((don't do it))

I was asked several times to do the “Meet the Artist” thing and ya– Here you go lol It’s like 6am 8)))


It’s always been true.

After being inspired by @aufcat and their BEAUTIFUL coldflash embroidery (like seriously I stare at it a lot), I sucked it up and decided to try embroidery out. I give you, my first embroidery project that turned out wonderfully well and I’m still trying to figure out what to put it on, if anything.

Thinking about doing another logo now… this was too much fun. Also sorry for pencil marks. I’m still learning how to do this.

anonymous asked:

hey um... you said this would return when its 1:43 pm monday, but you might be in a different timezone.

I have been in class, until just a few minutes ago, I will begin working on updates once I start todays stream. please be patient. 

also if you feel as though I truly need to “draw faster” please either donate to my Tip jar here or become a patreon. This will help me pay for food, education, and my drawing programs.