How I imagine the writing process of Thomas' storyline each season...
  • Rob:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • Allen:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • The DA cast:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • The whole Thomas fandom:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • The whole fandom:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • Everyone who is watching this show:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • Obama:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • God:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • Jimmy:Thomas needs a boyfriend.
  • Thomas:I need a boyfriend.
  • Fellowes:Well...yeah...no. But here, have some 3 new and hot guys. Mary needs new men.
  • Fellowes:... *introduces a really good-looking and nice guy*
  • Everyone:Thank you!
  • Fellowes:... Yeah, I was joking. The guy is for Mary or someone else, but not for Thomas.
  • Everyone:... ... ... Did we fucking stutter?
  • Fellowes:Next season, I promise!
  • Everyone:...
  • Thomas:*singing* All by myyyyyseeeeeelf...!
Badass Besties

As she read Regina’s last text, she knew what to pull out for them. Regina was bringing the weed, and Remy had the play toys for them to have fun with. Surely the two girls could use some hot men but with Remy, she could easily please her friend. Thankfully Jean was out with a friend spending the night and working on homework. Se was in her room, rummaging through her drawer as she heard a knock at the door. With a pep in her step, she skipped to the door and greeted Regina. “Hey bitch!” She called to her friend. “I got some good pay preview for us and more fun” Winking to her. @reginaeilishkane