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the two personality types of each sign
  • Capricorn A: Hardworking, doesn't know when to give themselves a break
  • Capricorn B: Tries to stay focused but gets distracted, wishes they were more organised
  • Aquarius A: Fashionable,spends too much of their money on clothes
  • Aquarius B: Prides themselves on having an eclectic style, doesn't follow conventional trends
  • Pisces A: Always in a relationship or being romantically/sexually pursued, rarely takes time to be single
  • Pisces B: Always thinking about love but generally unsuccessful in finding a partner
  • Aries A: Independent, hates people interfering in their business, prides themselves on the quality of their work
  • Aries B: Impulsive, craves adventure and excitement, hates working on things they don't enjoy
  • Taurus A: Knows they have excellent taste, loves when people follow their recommendations
  • Taurus B: Never has time to do the things that give them pleasure, wishes they could expand their horizons
  • Gemini A: Always surrounded by friends but never anyone they can share their deep secrets with
  • Gemini B: Has a few close friends that they wouldn't trade for anything, but wishes they could meet some new people
  • Cancer A: Hates confrontation, but if people cross them they will ignore them for long time
  • Cancer B: When in arguments they know exactly what to say, always stands their ground
  • Leo A: Creative, wants to make a serious career out of their passion even though people doubt them
  • Leo B: Wishes they could express themselves more but worried people will judge them
  • Virgo A: Organised and hardworking but very shy, introverted
  • Virgo B: Quite outgoing but sometimes gets shy around new people and those they have history with
  • Libra A: Loves luxury things but can't afford them, dreams of being rich
  • Libra B: Not concerned with wealth but will spend big on things they really want
  • Scorpio A: Very ambitious but is worried they won't fulfil the big expectations they have for themselves
  • Scorpio B: Is lazy but knows they have potential they aren't fulfilling
  • Sagittarius A: Open minded and concerned with getting justice and equality for everyone
  • Sagittarius B: Knows there are problems with society but doesn't have the resources or time to address them

Grif is struggling but so is Locus.

Just help him out, dude.

@telekinetic-pony had this wonderful idea and I couldn’t help but to draw it.

the signs when the teacher calls on them
  • aries: has headphones in and doesn't hear them
  • taurus: waking up from their nap "what"
  • gemini: "what was the question again i wasn't paying attention?"
  • cancer: thinking about everything besides the class "oh i don't know"
  • leo: looking up from their phone "what do you want?"
  • virgo: guesses a random answer and gets it right then plays it off like they totally knew it
  • libra: doesn't hear because they're talking to their friend
  • scorpio: slowly rolls their eyes and answers the question
  • sagittarius: "i wasn't even raising my hand"
  • capricorn: answers the question and gets a little too excited if it's the correct answer
  • aquarius: says "um" a million times before saying the answer
  • pisces: says the answer then goes back to doodling on the desk or their hand
advice for the signs
  • aries: you're full of ideas and they're always amazing! you are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for, even though you try to appear like you're a bit of a daredevil, you don't always like to come too far out of your cozy little comfort zone. but I promise, if you come out a bit more you can experience so many exciting things, and your abilities will make you shine like a star in the night sky.
  • taurus: not only are you are a badass, you're also super cool. if there are any haters its only because they want to be like you - really though. you just have an aura about you that pulls people in and once they get to know you, they don't ever want to get away. people want to overindulge in you, and if that wears you out then take a break and don't feel bad about it, your friends know you'll come back at the end of the day.
  • gemini: you're not a two-faced backstabbing bitch, you are a beautiful person who struggles with having to listen to an angel and a devil on your shoulders all day, which I can only imagine is super tough but you've done an incredible job to even come all this way and you should be so proud of yourself, I know I am. and lets take a moment to appreciate how you can walk into a room and suddenly be everyone's best friend with your natural charm and easy-going nature. you could take a bullet in the chest and your smile won't even falter. you're so determined to get what you want and you're so passionate and just everything you do is admirable. keep going, you rock this world.
  • cancer: if we're being real here, you don't actually cry *that* much. this is what it is - you have so many emotions swirling inside of you and they are like a beautiful storm of bright lights. and you should continue to let that out and share that beauty with everyone! but even with all that, you can be pretty hardcore and you are so strong, inside that whirlpool is a fire than burns bright, you should show people your intense passions as well as your caring side.
  • leo: you are amazing, and everyone around you knows it. if you're being too hard on yourself, lighten up a little because so far you've done everything right. everything happens for a reason, and if you feel guilty or sad about something just remember that your experiences have shaped who you are today - a beautiful, wonderful, magical creature with sparkling eyes, a loving soul and fabulous hair.
  • virgo: you work so hard to be on top of the game and I know how stressful that can be, but trust me when I'm saying that if you're doing the best you can, please don't push yourself any further. I'm sure you know what it feels like to get 3 hours sleep only to just scrape everything in on time, but you're doing just fine and please remember to reach out to your friends and loved ones and talk about how youre feeling. honestly, letting out any negativity makes you feel so, so much better, and you deserve the best.
  • libra: it's not that you're indecisive, you just like to weigh out all the pros and cons of a situation before you go into something - which is such a good idea, and I admire you for that. I bet you wish you had a crystal ball and could see the future to know how your decisions will turn out, huh? but the reality is that you should stop worrying about about the future and live in the moment. if you're not focusing on the present, you won't get to where you want to be in the future, and we definitely don't want to see you somewhere where your talents aren't being showcased.
  • scorpio: your personality is just so magnetic and you're so hypnotic, so many people absolutely adore you and would do anything for you - but sometimes they might not be 100% certain that the feelings are mutual. now, I know you love your friends and family so, so much with a fiercely strong love, but would it kill you to tell people that you love them and how you're feeling sometimes? everyone is here to help you and guide you on your journey to reaching the stars, but you can't build your rocket ship without the help of others.
  • sagittarius: you are incredible and so smart, it actually makes people stop in their tracks when you open your mouth and spout some beautiful, philosophical words of wisdom. or even just opening your mouth to say anything. everything about you is great but I'm not sure you appreciate yourself as much as you should. all the friends you have who love you should be an indication of how great you are. if you don't learn to love yourself, you might not be able to see through and out of your own little bubble and actually notice how much people care about you. because they care so, so much. don't you ever doubt that.
  • capricorn: your motto is work hard and don't take shortcuts, which is amazing and everyone admires you for that. it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be you, and even if nobody mentions it, everyone is impressed. you're gonna go far, kid. but know that even if you're stuck in a rut right now you just need to jump a little higher and climb out. if you're stressed, talk to someone you trust and just open up and tell them what youre feeling. help them help you, and everything will be okay.
  • aquarius: we're not emotionless, we have a lot of feelings and we just choose not to express them because we're scared of people being overwhelmed by us, and we like to trust someone 100% before we open up. and there is nothing wrong with that. you're so good at listening to people's problems/how they feel and your advice is 10/10, but if you don't take time to talk to people about how you're feeling, you bottle everything up and one day it'll get so full that the lid will burst - and I know you're afraid of letting out all your feelings in one go, I definitely am. the only way around that is to let it out, bit by bit, slowly and over the years, to maintain your composure and sanity. and nobody will see you any different or judge you if you open up to them.
  • pisces: you're passionate, your creativity is out of this world, you're so good at helping people and you don't have a selfish bone in your body. you're always so up for helping people, and that is amazing! you're compassionate like no other, and your ideas are off-the-charts crazy cool. and you're not weak! you are perfectly capable of putting up your barriers, you just like to trust people enough to keep them down a lot of the time. and you're definitely not weak either, you've probably lived through some heartbreaking experiences, and you're still able to walk around with your head up and your heart open. now thats real strength.

Many amazing studyblrs: mildliners, washi tapes, A+ calligraphy, moleskin notebooks, productivity challenges, quality content etc.

Me, a cheap ass studyblr: gets excited about lidl getting their 99c notebooks, handwriting needs work, never manages to post for all 100 days in the 100 days of productivity, can maybe manage 5 days, very good at reblogging good quality studyblr content, horrible quality og content

Everyone is saying that the neutral is The Announcer and that’s a fantastic point!

But consider… the absolute true neutral in the entire game is the Hourglass on the loading screen y’all

Look at my boy being so excited about time just look at him 

Shawn's Montreal Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said he would love to hear Alicia Keys do a cover of Ruin if he could get any celeb to cover one of his songs
  • Q: What's your perspective on love and what does it mean to you?
  • A: I think love is so raw you can't be specific about it and there's so many ways to feel, see, and hear love. In life, emotions can't be too certain and to truly feel love you have to know what it's like to be upset and hurt. I don't really think there's much explanation for it. It's the best emotion"
  • Q: favorite thing about touring?
  • A: the fast paced, moving to a different city everyday, lifestyle. It's exciting and fun.
  • "When I'm nervous, I have a punching bag in my room, I blast Kanye West and I hit the bag really hard."
  • Q: if you could go back and watch one concert what would it be?
  • A: Jimi Hnedrix at Woodstock
  • Q: First concert and what age?
  • A: Believe it or not, I was 14 and it was Aerosmith.
  • Q: how do you feel about your birthday being the same day as international cat day?
  • A: I didn't know that, that's awesome.
  • Q: favorite animal
  • A: Elephant( Shawn said in a previous Q&A that him & his mom will get matching elephant tattoos )
  • Q: goals for the next 5 years?
  • A: to stay consistent and keep producing quality and the rest will come.
  • Q: What's your favorite dad joke?
  • A: idk i don't really have a list off the top of my head. Is that a thing?
  • Q: Will you play in Ottawa?
  • A: Yeah, I will
  • Q: have you ever googled yourself?
  • A: All the time!!
  • Q: what's your favorite song to play?
  • A: this is my most asked question and it's always Bad Reputation
  • Q: what album do you prefer to play?
  • A: Illuminate since it's pretty new to me

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Mr. Jeon has been more and more obvious recently. Can you believe he's that possessive with all the uncontrollable butt spanking, waist grasping, back hugging and blow kissing to Jimin IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA? OMG I don't even dare to imagine how he treats Jimin when they're ALONE IN THEIR ROOM.

BRUUUHHUUHHHHHH DONT GET ME STARTED. I literally stay up at night thinking about these things omggeeee (they say think happy thoughts before you sleep so dont stress and shiet but then i obvs get too excited and then start writing internal essays oops).

But have you ever notice those little gestures they do where, as people say “it ought to be so unnatural but they make it so natural”? Moments that can’t really be taken as fanservice and moments where, anyone looking at them with or without jikook goggles should be able to see the sketchy. Little movements that seem like they would mean more but stop before they dol. 

Like with Jimin for example…sometimes the way he moves towards Jungkook a bit too close sometimes and then he draws back just before anything happens…

Like doesn’t it look like the immediate movement right before you kiss someone’s cheek ;) ;) aklsdjflkasfdj let me dream okay

And this wasn’t even me but my sister saw this one (she not even anti jikook anymore i swear) and she was like: “Didn’t he just kiss him on the cheek?”

(I was like “Nooooo….”)

Of course, Jimin totally makes it soooo obvious sometimes. Meanwhile, you have Jungkook, who of course, though younger is obviously more quiet amd mature and knows how to restrain himself and his unnatural actions are never too obvious–

first off did it ever bother you that he just knew he was strong enough to lift jimin up like that not to mention who even thinks of that first hand either he knows fanservice really well or for whatever reason he thinks slapping jimin’s butt is the right thing to do in that context like ??? what is even going on what why why why

and then there’s this:

but. whatever. we don’t talk about it :/

so yeah. tl;dr i do wonder what the fuq they’re up to off camera though i’m sure as hell they’re not as “””””distant””””” as they appear to act sometimes. 

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Watchu think of these news regarding fbawtft 2? :D

Credence Barebone aka That’s my secret mr Scamander, I’m always angry.

YES WELL hello I am excited about hearing news about tcog and while I share the general confusion and apprehension about the video itself I’m trying my darnedest not to make too many assumptions before we get more info! :’)

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On this Sunday, September 3rd, @fcirfolk, @queen-anna-lightwood, @kierancfthehunt and @tiberiusblacktorn and I will be hosting a Haline Day in the fandom.

What does a Haline day mean?

Haline day will be similar to Malec week, except it’s all about Haline! On Sunday, you can participate in the day by creating fanfictions, edits, art, headcanons and just about anything, as long as it’s about Haline!

Spread the word and try and get stuck in! Haline is a really amazing ship and we should all show our appreciation for them.

Please tag all your creations with #halineday2017 as we can track them and reblog all your content!


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Hi! I have a lot of Klance AUs in my head and kind of have no one to share it with. IS it okay if I share it with you??? (That is if I have the guts to talk to you) Have a great day!!

You are always welcome to share anything with me - including AUs, yes. In fact I absolutely love AUs, hit me up with that good stuff :D

SNDFJBH you don’t have to be afraid to talk to me i swear i’m harmless,,,

when shitpost meets salt
  • <p> <b>Shiro:</b> *walks into Pidge's room that is full of cash* Why do you have so much money?<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Well, the Galra issued this new law that every person who misages another person has to pay them 20% of their net assets.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> What did they do? Think you were 12?<p/><b>Pidge:</b> 14, actually.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Well, darn right you're not. You are a brave 16 year old Paladin.<p/><b>Pidge:</b> *snorts* Pay up, kid.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Wait what? Aren't you 16? 17??<p/><b>Pidge:</b> nope<p/><b>Shiro:</b> 18???<p/><b>Pidge:</b> nuu-uuhh<p/><b>Shiro:</b> 15????<p/><b>Pidge:</b> You went back, Shirogane.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> well , what are you? 24??<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Damn. I was so close to my next 20%.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Hold on. Weren't you all excited about getting into the Galaxy Garrison and becoming a pilot?<p/><b>Pidge:</b> after getting my Ph.D and designing my own spaceship and building my own project, sure I was.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> I need a moment.<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Don't think on it too much. Everyone needs a moment.<p/><b></b> Later...<p/><b>Shiro:</b> how did this law even happen?<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Apparently, someone called Prince Lotor old so he got the law made.<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Wait. Aren't I supposed to be rich too then??<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Yeah, you are. Have you been to your room?<p/><b>Shiro:</b> Well, I went training<p/><b>Pidge:</b> Let's go look at your money<p/><b></b> In another room...<p/><b>Coran:</b> Princess, where did you get all this money from?<p/><b>Allura:</b> from all the people who could not accept I'm a quiznaking teenager<p/></p>

i get that they wanted to make the belle dress simple to allow more movement and how emma wanted it to be more modern without too many hoops, a corset, etc. but honestly if i were cast to play a character with an iconic dress from a beautiful historical time period i would be geeking out too much to even care about movement or freedom or any of that i’d have such mad respect for the costume designer and i’d be excited to be suffering in corsets and hoops lmao like how many people get to have fun and get paid to wear amazingly designed baroque ballgowns? not me that’s for sure but i’d do it in a heartbeat

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They talk about their make a wish events so well :( like they don't bring them up too often unless they're super excited and then they make sure to talk about how lucky they are to get to them and how great they are and like?? I can imagine it would stress someone out to think they were doing it bc they have to but no dan always looks all smiley and happy about them like if the person was watching the liveshow they would have been so happy

i just ???? it’s nice to know dan and phil are genuinely good people

Hi hello it’s morning and my thoughts are still centered around the fact that this fandom is getting extremely cliquey and too many people are acting like their friendship is exclusive and something you have to like sign up for like I’m excited we’re in a new era but like always it has brought about these people who think they’re better than everyone else which turns them into egotisical bullies and unfortunately for me I feel like an outsider in my own community and I keep looking for something that will make me feel like I matter as a fan but I can’t find it lol so anyway have a great day guys. :D

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i'm so disappointed in the bughead reunion. they're together again? just like that? we know betty confesses but we don't get to see it. and what about jughead???? does he confess his secrets too????? i really wanted to be excited for this episode but it fell flat for me :/

I’m sorry it didn’t quite hit your expectations - it’s why I try not to have too many lol. Did the *episode* fall flat for you, or was it bughead that fell flat for you? Because I don’t think this was supposed to be an episode of resolutions. It showed so many shifts in power dynamics, particularly the reclaiming of control. Cheryl over Penelope, Jughead over the Ghoulies/as someone who wants to build the Serpents up, B & V back together again, Betty over the Black Hood, Veronica stepping up towards the same level of her parents. It was a transitional episode, in which gears shifted (ayyyy) and new things were set in motion.

Sure, to see Betty explain everything is the stuff of dreams, but I think it would pretty much be a repeat of the storyline we’d already seen through Betty’s eyes. It was a jump cut for Veronica’s explanation too. Explanations don’t necessarily equate to resolutions, not immediately anyway. We know from interviews that the kiss hasn’t been disclosed yet, so we still have that resolution to come, it hasn’t happened yet. It’s been *set in motion* but not really happened.

I think what we did see was something from Jughead that I enjoyed watching. When talking to Betty he didn’t fire his vulnerabilities at her in the form of insults like he did in 1x10. He literally said she was the one thing that could still hurt him, she basically loved him and left him - just like he’s used to. You can see how much he’s willing to fight for Betty, how much he loves her, simply from the way he laid out his feelings rather than weaponised them this time. Think about the way he’s always willing to let FP back in, even after the countless times he’s hurt him. This is something Jughead does when he knows people want him. Yes, he’s got some truths of his own to share, but I’m pretty sure Betty’s explanation was a relief that he could only ever dream of and he wanted to hold onto that for a while. Not to excuse his withholding of information, but I get it. Even from the way they were sitting, Betty leaning against Jughead but turned away from him signalled something to me, that they’re on their way back but there’s more to come. It will come out eventually, we know this, and hopefully we’ll get the resolution scene we didn’t this time around.