((but lookit my baby))


What must be done…must be done…no matter what. “Complete your mission. You were born into this world so that you could complete your mission.” My father told me that every chance he had. But, the day we parted ways…

I was really sad I couldn’t do Annie this weekend (hoodie + 90 degree weather=I would REALLY like to live long enough to see season 3 in 40 years) so I had a little fun today.

Bonus: With my mans, the real Beast Titan

A family can be a sweaty, lounging goblin and his two adopted sons, a pissy teenaged martial artist and a tiny, angry vampire.

I skeeetched my two newest ship babsss

I feeaking did lore in the car ride over here so it looks a lil wwweeeird

WOOOO finally finished it. This is an amaze piece that I’m proud of! Two of Reaper’s children are here and they both go different directions… Now guess the meaning, mwahahahah!

Finis belongs to MEH
Nova belongs to @imanormalpeep