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8th Anniversary: Bone Queef and Chief Segment
Comedy Bang Bang
8th Anniversary: Bone Queef and Chief Segment

#BoneChief || Full clip of the introduction of Bone Queef and The Chief from the 8th Anniversary Special

reblog this before April 2nd and I'll put your URL somewhere around LA.

so I thought it would be cool to write people’s urls that reblog this down on pieces of paper and stick them around Santa Monica, LA, Hollywood, and SLO with little pieces of tape. 

I’ll take a picture of where I put your piece of paper and tag your url. :)

5 Things That Make Me Happy

Tagged by the gorgeous @efbombmom so here are my 5.

1. My kids - they’re just awesome and I love spending time with them.

2. Playing soccer - or being active in general and if this fracking ankle would heal already so I could not feel like a beached whale.

3. The beach - speaking of beaches, it’s my happy place.

4. Good sex - with someone or alone, but def with someone especially if they take charge.

5. Feeling loved/cherished - if memory serves, because #singleforlife

Ok sorry if you’ve done this already but I’ll randomly tag @coffeeandmuscles @coldtofire @hopeascending @ropeandcoffee @one-charming-bastard @stilljewels @nevertrustapanda @reignsyrain @liznessqueenbeginagain @dammitemma

positivity post!

yeah, a lot of people have already done these!  so i’m gonna do it a little different:

send me your favorite sickfics and i’ll read and reblog them with comments about how much i loved them!  i know asks don’t allow links, but you can send me the link without the .com and i’ll find it!

as far as fandoms go…  i’m in a lot that i don’t write for (so many that i can’t list them all) so just send me whatever and i’ll let you know if i’m unfamiliar with the fandom!

send me fics by your favorite sickfic authors!  send me your favorites of your own fics (please!!!) send them on or off anon- whatever ya need to do!

no alcohol poisoning fics, though, please!