you tried to concentrate on the problems in front of you, a certain Sakamaki vampire chuckled and teasingly licked your cheek to make his presence known to you. Startled by the sudden greeting, you gasped and lightly smacked Laito’s arm when he engulfed you into a hug from behind.

“Is my Bitch-chan studying again? Why don’t you pay attention to me instead?” Laito would ask as he sat across from you.

“I have to focus on my studies, Laito. Maybe later.” you’d reply promptly.

Laito frowned at your answer and leaned back in his chair, watching you as you continued on with your homework for the next few minutes. He noticed the way your eyes moved back and forth as you solved each problem, and he found it adorable when you wrinkled your eyebrows at a particularly difficult step. He was lucky to have you at his side, and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw you writing with your engagement ring on. The same engagement ring that he had used to propose to you with just a few weeks ago. 

“Bitch-chan, what do you think about having kids one day?” he asked you when you took a sip from your iced tea.

Embarrassed by the sudden question, you spit out your iced tea out of shock and turned to look at him with wide eyes. “W-What? What did you say…?”

“I asked about your thoughts for having children one day. What do you think?” he reiterated as he eyed you carefully for your reaction once more.

“I-I don’t know. We’re both so young, well- at least, I’m still considered ‘young’. Couldn’t we wait until I’m a bit…older and stable with my life?” you inquired.

“You are stable with your life now since you live with me.” he’d point out, but you would immediately disagree with his statement.

“I’m not. I haven’t even graduated from the academy, I don’t have a job, and I don’t think we’re ready to have kids yet, Laito. Let’s wait for a few more years.” you’d say in an attempt to make him stop talking about it.

Laito isn’t pleased by your words and would be quite upset with you about it. Did you not see him as someone competent in being a parent? Were you planning to leave him with no strings attached in the future? It made him feel uneasy for the rest of the day, so he would leave you and go away to play on the piano to distract himself from your stinging words. Anything to protect his heart from being broken.

Later on that evening as you slept next to Laito in his bed, a dream occurred to you and sent you forward to the future. You found yourself in the courtyard again but this time, you noticed Laito sitting in a rocking chair underneath a tall willow tree. As you walked towards him to say hello, you saw him holding a small bundle in his arms and him closing his eyes with a peaceful smile plastered on his face as he rocked back and forth in the rocking chair. 

Something inside you told you to stop and observe him, and you felt a warm breeze blow by as it swirled up leaves from the ground around Laito and what seemed to be…your newborn child. You have never seen Laito look so serene and at genuine ease before, and you didn’t want to interrupt his time with the adorable sleeping baby. All you could do was admire him from afar and note how happy he looked with his baby.

When you decided to take a step forward, everything faded from sight, and your dream ended in seconds as your body twitched to wake you up from your sleep. You opened your eyes and groaned quietly, wishing you could have finished the dream properly. When Laito heard your small groan, he woke up and turned to you to ask what was the matter.

“I had a beautiful dream and I didn’t get to see the end of it…It was such a nice dream too.” you murmured in frustration.

Laito chuckled at your words and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you closer to him.

“Maybe it’ll come back to you if you go to sleep again.” he suggested.

You smiled at his idea and turned around to tightly hug him in return. The Laito you loved now was still the same one from your fleeting dream, and you were excited for what the future held for the two of you.

“Don’t worry Laito, I’ll see it again one day.”

-Admin Yuuzuki

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Hi!! So I was on your blog the other day and found a great fic on here but I opened it in Tumblr and when I went to read it later it had closed me out. The fic was under another ask and I've looked for it for friggin ever but can't find it. The person who asked about it described it has kind of a 5+1 fic where stiles was being protective of Derek and the first one is stiles catching Chris breaking Derek's car window. If you could help me find it I'd really appreciate it!

This is I Love To Be The Underdog by CaptainnAustralia. (Chris was so wrong to break that window, but Stiles made sure he knows that now ;)

One of these days Stiles was going to learn that having a death wish was a bad thing.


Five times Stiles got into an argument on Derek’s behalf, and the one time he didn’t have to.

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hi! i'm looking for a bellarke theatre au multi-chapter fic that i read nearly a year ago but i can't for the life of me remember what it's called and was wondering if you might?

Possibly New Direction.

Anonymous said: Hi, I love your blog you folks do great work :D I was just wondering if you knew of any Canon/divergent fics that involve hickeys or people finding out about their relationship through a similar scenario. Thanks so much in advance :) 

Here are some canon/modern au:

bellarkeyyy said: I was trying to find a fic a read a long time ago where clarke was looking for a place to move in and found out that bellamy had a studio with a spare bed and they end up falling for each other. there was also something to do with a fire exit on the building. i read it on a03 but i can’t find it anymore ;-;

We believe you’re looking for this one [x]

Anonymous said: Do you have a Season 1 tag? I can’t seem to find it

Here’s our general season 1 tag, but if you’re looking for more specific searches try these:

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How would Iwaizumi react if Oikawa asked him to have a treesome with Oikawa and his s/o? :) Love your blog! So great full with your hard work c:

Honestly it would depend on if oikawa just out of the blue brought it up bc then he’d be like? um?? no?? why?? But if it’s something like a mutual attraction to oikawa and that s/o and everyone is cool n stuff with each other then he’d might say alright. He’d probably blush & shook to another planet before he’d be able to say yes tho

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Hi! Your blog is great! Thank you for always answering my questions! I have another one:) Can you tell me how did you get to witchcraft? What were the things you did at first? What type of witchcraft work you do? How can someone get into witchcraft? Thank you!

Thank you!

Well since I was young i’ve been very clairvoyant and both of my parents are psychics, my father also being an occultist. I started to explore esotericism when I was 12, where I first read The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, which sparked my interest in the occult (particularly theurgy - something I now mainly practice). I looked into witchcraft and started experimenting with spells, forming my own and trying others; here I discovered that energy manipulation was easy for me. Further on in my early teen years I started getting psychic visions with messages pertaining to the Kabbalah and here I started doing angelic rituals, especially Enochian. It was at this point that spirit work became something very prominent for me, leading on to the work I do today. However that made my daily life completely scary because I kept getting random visitations from spiritual entities, mostly being angels or gods. In my late teens, I started getting haunted by particular spirits that have followed me from a past life, making things even scarier (thankfully they were banished). Currently, I am still trying to find out who my spirit is since a lot of akashic information had been previously “hidden” from me. But overall in terms of what I practice, i’d say it’s mostly ceremonial magick (on the Right Hand Path). 

If you want to first try doing spells, i’d suggest to try out some simple jar spells (just please don’t bury them as this is bad for the environment), enchanting jewellery, or doing glamour magick. 

You can get into witchcraft by reading lots and lots of different books about the subject. You will also want to explore different types of spiritual paths to see which one will most resonate with you. I’d say to be a bit wary of New Age books and spirituality at first and to start off reading older texts. The problem with a lot of New Age spirituality is that it tends to sugar-coat a lot (for example Doreen Virtue although having a lot of valid information can sometimes overlook dangerous aspects or linger too much on only positive consequences). 

Here are some spiritual books I recommend to get you started:

  • The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Manly P. Hall.
  • Psychic Self-Defence - Dion Fortune.
  • Corpus Hermeticum - Hermes Trismegistus. 
  • Wicca Book of Spells - Lisa Chamberlain. 
  • Fairycraft - Morgan Daimler. 
A panther amongst wolves

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Request: “Hi! I really love your blog, it’s so great, like every time I see you update it makes my day, and if you have time could you please do a imagine where the pack and the reader are really close, but one day the reader shifts into a panther and she finds out that there’s others like her, and she also finds out that they hate the wolfs, and she is slowly forced to hate them, and she haves no control of it, and when the pack comes to visit her at her house, she’s really cold and mean to them+and someone says something that gets her really mad, and she shifts in front of them, and they’re surprised, but they always knew of the ppl who could shift into panthers, but they never knew the reader came from that bloodline, sorry if this is really long and confusing, lmao. But if you don’t want to do this imagine that’s totally fine. :)”

I couldn’t think of a creative title lmao Sorry I’ve taken so long to write this! I really enjoyed it, and I couldn’t resists a fluffy ending xoxo

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Hi! I love your blog! You post really great stuff! También ví que eres Latina! Yo también! You know who else is Latino? Leo Valdez. Lots of people consider Leo Mexican and I'm not saying they're wrong, but do you head Anon him to be from another Latino culture?


 It never specifies which country is Leo, but everyone assumed it was from Mexico and I’m like ’???’, of course it’s not bad at all to believe that and it’s a perfectly good headcanon and I really like the idea?

What bothers me is that when you say that he could be from another latino country, some here are like ‘No, Leo is from Mexico !!!1!!’ as if what you are thinking is wrong.

And Honestly? I always thought that Leo is from Honduras.

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Your blog is great your cat is precious and his abs are 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 asdfghjkl have a nice day

“Thank you so much! …But I don’t own a cat, unless you’re talking about my pet coeurl…”

“…OH! You’re talking about me, hahaha! Have a great day too! Let’s work out together sometime!”

((Sorry for the late response, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DROPPING BY! I’ll try to post more original content soon when I have time!))

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Hi! I absolutely adore your blog and I think what you do is really great. I really want to be friends with you b/c you're such a cool person but sadly I'm an awkward potato and have no idea how to talk to people so yeah... Bye now.

thank you! you guys are honestly so sweet i can’t. but don’t be shy, sweetheart!! i’m just as big of a dork, i swear. plus, potatoes are adorable so. 💙 

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any headcanons for todoroki/ bakugo :> (have a great day btw i lov your blog!!)

Anonymous said: hi!! your headcanons are great and i was wondering if you had any for todoroki x bakugo ?? (have a good day queenie!) 

- the feistiest of switches. like, honestly. their back and forth dynamic is insane, and it usually has to be a scheduled thing for one to get the upper hand over the other lmao

- though they are both switches, todoroki tends to be the lee mostly, if only because he gets bored of fighting back and then just lets bakugou have his fun and get it over with omg

- also bakugou pretends to be >:( abt it, but he actually rly rly likes todoroki’s smile?? it’s like. it’s beautiful ok. especially when he’s being tickled half to death. bakugou also enjoys how messy todoroki’s hair gets ahhh it gets all crazy and cow-licky with his squirming and its adorable

- bakugou as a lee, alternatively, when it comes to todoroki, will generally let him have his fun if todoroki asks nicely first. which is rare lmao usually todoroki will just climb on top of bakugou on the couch randomly and start tickling him and bakugou hates bein snuck up on so he’ll easily flip the tables because though todoroki is also swole, bakugou is stronger than him

- todoroki’s fav way to tickle bakugou tho is hugging him and sliding his hands up the back of bakugou’s shirt and tickling his back and shoulder blades. bakugou shivers every time and hides his chuckle in todoroki’s neck

- but then his hands dart down and pinch at todoroki’s hips and todoroki immediately crumbles to the floor and giggles 

- they have tickle fights a lot that actually don’t involve much tickling until one party gets the other one pinned. so it’s more like play-wrestling and sparring until someone manages to pin the other, and then as punishment for losing, the one on top tickles the fuck out of the other 8)

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Hi! Great writing, hope your blog takes off! I'd like a scenario or headcanons (whichever you'd like to do lol) for Shizuo's first kiss with his s/o. Thanks!

This is so late, I’m really sorry @_@ There were some technical difficulties and then some blog issues and things were not on track. Anyways~ Have some cute deviousness to make up for it!


It’s been three months. Not one. Not two. But THREE MONTHS that you’ve been seeing Shizuo Heiwajima and you’re lucky to even hold his hand on better days. When you moved to Ikebukuro the first thing you heard about was Shizuo’s strength; partly because it was common knowledge and partly because you almost got trampled by him on your way out of the train station. Of course, Shizuo being Shizuo, he didn’t notice and ran off after whoever he was angry at in that particular moment. After that, you had begun to see him around quite often. Once, he almost knocked you down when he threw a guy over the balcony of your apartment building as you were heading to get lunch. The next time had been when you went to your new office where you were working the books for a debt collecting organization. Surprise, surprise, there was Shizuo. Fortunately or unfortunately, you were actually introduced to each other and that’s when things seemed to change.

More and more often would you see Shizuo and Tom at your favorite lunch stop; what’s even stranger is when Shizuo would actually start coming into the office with Tom after their work day was over. Sometimes, Shizuo would even stay after Tom left, claiming he had nothing better to do. At this point, you had started asking how his day had been and getting to know him. If someone asked, you might have gone as far as to say the two of you were friends. He’d bring you soda and stay to talk for a while until your shift ended. Your favorite moments would have to be going to lunch with him and watching a drunken Shizuo try to tell jokes as a particularly late dinner came to an end. Things were significantly more interesting once the occasional lunches went to small dates to the movies or coming over to your apartment to binge a show. You’ll never forget the morning where you two had woken up slumped on top of each other after falling asleep to a cheesy horror movie. Shizuo’s face got so red and you made sure to give him hell weekly.

Eventually, the two of you had begun to claim that you were together once you’d finally convinced Shizuo to open up. You understood his fears, his constant worry over his strength, and made it clear that you would always be there to help. What you weren’t though, was eternally patient. This brought you to your current moments. You were dressing up to go to the movies with Shizuo and just as you had clasped the bracelet around your wrist that he’d bought you for your birthday, the doorbell rang. It was the same as usual: a short greeting, a joke on your part, the small blush on Shizuo’s face when you laughed, and, to his surprise, a tight hug around his waist as you told him you missed him.

“What was that for?” he asked, face tinting pink as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

You smiled up at him and leaned up to kiss his cheek, something you’d only done maybe twice, before replying, “What? I can’t miss my boyfriend?” You promptly turned around and started down the stairs, shouting behind you, “Hurry or we’ll be late! It may be just down the road but if we take too much time we won’t be able to grab snacks.”

You didn’t bother looking back, you knew exactly what you would see. Shizuo’s reddened face was pricelessly adorable but you decided to spare him at the moment as you knew what you were planning for the near future. Once he finally caught up, you laced your fingers with his and let him trace his thumb over your knuckles. “How’s your day been? I heard you had an early shift with Tom this morning,” you spoke quietly, trying not to disturb the peaceful atmosphere and sneaking a glance at Shizuo’s face which was finally losing its pink tint.

“It’s been alright. Almost went after Izaya today but I knew you’d want to see me in mint condition.” You smiled and bumped your shoulder against his as you approached the theater. You bought tickets, food, drinks, and grabbed your seats, the only ones open being at the back of the room. Honestly, you didn’t think things could’ve been more perfect and your plan was in action. Well, it wasn’t as much of a plan so much as it was a goal; you were getting a kiss, a real kiss, by the end of the night. And now, it was the perfect time to cling like your life depend on it. A flustered Shizuo was the perfect target so you wrapped your arms around the arm of his that was closest to you and made sure your chest was flush against him. Immediately, his face heated up into a bright red and you had to take a moment to calm yourself because that was precious.

And so, it was time.

First, stalk your prey.

Subtly, you turned further towards him.

Second, crouch and wait until the time is right.

You watch as he turns to you, probably about to comment on the movie.

Third, you pounce!

You darted towards him and gently pressed your lips against his, almost giggling as he stiffened up and you felt the heat rise to his face. You pulled back as his mouth gaped and you couldn’t help but let out a breathy laugh, trying to keep quiet in the dark theater.

“Fucking finally,” you sighed in content. You leaned up and pecked his nose before leaning your face against his shoulder and turning your focus back towards the movie. Shizuo didn’t say anything after that but his opposite hand came to rest against your arm, thumb once again caressing your skin until the movie ended. Afterward, you made a few comments on the movie, Shizuo replying normally as you made your way back to the apartment complex and up to your front door. “Night~,” you said cheerfully, about to turn and enter your home. You were stopped short though as long arms wrapped around your waist and Shizuo leaned forward to kiss you. This time, warmth radiated from your own face as you let your eyes slip shut and you brought your hands up to play with the hair at the nape of Shizuo’s neck. After a short moment, you leaned back and stared, taking in his features before he had you choking with laughter.

He deadpanned, face revealing slight amusement as he spoke evenly, “Did you really say finally? Are you kidding me?”

The both of you laughed before a worrisome smirk crossed your face and you spoke with mischief in your voice, “Yes, and now that that’s off the bucket list, we can see what else we finally get to do together~!“ You grabbed his hand and pulled him through the opened door of the apartment before locking it behind the two of you. Nothing like an empty house all to yourselves. Two adults. A very nice, new couch. Honestly, you thought it needed some breaking in. No better way to do that than with a marathon of the entire Star Wars series!







And probably something better after that~


- Pasya

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Can you do ❝ Just like you baby. ❞ but with hoseok or suga or both separate if you can?! Please and Thank you!! I love your blog and keep up the GREAT work!

Hi cutie! 
I just posted it and hope you like it and you’ll request again! 
Kisses, M. ♥

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