((don't get too excited about this))

sjdslhjk my Christmas break has finally started and I am so exCITED to just…rest omg _(:3」∠)_ 

I’m exhausted. Too many social engagements, working like crazy to wrap up everything at the office for the year, getting SICK, having to stay in London for three nights because of goddamn train strikes Southern can go suck a dick i am sO ANGRY ABOUT TRAINS 

hnnng ANYWAY. 

I’ve got two more commissions to finish this year, which I hope to get done by the end of the weekend, AND THEN ALL OF THE PERSONAL ART. I’ve been feeling so itchy and creative recently so not being able to draw anything has been AWFUL :< I want to properly relax with self-indulgent art during my break, and FYI I will be streaming as normal this Saturday!


Long story short: I’M BACK, WOOP WOOP. 


imagine being this clueless


Bouncy bouncy Sybbie.

D.Gray-man: Childhoold
For D.Gray-man countdown, not any specific promt. Just wanted to draw all these fantastic kids who suffered and survived against all odds.

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What if the foxes had a board game night?? Like I don’t even have any headcanons for it but they could play Clue, Nicky and Matt would be getting way too excited, beginning to argue about who done it, Andrew is in the corner getting very annoyed before saying: “If you two don’t shut up, I will tell you who the murderer is, it’ll be me in the living room with an exy raquet.”

*looking through the DVR looking for something to watch*

My mom, who never watches SU unless she happens to be in the same room when its on: Maybe we should watch Steven Universe


((Oh boy…I don’t want to get into spoiler territory or anything but I really want to make a post about this.

What if a Ralph blog comes along? That’d be pretty cool, honestly. And what if there’s a Charlie/Ralph ship?

Y'all know I’m shipping trash (I started shipping Panlie as a joke before the first Charlie episode came out due to the clip and then I started shipping it for real soon after, I can’t remember when) and it’d be interesting to see the dynamic between Charlie and this new cryptid. Maybe they’ll just be bros. Maybe they’re even related somehow (was Charlie wishing for a big brother in Brother Up foreshadowing??). Who knows?
I’ll chill out with this shipping stuff, as I feel it’s affecting the quality of my portrayal, but it’s still an interesting thought.))

Tom Mackley as Albus Severus Potter: Part One

I had been excited about the idea of seeing a cover as Albus for the longest time. Weirdly, the reason for that is because I love Sam far too much, and I wanted someone to compare him with. I also wanted to try and get a fresh perspective on Albus, because he’s my favourite character, and I was interested to see the possibilities in him that Sam has chosen not to explore. 

Tom absolutely did not disappoint on this front. He was different in a lot of interesting ways, and I’m going to talk about those differences under the cut. I’ve had to split my review into two parts because it’s pretty long and it’s taken me three hours just to type up my Part One notes. Part Two can be found right here

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“The draft is over, he didn’t get picked.” / “He didn’t get drafted?” / “He’s the best player I’ve ever seen.” / “This game is meaningless.” / “You can’t leave now, you care about this game.”

“Listen up! We’re winning the game! Alright, let’s get out on the field!”

In 2013…Undrafted was filmed. In 2015…we were so desperate, we cut scraps of portfolio footage together into a makeshift trailer. In 2016…the official trailer has been released - and this movie will reach the world July 15th.

UNDRAFTED: Aaron Tveit is John Mazetti (x) [ 540 px x 304 px gifset ]

imagine playing spoons with bokuto and akaashi. it would be terrifying enough because they’re both fairly big dudes, not to mention really competitive. but i think i would be less afraid of bokuto getting too excited and breaking something than getting a strategically placed elbow in the face from akaashi because he does not like to lose. 

For anyone getting a little too excited about Mabel not joining Dipper in DD&MD...

Siblings don’t always share the same interests

Sometimes, no one in the family likes something that one of the members loves

Sometimes, one sibling might even tease the other over what they like

Tease them a lot

They might even continue teasing them after it’s clear that they’re upsetting their sibling

They might even involve other people in making fun of the thing they love

Or say unkind things about it

It happens


…Just to be 100% clear, I don’t mean this as some indicator that there’s anything wrong with Dipper, or that either twin is “worse,” or whatever. Look through the show and you can find plenty examples of both twins teasing each other, usually affectionately.

Both of them sometimes get on each others’ nerves, sometimes they’re a little mean to one another, and sometimes they don’t like the same things. They’re a couple of twelve year olds and neither of them is perfect.

Many Autistics struggle with knowing when it’s their turn to talk. It’s something I constantly struggle with, and have done so since I was young.

I used to have a friend that would constantly get angry and upset with me for “interrupting” him, when, majority of the time, I didn’t mean to. I just really struggled to know when it was my turn to talk, or I became too excited about what I was going to say and spoke too soon without processing that he was still talking. His reaction was often very uncalled for. He would threaten to never speak to me again if I interrupted him once more, and this left me anxious and scared to contribute to conversations or speak up for myself around him. He would also sometimes block me and not speak to me for days, leaving me wondering and anxious that he wasn’t going to talk to me again.

I’m no longer friends with this person, and, to be honest, I have felt more confident and happy within myself than I have within the past two years since I got to know him. I have come to realise that his mood swings and negativity towards me has greatly impeded on my self esteem, and, although I was terrified to lose him as a friend because he was very important to me, I have come to realise that it was for the best.

But I was at dinner tonight with a group of -real- adults (I’m 18, so legally an adult, but I don’t really feel like one), and, every time I felt like speaking, I stopped myself, terrified of looking like I was “interrupting”. There were only a very few times that I said something, and it was uncomfortable for me. All I could think about was him yelling at me either in person or over text (if I typed something while our messaging app told me he was typing something), telling me that he’d never speak to me again, that I mustn’t care about him if was interrupting, and that I was a bad person.

I felt small and insignificant. I felt like what I had to say wasn’t important.

But our voices are important. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Not knowing about Hydra! Cap yesterday I bought my seven year old second cousin Allison a copy of the new Cap book as an early birthday present and had her promise not to open it until today when we could read it together because I was pretty excited too. I found out last night about Hydra! Cap and called her mum and told her to get rid of the comic book and I’ll pick up a new Superman comic on my way over tomorrow as a sorry present.

Her Dad didn’t know about Hydra! Cap. And he gave her the comic book her mum had put on the top shelf about half an hour ago.

Allison’s screaming in her bedroom about how its not right and all her cap stuff is in a pile out her window. She wants new sheets for her bed because she can’t stand to have a Hydra Agent’s face on her bedsheets and I think she’s going to have an anxiety attack if she doesn’t calm down. I can hear her from downstairs in the kitchen.

Marvel fucked up.

Marvel has “kicking hitler out of art school” fucked up.

Marvel has “invading russia in the winter” fucked up.

Marvel needs to think before they act. They need to think about their younger fans who won’t know how to handle their hero turning out to be a villain.

Marvel needs to fix this.


Do you ever just get really excited and happy when ½ of your OTP mentions the other’s name to other characters like “[A] said this” or “I think [B] would like that” because he/she is remembering details about the other person and talking about them to other people and it’s too much for your shipper heart

I’m honestly still overwhelmed by those few little Triles nuggets. I was expecting nothing, so I was pleasantly surprised. Miles saying Tristan never tried to change him and he liked hanging out with him. Miles saying it’s about the person not the gender. Tristan calling Miles hot and basically imagining kissing him at the end. I wasn’t ready.