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Aah yes! I have heard about it but… I’m just scared that she won’t want to see me ever again after what I did back then

bobbi ‘big sister to the entire world’ morse would absolutely convince daisy, jem & fitz to jump in the car and go with her on a shopping trip, only to then drive them straight past the shops and declare an impromptu road trip instead

Weddings were kind of magical, but that didn’t mean she necessarily liked them. Actually, she kind of loathed them. It seemed like every one of her friends were getting married nowadays while the only thing she was committed to was the television series recorded to her DVR. Knocking back a glass of wine while the happy couple danced, someone had bumped right into her mid sip. Red wine spilled out from her glass and painted her dress with an ugly stain. “Shit,” she gasped and looked down at herself. This was so typical.