Jerem! Au

Jeremy can’t exactly pinpoint when the crew started to feel less like a crew and more like a familly.

He starts off avoiding the penthouse whenever possible. Geoff is intimidating, Vagabond is insane and he can’t read Jack for the life of him. (Does she want to thank him or shank him? Who knows? Not Jeremy)

Gavin is an asshole. He seems to have it out for Jeremy and he cant decide if the man is genuinely just this fucking annoying at all times or if its just for Jeremy and he ups the anti.

Within the first few weeks of him officially being in the crew the overly pretentious hacker has made it a point to draw penises on every-fucking-thing he owns and Jeremy never sees him do it. Not once.

Ryan only has to stare at him intidmidatingly once for Jeremy to be completely fine with avoiding him.

Things change so slowly that he barely notices it.

The transition from driving himself home after heists and having Jack drive him and the others back to the penthouse is something that completely skips his attention.

He only had to start once conversation with Ryan about house plant upkeep before its a daily thing. (Ryan’s cactus Jon has become a permanent fixture in these conversations, which is fucking weird according to Michael but whatever)

Geoff doesnt seem nearly as intimidating after his first breakdown. Not that he seems weak, Jeremy doesnt think he could ever see the other man as weak. Geoff avoids him for almost a week after Jeremy had caught him drinking himself into a stupour and practically wrestled the bottle from him, forced him to drink some water and carried him up to bed. Refusing to leave until he was asleep.

He gets a bottle of whiskey in the mail and he knows its an apology and a thankyou wrapped into one.

Gavin’s made it his mission to beat him in Mario cart and Jeremy is now invited to everyone of Michaels ‘Raising hell’ trips. (Nothing more that driving around Ls and causing as much trouble as possible)

Point is, Jeremy isnt Dooley any more. He isn’t the temp, or the new hire.

He’s Jeremy. The sharpshooter of the Fakes and he fucking loves it.

The One Where They Find Out Ryan Was a Theater Major

-The original idea came to me after seeing a comic on @rysarts blog. The comic is here. Check out the conclusion there.-

There was no way in hell they were going to get into that building. Short of blowing up the entire place there was just no way getting in, the security was top of the line and somehow they got wind that the crew was planning on hitting them. Basically they were up shit creek without a paddle. Gavin and Michael spent the better part of a week, heads together going over electronic and paper plans for the entire block, trying to find any possible entrance. 

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I am literally baffled at the most recent post in one of my facebook groups. Someone posted asking how often everyone else drank alcohol while pregnant and 95% of the replies were saying that they drank while pregnant.

“Just a sip or 2 of hubbys beer every now and then”

“Just a small glass of wine every week or so”

“Oh, I only drink once I’m in the second half of the third trimester”

What?! I honestly do not understand this at ALL. I don’t see any reason or excuse good enough to be drinking alcohol while you’re pregnant. The ONLY possible exception I can think of is people who actually were addicted/drug addicts before becoming pregnant, and unfortunately their babies will probably have health issues.

But SERIOUSLY?! You can’t give up alcohol for 9 months to ensure the healthiest baby possible? I’m sorry but that is so fucking selfish. You can stop drinking for 9 months when it’s your babies entire life/future that you could be ruining. FAH isn’t fun or pretty. And for those people who make it to the second half of the 3rd trimester and then start drinking?!? seriously? can you really not wait one more month?

This makes me so furious.

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Jackson will never let Bambam live xD

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FAH!LilJ Headcanon

Sometimes Geoff is baffled by the difference between Lil J and Jeremy.

Lil J is a badass, takes no shit from nobody assassin that is literally paid to remove the entrails of people and send those entrails to other people as fucking proof that he’s a hardcore mother fucker.

Lil J nearly broke Ryan’s hand - Ryan’s hand - becuase the man had surprised him. He’d thrown Gavin over his shoulder. Which had been fucking impressive to watch.

Lil J could tell you a million different ways to kill a man with only items found inside your everyday bathroom with a smile on his face and then proceed to demonstrate these methods in front of you. Which is unfortunate if, like Geoff you cant stomach torture.

But Jeremy…

Geoff caught Jeremy watching Fox and the Hound after a heist and was then forced to sit and listen to how sad it was the the fox and the dog - hound? fucking Copper or whatever. And then had to go get Jack so the Jeremy could also tell him how tragic it was.

Anyway the point is, Jeremy has a way of separating him self from his work that it’s fucking scary and Geoff sometimes feels as if he’s hired two people instead of one. 

Then he sees Jeremy and the vagabond conspiring to send a severed head to the LSPD and he thinks that maybe Lil J and Jeremy aren’t as separate a persona as he thought.

Jeremy the Mom Friend

So my tumblr is being a piece of shit and i cant tell if i’ve posted this already.

Here have…this. 

At a first glance it seems Jack is the one who looks after the crew. And she does. She has a kind of indescribable tough love that leaves you reeling. Her hands are gentle as the wrap wounds or remove shrapnel but her words are sharp and biting. But she isn’t the only one.

It takes Geoff around six months to realise the the real mom of the crew is Jeremy.  Geoff is half passed out on the sofa. Its been a long day of paperwork and meetings with Funhaus that never fail to drive him to madness, leaving him exhausted and a little worse for wear. Michael and Gavin had left for a few rounds of bevs in the early afternoon. Geoff wasn’t too worried. They’re big boys, they can look after themselves.

Jeremy is worried however. He doesn’t say it out loud but - with his pacing - its fairly obvious. What’s more Jeremy is fucking weak when is comes to night time. So much so that Geoff has trouble using him for heists at any time past 9pm because it’s more likely that he’s going to fall asleep than be of any use.

Lindsay finds is hilarious. Gavin - who happened to be in the passenger seat the first time he falls asleep behind the wheel - does not.

Anyway, the point is, Jeremy is willingly awake past 11pm so Geoff knows something is wrong. He says so as well and tells the man to go the fuck to sleep because he’s making him nervous. He doesn’t go to bed but he does sit down and without the obnoxious pacing Geoff is able to fall asleep.

He wakes up with a blanket thrown over him and his bottle placed safely on the floor.

He begins to notice this side of Jeremy more often. Its fucking weird too. Jeremy finds the Vagabond’s murdery ways endearing and Geoff hadn’t expect him to gave a soft side.

He notices the way he flinches and his hands clench each time one of them throws themselves into danger, like he wants to grab them and wrap them in bubble wrap. He notices the way he’ll take Gavin out for a joyride when  he’s had an argument with one of the others. When Ray stays over and inevitably falls asleep on the floor, he’ll move him somewhere more comfortable.

When Jack finally realises that its Jeremy who has been refilling her secret makeup stash she can’t decide if she wants to punch him for knowing where it is or hug him.

The point is Jeremy can come across just as dangerous as the vagabond, but once you see a guy knit gloves for his friend complaining about cold hands, its hard to see them as nothing but a killer.

FAH!Mogar Headcanon

The first time Michael meets Geoff, he walks in to a wall.

And no - Gavin, shut the fuck up - it isn’t because he is ‘struck blind with attraction’ for the man with a fucking moustache, wearing sunglasses in the middle of winter in New Jersey. It was because said man had a fucking bomb. 

A bomb.

In the middle of Walmart, in the smallest fucking town in New Jersey.

Now Michael is certain he looks like a fucking asshole, staring with his mouth wide fucking open, but all he can think is ‘what kind of fucking idiot robs a Walmart with a bomb?”

An nobody has even fucking noticed. Michael almost wants to take a frozen cauliflower from the freezer and slam his head against it, when a little old lady wobbles passed with her walking stick and smiles and the man.

And then the fucking asshole winks at him and Michael wants to slam his face against a cauliflower instead. He opens his mouth to tell the man just that when the alarms go off. Sunglasses mutters something that sounds suspiciously like showtime and Michael is out. 

No fucking way is he dying in a Walmart to some fuck-tard with a bomb.

Three days later Michael opens the door to his shitty apartment and lying on the floor is a parcel.


How’s a bout joining out Merry band of thieves?

With only the best of intentions, 

Geoff Ramsey.

Michael wonders what the fuck he’s done to catch the attention of Los Santos’ Kingpin and cautiously opens the box. Something clutters to the ground and Michael jumps.

Sunglasses. Son of a bitch.