((even though it's the fifth day for me.))

I feel like I have limped along to get to this Friday, but I am SO glad to be here!  It is just so oppressively hot here in Texas (heat index of 108 today…) and with so much humidity.  It really affects my mood, and I feel so drained this time of year.  I’ve been feeling a bit down on myself lately, too.  I put on one of my smaller pairs of exercise pants to go to the gym on Thursday and it felt like I was trying to squeeze my legs into sausage casings…rough on the ol’ ego there…ugh!

It’s so obnoxious how something so minor can throw off your whole balance of self-acceptance.  So, although I didn’t go to the gym today (Friday isn’t a usual gym day), I got my butt out there and did laps.

I also got a beautiful card from my former boss for taking her out to lunch and bringing her some meals and books before I went on my trip…but then at the end of her note, she told me that her cancer has spread to her kidneys and brain.  :(  It’s really looking bad, and this is her FIFTH round of fighting.  She just doesn’t have it in her anymore (which I COMPLETELY “get,” but her husband is having a hard time accepting that).  Between that news and the news in general, I think I might just mix up a pitcher of margaritas even though it’ll just be the husband and I to drink them… 

Hear One Direction's Fiery New Song, 'End of the Day'
Boy band's fifth album, 'Made in the A.M.,' their first without Zayn Malik, out this week

One Direction’s amped new single, “End of the Day,” is catchy enough to be considered two songs. The song functions as two standalone pieces, moving abruptly from a boisterous, handclap-driven groove to a mid-tempo arena sing-along. “All I know at the end of the day / Is you want what you want, and you say what you say,” the boy band chant on the chorus. “And you follow your heart, even though it’ll break sometimes.”

Throughout the track, the British quartet spell out all the ways “love can be frightening” – comparing it to the devil, the flu and a lightning storm – but inevitably vote pro-love. The track, with its head-spinning tempo shifts and squealing, distorted guitar solo, illustrates the eclecticism of the group’s upcoming fifth LP, Made in the A.M.– their first since the departure of Zayn Malik. “End of the Day” follows the funky electro-pop of “Drag Me Down,” the rootsy acoustic guitar anthem “History,” the throbbing rock ballad “Perfect” and the Coldplay-styled “Infinity.”

One Direction started working on Made in the A.M. – out November 13th – not long after Malik’s March departure. In August, Niall Horan squashed rumors that the band planned to break up next year, insisting that they only planned to take some time off.“We are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well-earned break at some point next year,” he tweeted. “Don’t worry though, we still have lots to achieve! Can’t wait for you to hear all the new music we have for you and to perform some new songs at the tor [sic] continues! Love you all xx.”