((but it annoyed me and pissed off Eric that someone did that.))

Stuck In His Teeth// An Eric Harris Imagine

Requested by @the-observer-42099! I’m not as proud of this one, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!


There would always be a gleam of annoyance in his eyes whenever they made contact with yours, like you owed him something that you just weren’t handing over. In English class, he sat across from you, and your feet would knock into each other’s under the table, because neither of you were willing to give up the space. He would smirk at you, like he thought you weren’t worth shit, like he was better than you. That idea alone made you laugh to yourself. Fuck you, Eric Harris, you often thought, as you grinned back at him.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think the reason dylan was rough with girls in gym was because it sort of turned him on? like he said he had 'an extreme bondage liking', so do you think he got like a kick out of doing that to some of the girls? like it was sort of one of his fantasies?

Well, to preface, Dylan was automatically determined a social misfit in general at Columbine but no where else was his ‘loser’ reputation more intensely amplified than that of gym class.  P.E. is a class that expects and assumes social collaboration and social competitiveness in an active way. Dylan felt excruciatingly excluded and ostracized. You can just imagine skinny, gangly, long-limbed Dylan in his mandatory CHS gym uniform of shorts and a muscle or t-shirt and there is an instantaneous sense of this poor guy standing out like a sore thumb as the ‘tallest in the class’, automatically made to feel stripped visibly bare simply by his sheer physicality -  yet internally, shy, awkward and introverted, and wishing he could blend into the wall and disappear. The impulse to ditch or be really super late for class must have been tempting. Peers in the class referred to him as “stretch” or the “jolly green giant”. The gym teacher made Dylan do bear crawl exercises for being late to class constantly. Can anyone blame him for stalling on his way to a much detested class which made him anxious and on guard? Somehow being late was worth the public peer humiliation of bear crawls in a twisted, defiant sort of way.

Dylan’s diversion file report shows an ongoing account of the counselor noting his dropped grade in gym and that he’d better stop making “victim” excuses with the tardies to remedy the situation - or else.   Like many of us that loathed the infamous gym class, I think it was pretty obvious that Dylan automatically assumed a form of ‘survival mode’ upon finally showed up for the class. He would brace himself and don a thick armor of ‘sneer’ and folded arms as his best posturing defense. Pretending not to hear them talk about him.  It also sounds to me that he didn’t even have so much as one friend in this class. (Thank goodness morning bowling with friends was a P.E. option in senior year!)  Peers referred to him by those ‘freak show’ like names, and you can bet he was acutely aware of it - though on the surface, he pretended indifference. Dylan internalized all of it with a bitter attitude and acted out his aggressions when/where the opportunity arose.

So, given all of that: it’s easy to see how he took a retaliating, justified posturing during competitive games -  slamming people with a contemptuous expression during the no-rules dodge ball game or tackled people, heck, why not girls?, when they were playing tag team football, even ‘cheating’.Though we’re not entirely certain what she means by his supposed blatant cheating.    Dylan didn’t have the nerve, or the physique, to physically go after the jocks and tackle them without likely getting ganged up on.  Instead, he passive-aggressively took out his pent up frustration on those who he sensed were easiest, vulnerable targets - girls. Dylan occasionally seized the opportunity to act out and push a few girls in line, to tackle girls during games and harass them by calling them “bitch” when they talked back to him.   I speculate that he wasn’t just seeking out random girls either but especially attempting to victimize the snooty, vapid girls - those he felt had popular status levels in their associations with jocks. Anything remotely associated to a jock just got his hackles up.   Tara Zobjeck is probably a prime example of that type.  When her boyfriend, who is likely a jock, confronted Dylan, he backed off immediately.  Of course, we don’t know for certain that Dylan only singled out girls associated with jocks but I think it’s a good bet even though it’s a speculation on my part   So, Dylan walked into that class daily believing that the class, as a whole, rejected him. He was by himself most of the time, he was habitually late to class, he barely squeaked by in most of the sports and was seen as inept and uncoordinated.  From Dyl’s POV, he was certain the entire class was ‘the enemy’ against him from the start and so he probably felt the need to ‘defend himself’ against them whenever, wherever and however he could, armed with his bitter contempt and a massive chip-on-his-shoulder.

Dylan was vastly different outside of gym class. Friends describe Dylan outside of gym as as‘gentle’, ‘happy’,‘laid back’ and ‘nice’ – but here, in gym class, Dylan discovered a bullying streak with himself and had discovered a pastime outlet for his frustration by exploiting a few girls when the perfect opportunity arose.  They’d be sorry for wasting his hour in a worthless class.  Of course, I am in no way trying to minimize his bad behavior. Bullying sucks period. Feeling so desperate and powerless in class that you feel you’re only capable of victimizing girls is..sad.  That said, I’m simply attempting to explore the full snapshot and potential psychological mentality that led to Dylan’s normally uncharacteristic passive-aggressive style of acting out. :)

On a deeper level, I think Dylan took his aggression out on girls in gym class because, in his mind, he felt that women didn’t recognize him as attractively worthy enough and he believed to his core that he could never have women because women would never want him. So, there was this contemptuous, bitter, self loathing posturing about him.   In a class where it’s all about the competition, Dylan’s own form of competitive expression was to rage against the entire class as a collective group against him that rejected him for his low-on-the-totem-pole social status.  Based on gym class witnesses, Dylan was automatically rejected as inadequate in regards to the male competitive sports stuff. Since, he was painfully conscious of that fact that he performed more visibly, physically uncoordinated that he normally would, if he were playing soccer or baseball among friends he knew, people that liked him. Plus, I think in gym, Dylan just went out of his way to under perform as much as possible; he slacked off with defiant indignation.  Why give it your best shot when you feel no one likes you by default?

As if that wasn’t painful enough to endure for the hour, there was also, another sort of ‘competition’ that he innately knew he was out-of-league in regards to: that would be the undercurrent of female-to-male attractional potential within the class. The threat of that and his failing in it, made him jealous of others i.e. jocks, And of course, it’s pretty apparent to dudes that girls are wearing the bare minimum with the gym uniform of shorts and a t-shirt revealing bare legs and jiggling bits. ;) It’s that usual, unavoidable awkward/distraction thing about co-ed gym where everyone is wearing the socialistic ‘cookie cutter’ uniform that despite looking dull manages to show enough ‘bare’ to be..noticable - and to begin with, teens are at odds with involuntarily displaying more of their bodies than they’d like to their peers. Gym class is judgment and distraction personified. Even Eric mentions how he couldn’t help but notice the girls in gym and how he’d fantasized about having them by force. 

Dylan’s conduct in gym class was invariably a potent explosive cocktail of anger, resentment. self-loathing (“nobody accepting me even though I want to be accepted, me doing badly and being intimidated in any and all sports, me looking weird and acting shy — BIG problem.”) plus that physical and metaphorical frustration over girls. Women were untouchable and off limits to him, so he in return, treats them roughly, spitefully. I don’t even think Dylan even consciously sets out to bully girls in gym class; instead, it’s more of an unconscious, reactive thing he just devolves into doing it out of a combination of suppressed rage and self-perceived sexual unattractiveness.  There must have been a smug adrenaline rush after exerting his body physically over girls in class – with a shove or a push, relishing in his harassment of some stuck up, shallow, designer clothes wearing ‘bitch’ was like a small victory to him. The she on the receiving end of his slight, represented something that was too good for him and so why not make a point of pissing off her and a few others when they got in his way - then they’d know he was not just some loser freak-geek that nobody in the class liked - but someone to be reckoned with.  That sneerish vibe of  ’girls: stay away from me if you know what’s good for you.’

From witness testimony, it sounds as though he also instigated on occasion and tackled girls during flag football.  Why go after the guy opponents when you can tackle a few girls with some unexpected, hard body contact? Like most teen dudes, Dylan didn’t process his aggressive, suppressed sexual impulses - he just did annoying in-your-face shit to piss girls off. Instead of it being the usual ‘boy picks on girls because he likes them’ it was more like a Dylan picking on girls because he hates them because he’s not entitled to like them.    Bullying has a sense of power about it; at its very fundamental level, it simply satisfying and boosts self confidence to exert ones will over others, putting the instigator in charge and control – end of story.  And to answer the question, yes,  I do see Dylan’s behavior in gym class as potentially connected to that hidden, sexually kinky side of himself, his  ‘bondage-extreme liking’.  In his journal, Dylan seems conflicted and chagrinned about that side of him self that gravitated towards fetish and bondage porn.  His ‘urge and purge’ mentality translates to an obvious outlet for his suppressed frustrations, his assumed permanent inadequacy with the opposite sex – essentially, his lack of control over females.  So, roughing up girls in gym class out of a blurred, confused ‘turned-on’ mix of pent up aggression and unconsciously repressed sexual frustration over girls, yes, definitely. Do I think he got a kick out of roughing girls up in gym?  Yes.

This, of course, doesn’t mean we should make the assumption that this automatically makes Dylan sexually dominant in all of his 17 years. ;)  What it does mean is that Dylan is generally shy, quiet and introverted and he’s used to automatically suppressing the more aggressive, ‘in appropriate’ or negative aspects of himself and so these parts of himself spill out in other ways, including his personal taste in porn.  He discovered opportune moments in the much loathed gym class where he could act out his aggressions physically, and as a bonus, with girls (!) and he could relish asserting his authority, feel empowered and in charged for once. Mm..a bit like when normally reticent Dylan suddenly exudes an air of smugness while wearing his trench in a restaurant with  mom and doesn’t stop when she asks him to take the coat off because it’s scaring people. His occasional inappropriately abusive contact with girls in gym provides him an opportunity to exorcise control over girls when he normally feels he has none, and so this connects and relates to his attraction to his ‘extreme liking’ of certain bondage/fetish porn and related fantasies thereof.  

Michelle Hartsough’s accusation that Dylan hit her at Blackjack pizza, seems to be the only location, other than gym class, where Dylan was reported to have acted out physically aggressive manner with girl.  I think the fact that he chooses to act out aggressive in Gym class is an integral component. Overall, Gym class is a rampant place for bullying, girls and dudes are in close proximity in the minimal gym uniforms. Plus, it’s an environment where engaging actively in sports gives plenty of opportune instances to have some manner of accidental or intentional physical contact. Dylan could minimize his instigated physical contact under the veiled guise of ‘just engaging in gym class activities’. He could loath the class as a whole for automatically rejecting him and play ‘kick the dog’, asserting his dominance over vulnerable targets - girls - because he already assumed they were against him by default. Then when some girls called him out on his shit, he could feel justified in calling them bitch. Dylan set up a self-sabotaging, self fulfilling prophecy for himself - a viscious cycle of: class rejects him as a freak; he rebukes the class and acts out passive-aggressively; they, in turn now, really dislike him; repeat. But not everyone disliked Dylan in gym class, not every girl outright rejected him, unfortunately, unbeknownst to him too. Some, one?, like Sara Schweitzberger, could see the bigger, sadder picture beyond the political pecking order and understood the essential core of Dylan’s struggle and misery in gym class. 

Tara Zobjeck: “Bitch” (2) vs. Klebold (1) Gym class = battle zoneCalled her a bitch after gym incident. Harassed her.  Dylan Klebold cheated on games in gym class and was always pushing people. “He was like a loner in that class. Nobody liked him.”

Nicole Ziccardi:Had gym with Klebold, she said that he would play dodge ball in the class and that he played hard and always had a sneer on his face that seemed to her to be hateful look.   Several people in the class referred him as “The jolly Green Giant”.

Josh Chavez: Stretch:Everybody made fun of Dylan in class. They even called him “stretch” because he was so tall.  He said Dylan was uncoordinated and wasn’t very good at sports.

Reddit:planetanimals:What I remember about Klebold. He was awkward looking, kind of unnattractive I guess. I remember the teacher making him do bear crawls for being late to class constantly. We played this no rules dodge ball game. It was just every man for himself, with like 50 or 60 kids. Him and this really scrawny kid were last and the scrawny kid beat him. for some reason i won’t forget that., kind of unnattractive I guess.

Sara Schweitzberger: To Love The UnlovedSome of the kids would tease him because of his height as he was the tallest person in his class.  She continued to say that Klebold just ignored them. Sara said it was obvious he felt socially ostracized. “He really felt unloved,” she said. He wasn’t so bad. He was lonely. I just wish I could give him a hug and tell him that I care.

Anyway.. that was rather long-winded. My apologies for the uber lengthy late-night Dyl thesis. ;)

Kit Kat

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

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Dauntless: I Can't Stop (Part 1)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, Smut

Camille was driving me insane.

If she wasn’t pissing off the superiors with that big mouth it hers, she was pissing me off.

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Jacob x reader

Lmao i don’t really know how american football works so i probably got stuff wrong, i just imagined it was like rugby hahah. This wasn’t what I had in mind at first, but I got carried away when i had the idea lol. I kind of started it so the reader and Jake are already friends, but if you’d prefer i could make a part about when Jake and the reader met or something? Let me know if any of you would like that. Hope you enjoyed <3

Request: “Jacob imagine where all the pack are teasing you two for liking each other and then you and jacob finally anounce that you are an official couple?😊💕 y/n is bella’s sister” Requested by the lovely @stephenie-mkm

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Homicidal or suicidal? A closer look..

Upon my fragmental re-read of Tim Krabbé’s “We Are But We Aren’t Psycho”, I stumbled upon a rather interesting tidbit. It had something to do with Dylan’s reasoning behind the massacre and how the core of that is explained time and time again as “Dylan was suicidal”. Krabbé’s exact turn of phrase reads as follows: “a boy who just cannot stop laughing while he is shooting children can no longer be understood in terms of suicide alone”.

It got me thinking.. how often do we describe Columbine and the boys in general as “Dylan was suicidal, Eric was homicidal”? And why do we do that? I find myself agreeing with Krabbé when he essentially argues that there is a complexity to Dylan’s part in the massacre that’s not strictly about suicide. Someone can kill themselves at any second without there being a massive repercussion for the life and death of others. But Dylan didn’t just kill himself: he killed others before he killed himself. What, then, was so important about the act of murder that it was the lead-up to the penultimate goal of suicide?

Some might say that he went along with the homicide for Eric’s sake. I disagree. I think that Dylan was too much “his own person”, too much of an individual, to be dragged into someone else’s idea if he himself didn’t particularly feel like doing it. Though Dylan was a people-pleaser (to an extent), the evidence also indicates that he rallied against Eric if Eric went too far and that he marched to the beat of his own drum more than he particularly marched to Eric’s. I believe he simply gives off the impression that he went along with Eric, because some things are just not worth picking a fight about. You could probably pick a fight with Eric over something as stupid as the colour of the sky. It’s too much effort to keep rebutting Eric over every little thing, right? But what about the big things, like life-and-death scenarios? I would think that Dylan would’ve gone against Eric over the murder plans if Dylan somehow disagreed or didn’t really want to do that. So, there’s a component that isn’t explained: what led the arguably suicidal individual to murder?

Then there also came the thought.. what about Eric? If I’m really going to question things about Dylan in terms of homicidal/suicidal, it would stand to reason to extend the same courtesy of thought to Eric. Eric’s always been explained away as “homicidal”. He’s seen by many as easier to pinpoint than Dylan. I would disagree on that too – few people have managed to puzzle me so utterly as Eric Harris managed to do. Some have called his suicide “an afterthought” and something that he only went through with so he wouldn’t be caught alive. But Eric, when seen as purely homicidal in nature.. that version of Eric would’ve spat “fuck that, I ain’t going out without a fight” sooner than he would’ve done what he ended up doing. There’s a suicidal component to Eric, which he himself briefly noted in his diversion papers. So what’s going on there?

We have to look at the differences between outward self-expressed motivation and intrinsic subconscious motivation if we’re going to have any hope of solving the conundrum here. I’ve found that the boys mirror each other perfectly here: Dylan’s outward motivation is Eric’s intrinsic one, and vice versa. Here’s how that works.

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Fools: a Mark fic

In case you missed it, here’s Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Remember those underlying mommy issues I might have buried somewhere deep in the back of my mind?

I wonder if I could use those as an excuse to plead guilty if I put Mark Tuan six feet under the ground.

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Eric Cartman Head-Canons (So Far)

Eric Theodore Cartman


  • Reputation is extremely importantto Cartman and he’ll pretend like he doesn’t care, but what other people think really affects him. It matters.
  • Cartman develops this insane laugh that just brings a smile to everyone’s face. He could be laughing at his own joke that no one thinks is funny at all, but the second he starts laughing like that, everyone would laugh too. This has often led to Cartman thinking he’s funny all the fucking time, which is NOT always true. » Even though he is kinda funny.
  • Liane is usually gone since she’s not home most days when Cartman’s supposed to be at school, and she never really says when she’ll be back. Cartman ends up alone in the house with Mr.Kitty a lot, so he’s used to being lonely.
  • Cartman hates being thanked. If he does something selflessly for someone, it is NOT to be acknowledged. He thinks it fucks with his reputation and downplays it when someone tries to bring attention to it. Plus, it’s fucking embarrassing when people get mushy around him. …Unless it’s Kyle.
  • Cartman has some definite mental issues. He’s gone to therapy countless times, which often led to many early retirements and a few suicides of some really respected professionals. Cartman doesn’t think they WOULD have helped anyway, and having such results makes it very difficult for Cartman to open up to anyone, seeing as they never understood him or seemed to make an attempt to in the first place.
  • Cartman LOVES horror movies! They aren’t much different from what he sees in his head on a daily basis, so he enjoys them and the thrill of being startled from a jump-scare. He finds it funny.


  • Cartman began lifting weights around 7th grade (after an incident with one of his mother’s stubborn clients refusing to leave and giving Cartman a black eye when he couldn’t kick him out) so he could get stronger and defend himself and his mother. By high-school he has impressive rippling biceps which he conceals under his jacket to hide the fact that he’s been ‘improving his self-image’. He doesn’t want his peers thinking he finally gave into their ridicule. He has the ‘I do what I want’ reputation to maintain after all. Fuck those other guys.
  • Cartman is 6”2 by the age of 17 and has a broad build. Has the body of a football player having his Father’s genes, but he’s still very pudgy in the middle even though his heavy lifting seriously developed his pecs and arms. He can flex and look impressively muscular, but he can’t maintain it for more than thirty seconds.
  • Cartman had his eyes replaced with Kenny’s and when Kenny came back from the dead there was a strange mutation. Now Cartman has a mixture of Kenny’s blue and Cartman’s own brown in his irises. However, when Kenny dies, Cartman’s eyes turn blue completely until the blond re-spawns.


  • I have head-canons for Liane that effect Cartman, and they go two ways. Both are very different from each other and honestly I can see both happening depending on what mental state she’s in.
  • On one hand, I see Liane being very loving towards Cartman and very discouraging if he was ever exhibiting behavior similar to hers or bad behavior in general. I see her being very coddling all the time even when he’s matured, much to Cartman’s annoyance, but at the same time connecting with him in many ways, and being proud when/if he shows any attempt at bettering himself.
  •  On the other hand, there’s been a lot of evidence in the show of Liane not only abusing substances, but Cartman as well. Physical abuse and also suggested indirect sexual abuse (Involving her clients and her son). I think there would be a definite link between her doing drugs and her personality changes. There is a definite rift in their relationship because of this.
  • Cartman cooks breakfast for his Mom on Mother’s Day and cleans the house for her and stuff, but he will ONLY do this on Mother’s Day.
  • When Cartman’s extremely upset or finds his mother in a vulnerable mental state, he’ll spend time with her by watching chick flicks together if she doesn’t have to go out, etc. When he was younger and in middle school he was usually able to manipulate his way into getting her to stay home to do this, but in his older years, he finds it very hard to persuade her away from her lifestyle choices. By sophomore year, Cartman just gave up and stopped trying.
  • Cartman and Liane have constant fights about her whoring for money and her drug abuse (addictions to crack, alcohol, and possible heroin seeing as it’s suggested that she does many heavy drugs) by the time Cartman is about 11. At first Liane is slightly more patient with her son, letting him yell and carry on about her neglect. However she gets tired of listening to his ‘ungratefulness’ eventually, which results in physical punishment that Cartman usually has to hide under his jacket and scarf from time to time.
  • Cartman absolutely despises Father’s Day and he usually stays home if there’s school to avoid obvious ridicule.
  • Cartman’s Aunt Mureal taught him how to shoot a gun when he was 6 years old.
  • Family reunions are usually a nightmare for Cartman. After his grandmother passed away, his Aunts and Uncles were bitter towards him from inheriting such a sum of money only to waste it in the way he did. Most of his cousins and Uncles are also extremely stupid. They’re heavy drinkers and total rednecks who get caught up in their own crazy antics which Cartman sometimes finds amusing. However, along with being forced off to the side with his cousins, there’s a dark secret Cartman carries with him that he revisits somehow every single year.


  • Kenny becomes Cartman’s unspoken best friend, getting incredibly close to him around 5th Grade. He always teases Kenny about his immortality, but Kenny is just grateful that someone he’s close to knows that he isn’t crazy. Cartman tends to keep Kenny sane, ironically enough.
  • Cartman and Kenny go on weekly fishing trips to Stark’s Pond, unless the water’s iced over. When that happens they usually end up making snow dicks and drinking some beers. If Kenny dies, Cartman just throws the blonde’s body into the pond. He calls Kenny a self-cannibal sometimes, considering most of the fish that they catch and eat have been munching on Kenny’s bodies for days.
  • Cartman often gives Kenny cereal to take home without any explanation.
  • Kenny becomes Cartman’s first willing sexual encounter around 5th Grade when Cartman asked for advice on how to know for sure if he was gay, and Kenny decided to give him ‘experience’. Though Kenny wanted to go a little further than the two of them actually did, Cartman still has his sights set on Kyle and couldn’t go through with most of what the both of them wanted to do. While this remained a two-way favor to Cartman, it was a lot more than that to Kenny who ended up catching feelings. The blond was able to hide this well, however.
  • It was when Cartman experienced physical abuse than he was used to, that he went to Butters for help advice because he didn’t want to “end up being called a battered pussy” like him. Butters sympathized and kept Cartman’s secret, eager to help hide the bruises and scrapes that happened from time to time.
  • Sometimes Cartman will take Stan’s phone when he’s not looking and check it for any stupid freemuim apps, and if he finds any, he’ll delete them immediately.
  • In 6th grade while Cartman Kenny and Clyde were sleeping over at Craig’s house, Clyde decided it would be funny to take Stripe out of his cage and put him down Cartman’s pants while he was sleeping. Stripe ended up biting and scratching up Cartman’s testicles as well as sinking his teeth into Cartman’s hand before he could throw the rodent across the room and away from him. Craig was more concerned for his guinea pig than for Cartman’s bleedy dick, and because of all of this, Cartman developed an immense fear of rodents, as well as a deep grudge towards Clyde. He’s not as angry towards Craig, but he’ll become livid if the event is brought up in any way.
  • Sometimes Cartman still tries to sarcastically fist-bump Token, just to be a dick. Token usually replies by rolling his eyes and walking away while Cartman shouts “I was not the GUN!”
  • When Token and Nichole won Prom King and Queen, Cartman gave them a solo standing ovation and cried tears of happiness. He rigged the vote of course. It was going to be Stan and Wendy who won, but Cartman wasn’t having that.
  • Sometimes Cartman visits Chef’s grave and puts flowers there. He never stays too long, not liking the lump in his throat that he feels when he does.
  • During Freshman year Cartman was still struggling with his sexuality and feelings for Kyle. Coincidentally at the same time, Stan and Wendy had a fight right a couple of weeks before they were going to perform in the talent show. Wendy needed someone to sing with and knew that Cartman had a good voice, so she somehow bribed him into performing with her instead. They had a similar moment to when they were working on the flag in middle school and end up sharing a kiss, in which Cartman was surprised to find out that he felt nothing during it. Wendy was pretty pissed to be the reason Cartman realized he was 100% gay, but she still performed with him. They won.
  • Cartman still believes that he is Jewish when Passover comes around, but ONLY when Passover comes around. He says he’s ¼ Jewish instead of ¼ Bi, which really pisses Kyle off. Cartman spends that entire holiday with Kyle, much to Kyle’s annoyance. But after a while, Kyle began to enjoy Cartman’s company during the holiday and stopped complaining about it. He’d never admit that to Cartman though. Because of this, Cartman has also gotten closer to Kyle’s family, especially Ike.
  • Ike looks up to Cartman which Kyle desperately tries to discourage to no avail. Ike thinks everything Cartman does for the most part is “awesome and kewl” and wants to be like him someday. Cartman, while flattered, still thinks Ike is an annoying little dildo that sometimes comes up with decent ideas.
  • Every Valentine’s Day, Cartman gets Kyle a chocolate banana that says “You make me bananas!” He gets punched in the arm or slapped upside the head every single year, but it doesn’t stop him from doing it and laughing anyway.


  • Cartman has a fear of gerbils, rats, hamsters, mice, and even some squirrels if they get close enough to his lap. (Musophobia)
  • Cartman absolutely despises hospitals after he got AIDS when his tonsils were removed. (Iatrophobia)
  • Cartman has a fear of being submissive. He would have to immensely trust the person who was dominating them before he even considered letting himself be that vulnerable. Otherwise, he’d have to be in control at all times.

Trauma (Dark Past)

Ohhh boy, here we go.

Warning: I’m a horrible person who’s seen the abusive suggestiveness in South Park regarding Cartman, and I’ve come up with these possibilities. (Don’t hate me. I just have a vivd and fucked up imagination, similar to my muse <3 who I torture)

  • Liane’s drug abuse and her constant sexual escapades have taken it’s toll on Cartman’s mind. He was constantly exposed to strange people who treated him strangely and then loudly had sex with his mother at night. It was difficult, especially when Liane would fall asleep with strangers in her home and Cartman had to be alone with them.
  • When Cartman was 7 years old his mother had a short relationship with a man who went by the name of Mitch Conner. He never seemed that interested in Cartman’s mother, not as much as he was interested in Cartman. He was strangely nice to Cartman, buying him ice cream and toys to get close to him. Not having a father figure, Cartman gravitated towards the attention. He would tell people that Cartman didn’t know that he went by another name and it was very confusing. Mitch would often steal money from Cartman’s mother when she wasn’t paying attention. Cartman noticed this but kept quiet since Liane would hardly ever believe him. Mitch was a classic conman. 
  • Eventually his true intentions surfaced and he would sneak into Cartman’s room every night to watch him sleep. It escalated from their quickly. Cartman was repeatedly molested by this man on several occasions before he was orally sodomized in his closet. The morning following this, Mitch Connor was gone and Cartman never saw him again. After telling his mother what happened to him, he was told that what happened was all part of becoming a man.
  • Cartman’s Uncle Jesse is another person who has sexually abused him throughout his childhood. Worse than that, Cartman’s relatives enjoyed making their children engage in sexual activities. It’s something that has haunted Cartman for his whole life. He can hardly look some of his cousins in the eye.

NSFW (Sexual)

  • Cartman and Butters fooled around a little in 6th grade, but only for a short amount of time. It was mostly just some experimenting here and there now and again. Mostly, Cartman practiced kissing techniques on him. Because of this Cartman is very skilled with his lips and tongue.
  • Cartman owns a dildo and uses it frequently.
  • Cartman is into some BDSM and owns a few toys that he keeps in his drawer.
  • Thanks to practicing and some unfortunate circumstances, Cartman is very good at giving head. He brags about this all the time to Kyle who acts disgusted, but can’t seem to hide his blush or how flustered it makes him to hear such things.
  • Cartman enjoys rimming, but not being rimmed.
  • In bed, Cartman prefers to be dominant. However, it’s not impossible to talk him into being the submissive one. You just have to be persuasive and caring.

Hobbies/Possible Careers

  • Cartman has a hard time deciding what he wants to do with his life since he’s “super awesome and kewl at everything”, but he has a lot of dreams.
  • He wants be a cook because his mother taught him all of her recipes. Cartman enjoyed creating delicious food, so he learned his own recipes online and is quite the cook. He would love to be on television as a world renown chef, like Gordon Ramsey.
  • Cartman has always been talented with a camera and can see himself becoming a photographer. He has a sharp eye for color and shadows. Taking pictures is very calming for him.
  • Cartman is also interested in becoming comedian because of his wit, humor, and stage presence.
  • His smarts and charm could also make him a very successful business tycoon,
  • Cartman loves to sing and does so every opportunity he can, being the little show off diva that he is. He’s addicted to his favorite bands (especially Styx) and show-tunes galore. He really enjoys rap music as well. But not reggae. Fuck that hippie shit.
  • Cartman kills it at karaoke. Every time. He’s just a performer at heart. Sooo dramatic. He would be amazing in a Broadway role or as an actor of some kind.

[Part one]

Word count: 1.6k

Pairing: Eric x Reader

A/N: So here’s part 2! thanks to everyone who enjoyed the first one. I honestly didn’t expect it to get more than 10 notes so that was a surprise. I really hope you enjoy this one as well! Also I realized my stories can be quite lengthy so I’ve decided to put the “keep reading” cuts just so things don’t clog peoples dashes.

You budge the door open, Eric’s scent tingling your senses as you stumbled into his apartment with a surprised yelp. You hadn’t expected to get the door open, let alone this quickly. Eric was always so reserved, you would have at least thought there would be a chain. Or alarms. Or something.

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Twisted Feelings

(Eric x Reader)

Request: An Eric (divergent) one shot where he makes the reader’s life a living hell and she like had enough and just pushed everyone away. Like, she goes numb (idk if u get it lol) but she acts like a zombie, not caring about everything. Angst and happy end.

Eric always had been a prick, even back at erudite. You kept your distance and tried your best to stay away from him whenever possible. That hadn’t been possible anymore when you transferred at the same time and went trough initiation together, though you still just ignored him most of the time. He was so full of himself, arrogant and just plainly annoying that you couldn’t stand being around him. That hadn’t changed much when he became one of the leaders, in fact his attitude got only worse.

You couldn’t remember ever doing something to piss him off but somehow he took every chance to make your life miserable. Maybe it was because you didn’t hide the fact that you disliked him or maybe he just had the same aversion towards you than you had with him. Whatever the reason, it was horrible.

“Y/N I need you to take care of the delivery from amity tonight.”

“Are you kidding Eric, it’s my birthday.”

“Oh really? I didn’t know.” He damn well did know. Eric never forgot anything, he was able to remember the most unimportant things and you were pretty sure he did it on purpose just to ruin your day.

“You know now so get someone else to do it.” You reply through gritted teeth, trying to hold back your anger but it didn’t work very well.

“There’s no one else, every else is occupied.”

“Well I am too!”

“That’s something personal. I am afraid it has to wait.”

“Oh be damned you prick.” You storm out and throw the door shut behind you.

You seriously thought about leaving dauntless and going over to the factionless in the coming weeks. You weren’t one to let yourself being pushed around easily but Eric had just a way words and actions that made it hard for you to get over it. He wasn’t an idiot by far and knew exactly what ticked people off and he seemed to have you figured out especially well.

Eric came walking over to you with a smirk on his face, no doubt thinking of something ‘fun’ for you to do again.

“I have something I need you to do.”


“I know it’s your free day but…” He says, grinning at you.

“I don’t mind.” Somehow you really didn’t anymore. You weren’t even mad, you just didn’t care at all. Your voice had become monotone and your feelings numb. Something inside you had snapped at some point in the last weeks. He could have his fun, you did not mind.

He raises his eyebrow and looks you over, not quite the answer he had been expecting. Normally he’d at least get a sarcastic remark or you’s just straight out scream at him. But today? Nothing

“Are you done yet?” Eric asks and you look up from the pile of paperwork he left you with hours ago. You had laid out everything on the floor where you were sitting now.

“No.” You answer with an emotionless face. You just went on with doing the same thing over and over again, like a robot.

“You can do the rest tomorrow then.”

“I’ll just do it now.”

Eric sighs audibly and kneels down in front of you, making you stop for a moment when you look at him, “Y/N are you feeling alright?” He looked genuinely worried about you and his voice was softer than usual.

“Of course I am why wouldn’t I be?” You didn’t stop your work until Eric caught your hands and brought you to a halt.

“Why aren’t you getting angry? At least yell at me damn it.”

“Would you want me to?”

“Y/N what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

You stand up and inhale, air filling your lungs, “I’ve had it with you, I have enough. You want to make me feel miserable and shitty? Please go ahead I don’t mind just do it. You’ve been an asshole to me since I met you for the first, I have no idea what I ever did to you and frankly I’m not interested to know anymore.” Your answer came out more heated than you expected, you had felt numb the whole time but now it was bursting out of you and all the bottled up rage was coming to the surface again.

Eric stands up as well with an unreadable face, he grabs your arm and steps closer towards you. Before you can do anything, his lips are pressed to yours and his grip on you tightens even more. You couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening but somehow all the anger and hate you had felt only seconds ago seemed to vanish as your heart began to beat in your chest and your ears began to ring.

You couldn’t say anything when he lets go, your lips parting slowly as you both stared at each other in shock. Eric couldn’t believe he had just kissed you as much as you couldn’t believe he had. He cleared his throat and opened his mouth, not quite sure what to say yet, “I know you dislike me, I know you always have. I do realize when someone’s ignoring me. So…I thought making you angry was a good way to at least get you to talk to me even if you yelled at me most of the time. You know I…tried talking to you once back at erudite and wanted to ask you out but you shut me down pretty quickly.”

You snort, suddenly beginning to laugh hysterically, “So…basically what you’re saying is you’ve been a jerk because I didn’t return the crush you had on me years ago?”

“Well…if you put it like that you’re making me sound like an idiot.”

“That’s because you are.” You answer, your face serious again, “You know what I’m taking that offer, I’ll finish this tomorrow.”

“So..we’re good?”

“Oh no, no, no you owe me big time.” You take his arm and pull him with you, “But first tell me about that totally embarrassing crush you have on me.”

Eric groans loudly as you pull him with you, dreading his fate. He should have just kept his mouth shut.

An Angel In A Leather Jacket (Ch. 3)

Read it on AO3!

SUMMARY: An argument starts it all. Hell comes after for Dan Howell, the school pastel boy. He only wanted to help, but got backstabbed in the end. From safe position in the school hierarchy, Dan is up to neck in an affair he never had and starts finding threats in his locker. He needs someone on his side if he wants to make it to the end of high school. A mysterious punk boy promises him protection. The condition he needs to meet, though, is far from normal.

A/N: If this actually goes up, let’s all hail Tumblr planned posts *hails Tumblr*
This chapter was entirely different at the beginning when I was writing it. After the fire and all the problems that came with it I came up with something that wasn’t something I’d like this story to be (??) I’m not sure, I remember I typed it automatically, but after reading it, I cringed so much I felt my muscles seizing, it was horrible at the beginning o.o
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you’re not missing out anything, and that I worked lot of time to get this one done well. I hope you enjoy!

WARNINGS: violence

Chapter 1

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The Silver Lining: Part Three

Summary: The reader is not a fan of the show, but gets dragged to a convention and catches Jensen’s eye.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1950
Warnings: Medical environment, mentions of death. 

If you do not want to read the medical and death part of this, skip the bolded text in the fic. All you need to know from that part is that the reader loses a patient and takes it pretty hard. 


Your name: submit What is this?

Your last name: submit What is this?

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Can You Stay // Peter Hayes (Divergent Series)

title - can you stay

pairing - peter hayes/you

warnings - guns, swearing, fighting, 

a/n - i have no idea how i like this but a friend requested i write it so hereee

The legends that they had heard from the Erudite transfer about the Dauntless girl were speculated to be myths. How else could they describe it? They were supposed to be lies, fake, made up to give people hope, to give people dreams. But nothing could have prepared him for the truth.

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Things in/about the show that piss me off or annoy me (for good reasons) and should be addressed but haven’t been addressed yet

  • Riley’s entire relationship with Topanga
  • Jennifer Basset as Farkle’s mother
  • Lucas in general
  • why did Eric Matthews give up on being a weatherman
  • when did Cory stop caring about film making/editing
  • why did they apparently make Kermit’s last name ‘clutterbucket’ when Maya said Katy told her to 'leave it alone’, which implied May was Katy’s grandmother
  • Has Shawn just been a sophisticated hobo for the past 14 years???? Did he graduate college? How is he finding time to sorta-date Katy and see Maya with his job? Answers please
  • Lowkey I want a cameo from Virna it would give me closure
  • What led to Jack and Rachel breaking up?
  • Why are Riley and Maya not talking about their problems. Ever.
  • Riley and Farkle’s mental health omfg I see signs of me in them I am very concerned
  • Why did they bring Turner back twice without having Shawn Hunter there with him
  • Did Jack and Shawn stop talking??? Because I feel like Shawn would have mentioned (gushed) about Cory and Topanga’s (adorable) kids
  • What is Morgan Matthews doing with her life? I hope she’s bringing down the patriarchy while wearing 9 inch heels. A confirmation would be nice.
  • Will anyone ever learn how to spot Riley’s upset face
  • Can the ensemble cast talk/do more they’re all really funny omg
  • Can Zay please be more than comedic relief for the love of God
  • Can Isadora Smackle dump Farkle, revenge date Lucas, then dump him the moment he tells her he loves her and join Morgan in taking down the patriarchy?
  • How have Riley and Farkle not realized they’re in love with each other yet
  • #MoreVintageCoryMatthews2k16 like come on where is he
  • Will Maya ever be able to go a full episode without annoying me
  • Will the characters ever learn to stay in their own lanes
  • Can Zay just take over the show honestly
  • I heard rumors that TK was coming back for an appearance but now it’s radio silence. Return Teresa Keiner to me.
  • Will the fans stop trying to compare Cory to Mr. Feeny. I could rant for hours they are two different people in two different situations of course they teach and handle things differently and Cory has never outright said he’s trying to emulate Fenny jfc
  • Does Lucas actually serve a purpose to this show other than creating unnecessary drama
  • Will Riley ever realize she ain’t straight
  • Wtf does Minkus’s company even do
  • Why do we now have 3 confirmed generations of Minkus Men trying to get it on with Lawrence Women
  • #YogiStacchino2k16
  • Why do Auggie and Ava seem to be the only characters with their shit together
  • Why do Doy’s parents allow him to go over to Auggie’s when he’s clearly terrified of Topanga
  • Will Katy ever inherit the Earth like she deserves?
  • Can Cory please realize how ridiculous Riley and Topanga’s relationship/dynamic is and like….do something about it???? Oh my God.
  • Why has no one addressed the fact that Eric’s 'Plays With Squirrels' prediction for the future essentially came true
  • Can Maya just…chill, or something
  • Why was Merlin arrested? Why was Lucas expelled? Will they parallel each other?
  • Can Joshua Matthews just live his life
  • Is Alan’s store doing okay? Is he feeling fulfilled in life?
  • Y'all better plan on giving me more scenes of cheerleader Riley after all that drama in gm Rah Rah
  • Just confirm for me that Riley’s middle name is Erica my sanity depends on this
  • Will people ever stop complaining that gm Belief was about trying to force people to convert to Christianity because like??? That’s not what the fucking episode was about??? Can you pay attention for longer than 5 seconds or do you just automatically tune out when you hear someone mention God/ the concept of God?
  • More ~important~ topics please
  • Lowkey make Jack/Eric a thing
  • Will everyone just chill for 5 minutes
  • Will I ever stop being salty
  • Will there be more flashbacks
  • Can we please have more Feeny appearances

Things about/in the show that piss me off or annoy me (for good reasons) that DON’T need to be addressed because it’s mostly pointless and almost no one cares but the show seems set on dragging out and addressing anyway

  1. Riley/Lucas/Maya triangle 
Changing Friendship (Got7′s Jaebum)

// requested // 

Scenario: Jaebum’s jealous of your friendship with a close friend. 

Genre: Somewhat Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 2409

// gif is not mine, credit goes to owner //

Changing Friendship





“I mean it.”

“I mean it.”

“I will hurt you.”

“I dare you.”

“Aha!” You cried in triumph as you lightly hit him with the book you were attempting to read. “Ouch (Y/N)…” he said as he softly rubbed his shoulder. “Oh man up, it wasn’t that hard.” You said as you leaned back in your chair.

“It didn’t hurt here,” he pointed to his arm, “it hurt here.” He pointed to his heart. His overly dramatic sentence resulted in you pushing him out of his chair. “Shut up.” You smiled, “You should have expected it. I hate that game and you know it. Why must you torture me?”

“Because it’s fun.” He said with a sly smirk.

“Oh what am I going to do with you, Jaebum?” you sighed, pushing your bangs out of your face.

“I can think of a few things…” Jaebum said as sat up, raising his eyebrows. “Stop.” You warned, “Don’t need this to get weird.” You guys have known each other since forever and in the beginning you would occasionally flirt with each other, calling each other babe and hanging out more often, you had liked him in the past but decided not to ruin a perfectly good friendship.

He laughed, “There’s nothing weird about it. If anything we-“ he was cut off by your phone ringing. “Jaebum, could you give me that?” you asked as you extended your arm.

“Sure.” He sighed. As he grabbed your phone, he rolled his eyes when he saw the caller ID. It was that guy that you hang out with, Eric. Jaebum despised him. He always took your attention away from him and he didn’t want some guy getting in between you two, or else he’d be the third wheel. No one wants to be that. Not to mention he’s heard stories about him crushing girl’s hearts and he wouldn’t let that happen to you, not on his watch.

Without even thinking he answered your phone for you.

“Hello?” he greeted coldly.

“Jaebum…” you warned as you stood up. You hated it when people answered your phone and the tone of his voice made you automatically know it was Eric. It was obvious that he didn’t like Eric, but they were both your friends and you weren’t going to pick sides. That wasn’t fair to either of them. You didn’t know what he had against Eric, but he should respect your friends like you do his. 

“Huh? No she’s not available at the moment. Who is this?” Jaebum continued as he walked away.

“Give me my phone.” You commanded as you walked closer to him. He held up his hand signaling you to wait, which irked you.

“This is Jaebum, her best friend. And if I remember correctly, (Y/N) deleted your contact so obviously she’s not interested. Please leave her alone and- oof!” The phone dropped to the floor as you tackled him.

“What the hell?!” you yelled. With the shook of your head you grabbed your phone and raised it up to your ear.

“Hello?” you sighed, tucking your hair behind your ear. “Hey Eric. What’s up?” you shot a glare to Jaebum and walked to a quieter area. “Huh? Yeah I’m sorry that was just my friend being an idiot heh. What? Oh yeah, I should be free tomorrow, why?” “Yeah I love to go.” “Mkay, bye.” You hung up the phone and turned to your friend who was now sitting down, his attention towards the T.V.

“What’s with you?” you asked, still mad at his actions. “You’ve never done that before and it was very rude and uncalled for.” Right now you were upset and confused. 

No response.

“Are you going to answer me?” you popped out your hip.


“You have no reason to dislike Eric and I’m not having this argument again. He’s my friend, okay? My friend, just like you are. We’re not dating so please stop.” she threw out.

Ouch that hurt, but Jaebum still sat there, but now he had a more pissed off look and you were getting fed up with the silence treatment

“Look I’d love to stand here and scold you, but I’m not your mother! I don’t need to remind you how to have respect for people and-“

“Are you done?” he rudely interrupted, getting annoyed. You were slightly taken back at his tone, but eventually gave up, not wanting to frustrate him more.

“I guess.” You sighed and sat down with him.

After a few minutes a silence, Jaebum stood up. “I’m going to get something to drink. You want anything?” You softly shook your head no and he went into the kitchen.

“I should probably get going, it’s late.” You got up and started to grab your things.

“It’s only 8:30.” He raised an eyebrow.

You shrugged, “I’m really tired, but I’ll see you later, good night.” You lied and hugged him goodbye, leaving.

Jaebum sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He slightly regretted doing that, but it was his jealously. Ever since Eric came along he always felt left out; sitting and listening to you talk about what you did with him that day or just him in general. He knew that you were getting closer to him and no way was he going to let Eric make a move on you. Talking about Eric annoyed him, but since he was such a great friend he listened to you with no interruptions. I guess this was the night he cracked. Maybe he should just get over you, move on like you have. So he called up one of the girls that recently gave him her number. After a few rings the phone picked up. “Hello?” he greeted. “Yeah it’s me. Hey, it’s really short notice, but are you busy right now?”

After his date, he brought her back to his house. “Nice place you got.” She said as she walked inside. Jaebum eyed her as she walked by. Her black skintight dressed framed her body nicely and her heels made her legs look marvelous. “Thanks, it’s nothing special.” He closed the door. “I had fun tonight.” she smiled. “I’m glad.” Jaebum said. While out, he couldn’t keep his mind straight all he wanted to do was call and apologize to you, to make sure you’re okay. Suddenly a voice made him snap out of his thoughts. 

“Well should we move to the couch?.” She winked. Jaebum faked chuckled, walked towards the couch, sat next to her, and draped his arm across her shoulder. His date was gorgeous, but it felt wrong. It felt awkward. However, to hide his feelings, he raised his date’s chin up and leaned in, kissing her. It felt too uncomfortable for Jaebum. It felt too forced and rough, not to mention he could feel his date practically throwing her at him as she sat up and on top of him. But he would do anything to move on, and if that meant this then so be it.

Suddenly (Y/N)’s face appeared in his mind and he instantly pushed the girl off his lap and onto the floor. She caught herself before she hit the ground and had the look of anger plastered across her face.

“What the hell are you doing?!” she shouted as she pushed her hair away.

The tone of her voice reminded him of you, making Jaebum stand up quickly, shocked as he looked around the room. All these feelings were clouding up in his mind. Guilt, sadness, shame, and anxiety rushed as he help the girl up and ushered her towards the door.

“Sorry, but you need to leave.” He said, sweat staring to appear on his face.

“But I didn’t do anything!” she whined. “Isn’t this the worst?” she asked herself, mumbling.

“Here,” he sighed and pulled out his wallet, “Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?” He asked worried.

She eyed him confused. A bribe? But nonetheless, she took the money anyway. After she counted the amount, her mood instantly changed from being pissed off to happy.

“Okay!” she chimed as she grabbed her shoes and left smiling. Jaebum sighed, disgusted with what happened. He decided that tonight was enough and headed to his room for rest.

The next morning he got up and ready to head to his friend Jackson’s house. He’s had more experience with girls and decided to ask for some advice.  

“Wait, you did what?” Jackson asked, sipping his drink.

“So (Y/N) came over, we had an argument, she left, I invited a girl over and when we were about to do, you know, ‘things’  but I… didn’t want to do them. I just kept thinking about (Y/N).” he answered recalling last night’s events.

Jackson nodded, “Well, I’m no love expert, but it seems that you like (Y/N) more than you thought. You plan on telling her?” he  asked, smiling that his hyung found someone.

“I don’t know,” Jaebum sighed, “ I feel like I messed everything up.”

“Well if you ask me, and you are, she doesn’t know about your date so don’t bring it up right now. Wait until later.” Jackson advised as he put his glass in the sink. “Hey let’s go out today.” He suggested.

“What, you asking me out?” Jaebum teased. Jackson rolled his eyes, “No, but there’s a new park that opened around here so let’s go clear your little head and find a way to tell her.”

And so they left.

“The weather’s nice today.” Jaebum said, starting conversation.

“I guess, kind of wished it rained though.” Jackson said as he looked up. There were no clouds visible in the sky.

“What you want me to be more gloomy?” Jaebum asked, dropping his head.

“Cheer up man. Here, there’s a food stand-eh but the lines kinda long.. do you want anything?” Jackson asked, trying to brighten up Jaebum’s mood.

“No, I’m good.”

“Okay, we’ll I’ll be back in a sec.”

As Jackson walked off, Jaebum saw something familiar in the distance, no wait, someone. There was (Y/N) and… Eric. Leave it to Jackson to pick the place where they could all meet up. Seeing her and Eric together made all those feelings hit him again; all the jealousy, guilt, and sadness. He saw that they were coming nearby so he attempted to hide behind the trees, but while he was hiding, he moved closer, listening to your guy’s conversation.

“I don’t know, I feel kind of bad for snapping at him.” You said as you recalled yesterday’s events.

“He’ll deal with it sooner or later.” Eric shrugged, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Yeah I know but still, I wonder what he’s doing.” (Y/N) pondered.

“Look, you’re my friend and all, but can we not talk about him, it’s kind of awkward.” Eric sighed.

“Oh okay. So how are your studies? I know that you’ve been- Eric?”

Eric looked off into the distance. “Eric, are you okay?”

“Yeah, hey do you see that man over there?” he pointed in Jaebum’s direction. You turned around but before you did Jaebum hid again.

“What man?” you looked at him curiously.

“I swear there was a man staring at us.” Eric said his eyes glued to the trees.

“I think you’re just imagining things.” You laughed.

“No, look there he is again!” Eric grabbed your shoulders and turned your towards the direction he was looking in.

“There’s no one there.” You said, shaking your head. Eric sighed and grabbed your hand leading you towards the trees. Before Jaebum could find a new hiding spot, you both had already met up with him.

“Hey any reason you’re staring at us, creep?” Eric confronted but you immediately recognized your best friend.

“Jaebum?!” You asked out of shock, “What are you doing here?”

Finally Jeabum had enough. 

“What am I doing here, what are you doing here? Here with him? I keep thinking we had something, and you’re out here with guys like him.” Jaebum said nodding his head towards Eric. “Here I am thinking about you all the time, singing love songs, imaging us together, and this is what I see? You out on a date with this freak. Do you know how ridiculous that makes me feel?” he asked getting angry.

“Jaebum for the last time, Eric is just my friend! Is it bad to hang out with friends? No!” you yelled, getting annoyed by this again.

“No see that’s what you think. He’s not your ‘friend’ he’s a player. Look he’s going to get all up in your head and trick you and when you least expected it he’ll drop you like that!” he snapped his fingers, “Leaving you heart broken.” Jaebum defended.

“Oh and you’re so sure about that?” you argued.

“Yes, because I’ve witnessed it!” Jaebum admitted.

“You’ve got me all wrong,” Eric butted in but Jaebum interrupted. “Look this is between me and (Y/N), not you, okay?”

Eric raised his hands in defeat. “Alright, I’m out of here, (Y/N).” Eric left.

You took a second to process everything. You finally understood that Jaebum wanted to take this to the next level.

“Okay wait a second, Jaebum, if you and I are going to become any kind of serious with each other you are going to have to trust me. The same way I’ll trust you to not date anyone either.” (Y/N) said calming down.

“Well I went out with someone last night, one of my friends. And she was all over me and was ready to do anything. But we didn’t do anything because all I wanted to do was see you.” Jaebum admitted.

“Oh really?” you smiled. “Really… and do you know why?” Jaebum asked, walking closer.


“Because I love you! Ever since I met you I knew you were special and I couldn’t let you go.” Jaebum confessed, his voice getting softer.

You stopped and straightened yourself, not stopping the smile that went your face. “What did you say?” you whispered, looking up at him.

“I said I love you.” He repeated, getting all shy. “Jaebum…” you said lovingly as you went to hug him. All the feelings you had about him came back and if he cared that much about you, who were you to reject him? He wrapped his arms tight around you afraid to let you go. And in no way was he to hurt your precious little heart.  

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Riley when she is pregnant with their daughter (also did she get pregnant right out of highschool? If so then yesss)

http://couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name.tumblr.com/post/142057297430/wait-so-riarkle-has-their-first-kid-at-18 (I actually had them getting knocked up at junior prom lmao) some extra hc:

  • Riley has the worst morning sickness omfg
  • Like almost dying every second of every day morning sickness this poor girl
  • She absolutely refuses to complain about it though because 1) she doesn’t wanna seem weak and 2) she figures it’s probably some cosmic punishment for having sex out of marriage (since her parents absolutely would’ve been preaching that her whole life)
  • Her ‘bad reaction’ pregnancy food is potatoes, in all forms, Cory was literally heartbroken omfg
  • One time he got them at a diner for dinner and he came home and Riley could smell it on his breath and still got sick and he’s literally so angst about having to give up mashed potatoes for 9 months omfg
  • Everything is swelling she literally had to start wearing the friendship ring with Maya around a chain bc they were scared they’d have to get it cut off omg
  • She h a t e s getting stares from people because she’s so young
  • Like come on Cory and Topanga were essentially teenage parents too, they probably got judging looks all the time, and if Riley remembers that she’d obviously be super insecure about it
  • And now she’s getting them too it’s really stressing her out
  • Like school with a kid is obviously hard as hell but she had such an easier time after the baby was born because she didn’t feel like everyone was watching her and judging her all day omfg
  • Farkle takes way too many candid photos while she’s pregnant to the point that it’s annoying her
  • Riley will call Farkle at like 3 in the morning and she’s like “Listen to me very carefully- I need a vanilla milkshake, spicy sweet chili Doritos, and a pickle, but I need them to all be the same thing.”
  • And he’s already getting out of bed to oblige but he’s like “What???”
  • “I need you to get me a vanilla Dorito pickle flavored milkshake, Farkle, it’s really not that complicated!”
  • She has so many weird and specific requests and it’s always in the dead of night omfg. The guy running the 24/7 convenience store down the street gets to know him pretty well
  • “Riley, how the hell are you wearing heels when you’re 7 months pregnant?”
  • “Determination.”
  • She really wanted to wait for the birth to find out the gender but Farkle was very passionate about finding out before hand so she let him win
  • Omg so they find out it’s a girl and the doctor gives them a minute alone and Riley’s ecstatic but Farkle just has this blank look on his face and she’s like what???? And he just says seriously “She can never go to prom,” and Riley cracks up omfg
  • She already has a job at the bakery and she wanted to get a second to help save up money but her parents are worried that would be too much stress; Farkle gets a job working for Eric
  • She’s pregnant the whole summer and it’s so hot help her
  • She decided to wear a bikini on the beach despite her bump and got shit from some elderly couple and she went off on them because her hormones were not feeling it that day omfg
  • Her hormones are the literal worst she’s be perfectly normal all day and then suddenly burst into tears for no reason omfg- like they could’ve just been sitting in silence for a few minutes and suddenly she’s sobbing and everyone is freaking out trying to calm her down
  • And literally the smallest possible things can piss her off too holy shit
  • Like Cory literally pulled Farkle aside and was like “Listen one time when Topanga was pregnant Shawn didn’t want to help her volunteer somewhere and she got a knife and stabbed his tie into the kitchen table with a smile. Riley is her daughter. You need to stay safe.” omfg
  • So Farkle does everything possible to prevent her from getting angry but he’s a failure omfg
  • One of his favorite pastimes has always been watching Riley get irrationally enraged about stupid stuff because it was so entertaining
  • Now it’s mostly directed at him and he’s horrified omfg
  • And she has such a range of things she’s mad about omfg anywhere from someone getting her the wrong food when she has a really strong craving, to “You did this to me!”, to getting pissed at people blatanly judging her, to Farkle just doing something or another that’s annoying her omfg
  • One time she got really pissed at him because “You’re being so fucking nice like you think everyone has to walk on eggshells around me or something, cut it out.”
  • “Riley I’m just doing what I can so you won’t get upset.”
  • “Oh, because you get the final say with my emotions?”
  • “R i l e y”
  • Also she’s massively offended because the baby “clearly likes Farkle more than me!”
  • He’s the only one the baby reacts and responds to and Riley’s just like??? This kid is inside of me??? Why am I not the favorite??? This is so unfair???
  • When she brought it up with Farkle he jokingly said something like “Just another thing I’ve beaten you at” and she shoved him out onto the fire escape, locked the window, and wouldn’t answer his calls for two days
  • Only started talking to him again because it was 4 in the morning and someone had to get her some Volcano Nachos and a pizza topped with garlic, banana peppers and pineapple
  • “Riley aren’t you mildly allergic to pineapple?”
  • “I don’t think Penny is aware of that!”
  • It took them all of two seconds to agree the baby was gonna be named Penelope after Maya
  • Riley googles every single teenage mother statistic in existence because one of her teachers at school made a really obnoxious comment that Cory should have seen this coming since “Didn’t you know most teen pregnancy babies get pregnant when they’re teens?? I guess bad decisions run in families or something.”
  • And Riley hates nothing more than the thought of boiling people down to statistics so she looks them all up so she knows what she needs to avoid
  • All they read anymore is parenting books
  • They search up a list of colleges that have good departments for what they both wanna major in, so they can apply to all the same schools and live off campus in an apartment to make it easier with the baby
  • While they finish up school tho their basic plan was Riley has weeks Farkle has weekends. But everyone is just kinda expecting a lot of sleepovers
  • Maya Hart just. Buys way too much stuff for this baby.
  • Every time she leaves her house she comes back with more stuffed animals and onesies omfg
  • It gets to the point where Riley’s like “Maya I adore you and I love that you’re excited to have a Goddaughter but I have NO WHERE TO STORE ALL THIS STUFF”
  • That doesn’t stop her
  • Riley tries to get into yoga but it’s just. So much effort and so boring. She can’t
  • Like she tries so hard all the time but always gives up half way through the tape
  • Auggie has no idea how to feel about this whole situation
  • Like he’s ultimately pumped that he’s gonna get to be as cool as Josh, but now he’s also gonna have to put up with a crying baby
  • And like…he’s the baby of this family b y e
  • Riley picks up on the fact that he’s ever-so-slightly jealous and starts spending more time with him, like helping him with his homework and going to his sports games and stuff
  • Maya and Josh are named Godparents and they’re both ecstatic about that
  • When she got into the later stages of her pregnancy the school had to give her a pass to use the elevator because the stairs were too much
  • She obviously had to quit the cheer team but all those girls were surprisingly really supportive and helped throw her baby shower
  • None of the assholes at her school had any filters about the situation at all though, some teachers included omfg. She got in a lot of arguments.
  • Since Ava’s mom lives in the apartment down the hall and works from home, she offers to watch the baby while school’s in session which is a lifesaver honestly
  • Oh my God one time Maya essentially kidnapped Farkle in the dead of night and no one saw them for two days other than occasional snapchats from Maya showing that she had apparently forced Farkle into one of those pregnancy stimulators holy shit
  • Farkle will get Riley huge bouquets of flowers to help her mood and her immediate reaction is “You’re wasting money!” lmao
  • Once she’s super huge Riley decides to buy a bunch of t-shirts like ‘Save the whales!’ to wear ironically
  • omg she’s so into those maternity maxi dresses tho
  • It’s honestly such an interesting role switch with them because Riley spends the whole pregnancy worrying about every little thing possible and Farkle’s just like “I’m sure everything will be fine! Everything will work out! Even if not right away then eventually!” omg
  • She’s in labor for a surprisingly short amount of time but it’s bad enough that she actually broke Farkle’s hand while pushing
  • Audible crack and everything omg
  • Everyone cried for a million years after Penny was born, so many pictures were taken, and even though it probably wasn’t the best situation, everyone was happy
  • ta-da ;)