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Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Secret Santa!

Hello, @crzcorgi! I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell how much I appreciate your presence here on tumblr. Not only you have an amazing blog, you’ve also been an incredible force on the JDM fandom. You’ve supported us all so much! You were kind enough to go through all that trouble of printing and organizing our messages and I feel like I wasn’t clear enough of how much I appreciated what you did for us. I NEVER thought I would ever get a personal message to him but thanks to you and your kindness it actually happened. And for that I’ll be eternally grateful. I’ve told you this before but I’ll say it again: you’re a great writer. You shouldn’t doubt yourself because you clearly have a lot of talent. Btw, I love reading everything you write! You got me into JDM tongue porn and for that I’m also grateful. I hope you’ll have an amazing 2017, filled with good news, endless videos of JDM’s tongue, love and fun because I know you deserve it. I love you! <3

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Being the observer & the creator

I remember my friend once told me how life is much like a videogame. Consciousness is the one playing our body and life as an instrument. Making beautiful and original sounds. Writing stories of hero’s that echo through the universe. And we are creating this beautiful game. We are playing it.

Have you ever played the “who am i” game? You ask yourself who you are and question your assumptions. Be honest.

Are you your body? Are you your mind? Who’s watching you saying that? Who’s there? Is the mind yours? But who’s owning “your”mind?

Asking the right questions can lead you to interesting insights. As  it did for me. When a wise man.. “You are the universe” they meant that you are no-thing. You are not made of matter..you are made of consciousness. You are made of the same thing everything else is made of. And it is endlessly creating.

This is why i believe that creating is such an important part of the human experience. Creating, learning, dancing through life. Grow~

XX Daphne

P.S. I am planning to make my own website next month. I hope to see you all there.

anonymous asked:

Can you do an angsty imagine of you and ur bf Dylan fighting n like Dylan's kinda letting out all of his anger and your just like "whoa" and unaware of how much he is holding in :w love your blog btw!! ❤❤

“Well, I told you not to press too hard on the pedal!” Dylan says frustratedly. He had let you drive his car after he fixed it up and you accidentally hit a pole. The damage wasn’t major, but it was going to take a lot of extra fixing that he didn’t want to do. “I didn’t!” you’re almost in tears. You weren’t too far from the house when it happened so you ran back and you and Dylan have been yelling ever since you told him. “Then what, it just magically ran itself into a fucking pole?” he screams, livid, “You know how much I’ve put into that car!” A couple tears run down your cheeks. He’s never yelled at you like this before and you’re shocked and incredibly upset. “I know, I’m sorry!” “No you’re not!” he growls, “You couldn’t care less about my things!”

You narrow your eyes, looking at him angrily, “Why are you saying that? You know what’s no true!” “No, I don’t know!” he says a little louder, “You steal my car, you break my plates-” “That was one time!” you say frustratedly, “And I apologized then, why the hell are you bringing it up now?” “Because you don’t care about my stuff and I hate it!” he yells. You look up at him angrily with tears still in your eyes, “Get away from me!” you put your hands on his chest and push him back. He pauses for a moment, looking at a spot on the carpet. “Y/n, don’t… don’t push me, okay?” he mutters quietly, “Just don’t.” You shake your head, your lip quivering, “I can’t even talk to you.” You leave the room and Dylan’s still standing there, knowing he needs time to cool down.

After a little while he walks to the bedroom, sitting on the opposite end of you. You’re both quiet for a few minutes and Dylan looks at you, “I’m sorry.” You shake your head, looking down. “It’s fine,” your voice cracks. Just what you need, to start crying again. “No, it’s not,” he says firmly, “I have no right to treat you that way. And I’m so sorry that I did.” You sniff and he says, “You can forgive me, but you can’t forget it and that kills me. I don’t want you to ever see me like that.” He shakes his head, “I love you so much… I promise I’m going to find some way to deal with this.” You look over at him, biting your lip as you move closer and curl up into his arms. He kisses the top of your head, holding you gently, “I love you.” You look up at him and stretch up to kiss his cheek, “I love you, Dyl.” He knows he scared you and that’s going to stick with him for a long time, but you know he’d never do anything to hurt you. The only thing left to do is move on and build a stronger relationship with him.

thedemoncloset replied to your post “print-witch replied to your post: “(1) Hey, I noticed today a painting…”

I second this loving of your blog. I wish we learned about this in school (I have a degree in visual arts and we hardly ever discussed poc and it always frustrated me) thank you so much for your dedication and knowledge.

Thank you!

It’s been a massive frustration for me, too. 90% of the stuff on this blog is NOT anything I learned in any educational institution. What I DID learn there was how to do research in a very thorough and intense manner. I learned how to make it more accessible through disability self-advocacy and activism, as well as working in disability services.

Overseeing and processing entire undergrad history curricula and watching the same topics get skipped or glossed over EVERY single time finally pushed me over the edge, and it’s a big part of why I started Medievalpoc in the first place. Another part is being a lifelong Epic and Medieval Fantasy fan, being told I’m not “Historically Accurate”.

I’m just sick unto death of “it’s not the focus” or “this is an exception” or “there WERE no [insert currently marginalized group] people in…[insert literally any historical period]” or “we didn’t have time to cover that.” I’ve gotten messages from people who took three semesters’ worth of Elizabethan era related classes and never knew about the crucial role of the Black British population 1500-1600, or those who took a 300 level Russian Lit class and never knew Pushkin was mixed race.

“Now I finally understand when mom said ‘I wish it was my knee and not yours’. Because that’s what I’m feeling right now when I think of you and I’m sure mom will be feeling the same thing. People have always told us that we’d have to fight for our dreams, to put in the effort and persevere. But they never said the walls on the road would be this tall and slippery.

But I still want to climb one more wall with you, see how tall it is, and go through it together. This dream you were living was nothing but a dream, because what awaits you is bigger than you’ve ever imagined. I LOVE YOU.”

- Thiago’s message to his brother on Instagram