((gomen it took me so long))


I needed this for so long. Sadly, I only made it when I needed to get onto the Island. It took me about an hour to make in total so UWEEE~

Oh, and seeing as people keep messing this up: Those green things he’s wearing on his pants? Suspenders. Not a belt.


Heya guys! Do you remember that Kagehina manipulation AMV I was working on? Well, this is what I made so far. It took me ages to do this and tbh I kinda put the project aside. I made this long ago and didn’t want to show it until I had the full project but now I decided to share it bc I am not sure if I will ever finish this. Manipulations take so much time and effort :/  Anyway tell me what you think? I still have to fix some of the masks though, gomen.


Commision for @heroicmeep of her XCX Avaatr/Cross, Meep! (+bonus sketch)

Ohhhh man I took so long with this one I am gomen OTL I just couldn’t draw Telly at all, and the BG ended up looking really different from what I first envisioned. This was really fun to paint, though!!! I hope you like it and thank you so much for commisioning me! :’> 

Process shots under the cut!