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                                    Thanks you guys for getting me to 200+ followers. I never thought i’d get soo many so quick… especially after that shit start. I’m still working on my 100+ thing, it’s taking a while to prepare. Anyway, This is a shout out post to those i love/feel like loving/should be loved by you guys!

                            ☀ 100% Biased, best, favourites list.

                             @craniumaniac @dfndr @alola-dad @agentcatman @plumeriaxskull                                                                     These guys are my heros. In the start, they accepted me right away, helped me, defended me, and I’m eternally grateful… because to be honest. If they didn’t do that… There’s a good chance i wouldn’t have kept this blog. I really do love you guys. ♥ (i’m grateful of everyone else who spoke up,,, don’t worry♥)

Some of my faves to interact with! 

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                   I haven’t been on here long enough to form a lot of friendships with Hala, But you five have put a permanent mark on hala. And i love you guys for it! ( except for you babe,,, we haven’t interacted on here…. but i love you <3)

Those i love seeing on my dash. (mutuals or not)  

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                      I love all of you guys! You all post quality, and to anyone reading this, please. Follow all of them, they all post amazing stuff, write well, they deserve all 200+ of my followers. 

                                                   Thanks for following me, it’s been a fun (short) journey. I can’t wait to continue. Please don’t be upset that i couldn’t tag everyone,,, Feel free to reblog, tagged or not! I can’t wait to thread with all of you! <3~

i swear to god people probably think im a spongebob rp account


i never thought i’d reach 100 followers so fast ahhh – i came back to rping a month ago and everything has gone so well!! thank u to everyone who followed me and thank you everyone who has written with me and my characters. they’re honestly my pride and joy && the fact so many people like playing with them makes me super happy :’) below the cut is everyone that i love and follow !! love you all :~)

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Seriously are people actually being that rude to Jen? Or is it just a few people but others say its everyone? I'm happy for Jen and her career, i prefer my faves actors and actress to work and show their talent, hence why i love Jen and Colin who do things out of OUAT when they can, and do not just rely on Conventions. But yes sad for fans but everyone needs to understand. I think what will hit me harder is if OUAT is not with Emma (and Hook) next season overall.

I don’t really know … I don’t go looking for that kind of thing on Twitter because it makes me sad to see how awful people can be.

I’m in agreement, give me all the roles!

I adore Colin and Jen because they love their craft. They aren’t concerned about the size of the role, it’s about playing something new and different. It’s fun to see them flex their acting muscles whether it be a lead role or a small cameo.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that if there is a season 7 it will have both Emma and Hook!


brooklyn nine-nine + hogwarts houses (more)


Hanakumamii Character Challenge ✖

Day 01 ☆ A character from your current favorite fandom
           Victor Nikiforov「 ヴィクトル・ニキフォロフ 」Yuri!!! on ICE



inspiration from here!


So I lowkey used klapollo for my part in @jinglejongle‘s upcoming Valentines Day PMV MAP (im so weak for these two gdi) Watch the finished part here! 

  • Can we appreciate the fact Hades offered Nico a room at his palace in the Underworld in case his son dies in battle, because he doesn’t want Nico to feel like he’s got nobody and that he’s got his Dad no matter what? That’s some special treatment there. Nico doesn’t even need to be judged or whatever to be placed in Elysium or any fields in the Underworld–he’ll go straight to the palace.
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades’ gift to Nico’s birthday was a French zombie–who was a professional racer–to be his son’s chauffeur that Nico can summon anytime and anywhere to take him literally any destination in the world?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades protected and saved Nico (and Bianca) when Zeus wanted to kill his Italian children, because Zeus didn’t want any child of Hades to be the child of the prophecy (and lost his beloved Maria di Angelo in the process)?
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hades wanted Nico to be an exception from all his children in the past, and wants Nico to be genuinely happy despite fate’s cruelty to any child of the Underworld?
  • Can we just appreciate this one last fact that Hades loves Nico so much and obviously his favourite child because he knows his son suffered the most than any demigod simply because Nico is his father’s son?

favorite actors 2/? | Ewan McGregor

Women are always expected to be naked. I like to try and be naked in films, and have the woman not be naked. It’s a feminist thing that I do.

“The same man? You mean, that twisted monster crow and Sensei? Yoshida Shouyou is dead. And vengeance is right before my eyes.”

Situational comedy where Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are living in a flat in London trying to blend in with the muggle neighbors

•Using magic around the house for small things- secretly having to obliviate some kids who saw through the window oops
•Little old ladies in the building asking Sirius to take their dogs out because “they’ve taken such a liking to you, you sure have a way with dogs” - Remus snorts into his tea
•Idk how you even hide a werewolf every month in a small flat in the city but hoo boy can you imagine?