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hello! i just came to say your art is great and i hope you are having a great day!! (あなたの英語は大丈夫です。w ( • ̀ω•́ )✧)

Hello!!! thank you so much💖💖💖I also hope that you will have a wonderful day🌟

Good night🌙(優しいお言葉をありがとうございます😂おやすみなさい)

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Oh, hello Rose! ;w;)/ you look wonderful today, how are you?

“Thanks, hun~! I’m doin mighty fine! Daff n I are makin plans to go to a party in about a week. So that’s somethin to look forward to.”

“It’s gonna be hella~!” 

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Hello, I was wondering if it is ok to do a collaboration? Thank you for reading Have a nice day/good night

eh i don’t know i am so busy animating othertale this month also i am doing commissions adding to that i have to do a speedpaint every week so no way i can do a collaboration :’D

-Announcement- [Schedule Change]

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for being much patient with us while we are going through the apps! Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been through ALL OF THE APPLICATIONS received, therefore, there will be a change in our schedule.


Apps open: 1st June
Apps close: 22nd June
Judging period:
23rd-28th June 23rd-30th June
Emails sent:
29th-30th June 1st-5th July
List of participants posted:
5th July 10th July
Creation period:
6th July-3rd Sept 15th July-15th September
3rd Sept 15th September
Pre-orders open:
Second week of Sept. end of Sept.-start of Oct.

Once we’ve finished going through the apps multiple times and have selected all the participants, we will start sending out the emails in batches. We will not be sending emails in bulk (but in batches instead), hence, it will take us a couple of days to send all the emails. ^^;;

We apologise for the aforementioned delay. We understand how nerve-wrecking it can be. We’re trying our best and will keep you regularly updated!

Thank you!

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Hello!! I just um, wanted to say thank you for your 'happy stimming' comic. I have a tendency to get super excited and passionate about stuff and when I do I flap my hands around or pat my knees really fast, and I never understood what it was until I found your blog and learned about stimming. I used to always feel ashamed of it but now I'm realizing that there's nothing to be ashamed of! So thank you so much for helping me realize that my way of expressing happiness is okay :>

;;O;; I’m so glad to hear that!!!!!!! I’m so happy you like it <3 <3 <3

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Hi, I just want to say something. I've seen a lot of gay women and men hate on bisexuals or not wanting to date someone if they're bi because of the fear that they are "most likely to cheat". That has nothing to do with the persons's sexuality but has everything to do with their morals. I am a lesbian and I currently am in a relationship with a bi girl and I am freaking proud of who she is. Don't let fear stop you from having something beautiful.

Thank you for speaking about this issue, bisexual people are above everything else a person, and we all know that people are all different in their own ways.. To group together people as being ‘all the same’ is very disingenuous.
With love,

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Hi! I was wondering if you kniw of any fics where they play party games like truth or dare etc. Thank you! <3

Hello, love!

Of course, let me list you a few :)

  • Sju Minutter by nusmag
    Summary: It’s a love exercise, Isak supposes, shoving two people in the small, dark room under the tribune for seven minutes at a time.

  • he’ll lead a right direction by boxesofflowers Eeyoreneedsahug
    Summary: Magnus just wanted a game of FMK. Why did Isak and Even have to be so in love?

  • think of how you found me, found me in those arms (so large and dark and holding on) by isakbechnaesheim
    Summary: Isak and Even spend some time in the closet together. 

  • Never Have I Ever by Sabeley (Chapter 1)
    Summary: “What’s it like to kiss a boy?“ “I could show you.“ Or the one where Isak and Even are roommates who make out on occasion (in a completely platonic way, of course).

  • Life is now. (and now, and now) by FlyByNightGirl  (Chapter 1)
    Summary: In which the clips for season 3 update, because there is so much more of Isak and Even’s relationship we haven’t seen.


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Greetings from SoCal! I love your work! So continue doing a good job! ❤️

Hello hello!!!
I’m so glad that you like the dumb stuff that I do ^w^

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Hello there :) First of all: thank you! It took me a while to read your 2CT tag and I enjoyed it very much. I have the same crack theory as you regarding the twin trying to protect his little brother. But in doing so he will need to eliminate the one thing that certainly wants to kill him: Sebastian. And as only a supernatural being could have killed Agni, do you think that whatever accompanies him could be a real threat to Sebastian? Or do you think he will tolerate him? :)

Hi there!

OMG, yes that’s exactly what I’m hoping for! I don’t think the existence of a twin alone or the fact that our Ciel was using his twin brother’s name will affect the contract directly because it seems Sebastian knew it all along (hence he never called our Ciel by his name), but if the twin used to be protective of our Ciel as we’ve seen in some flashbacks, he might try to protect his brother from Sebastian by eliminating him and THAT could affect the contract. As of now, it’s just a crack theory because we don’t know at all what real Ciel thinks of Sebastian, but if he indeed were the overprotective brother type (“You don’t have to worry anymore, I’ll never leave your side again”, ch129), then he certainly wouldn’t be fond of Sebastian, the demon who is going to devour his brother’s soul :/

Also, it’s very likely that Sebastian ate real Ciel’s soul on the day he was summoned, so there’s actually absolutely no reason for real Ciel to like Sebastian to begin with (lol). Anyway, it’s all a crack theory/my wishful thinking, but I’ve been hoping all this time that there’ll be something that jeopardises the contract between Sebastian and our Ciel, so if that “something” turned out to be real Ciel, I’d be totally excited!!! (≧▽≦)

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twitter(.)com/TheZiamNews/status/879803866551906306. This is what he said about the tattoo. It's his wedding ring finger and that's when he's gonna put a ring on it. The same guy that ruled out any possibility of marrying Cheryl cause he is "not religious" in his words.

Hello my Anon and thank you for the heads up, I really appreciate it! How could I possibly miss such a thing?

Despite having read quite exstensively (and owning a few rare books as well) on the topic of Angelology and Celestial Hierarchy, never in my studies have I found angels having numbers instead of names (which names always mean something btw). Nor could I possibly imagine such an announcement: “Yo! Numbers 12 and 16, report to nr 7 so you can take your marching orders!”!!!

On the other hand, I don’t exclude the possibility of Liam having read this in some novel, as most people tend to confuse fiction with research, or think that an author has done research (which isn’t always true).

What I always find very funny with Liam, is how he “freezes” momentarily when asked a question that he has no prepared answer for; it happens only for a few seconds and then, being the unconventionally bright Kid that he is, he makes up a story and he runs with it! I think that the story of not getting married to Cheryl cause he is not religious is one of this cases. He had no answer for why he has absolutely no intention of marrying “his teenage crash” and “the mother of his child”, so he had to cook up a story on the fly!

So, the wedding ring is the halo of the angel…. (angels, btw, do not have halos for many reasons but never mind this) while Zayn has a wedding mandala on his hand…. And Liam is not religious… but he did visit a Buddhist monastery in Thailand and was blessed by a monk back in March 2015 and he tweeted about it (X)… Well, for someone who’s not “religious”, he certainly shows enough interest in spiritual matters…

Or, as i’m fond of saying: they need to get their lies straight! 

P.S. Since I read that Liam doesn’t know what to give Cheryl for her birthday because she has everything (a very safe and impersonal choice!) and since he “adopted” the story by the Sun about his hand rose tattoo (the one he took back in January 2016, when he was in the very beginning of this “relationship”) being a tribute to Cheryl’s ass tattoo, may I offer a suggestion? He could give her as a present a few laser appointments so she could get rid of this monstrosity. OR, as an alternative, he could give her singing lessons…

💁🏻 Hello Anon!!!

Thank you so much for asking and a special thank you for your compliment about Save Me!! 💗 I’m beyond excited how much everyone is loving the story!!

I apologize for it taking me a little bit to answer these, I had to find the links to the master lists hoping it makes it easier for you to find everything.

To answer your question… I actually don’t keep up with very many fics now that I write them, there’s just so many great writers out there and not enough hours in the day!! 😝 But.. I do follow a few that are must reads and I’ve listed them below.

Many of my fellow writers reblog works from other writers not listed here but I’m quite sure are amazing too so I would highly recommend checking out their blogs to expand your library!!

There are never too many stories!!! 📘📙📚📕📗📓📚

In no particular order because I adore all these ladies….

http://thestephodimera.tumblr.com/post/155381385344/my-masterlist (Joker Fic)

http://love-for-me-is-pain.tumblr.com/post/153272267979/up-in-the-air-masterlist (Jared Fic)

http://prettypinkbabyunicorn.tumblr.com/post/156908418552/when-the-day-met-the-night-masterlist (Jared Fic)

http://missmaryallison.tumblr.com/post/156918044785/master-list (Jared Fic)

http://teggles07.tumblr.com/post/154618626132/master-list-chaos-reigns (Joker Fic)

@jayded-dreams (Jared Fic’s, Shanno Fic’s AND Chris Even’ Fics) 

*She also takes requests from all different fandoms*

@fyeahproudglambert (Jared and Shannon Fic’s)

And @jletolove4eva is another writer I haven’t read but am going to now that I have a little extra time!


I do hope you’ll give these writers a try and when you do, please take a minute and let them know with a little ❤️ or a comment on the story/chapters if you’re enjoying them. Speaking only for myself, I can say that I am absolutely tickled when I see people 
❤️-ing or commenting no matter how long ago those chapters were posted.


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When someone asks you if you know Arabi but you only know some, what would you say? Also, what does shayw mean? I think it has a strong Ayn at the end. Thanks you!!!



I speak a little bit of Arabic (in Modern Standard Arabic)  أتكلم القليل من العربية (atakallamu  alqaleela  mn  alarabiyya). Or you could use بعض instead of القليل من

In Levantine dialects, in general, it’s بحكي شوي عربي, the pronunciation is slightly different depending on the region, like Palestinians and Jordanians generally pronounce it as bahkishway Arabi, while Syrians and Lebanese people, in general, pronounce the بحكي as behki.

With regards to shayw, did you mean shway شوي? If so then it means a little as I mentioned above, and if not could you resend me the word in Arabic letters if possible?

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sO UH IDK IF MY ASK GOT EATEN BY TUMBLR OR WHAT BUT TO GET AWAY FROM THE HATE can we all agree lupin totally has a thing for being called professor and he feels so guilty when his students call him professor bc he can just imagine his s/o screaming it in beD AND HE GETS SUPER FLUSTERED??? he didnt even know he liked being called it until one day his s/o was fixing his clothes and she told him to "have a nice day, professor" and he was like hELLO YES MA'AM


Natives required!

Hello guys! Thank you for your support for this project so far :D
We need natives to help out with certain languages:

Natives needed for (** will be given priority):
-marathi **
-malaylam **
-kannada **

Natives/fluent not required for:

If you speak a language that is in the top list, or was not mentioned here at all, kindly PM me!

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Hi! ;D Sorry for the question, but...Zoro's name, is Zoro or Zolo?...I hope ZoRo hahaha, thanks!! ^_^

Hello my dear anon, 

Please don’t ever feel that you have to apologize for asking a question.  That’s why I have my askbox open. ^^  As for your answer:

It’s Zoro. ^^  Viz does a really good job at translating the manga, but one decision I never understood from them was changing Zoro’s name to Zolo.  I don’t know if it was because they were worried about Zorro (the old tv series and movies) copyrights?  I’ve also heard that when 4kids did the shitty dub of OP (I’ve never seen it… Thank God!), they called Zoro “Zolo.”  So maybe Viz did it to avoid confusion and by the time FUNimation took over, it was too late to go back and change things?  I really can’t say… but the image above is from the actual Japanese manga, so it’s Oda’s spelling.

Something really quick about Japanese: The language is phonetic.  When you get to the sounds ra, ri, ru, re, ro (ら、り、る、れ、ろ) it’s not pronounced with a hard “r” sound like in English.  In English, “r” sounds are pronounced with the tongue in the middle of the mouth (like Arrrgghhh! I’m a pirate!).  In Japanese, ra, ri, ru, re, and ro are pronounced with your tongue tapping the roof of your mouth.  It’s more of a mix of an “r” and “l” sound (and sometimes a bit of “d” like in Pudding).  This was something I was told to emphasize on when teaching English in Japan. ^^  You never want to say “Crap with me!” instead of “Clap with me!”  Or “I like lice.” instead of “I like rice.”

Hope this answers your question! ^^/

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What are you favourite Arabic words and why?

Interesting question! I had to think about it for some bit but I think that my favorite word is مقاومة (muqaawama) which means resistance.

It’s really motivating especially in times of hardship or when being surrounded by negativity (whether it’s negative circumstances or negative people or both), not just to hang in there but also to resist and not let these conditions or people change you and that requires a lot of strength, and I feel that all these meanings and feelings are summed up in this word so I love it.

Edit: I just noticed that you wrote “words” so I’ll add the following words : حلم  (hulum) which means dream and I like it mainly because my dreams/ambitions give me a lot of motivation and strength when I’m feeling down, plus it looks really beautiful in calligraphy. And there’s also حرية (hurriyya) which means freedom.

ok so this is pretty late but I got tagged by my two lovely babes, @magnusalecss and @justalexanderlightwood a few days ago and here it is haha hello and thank you loves 💖

Answer 20 questions and tag followers you want to know better.

1.) Name - I have a really long name tbh
2.) Nickname - Ria
3.) Zodiac - Leo ♌️
4.) Height - 5′7
5.) Ethnicity -  Filipino
6.) Orientation - Bisexual
7.) Favorite fruit - mango, pineapple
8.) Favorite season - rainy season // probably autumn?? 🍃
9.) Favorite book - Harry Potter series (#HarryPotter20 ✨)
10.) Favorite scent - i have no particular fave?? idk i can’t think of one
11.) Favorite color - different shades of red ❤️
12.) Favorite animal - cats!! 🐱 I’m scared of dogs, but they’re cute 
13.) Favorite beverage - alcoholic: red wine 🍷 ; non-alcoholic: iced tea 🍹
14.) Fav hours to sleep - I like sleeping early and waking up in the middle of the night lol 💀 i get around 3-6 hours of sleep; if i’m lucky, i get 8 hours
15.) Favorite fictional character - Magnus Bane the High Warlock of Brooklyn, and Alec Lightwood the Head of the New York Institute
16.) Blanket number - one is enough for me
17.) Follower number - 704 😌
18.) Blog created at - December 2009 (yes, I’ve been here for a loooong time)
19.) Fun factoid - I’m really slow when going down the stairs because I’m scared to miss a step and fall down (that happened to me when I was in the 5th grade and ever since then I’m so paranoid and afraid of stairs lol)
20.) Favorite flower - sunflowers 🌻

i’m tagging: @blissfullybane@fluffyjimon / @willjtudor / @magnusragnor / @wtfsimonee / @kklainesmalec / @patronuass / @msalexiscriss / @larlarinlalaland / @magnusbaneofbrooklyn / @peaceandcows / @spreadlovelikelegs@sonias-world-of-fandom / @thedownworld / @byemagnus / @nanf1c / @omg-daddario / @soft-raphael

** feel free to ignore, people!! it’s just for fun and to get to know y’all better <3 **

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What are some ways to find cute backgrounds for themes? I can never seem to find any :// Btw your theme is really cute and i love it ok

hi hello !! highkey ?? thank you so much you’re an angel !! THIS site honestly saved my life as you can pretty much find any type of wallpaper there ?? aside from that i’m going to THIS ask from awhile back !

EDIT: THIS is also a vv nice site !!! (thank you @bisexualkimhart !!)