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hey i just wanted to tell you how much i love your art. i don't really know how i can express how much your art helps me through hard days sometimes. like it's so beautiful but it also makes me feel really intense things?? when i look at the pictures i feel like i'm there. your art shows a lot of emotions somehow and it's amazing. thank you for creating those masterpieces !!

aa. .…i dont even know what to say… ///// thank u so much …gosh . .thank u …hope i can continue to create artwork that brings u comfort n joy n stuff. . // jeeze.. .

I need to stop:
Cutting………..but it makes me numb
Starving……….but I look pretty
Hiding………….but I can’t speak
Everything hurts but that’s ok because I deserve it

EnnoFutas for Isy!!


I hope you like it ;v;b!!!

Check her work people you will not regret it!! <33333

PD: as always this if toooootally for you! so if you want the orignal file let me know and i will send it to you :3c


Keith’s face when he’s flirting talking to a rescued Lance

Remember when Keith was completely apathetic towards Lance.

Remember when the strongest emotion Keith felt towards Lance was annoyance.

Remember when Keith didn’t even know Lance’s name.

Yeah Keith doesn’t either.

[atybmh] (please check it out, it’s one of my most favorite fic ever!)

  • friend: are you okay
  • what i say: yeah of course
  • what i mean: no I'm not okay Shawn mendes released a music video for mercy and I'm crying he's playing the guitar and the piano AND THE DRUMS and him playing the drums gives me life and then he has so much passion and emotion like the scene where he's like banging on the window to break free and then he's like screaming I've never felt so moved in my life the fact that it's a good music video and a good song just yes and BTW he looks hella good like oh
Now My Neck is Open Wide, Begging For A Fist Around It (Audrey Jensen Imagine)

A/N: I”m trash.

Warning: making out, maybe sex. Probably sex. You’ve been warned.

Everything seemed to be stressing you out; school, work, getting into a good college. Life was stressing you out. There was so much to worry about and it was all beginning to become too much. You slammed shut your text book and took in a deep breath, it was time for a break. When things began to become too much for you like this, you always had some sort of outlet. Nothing too bad though, sometimes it was just taking from your mother’s wine collection. A lot of the time it was hooking up with Audrey Jensen.

You don’t remember how it started, your little hook ups with Audrey. But they had been going on for a while now and neither of you complained. You were too busy to be in a committed relationship and relationships weren’t really your thing either. Audrey didn’t seem to mind and if she did, she didn’t say anything. You knew for a fact though that Noah didn’t like you very much and thought you were just using his friend for sex. But that was exactly what you were doing, you were using her for sex. For your own gain. You didn’t feel bad though, if she wanted to stop she would just tell you. But she hasn’t said anything, you knew she enjoyed your encounters.

You ran a hand through your messy hair and grabbed your cell phone from your desk. You stopped to think for a moment, maybe you shouldn’t be doing this right now. You should really get your homework done. But you couldn’t get yourself to focus. So instead you sent a quick text to Audrey telling her to come over. That was the only reason the two of you were hung out, you didn’t really see each other outside of your hook ups. You hung out with a different crowd of people than her and no one really knew about the two of you. The only reason you knew about Noah not liking you was because he made it known.

Some time had passed since you had sent your text and now the two of you were making out on your bed. Your hand was tangled in her hair as she grabbed your waist with one hand and held herself up with the other. You moved your hands down her body and pulled on her shirt to bring her closer to you. Her weight was on you which didn’t bother you any, you weren’t uncomfortable at all. Her hands were in your hair, tugging slightly. You let out a small moan as she pulled once more. You broke away from her mouth to get some air but soon your mouth was on her mouth and you were leaving traces of kisses on the areas you could reach.

“Y/N,” she moaned as you bit down ever so slightly. You knew exactly how to tease her and make her want more. Teasing was fun for you, you had the control. You had the power and you were going to use it against her. When it came to your hook ups, you liked to be the one in charge. You wanted it when you wanted it and Audrey almost never disappointed, you could see why Noah didn’t like you. You wouldn’t like this if it were happening to your best friend but you knew it would be none of your business. Audrey and you both knew what you were doing and could stop whenever you wanted.

Her hands left your hair and found their way to the bottom of your shirt. She lifted her body from yours and she slid your shirt up and over your head. You wrapped your arms around her neck and pulled her lips to yours. You wanted her now but you had to be patient, not for yourself but for her. You wanted to continue to tease her until you both couldn’t stand it. Her hands cupped your breasts and squeezed ever so gently, a small gasp escaped your lips and now it was her turn to smirk. There was no way you were going to let her keep that smirk on her face, so you flipped over so that now you were on top and she was underneath you.

The sudden change caught the dark haired girl off guard and her mouth went a bit wide at your sudden movements. You took no time to reach for the button of her pants, your hands trailed down exposed stomach until you reached her pants button. But you didn’t unbutton it, not yet. You let your hand rest there for a moment as you looked at her, desire and lust were written all over her face. Instead of unbuttoning her jeans, you used your hands to lift your weight. You traced kisses along her stomach, stopping just above her jeans, and then making your way back up. You grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up, her back arched towards you as you lifted her shirt over her head.

Her bare stomach against yours made your mind go places, places that you weren’t entirely proud of. You wanted her skin against yours , her body close to yours. You trailed kisses up her stomach and stopped at her bra. Black, of course. You slipped your hand underneath the material as your mouth found hers again, a moan escaped from her lips as you gently squeezed. She pushed her body from the body and undid her bra, she flung the article of clothing to the side and her hands were now in your hair. You pulled your body from hers and straddled her hips. You undid your own bra and dropped the clothing onto her face.

“Hey!” she glared for a moment before tossing your bra to the side. You didn’t give her much time to glare because soon you were unbuttoning her jeans, her breathing picked up at your actions. A smirk played on your face as you ran your hand softly against the skin of her stomach. You suddenly stopped which caused a whine to escape the girl.

You got up from your position on the bed and went over to your desk, sitting on top of the smooth surface. She stared at you in disbelief from your bed as you smirked and batted your eyelashes. “What?” you said innocently. You had left her a mess on your bed just for the fun of it, you had every intention of continuing but this was going to be fun. “Oh, you wanted me to continue? That’s too bad.”

Before you could say anything else, she was out of your bed and kissing you roughly, her hands pulling at your hair. You moaned as you wrapped your legs around the girl’s waist and your arms around her neck. She lifted you from the desk and soon you were feeling the surface of the cold wall against your back, a shiver ran down your back at the sudden chill. “God damn it, Jensen,” you whispered against her lips. You tugged gently at her bottom lip with your teeth and growled. 

Soon you were back on your bed and her hands were undoing your pants and pulling them down. She threw them out of the way and began to kiss eagerly at the insides of you thighs. Your breath hitched when you felt her lips get closer and closer to where you wanted them to be. You were growing impatient with her teasing but you knew you deserved it, you were always teasing her and now it was her turn. She slid your panties down and out of the way. Her hands were cold as they touched the inside of your thighs, she slowly inched closer and closer until her hands were hovering over your area. She knew what you wanted, but she was going to make you beg.

“Audrey,” you whined before she began to rub your clit, slowly and gently. You wanted more. Moans escaped your mouth as she picked up speed. She was always so careful with you and you felt safe in her arms. She began to trail kisses down your stomach and on the inside of your thighs. Soon her mouth was on your vagina and her tongue was exploring. Your hands gripped her hair tightly as she seemed to know all of the right places to make you squirm. “F-fuck,” you mutter.

And almost instantly she was gone, her body was no longer against yours. It was your turn to stare in disbelief at the now sitting Audrey. “Oh, you wanted me to continue?”

“Fuck you.” Your comment earned a laugh from the other girl. But her laugh was cut short when you sat up from your spot and pressed your lips roughly against hers. Your hands cupped her breast as the two of you lip locked, moans escaped her mouth. Your hands trailed down to her pants and you unbuttoned the button but before you could do anything else, she slapped your hands away. You were confused until without a warning, she gently stuck a finger inside you. You gasped at the sudden contact, she looked at you with concern. You nodded, telling her to continue.

Your moans filled the air as she continued to work her magic, it was like she had control of your body. She trailed kisses down your neck as you gripped her hair. “F-fuck,” you moaned into her ear. “I’m close.” You could feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge. She bit down gently on your shoulder and sucked at the skin. You clumsily unzip her jeans and stick your hand into her pants. You weren’t as graceful as you’d like to be, but you slid her panties to the side and began to rub against her clit. She let out a moan and stopped what she was doing for a moment, only to pick up speed once she continued.

Soon you were a mess at her hands and you could tell she was getting close too. “A-Audrey,” you moaned her name as you came. She followed soon after. Your lips clumsily found hers as you wrapped your arms around her neck, you were practically on her lap. It was like you needed her like you needed air, but you would never let her know that.

“Be mine,” she whispers against your lips.

“I don’t know how to be someone’s.”

“I can teach you.” You pressed your forehead to hers and shut your eyes. This terrified you. You had been hurt before and you didn’t want to get hurt again. “Please?” You could hear the desperation in her voice, you knew she wanted more. And for the first time, you found yourself opening up to the idea. It wasn’t that you hadn’t thought about it before, it just scared you. Hook ups were just easier.

“O-okay,” you said softly.

A/N: Fuck i’m trash. here you go. it got emotional at the end.


(Representation of an emotion): Happiness (Sunflower)

2 (Periodic table element/classical element): Neon

(Something in your bedroom): Dreamcatcher 

(Something from your favorite game): Healball/Nurse Joy

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Things I have said/Ive been told Sentence rp meme
  • "How are you so small/tall yet you are over flowing with hate and anger?"
  • "I swear if I hear more vine memes from the same people I will screech like a demon being drowned in holy water."
  • "Oh dear Lord I'm surrounded by vine meme trash."
  • "Aren't we tumblr meme trash though?"
  • "Get that trash outta here before I throw your phone into the lake."
  • "I wonder if one day a cannon that shoots chanclas/flip-flops at people will exist."
  • "I would pay to see a chancla/flip-flop firing cannon to be made in GTA."
  • "They are so angry, just look at them."
  • "Please I was born a badass, my first word was 'shit', I'm not kidding."
  • "How the hell do you know so many curse words like damn."
  • "Oh they screech."
  • "Well they are slowly dying inside."
  • "My current emotion is the only guy in an aerobics video in the back who has eyes that literally say 'help me,they have my soul captive,kill me'."
  • "Oh there they go."
  • "Oh great look what you did, you killed them."
  • "Welp tomorrow I'm going to be executed."
  • "Please stop chasing the squirrel, you already failed 7 times."
  • "I have no clue on how I'm functioning on only 2 hours or so of sleep."
  • "Touch me or wake me up for no good reason, you're going to have to sleep with the lights on and one eye open."
  • "How do you even manage to whistle in your sleep?"
  • "Oh I don't know probably because you ATTACKED ME IN YOUR SLEEP SOME HOW!?!!!"
  • "I would honestly date my phone or my book if I could."
  • "One day more......till i can finally sleep all day."
  • "Well look what you did, you fucked up some perfectly good ocs."
  • "Well look at what they did they fucked up a perfectly good person, now look at them, they have anxiety and other problems now."
  • "Well that isn't creepy at all."
  • "I'm sorry but I am getting a 'horror movie where everyone dies' vibe and it is not getting weaker."
  • "Uh no I rather not cause I don't want to end up being killed by a psychopathic killer in a cliche horror movie way, because someone idiotic that it was a good idea to fuck with the paranormal."
  • "Get that demon item outta here before I set it on fire and throw it into an abyss."
  • "I like how we had bonded over very gruesome stuff that we are fans of."
  • "Do you see their face? That is a face of someone who gets very happy at the mention of murder."
  • "This is coming from the person who giggles like an idiot when someone says the word 'murder', and yet you are okay with it."
  • "Aw hell nah, you have fun with that, I ain't messing with no oujia board."
  • "Come near me with that crap, I'm gonna drop kick ya into next century."
  • "How do you keep getting hurt everyday?"
  • "Managing to get hurt almost every single day is a gift."
  • "Oh did you see that? My faith in myself was just shredded to nothingness."
  • "Wow thanks for lowering my self confidence there buddy."
  • "Oh yes it's not like I'm screaming bloody murder at the top of my lungs, possibly breaking a world record on the inside everyday."
  • "Oh no, I'm always tired."
  • "Why am I always tired? I'm to tired to explain it."
  • "I would yell at you but I'm too tired and I don't give a damn at the moment."

okay like i never see anyone talking about this so i’m gonna say it. i’m just gonna say it.

harry potter has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead because of the killing curse. this comes from the hand movement of the curse, which looks like a lightening bolt. from what i gathered reading the series, the scar was not a result of the horcrux that ended up in harry on the night of his parents’ death. it was the result of the dark magic of the killing curse.

harry was hit by the killing curse twice, though. voldemort used it again on the night of the battle of hogwarts.

what i’m saying here is that harry totally has another kickass lightening bolt scar somewhere else on his body.