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You didn’t specify, so I’ll be doing UT and Sf. Also I’m going to make them play PKM in general



The battles are soo cool!! And the pokemon are so awesome!! He’s sad that he can only be a pokemon trainer, he would much rather be one of the pokemon professors to study them. When he grows up, he’s going to be a pokemon researcher! But until then, he’ll dress up as Professor Oak for halloween. 


Sweet Papaya is the best pokemon breeder and trainer of all!! He’s super good at Pokemon Amie and all of his pokemon has max affection!! He loves every single pokemon he caught as tries his best to make sure all of them has had a chance to be on his team. He loves battling with Sans and he always wins because he has the best pokemon! (Sans lets him win, but don’t tell him) 



BLACKBERRY IS THE ULTIMATE POKEMON PRODIGY! Not in a sense where he’s beaten the Elite Four in a single run, no, in real life tournaments and pokemon battles, Black holds the title of Pokemon Master, even as a little kid! He’s praised and always being challenged which only boosts his ego. His favorite pokemon to use is Pangoro because it’s dark and fighting! 


Rus sees the appeal of pokemon and likes to play it casually, but he prefers to watch his cool big brother play! Whenever Black joins a tournament, Rus is his personal cheerleader and is always rooting for him! He likes to watch his big brother take down the other team and completely admires his skills. That doesn’t mean Rus isn’t good, he’s actually pretty fricken tough! He’s been trained by the Great Pokemon Master after all! 

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any of the old sly cooper games from ps2! and/or the fourth one for ps3

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

FUCK yes dude I love the sly cooper series. I actually still haven’t played the 4th one, but I played the original 3 religiously when I was younger


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

i dont see posts like this often but like fucking shout out to trans guys with height dysphoria

trans guys who are always the shortest boy in a group of boys

trans guys who are under 5'5

trans guys who feel like they dont pass bc of their height

trans guys who are sick of tall trans guys and tall boys in general being the only representation of boys

trans guys who have height dysphoria as the root of their dysphoria

as someone who struggles with height dyspho every day, i want all the other short dudes to know theyre super hot, handsome and loveable, and not inferior to tall guys. theyre just as manly and strong as tall guys and theyre just as much of a man as a guy who’s 6’. lucio from overwatch is 5'3 and everyone loves him just remember that. stay strong my tiny dudes

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Team voltron get those mind melding headbands on are encouraged to share their feelings and emotions for a bonding activity but everyone feels lance holding back and it just feels blank when they try to feel his emotions. After a little prodding he finally gives up and the intense wave of negativity, self hatred, inadequacy, and so much more washes over the team. they are all shocked and overwhelmed and take the headbands off, they're horrified 'cause even now, lance is acting completely normal

Dude, yes!

They take their headbands off, Lance being the last one. He carefully puts it on the ground, drawing out the moment he would need to look at his team, cause he expects… Well, he doesn’t even know what he expects from them, but he at least wants to apologise for putting them through this.

But when Lance lifts his gaze, he sees something he totally did not expect.

Shiro’s forehead is sweaty and his Galra arm is glowing, left hand holding it tightly by the wrist. Lance’s emotions triggered some of his worst memories and now he is fighting an upcoming episode.

Pidge is outright crying, ugly, their glasses on the floor, hands wiping away tears in angry motions until the skin under their eyes is red.

Keith stares into nothingness, he looks like a wax figure, so still, you almost can’t see his breastplate moving from breathing. He fell into some sort of catatonic state.

Hunk is so very pale, he squishes his cheeks painfully with the gloved hand, covering his mouth. The headband that he holds in his other hand crunches from the force of his grip.

Everyone’s so overwhelmed by this waterfall of feelings, they can’t calm down, desperately fighting it, but their brains can’t discern their own emotions from Lance’s. They’re drowning in the whirlpool of fear, self-hatred, a desire to lie down forever and never get up. There’s is a thin voice at the back of their heads that reminds them that this is how Lance feels all the time.

Lance is horrified. He doesn’t know what to do.

Right to Left ples.

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